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Revisiting: The Odd Couple — Another Completely Different Quiz!

Tommy and Chuckie
Elaine Lewis
Written by Elaine Lewis

Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz featuring The RugRats duo, Tommy and Chuckie, as The Odd Couple!

Shana, we’re running late again, and there’s so much news to report!

Like what?

Like everything that’s happened in the past month! For one thing–it was your birthday on April 22nd, remember? Here you are opening your present. It seems someone bought you a Rolling Stones CD:

It was my pen pal from England.

And, do you remember what I got you?

You took me to see Smokey Robinson at Caesar’s Palace!

Yes!!! He’s a living legend, you know! The co-founder of Motown Records! Here we are sitting in the audience:

And here’s Smokey!

It’s not a very good picture….

Well, hey, I used my cell phone, we’re lucky to have anything at all! 

I think this calls for a song! Here’s Smokey singing “Ooh Baby Baby” from 1965:

Mom, tell everyone how we nearly didn’t make it!

Oh, that’s right!  You were sick!  You were lying in bed, you only had two bites to eat all day, you were feverish and you had a headache!  I tried Gelsemium but it didn’t work.  By now it was already past time for us to leave, so literally at the last minute, I gave you Nux vomica, and unbelievably, you were better within minutes and we actually left and drove to Atlantic City in time to see the concert!  So, I guess you got The Homeopathic Miracle for your birthday too!

Did anything else happen this past month?

On a sad note, Dick Clark died.

Mom, I’m guessing that none of our readers from India know who Dick Clark is!

Are you sure???  Well, Shana, back in the ’50’s and ’60’s, there was something on TV called “American Bandstand”, Dick Clark was the host.  It was a teenage dance show that our parents hated, and it was the biggest thing on the air, a monster!  Here is Dick Clark standing in front of his famous “top-10” list, and what song is number-5?

Daddy’s song?

That’s right, Shana! As a matter of fact, I have a surprise for you!  Click here, it’s the kids on Bandstand dancing to “Get A Job”! 

Bandstand was produced right here in Philadelphia!  Did I mention that I was on Bandstand 3 times?


Well, I suppose we have to sadly move on.

What’s the quiz this month?

Shana, I was getting bored; so, I decided it’s time to do another “completely different” quiz!

You don’t have any patients, do you!

Ahem!  For your information……

Oh, here we go!  Never mind, let’s just get started!

So this time, we are going to watch a cartoon. It’s “The Rugrats” and the episode is called “The Odd Couple”.

Mom, do our readers from India even know who the “Rugrats” are?

Of course they do, Shana!  Here they are now:

That’s Chuckie on the left, and Tommy on the right. Chuckie is very scared most of the time while Tommy is very adventurous, optimistic and resourceful. In this cartoon, Tommy spends the weekend at Chuckie’s house and their personalities clash! Chuckie is very neat, particular and anxiety-ridden; he keeps his room neat and wants his toys played with “properly”, the way the manufacturer intended. Tommy is independent, free-spirited and invents new ways to play with toys and then he just leaves them there and takes out something else – a new game or puzzle, etc. and this makes Chuckie really mad! Chuckie informs Tommy that he can’t go off and start playing with something new without first putting the toys back where they belong! Tommy finds this incomprehensible! “Our parents will pick them up,” Tommy says. Chuckie counters with, “A clean room is a happy room!” Try and guess their constitutional remedies and let us know what you think by writing to:

[email protected]

Click on the video below.  It’s called, “Rugrats The Odd Couple”:

The answer will be in next month’s ezine. OK, see ya later! Bye-bye!



Chuckie  –  Tommy

Arsenicum-Sulphur (4)

Argent-nit. – Sulphur

Phosphorus-Calcarea carbonica



Well, gang, not a lot of people voted this time, which always happens when I do a “completely different” quiz, for some reason….but, let me see if I can get a hold of loyal quiz participant, Maria.

Maria, hellooooooo, where have you been?  What’s taking you so long, are you still working on the quiz?  Is it too hard?

Yes I am trying to find the remedies!


I have no clue for the bald baby in diapers!

That would be Tommy.

I have some ideas for the red head though!

That’s Chuckie.

And yes it is too hard!

Oh.  Sorry……

Maybe I should watch the whole season to get some more clues 😛

What a great idea!

That would be cheating though,

No, I’d consider it going for extra-credit!

so I’ll stay with the odd couple episode 😛

I’ll be waiting here…….

