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Reversal of Multiple Sclerosis in a Woman of 53

multiple sclerosis
Written by Domenic Stanghini

Homeopath Domenic Stanghini shares a case of multiple sclerosis reversed with homeopathy. The patient was completely paralyzed, could not move, or speak, or control eyes movement. Physiotherapy complemented the homeopathic treatment.

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic, typically progressive, autoimmune disease of the CNS.

Relevant history

53 year old female Patient with no prior history of medical issues. Not taking any medication, remedies, or supplements. She was normal in all respects, walking, talking, and full time working. Initial symptoms 03/2017 with tingling down the right side of body from shoulders to toes.

Next day goes to hospital emergency as slurring of words and loss of balance began upon waking up. Doctors initiate stroke meds and within 3 days abandoned it as patient was rapidly becoming worse, e.g. total progressive paralysis in multiple areas of the body.

By the fifth day the patient was completely paralyzed, could not move, speak, or see. Eyes were rotating randomly in the eye sockets. Paralysis extended to breathing and swallowing, and the patient almost died from this breathing issue. It required immediate life-saving intervention from the doctors.

Intubation and feeding tube inserted. She was transferred from the normal hospital ward to the emergency ward as doctors assessed what could possibly be wrong and why the patient was getting worse after 5 days in the hospital. The swiftness and violence of the initial attack left doctors puzzled, and they said as much.

Patient now had spinal tap and multiple MRIs over 7 days and multiple sclerosis (Homeopathy Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis) Dx was cautiously suggested, as there were many brain and cervical spinal lesions. No prior history of multiple sclerosis in the family history though there was a history of autoimmune disease in both sides of the family, mother and father.

She was informed that high dose steroids and IVIG was not working anymore and they had no more medications to stop the paralysis from advancing. Doctors were concerned and said that there was only one thing left to try. She was transferred to another hospital for a 7 day plasmapheresis treatment.  After this She transferred back to the original hospital.

The doctors  started  a plan of drugs for multiple sclerosis,  and other doctors suggested cancer meds be added due to the immune system attacking the body. Both treatments were refused by the patient. Lyme disease was ruled out.

Fifteen days from the original attack, I gave her Gelsemium 200c and Arnica 200c and continued this. She could not swallow any liquids safely but was allowed to sip  ice chips as there was fear of the liquid going down the windpipe.

The Gelsemium was given  because of the progressive functional paralysis of all systems that became worse every day: swallowing, ocular, speaking, limb paralysis.

Cowardice was chosen due to many fears and anxieties [she transferred to a new city by herself for a new job, while her old home was being renovated], hot, flushed face, double vision, blurred vision.

Gelsemium was given for the obvious paralysis that was overtaking the body, and the lack of courage needed to face her future and make decisions. There was a sense of fear, anxiety and weakness that fit and a desire to not make any decisions, mental exhaustion, incapacity to think, inability to attend to anything requiring thought.

Arnica was given for the mental, emotional, physical shock, trauma, of what was quickly happening, great prostration of paralysis and the hope that it would assist with the remyelination process after the severe demyelination.

Arnica is also indicated with cerebral congestion and there is some debate that MS is a congestion of blood, lymph, spinal flow into and out of the brain e.g. CCSVI.


Within 1 month the patient was initialing minute movements with fingers, limbs and her eyes. At this point I changed the remedy to Argentum nitricum and then to Causticum hoping to speed the healing and she experienced a reduction of all progress with a bare minimum ability to initiate any movement in any limb within 2 days.

I immediately returned to Gelsemium and within 2 days she began to slowly move her fingers, limbs, again. Intense physiotherapy was initiated after 15 days in the hospital. Within 2 months she was able to get out of the hospital bed unassisted and was transferred to a 4th hospital, a spinal cord rehab hospital, for further physical rehabilitation.

At that hospital (06/2017) she began to swallow pureed food. She was able to transfer from the bed to a wheelchair and to the toilet, as well as continue physiotherapy at a gym in a wheelchair. Within 4 months she was discharged from the rehab hospital, being able to walk 18 meters and climb about 10 steps into her home.


She had reversed MS by 85% at this point. The MS specialist and a chiropractor both commented that the MRI of the brain lesions showed them becoming lighter and some were starting to disappear.

Multiple Sclerosis DMDs and cancer drugs were still strongly suggested but the patient declined them. She did lots of physiotherapy 1.5 hours every day in the rehab hospital and never was there any soreness or pain. I attribute that to the Arnica as this is not normal in a rehab hospital with intense physiotherapy.


