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The Case of an Over Stressed Lawyer

Dr. Chanda Shah treats an over stressed lawyer.  Headstrong, ambitious and craves meat were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.


This patient is age 35. I sent him a case history form. He replied in detail. I got his remedy from that.

I need to have 1-2 cups of warm liquid in the morning due to sluggish bowel movements. I am an advocate, take up cases before Supreme Court and High court. Work in high stress and pressure environment from the start. It’s a roller coaster ride. It is professionally rewarding but lots of ups and downs.

High lipids, uric acid and liver enzymes.

Daily routine gets affected because of constipation. Have to get up early, have warm liquid, wait for urge to come. Stool is not hard. I don’t get urge. If I don’t pass motion in the morning, then I feel bloated, get offensive burps. I am not able to function in the way I want to.

I can’t head out to work. Can’t do any exercise in the morning. I have to keep morning free. I have to take flight one night before. Why can’t I have a normal life? I am chained down in the morning. Flatulence in the evening, <rich food, pulses. Had H pylori infection. Crave for rich food with lots of meat.

Sometimes body goes into “dump mode”, which is accompanied by panic attack. Few times after working a lot, felt faint, rushed to toilet, got lot of bowel movement. Pulse was very fast, strength had gone. Feel better by eating or I get a panic attack.

Dreams: Related to cases which I lost badly.

Hobbies: Interior designing. Renovated my house on my own. Love to cook and eat.

Driven academically, top 3 in class. Regular debater. I am very opinionated. Very clear about what I want in life. I didn’t want to be part of herd. All were doing IIT. I wanted to do my own thing. I found law—logical, intriguing, challenging. Did international law.

I don’t take random, run of the mill cases. I handpick cases which are very challenging. I get a kick when people say this case is impossible. I like to take client who has gone to 5 different lawyers. I enjoy complicated cases—happy to turn things around. It’s very rewarding—you get money and recognition.

Wife thinks I am over ambitious and over aggressive. I took loan payable in 20 years, but I paid it off in 2 years. If I decide to do something I do it. If one does work in organised and structured way and put in ten times effort—then you can earn ten times and become famous in no time.

I love cars. Want to buy vintage cars—old and classy.

Fear of heights. Fear of snakes.

Dream: Falling off building, chased by snakes.

Dream: Exams, no clue about questions.

Need to clear my throat, <talking a lot. Choke on my lunch if I am late. I am very hungry, I take first gulp of rice, it gets stuck in middle of chest—it doesn’t move up or down. I try to vomit or swallow, then I can breathe. I have to wait patiently, not panic. Feel better by burping. All this also happens when I have stress of deadlines. I am like a doctor doing emergency surgery.

Feel uncomfortable walking between 2 buildings in narrow alley. Feel suffocated. I am very punctual; I hate it when people delay. I like lists, things organised and structured. I get butterflies in chest before major court hearing. Wife says I am very impulsive.

I hate going to gym as it is routine and repetitive. I rather play squash or tennis.


Mineral qualities:

I am not able to function.

I can’t exercise.

Work in organised and structured manner.

Row 5:

I didn’t want to be part of herd.

Find law challenging.

I don’t take random, run of the mill cases. I handpick cases which are very challenging. I get a kick when people say this case is impossible.

You get money and recognition.

You become famous.


> eructations

Craving for meat which <

Craving for fat and rich food which <

Fear of high places

Fear of snakes

Anticipatory anxiety

Fear of narrow places




Chained down

Panic attack


Argentum nitricum: Theme is performance in sudden danger or crisis. They are called crisis managers.

On 20-5-19 I gave Argentum nitricum 200 potency.  Repeated it initially once in 15 days about 4 times. Then once a month twice. Then once in 2-3 months. He is doing fine, not on medication since 16 months.

His stomach issues settled down. He can eat heavy food. No choking or indigestion. Sleeps very well. Once a week he needs to take 2 cups of tea to get bowel movement.

His wife says his tendency to lose patience has come down. He doesn’t lose his temper like before. Now he is getting happy dreams— of fighting a case in U.K. Earlier he had insecure dreams—like falling of a height, reaching late to court, bad fights with wife.



About the author

Chanda Shah

Dr Chanda Shah has done L.C.E.H from CMP Homoeopathic Medical College, Mumbai, India in 1985. In 2004, she did a Certificate course in Food and Nutrition from Sophia College in Mumbai. Thereafter she was teaching “Basics in Human Physiology” at Sophia College for five years. Later in 2006, she did her M.D. in Homoeopathy. She has her private practice near Grant road (west) in Mumbai.

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