Ok maybe I will cheat a little, because Tommy is hard for me to guess and for Chuckie I am between two (as always). The problem is that if I see more episodes, I might find myself questioning in between more than 2 remedies!

I am trying to find what is the rubric for the green jello question that was nailed on Chuckie’s head before he went to sleep!

Tommy was the first one to ask about it, in an inquisitive sort of way (“Did you ever wonder how they make green jello?”); but, when Chuckie began to ponder it, it was in an anxiety-ridden sort of way. (“How DO they make it green???!!!!!”)

I am sure I have read it in materia medica!

Tough quiz, but it is a lot of fun! We should do it more often with movies also!

Try telling that to the rest of our readers!  But, I agree with you, Maria!  Here is the the REAL “Odd Couple”, an actual TV show based on the movie of the same name.  Here we have below Oscar Madison and Felix Unger, on whom this cartoon episode was based.  Chuckie is supposed to be Felix (right), and Tommy is supposed to be Oscar (left):

Oh that was helpful! Well my vote for Chuckie is Argentum Nitricum;

Well, that doesn’t surprise me. I knew someone would vote for Argent-nit!

He seems to me like he has OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder, but in a mild way of course. He wants his blocks put back in a certain way, in order of color, size and shape.

And what is that, Maria, what is our Repertory word for that? Fastidious, right? But Arg-n. is not well-represented in that rubric. It’s only a 1.

He says “a clean house is a happy house”.
Then the question stuck in his head about green jello, seemed that made him anxious!

Yes, it did.

The tidiness made me think of arsenicum

Ohhhhh……Arsenicum, eh……….?

or nux, but the “obsession” I described above fits more to Arg-nit. I think.

Argent-nit. is afraid that something life-threatening is going to happen to him at any time!  Because of that, they think that maybe they shouldn’t leave the house….anything could go wrong!  They are not necessarily obsessively neat or clean.  Did you see Chuckie straighten the picture after Tommy straightened it?  Picture-straightening is a cliche for what remedy?  Alright, I’ll say it: Arsenicum!  They are perfectionists! True, there is some over-lap between the two remedies, both are anxiety-ridden; but Arsenicum feels safe when everything is precisely in order.  Argent-nit. feels safe if he’s at home.  In point of fact, Arsenicum can be so anxiety-ridden, he may not be able to stay at home, he may have to leave the house, they are very restless, have to keep moving even though they are prostrated/exhausted.  Arg-nit. would be happy just to stay at home; going out would be very frightening for Argent-nit–you know their delusion, right?  Buildings could fall down on them or close-in on them?  You get the feeling that the “original story” of Argent-nit. was probably an earth quake!

Everything you see Chuckie doing in this cartoon is classic Arsenicum!  Everything has to be in its place–the fire truck has to be at the fire station, the police car in the police station…the friangles have to be with the other friangles, and the funny-looking shaped blocks have to be with the other funny-looking shaped blocks…and look how he shivers when Tommy pulls the covers off of him, you know how chilly Arsenicum is, right?

Now for Tommy, the clues I used are that he is messy;


He leaves the toys in a mess expecting that others will put them in place in for him (“that’s what parents are for” he says).

Good observation, I missed that! Yes, Tommy does feel very entitled!

He is also messy when he is eating breakfast.

Very true!

We can see the milk outside the cereal bowl!
I think he is sulphur.

Hooray!!!!! You guessed right for Tommy!!!!!

I imagine that only a Sulphur would stay up in bed wondering how green jello is made…

Yes, exactly!!!! They are curious about how things work, about how things are put together!

And annoying Chuckie with questions without caring if he was already asleep.

Yes, they don’t have a lot of regard for others.  Notice also that he spent the night away from home without being scared or anxiety ridden, so, he’s got a lot of self-confidence, typical of Sulphur.

He is also saying to Chuckie stuff like “in my house we watch this show” etc. He seems like he has a big ego I may say.
Also he is walking around with diapers only, no socks & no shoes , so he seems a hot person

Very good observation!

and obviously feels better with no restrictions from clothes. He is doesn’t seem to care about appearance.

So true!

So these are my votes!  Odd couple indeed 😛

It’s funny Maria, you got the hard one right, and the easy one wrong!

Oh, I was so close 😛
Fastidious you are right!  I couldn’t remember the word!  Also argentum nitricum is a hot remedy,

Yes, very good point!

wouldn’t shiver like Chuckie did.
Do you know why I ruled out Ars? For 2 reasons; I would expect from Ars to have his shoes tied!