According to the specialist the MS was reversed by 95%. All the doctors are astonished at the progress. The neurologist, family doctor and chiropractor are surprised at the remarkable progress.

The patient has recovered from total paralysis and has now returned to full time work with no restrictions, two years since the initial MS diagnosis. The degree of MS symptom reversal is substantial. The patient has done many other things to reverse MS: reduced stress, physiotherapy, exercise, pool therapy, supplements, changed diet, and lifestyle.

I have never seen people reverse their MS symptoms to this degree this fast using any other natural protocol. Homeopathic remedies are a natural, effective strategy to use to reverse multiple sclerosis or neurological symptoms.

There has been no MS Relapse in 2.5+ years. Brain and spinal lesions are fading away as evidenced by multiple MRIs over the course of over two years. No multiple sclerosis or cancer drugs were used.

Below is a list of all the multiple sclerosis symptoms she had and the percentage of reversal.

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS symptoms  from .

13 Multiple sclerosis symptoms resolved in 2+ years

100% resolved-Bowel Dysfunction

100% resolved-Gait-difficulty in walking (can now walk 5-7 km in full sunshine)

100% resolved-Optic Neuritis (includes double vision, blurry vision, etc)

100% resolved-Pain

100% resolved-Paralysis

100% resolved-Spasticity (including MS hug)

100% resolved-Breathing issues

100% resolved-Sensory impairment, numbness, tingling

100% resolved-Sexual dysfunction

100% resolved-Tremor

100% resolved-Poor coordination or incoordination

100% resolved-Inappropriate Affect (pseudo bulbar affect, emotional incontinence, involuntary emotional expression disorder-IEED)

100% resolved-Paroxysmal symptoms (They may include (but are not limited to) trigeminal neuralgia, tonic spasms, weakness, dysarthria and ataxia, visual disturbance, numbness and other sensory disturbance, and Lhermitte’s sign.)

These 2 symptoms only occur if over tired but can be controlled with Gelsemium:

99% resolved-Dysarthria-difficulty speaking

99% resolved-Dysphagia-difficulty swallowing

Patient still working on these 5 symptoms

95% resolved-Balance/Dizziness

95% resolved-Bladder Dysfunction

95% resolved-Weakness/Fatigue

95%-Mood Lability/ Bipolar Affective Disorder (uncontrollable laughter)

95% resolved-Uhthoff’s Phenomenon (heat Intolerance)

(n/a= not applicable – never had issues before or after multiple sclerosis event)

n/a-Hormonal influences for women with MS

n/a-Dry mouth

n/a-Hearing Loss


n/a-Cognitive Impairment


I started an observational study using homeopathy with those afflicted with MS in 2019 to see if the results are replicable. I will announce my observations on MS, homeopathic remedies, and the effect upon the myelin sheath and MS Reversal of this Autoimmune disease.

This patient was my wife!

Multiple Sclerosis Homeopathic strategies and other remedies


03/2017- 1st MS attack left her totally paralyzed in 5 days.

Gelsemium was started within 15 days of the first attack. Due to my impatience of reversing this autoimmune condition quicker I stopped using Gelsemium and substituted other remedies to try to speed the recovery. I was using the most similar Rx e.g. Arg Nit, Pic Ac, Sil, Phos, & Caust, however, paralysis began to come back so I stopped these remedies and went back to Gels. Sticking with what was slowly working was the best strategy.

Gels 1M and 10M were tried with no discernible effects. LMs were not tried yet. The best remedy seemed to be 200c daily off and on for over 2 years. Now she takes it when needed.


She had intense physiotherapy and occupational therapy as she had to relearn how to walk from total paralysis. Arnica daily most definitely helped her to do the very difficult physiotherapy exercises and gym work.

Each day following the therapy there was no physical soreness. The physiotherapists were able to continue the following day and add something new as the patient had no sore muscles. She was able to walk 18 meters within 4 months and was discharged at that point.

Also added in the last month was intense pool therapy before and after discharge. She continued to be able to exercise uninterruptedly the following days with no muscle soreness. In my opinion this was due to the daily Arnica dosage. I also believe that Arnica helped with the injuries to the myelin sheath and the demyelination that had occurred.

04/2017 to 12/2017 

She had strong emotional reactions (uncontrollable crying) to anyone helping her, be it physiotherapist, doctors, friends visiting, etc. It was sudden and uncontrollable which was very different from her usual personality. This Emotional lability is very common with MS.  Pulsatilla 200c was given for 3 months and she is not bothered by this today (9/2019)

Prednisone was also administered by the doctors in extremely high doses to abort the paralysis and it took them 5-6 months to taper the dose down to safely get her off this drug.

