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Revisiting: Nose Running Like a Faucet!

Written by Elaine Lewis

Sounds like someone had a bad cold! Did you guess the right remedy? Scroll down for the answer.

Shana, it’s time for the January Quiz! It’s 2021 and we eagerly await another year of your timely announcements to start off our Quiz!

I don’t have any.


I don’t have any announcements!

Well this is just great! This is going to be the worst quiz ever! And the case this month is the shortest case I’ve ever done! And you have nothing to say?

Hold on, I might be able to come up with something. Hmm………..

Never mind! I’m just going to start the quiz! OK, so, this is the case of…

Florence Knight N. Gale.

What kind of name is that?

It’s a perfectly good name, I made it up myself!

Or maybe you just made an amalgamation of Florence Nightingale, the nurse!!!!!

Shh!!!!! Shana, isn’t there a Rock ‘n’ Roll tour you should be catching up on?

Mom, it’s COVID time and all the tours are canceled, which reminds me of an announcement I have to make….

Too late!



On Monday, January 11, 2021 Florence K. N. Gale <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Dr.

Nose is running like a facet.

[I think she means faucet]

I took Vitamin C, it didn’t work. I did an aggravation zapper with nose drippings and it didn’t work . I ate a banana and it didn’t work.

What can I do? Thank you for your reply.

Florence K. N. Gale


Dear Florence,

Try _______________.


Mon, Jan 11, 2021

Florence K. N. Gale <[email protected]> wrote:

I took 30C __________________. It worked. Thank you.

Nose stopped running. No more needing a handkerchief.



OK, everybody, that’s it! Do you know what the remedy was? Write to me at [email protected] and let me know. The answer will be in next month’s ezine. OK, Shana, what, pray tell, was the announcement you wanted to make?

Phil Spector died.


Phil Spector died.

Did you just say Phil Spector died?????

Mom! What is it about “Phil Spector died” that you don’t understand?

Shana, it’s not like Phil Spector had one record that we can play on our way out and be done with it! Phil Spector was the biggest record producer of the 20th century! He produced all my favorite songs! Hello!!!!!! The Ronettes? The Crystals? The Righteous Brothers? The Beach Boys imitated his production style and used his studio and his studio musicians. And then there was his unequaled Christmas album, featuring “Christmas: Baby Please Come Home” by Darlene Love, which David Letterman proclaimed as the only Christmas song that really mattered! In fact, every Christmas Eve, Dave unfailingly had Darlene Love on his show to perform it, and with each passing year, the production got grander and grander until finally there was a complete orchestra behind her!


Mom, first of all, 1. I know who Phil Spector is. 2. I had something I planned to say.

Well what is it?

“You’re gonna hear electric music, solid walls of sound.”

Did Phil write that?

No. Elton John did. Well, actually, Bernie Taupin….

Shana! You’re over-explaining again!

If you’re wondering why I’m quoting from “Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John…

Yes, as a matter of fact, I was!

It’s because “Wall of Sound” producer, Phil Spector, just died.

I know that! And by now, everybody knows that!!!!!! And what does Elton John have to do with any of this, except, that you manage to work him into every quiz we do!

He was another victim of COVID-19.

Who, Elton John?

No! Phil Spector. If Elton John died, I would need years of therapy!

That sounds expensive….

While he was also a controversial figure–Phil; I knew you were going to say, “Who, Elton John?” (but we probably shouldn’t get into that–and don’t say, “Get into what?”) he should be remembered for his countless contributions to music. Honestly, if he had a tombstone, that’s what should be on it because…

What should be on it?

MOM! The part about the “wall of sound” from “Bennie and the Jets” that I just quoted! You know, “Wall of Sound” was the name awarded to Phil’s production style. He over-produced everything, he had more of everything than was needed or normally used on a song. I just read that he spent more money on “Every Breath I Take” than had ever been spent on a doo-wop record before then–$14,000, which was a lot for 1962.

As I was saying, Phil Spector’s legacy includes songs by the Ronettes, the Crystals, Darlene Love, etc. In fact, it blew my mind to learn he produced things I had no clue about; including:

Puddin N’ Tain- The Alley Cats

OMG! That’s one of my favorite songs!


Pretty Little Angel Eyes- Curtis Lee

OMG! That’s another one of my favorite songs!

Just Once In My Life–The Righteous Brothers

That’s a forgotten classic, I have to play it!

Instant Karma (We All Shine On)- John Lennon

He did that too?

Power to the People- John Lennon

That was Bernie Sanders’ walk-on song!