Yes, that might have fit the image better.

Really! Ok I guess he’s a baby and can not tie them up, but he could have asked his parents to do it for him! I expected more typical fears of Ars so I ruled it out.

Chuckie is very fearful and worried, Maria, you just didn’t see it in this episode, and Tommy is very brave. What they did show was his fastidiousness. Tommy was brave to spend the weekend away from home, though.

But I wonder if all the movie types I thought were Argentumnit were really Arsenicum?????

Then I suggest that everyone watch the Odd Couple video again and have a good look at Felix Unger so you can see an Arsenicum for real.  Scroll back up and click again.

Look at how impeccably dressed Felix is!  He also speaks impeccably with every syllable enunciated just so! On the other hand, Oscar’s shirt is unbuttoned at the neck, his tie is loose. He’s the Sulphur.  Arsenicums are perfectionists, it helps them feel in control, and when they’re in control, they can feel safe.  As you can imagine, there’s no one quite so helpless and out of control as a passenger on an airplane, as the video above demonstrates.  Felix is afraid to fly because he has no control over the plane; if he were flying the plane himself, he’d probably be fine.  Notice, the first thing Felix says in the airport is, “I’m exhausted!” That’s that Arsenicum exhaustion/prostration we all know about.  Would Argent-nit be prostrated?  No, not at all, just the opposite! They seem to have too much energy sometimes with their pacing and walking faster and faster until before you know it, they’re running!  What does Felix do next?  He goes to the insurance counter, despite his exhaustion, because what he wants at the airport, before he boards the plane, is more insurance!  Did you notice that? The reason for this is because Arsenicums never feel that they have enough money!  (And don’t try to borrow any money from them because they won’t give it to you! They often think that people are stealing from them!)  What did you notice at the insurance counter?  He needed it explained to him over and over again that he had already purchased the maximum amount of insurance allowed per customer, and yet he kept persisting.  One reason is because Arsenicums love to argue.  

But now, Felix/Arsenicum boards the plane.  And what’s the first thing he asks for?  Water!!!!  Aha!  Sounds like Arsenicum, doesn’t it?  “Oh, stewardess, can I have a glass of water?”  Arsenicums are thirsty!  What else does one notice about Felix before boarding the plane?  I forgot to mention this earlier: He asks to be excused to use the bathroom–again!  One can only surmise that he has nervous diarrhea. There are four remedies in that rubric (Rectum, diarrhea, anxiety)–Argent-nit, Arsenicum, Gelsemium and Thuja. Then he says, “I’m exhausted!” Here’s what Murphy’s Materia Medica has under Arsenicum:

“All-prevailing anxiety, exhaustion and restlessness”

Of course, when he’s not in an anxiety state, Arsenicum is fine!  He can go to work, maintain an apartment, drive a car….whereas Argent-nit, well, that’s another story!  Argent-nit lives in fear of something, anything, happening to him at any time, out of the blue!  Nothing he can do will prevent this thing–whatever it is– from happening, that’s why Arg-n. is often superstitious; as in, “If I turn the light on and off three times, and I do everything in 3’s, I’ll be safe.”  When your delusion is that something life-threatening can happen to you at any time without warning, all you’ve really got for protection is superstition!  Arsenicum, though, will be fine if he thinks he’s in control and everything is in its place, and everything is perfect!

You are right, as I see it now after your comments they are so typical Arsenicum!  Especially Felix!

Definitely, Felix is the ultimate Arsenicum!

The mistake was mine that I had wrong picture of OCD and of remedies :P.

Thank you for explaining the remedy pictures!

You are sooooooo welcome, and thank you for voting!

Can’t wait for the next quiz! It was real fun!

You know what? For more information on OCD, see “Elaine and Mati Sort Out Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder”:

and, OMG! Speaking of Mati, here she is!


Hi Elaine! Orderly, clean, anxious, worried, wants to sleep early – I’m guessing Chuckie is Arsenicum.

Messy, questions everything, philosopher, no interest in cleaning and whether things are in order – I’m guessing Tommy is Sulphur.



Mati, you nailed it!


Dr. B, it’s time to announce our winners! We’ll be needing the Hpathy cymbal crash please.

Thank you!  The winners are:

Lynda from Canada

Mati Fuller


Peter Dunseith


See you back here again next time for another amazing Hpathy Quiz!

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