Of course there were plenty of side effects, blurred vision, mood changes, swelling of the fingers, hands, feet, and lower legs, and weight gain etc.. She was very susceptible as are most people to the Steroid . I then considered to detox this so that there would be no residual effects of prednisone in her system.


A 4×4 prednisone detox was done along with Pul. Pred 30c, 200c,1M, 10M. This  was accomplished with no discernible effects positive or negative.


Experimented with Myelin 3c, 6c, 30c, on and off till 10/2018 and it did not seem to do anything discernible. It was given to help rebuild the Myelin sheath. This remedy has not been taken since 1/1/2019 till 9/11/2019 and she continues to experience slow and steady improvement.


There is some research that indicates chlamydia pneumoniae is involved with causing multiple sclerosis and a 4×4 chlamydia pneumoniae detox, 30c, 200c,1M, 10M, of this was done homeopathically with no discernable results.

3/2018 & 8/2019

Two separate gallbladder attacks, 1.5 years apart were successfully treated using the homeopathic remedies Chel 6c and Chol 6c. No gallbladder removal.


Lots of family history of strong cancer miasm. Carcinosinum Rx had no discernible effect on She.


A strong fear of downward motion and falling developed and was helped by Borax 6c


At work she was given a tetanus shot that left her with upper arm tenderness and swelling, hardness for a month.  Thuja 30c resolved it.


She was attending a sports celebratory parade when gunshots rang out and she was physically run over by a fleeing human stampede running for their lives. Great mental shock and bruising, scrapes, resolved using Arnica 10M and Gels 10M with no lingering ptsd effects nor any MS relapse.


Junnipersus C. and Equisetum H. Mother tincture used on and off for urinary incontinence with some measure of success.

Conclusions to help those treating MS conditions

  • Treat the symptoms as soon as you can
  • Focus on the “precipitating event” of what caused great emotional or mental stress just before physical symptoms manifested.
  • Diet, exercise, and spinal alignment are very important but above all the mental emotional issues need to be addressed.
  • Use a consistent potency and due to the autoimmune nature of this disease, slow and constant repetition can reverse many of the MS symptoms.
  • Other remedies will be needed during the reversal of symptoms and you simply give them as needed.
  • Redirect the patient to focus on reducing stress, learning a relaxation skill, and this will assist along with the homeopathic remedy to minimize potential MS relapses and the progression of the disease.
  •  As Roger Morrison points out in Desktop Companion, and I completely agree after having gone through this experience…
    • ”if you see clear signs of improvement in general energy or on the psychological level, be very hesitant to change the remedy, even if the physical symptoms do not change significantly”.
    • “When the remedy is clear, no matter the speed of the health condition reversal, do not attempt to change the remedy for another most similar one”.

Those 2 above recommendations are very wise and I completely agree after  2.5 years of following this case.

  • Arnica is needed more than one would think for those that are undergoing intense physiotherapy and exercise programs and a course of alternation between the constitutional remedy in the morning and Arnica in the evening may help the patient continue to work at improving mobility.

About the author

Domenic Stanghini

Domenic Stanghini (DiHom(Pract), CGP, C.E.A.S.E (Pract) has been involved with homeopathy since 1994. He received a Homeopathic Practitioner diploma from the British Institute of Homeopathy in 2011.


  • Why did you not give the psychological and general symptoms in the main body of the case? I would have liked to work out the case myself but you didn’t give these symptoms, e.g. cowardice, sensation of heat etc. until the repertorisation.

  • Well done!

    This is very much like a case I had a few years ago of seemingly sudden onset M.S., with symptoms appearing after a prolonged stint in the dentist’s chair. My patient was totally paralyzed in the lower extremities, but after a few months she was walking again — and now walks and drives freely. I agree that you have to stick with the remedy so long as there is improvement in the patient’s energy. In my case it was Nux-vomica 200c, repeated weekly. The idea of adding Arnica to help with physiotherapy is intriguing.

    One word of caution: M.S. patients have to be mindful of their energy stores: overdoing can lead to relapses.