My Sweet Lord- George Harrison

He produced “My Sweet Lord”? OMG!

What is Life- George Harrison

He did that too?

Seriously, we could be here all night and possibly tomorrow as well if I named them all.

You’re not kidding! We haven’t even mentioned “Be My Baby”! Have we?

You didn’t let me get to the most interesting part! He even produced “Let It Be” by the Beatles, but apparently Paul McCartney was dissatisfied with the “Wall of Sound” production on the original album for some reason, especially on “The Long and Winding Road”.

He did that too? OMG! Shana, I don’t know what my favorite Phil Spector production is! There are too many!!!!!! We haven’t even mentioned the one written by Carole King and sung by my blue-eyed soul brother Gene Pitney: “Every Little Breath I Take”. Oh, well actually, I think we did.

Mom, it’s just “Every Breath I Take”! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, just play something so Dr. B can put the ezine out!

Fine! One death! “One death,” she says! Ha! “I just have one death!” Grr!

Well, if you want to get technical, Little Walter, a DJ from the New England area, died of covid too. But I’m guessing no one cares.

No kidding, Shana! Gee, you must be psychic! OK, here we go with the greatest record of all time in my humble opinion. You know, with all these gargantuan hits, it’s hard to believe Phil actually found time to kill somebody! Anyway, it just goes to show, you can be completely insane, and not be all bad.

Mom! I thought we weren’t going to get into that! And PS, I think I heard a story about him brandishing a gun in the studio during a John Lennon album, and running off with the tapes, leaving John to do the whole thing by himself.

Well he died in prison, Shana! It’s hard to overlook that! Anyway, in happier times, here’s “Every Breath I Take” by my blue-eyed soul brother, the one and only, Gene Pitney (and you gotta love Hal Blaine’s drumming throughout but especially at the end!)

Phil Spector, record producer, 1940-2021, RIP


Allium Cepa-8


Fluoric acid




It looks like a landslide for Allium cepa!  Who says homeopaths can’t agree on anything? 

Will our first contestant enter and sign in please!


Hi Elaine,

The remedy for Runny nose like a faucet is Allium Cepa.

You’re right!!!

As per Dr. Roger Morrison, NOSE: “Profuse watery discharge, Like a Faucet, the patient stuffs tissue inside to stop the flow”.

Thank you for the Roger Morrison reference!  I once had a runny nose like that; too bad I didn’t know about homeopathy then!

Thank you and regards

Mohammad Ruhi


Who else is here today? 

Hi Elaine!

I really love the nostalgic part of your quiz each month.

That’s great!  Which part is that?

My parents listened to a lot of music

Oh, the music!  Did you hear that, Shana?

and boy did we have a nice LP collection…brings back great memories.  My guess for the nose running like a faucet would be Allium Cepa.

You’re right!!!

I have not guessed correctly since I started playing along so I hope I don’t have to do the walk of shame again.

Oh my goodness!  Don’t say that!  No one is right every time–even me!  Sometimes I look back at old quizzes say, “Gee, I wonder what the remedy is????”

Have a great day!

~Lori D


Hi Elaine and Shana!

Oh look, it’s Maria from Greece!  Hi Maria!!!

For this month’s quiz my vote goes to Allium Cepa.

You are correct!

If I am wrong I will try again.

You’re not wrong so don’t try again!

PS Great tidbits article on Calendula!

Oh right, “Dog Scratch!”  Thank you!!!! 


Is anybody else here today?

Hi Elaine, my answer is Allium cepa, due to profuse discharge; that’s the first remedy I came up with.

You’re right!!!!

– Dr Abhishek Choudhary


Who else wants to try their luck with the January Quiz? 

Hi Elaine.  My answer is “phosphorus”.

Oh dear; no, sorry.  Phosphorus colds go to the chest, remember?  It’s a tubercular remedy, our great remedy in pneumonia and bronchitis.  Also, think of Phosphorus for hemorrhages–nosebleeds of bright red blood– and almost anything where the concomitant is a craving for ice-cold drinks.  Do you have Morrison’s Desktop Guide?  If you don’t have it, get it!  It’s indispensable.  Under Phosphorus, Morrison actually has no subheading for “Nose”!  But, go to Allium cepa and he has “Nose: runs like a faucet.”


Dr. Ketan Kumar Singh


Oh look, it’s Jane Fernando from Singapore!

Good morning to you and Shana.  My answer for the Quiz (Nose Running Like a Faucet) is FLUORICUM ACIDUM.

