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Revisiting: Kelly Tells The Tooth!


Revisiting: Kelly Tells The Tooth!. Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz.

Who remembers last month’s long, tedious but nonetheless exciting quiz presented by Kelly about her exasperating month-long dental debacle?  Here it is again:


To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – Kelly Tells The Tooth!


Now, wasn’t that exciting? Apparently many of you didn’t think so!  I think people must run screaming from the building as soon as they hear the word dentist!  But we do have a winner this time!  Nilay from … somewhere, correctly guessed Nitric Acid!!!!!!

If you’ll notice, I underlined all the symptoms for Nitric acid in the case and here they are:

  1. Left sided complaints
  2. When it looks like Mercury but Mercury doesn’t work…think of Nitric acid
  3. Painful ulcers (sores) in mouth
  4. Worse evening, worse night
  5. Sticking/pricking/splinter-like pains
  6. Tearing and shooting pain in teeth
  7. Pain on chewing
  8. Throbbing pain

To quote John Clark, “Ontalgia [toothache] with jerking, shooting, drawing or pulsating pain, principally at night, in bed, in evening.”

I was finally tipped off to Nitric acid when Kelly mentioned the appearance of painful sores, first on the tongue, then on the inside of the lower lip.

“Mouth: ulcers, painful”; there are only 8 remedies listed in Murphy’s 3rd ed. and nitricum acidum is the only one in BOLD! The evening/night time aggravation is very characteristic.

In short, this is a very big remedy in dental problems, especially in periodontal disease, gingivitis, dental abscesses, bleeding gums, loose teeth, sore gums, tooth decay, mouth sores, and even that awful symptom where the painful tooth feels longer than all the others, have you ever had that?  I have!  Yeah, that’s a pretty bad sign; not that Nitric acid is the only remedy; but, with homeopathy, even that can be reversed, believe me, I know!

So, in conclusion, especially if your tooth complaint is left-sided, don’t forget Nitric acid, and especially if it looks like Mercury and Mercury doesn’t work.

Dr. B, for being our only winner, this song goes out to Nilay!  Ray Charles doing one of my favorite songs by him, “Tell The Tooth”, I mean “Truth”!


Ray Charles


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