  • top most article.fortier bernoville who was most conversant with clinical side and homeopathic view put a stamp that there is no cure for established sclerosis, tissue damage is irreversible and lies in domain of surgeons.he advised that organic sclerosis process can be retarded by remedies like sulph lyco thuja as per symptoms.he advised improve liver functions and arterial tension.if we look back atleast 70 years back, indian babajee recognised it as flickering of eye,cure they said lady is under tension because her mother is transmitting electron waves like geo and wants to meet her daughter.lady is sent to parents house for 15 days eye flickering stops probably also remyelination of nerves,plus babajee knew it was left eye or right eye flickering and accordingly gave their secret herbal formulations.sclerosis is next stage but first it is arterial tension red faced own mind creation, big business for ace beta blocker medicine producers.this stage if you go even to a fifth pass homeopath who uses kali phos 6x for all diseases, much benefit comes you can try.jhola shap homeopath will probably use oxalic acid for severe neuralgic pains and picric acid to improve liver functions plus solar plexus irritation calms down.alumina will save to continue walking without a stick,plumbum care taker of all internal organs atrophy.agaricus like lycopodium shoot at first sight remedy plus reckeweg readymade drainers 1 to 89 anyone can select by reading as like a newspaper. baryta mur helps.hifi are not convinced,necessity is mother of invention,now all homeopaths are mesmerised by jan scholten neptune type remedies.indian homeopath au ramakarishnan who has deep faith in teachings of gita sar,is probably the last ray of hope next location everybody knows they say arsenic can give solace up to last breath.

  • What daily doses of Arnica and what daily doses of how mamy drops of Gelsemium where Used. For what period?

    • I’d like the answer to this also. I had a severe onset of MS (numb from the waist down) one year ago following ectopic pregnancy surgery with brief periods of remission and am looking into homeopathic medicine now.

      • Hello Courtney. Sorry to hear about severe onset of Ms. I completely understand. Glad you read the case. Please read the follow up and my other cases published here about Ms. We approach things from a different perspective. Ectopic pregnancy….sounds like stress. I would suggest you examine the stress about getting pregnant. The anxiety, the lessons ……has a huge impact upon the MIND, the EMOTIONS…and then the physical body, much like a Printer, will display both of these. Please also review the previous answer. Homeopathic remedies are never given to everyone…Meaning not everyone with MS needs Gelsemium. Each persons symptoms have to MATCH the mental, emotional, physical symptoms and then the Natural Homeopathic remedy will impact to “neutralize” and reduce the Ms symptoms. It is not as doom and gloom as the Neuro makes it out to be. However, if you do nothing your symptoms may progress as they suggest. I strongly suggest you begin making life changes, attitude changes, reducing stress, AND using a Natural Homeopathic remedy to help reduce Ms symptoms. I do online worldwide consultations and I have never again given another person Gelsemium. Why? I have never encountered another person with that LEVEL of disability=quadraplegia!!! You sound close to this but only numb from the waste down. Now if you were numb from the chin down….and you had optic issues…..etc….Then Gelsemium would surely help you. Understand? Each person needs a unique Homeopathic remedy to help them reduce Ms as we all think differently thus need a unique Homeopathic remedy. Granted some people go through the same LIFE LESSON and will need the most popular Ms homeopathic remedy BUT…if it does not fit, much like a glove…it will NOT reduce Ms symptoms. If you want I can do a free 15 min chat to help you learn more. Message me at [email protected]

    • Adrian, Arnica was given as needed because the Px was a quadriplegic and was doing intense physiotherapy, pool therapy, occupational therapy, gym exercise=lifting weights and machines, stairs etc etc…I just assumed that her body, being a quadriplegic was getting an intense workout every day and she would need the support that Arnica can give to help her quickly get out of Rehabilitation hospital. so basically as needed but usually in the evening, 200c. Gelsemium has to fit the PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL symptoms. This remedy did of course and I believe I stated in this case or the follow up case…that it was in ice cubes. So 3-4 pills in glass of ice cubes as Doctors prevented her from drinking water for 2 months as her throat muscles were also paralyzed and it was dangerous to give her liquids till she learned to recover this function and swallow safely. This took time….So I had no choice but to give it in glass full of ice, or make her smell the bottle, or put some on the wrist. I choose glass of ice cubes as she was begging for COLD WATER… cold ice cubes and the remedy was the best alternative. And it worked. She still take Gelsemium 200c till this day once or twice a day if her symptoms indicate she needs some support. Arnica is only taken as needed during the week. Maybe once a week, maybe none now….it all depends how active she has been during the day

  • Adrian. She was doing 3-4 hours intense physio therapy a day….so for a normal adult, that much exercise….would probably need Arnica. Especially that she never did exercise before becoming a quadriplegic.

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