Yeah, I see what you’re saying.  Morrison does have “Head: coryza, copious discharge, runs like a faucet” in his section on Fluoric acid.  And even though it might have worked, I have to ask you what I asked one of our readers from last month’s quiz (“sudden blindness”) when I said, “What’s the likelihood that our patient has a rare remedy like ____________?”  And similarly, I would have to ask you, how likely is it that our patient has Fluoric acid?  There’s a remedy that should be our first thought when you hear someone say, “My nose is running like a faucet!” and that remedy is Allium cepa!

Thank you very much for your wonderful explanation – now I have learnt ‘why not Fl-ac.’  You have shown me now how I should think in a practical way; and how I should be thinking when one has just a First Aid Homeo kit at home.

Yes, you’d be surprised how often common sense–or lack of it– plays a role in our remedy selections.  For example, I have a client, “Amy”, who told me that after getting a good remedy from her homeopath, she told him that she loses energy every day at 3 in the afternoon; so, the homeopath re-prescribed and he spoiled the case!  I said, “Amy, everybody loses energy at 3 in the afternoon!  That’s why the English have ‘tea time’ and the Mexicans have ‘siesta’!”

Common sense!  Where is the common sense?  So often over-looked.

This learning will stay with me forever, and I am so grateful to you for same.  I am so thrilled to have received from you such ‘gems’ of Wisdom.

And I am so thrilled to have received replies from you.   It feels like I am sitting right in front of you and I am learning in your class.

Thank you very much for this wonderful feeling.

God bless you.

Jane Fernando


Wow!  Well, oh look, it’s the gang from Slovakia!

Hello, Elaine and Shana,

Hello Miroslav and Jitka!

Our answers to the January quiz are as follows:

Miroslav votes: Allium cepa

Miroslav is right!!!

as no other symptoms are mentioned and according to our quiz master it seems as if someone here had a bad cold, I would try Allium cepa.  DD (differential diagnosis): Nat-m. – Well, I probably would have used it for a chronic problem …

Jitka votes: Allium cepa


In this case  I missed at least one more symptom to support the right remedy, but in my opinion, watery discharge dripping  from nose  means the right remedy is Allium cepa.

Best regards    Jitka

Both of you are right! 


I think I see Wayne off in the distance from Australia!

Hi Elaine,

Hi, Wayne!

I think the answer to the Quiz is Nat Mur.

Repertorising Nose: Discharge, gushing, In large type is Nat Mur.

Nat-mur is a good guess.  Yes, with Nat-mur, the issue is often too much fluid or too little (“dryness”).  However, if you look in Morrison’s Desktop Guide, you’ll see under Nat-mur, subheading “Head”, he has “Coryza…colds begin with sneezing.”  We have no report of sneezing here.  He has no subheading for Nose.  However, if you look up Allium cepa, he has, “Nose: runs like a faucet.”  So, I would lean more towards Allium cepa.


Lynn is here!

Hi, Elaine.  Florence, her nose was running like a faucet.  Nothing she did worked.  She tried helping herself three times but just couldn’t find any relief.  I mean really, whatever else could be done after all!

Arsenicum album could have turned off her faucet.

Lynn Rosenkranz-Saviskas


Hi Lynn, thanks for voting!  Arsenicum is a good guess but not the one I picked.  “Nose running like a faucet” is one of those famous symptoms in homeopathy that you either know or don’t know, like the way Arnica is known for blunt trauma and Nat-sulph is known for Ailments After Head Injury.  The famous remedy for “Nose running like a faucet” is…… Allium cepa!

Thanks, we hope to see you here again!


Hey everybody, Vamsi’s in the house!!!!

Dear Elaine,

Oops !! Again I guess I am the last entry for the quiz!

OK, here I go…

I looked up in Murphy under

Nose- Coryza -> Watery

and I guess Allium Cepa is the closest, is what I feel.

There are no other symptoms which she had mentioned and I guess

Clear Watery Discharge from Nose this remedy would do  —> ALLIUM CEPA..

Please let me know….

You are correct!!!!!




I think we have time for one more quiz answer.  I think I spot Neil from England!

Hi Elaine

A cold with a nose running like a tap is allium cepa.

You are correct, sir!

I had this once and worked really quickly, also better fresh air was noticeable when i had it although not mentioned in this case.

Yes, you’re right; Allium cepa is better in fresh air, and worse in warm rooms.

Neil uk


Well, I think we need to congratulate our winners!  And they are…

Mohammad Ruhi



Dr Abhishek Choudhary






You each get a gold star!

And don’t forget to try again with this month’s Quiz… See you back here in a month!

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