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Nightly Suffocation in a Man of 34

Written by Zeeshan Siddiqui

Dr. Zeeshan Siddiqui shares a case of nightly suffocation, chest pain and auditory illusions. Aversion to talking, dread to be left alone and illusions of hearing were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

H.M. Male
Age 34
Date: 11/08/2017

Chief complaint: Night suffocation and hearing illusion

Case note:
This 34 year-old male patient works as a junior engineer in a thermal station He lives alone in the ground floor apartment surrounded by forest.

For the last three months, every night after falling sleep, he felt suffocated and also had the illusion of hearing that someone called him during sleep. He would wake up suddenly and feel suffocated, with stitching pain in his chest like angina. He would have to sit up, and experienced extreme fear and dread of being alone.

History:   No history of heart or respiratory disease. His ECG  and  ECHO 2D  Doppler  tests  were normal.

Night suffocation, illusion of hearing during sleep, palpitation, chest pain, and irritating dry cough.

Rubrics I selected
MIND: Aversion to talking, dread to be left alone, depressed, illusion of hearing,
HEAD: Suffocative spells after sleep
EAR: illusion of hearing
RESPIRATION : irritating dry cough, dyspnea at night
CHEST:  palpitation,
Heart: angina pectoris
Feeling of weight on heart
GENERALS: pulse weak

Reference : Boericke’s materia medica

11/08/ 2017  Rx: Naja 30 CH two times a day for 10 days

Next Follow up Date: 25/08/2017:   C/O He was much better as night suffocation and hearing illusion were almost gone. No palpitation or chest pain. Sleep improved.

Rx:  Naja 30CH once a day for another 15 days

Next follow up –  Date : 20/09/2017 -C/O He was better and had no complaints.

Rx: Naja 30CH once in a day with SL for another 15 days

Patient was followed up regularly for 2 months and he is still without symptoms.

About the author

Zeeshan Siddiqui

Dr. Zeeshan Siddiqui BHMS, M.D.(Hom) practices homeopathy at his own clinic at Kota, Rajasthan, India.

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  • You pickup pinpoint of this case, nicely described with patient satisfaction so I think it’s amazing to learn homoeopathy as like “simple way of treatment”
    Thanks for sharing well done sir 👍🏽

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