Complex Remedies

When to Use Homeopathic Combinations?

Understand when to use homeopathic combinations and when NOT to use homeopathic combinations.

After understanding all the pros & cons of homeopathic combinations should you at all use them?

Well, ideally NO. But still there are certain instances where such combinations may be used without causing much harm.

* If you do not have access to a homeopath and have no knowledge of homeopathy, then in some mild acute conditions like flu, sore-throat, conjunctivitis, fever, diarrhea, headache etc., such combinations can be of use to get temporary relief. But they should never be taken for prolonged periods.

* Well… I can’t think of any other instance where they may be used without causing harm or curatively!

When to stop using a homeopathic combination?

* The moment you find a good homeopath!

* If the problem persists or increases inspite of the use of a combination.

* If there are any new symptoms which you have never experienced before.

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Dr. Manish Bhatia

- BCA, M.Sc Homeopathy (UK), CICH (Greece), MD (Hom)
- Associate Professor, Organon & Homeopathic Philosophy, SKH Medical College, Jaipur
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- Editor, Homeopathy for Everyone
- Co-author - Homeopathy and Mental Health Care: Integrative Practice, Principles and Research
- Author - Lectures on Organon of Medicine vol 1, 2, 3. CCH Approved. (English, German, Bulgarian)
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  • I had great success with a combination for orbital cellulitits that my daughter picked up on a trip and I didn’thave any remedies on hand. Even the closest health food store 2 hours away had no products with any indicated remedies when I called. Luckily I found a chiropractic office nearby whose secretary let me look through their combination products and select one, and it worked wonderful and saved us alot of trouble. I have never seen one worklong term, but this time it was great.

  • I find these articles to be grossly one-sided. It is wholly true that Complex Homoeopathy is not a school of Homoeopathy. It is rather an attempt to achieve the necessary clinical efficacy in today’s polluted world where the patients are not simple cases that could be covered by a pathogenic study. They are however, a complex net of toxic, functional and sensory symptoms, that often are not related to a disease, but to an interaction of pathological phenomena and iatrogenic syndromes which are very difficult for any healer to prescribe for. Indeed Hahnemann himself began combining remedies in some difficult cases that weren’t covered by a single remedy. Additionaly, Complex Homoeopathic therapy addresses the patient’s particular stress factors rather than their constitutional type. Remedies are chossen and combined in a way to cover the highest number of toxic and functional disturbances with the objective to reduce the toxic and other stress burdens therby freeing the patient’s energies which have been tied up in coping with these stress factors. thus they never were intended to treat “chronic” illnesses. To state that complex homeopathics do not affect cure reminds me very much of an allopathic who say the same about homeopaths. Indeed there are many instances where individuals have been succesfully treated by complex homeopathics; granted such findings are not nearly as forthcoming as those in classical homeopathy but then in such a hostile environment how long would they last? Instead of shunning the evolution of a modality (by evolution I do not mean betterment rather a new way of using) by individuals who simply wish to aid the ill.

    • Your view is very relatable. I am not a homeopath, but a long time consumer of homeopathic medicines. Me and my family have had three doctors during a period of 30 years, who used complex homeopathy effectively to remove many of our ailments, that too without aggravations or reactions. Also as I understand complex homeopathy is different from Combination homeopathy. the latter are pre-prepared combinations, and yes, are more allopathic in approach. But complex homeopathy is tailored to the patient’s, specific needs, but combines remedies that will work together to address the multiple symptoms that occur at a particular time.
      I did notice, that 2 out of our 3 doctors, did give us a set of 2-4 medicines at a time, but did not extend the dosage more than 2 weeks at a time. Nowadays, as we try to work with other doctors, who even give us one medicine, but ask us to keep taking it, we find that very soon the symptoms reappear, or worsen. So, my amateur understanding tells me, that there was a logic to either complex homeopathy, or to the single dose classical homeopathy (that this requires regular visit and feedback, as the symptoms keep shifting).

      Anyway, hope this makes some sense.

  • @ Manish Bhatia –

    Your article made me think that you lost your hair because of Homeopathy and you have grudge over Homeopathy Meds.

    I am a Psoriasis patient, with other autoimmunity disorders too, nothing ever proved so effective in keep my Psoriasis at bay and other symptoms away.
    Though not 100% cured but my skin issues have become lesser with years passing with Homeopathy.

    With Pregnancy ladies take BC-26 for Normal delivery and painless delivery support via Doctor’s advice.
    And I have personally seen several deliveries to be really good and natural thanks to Homeopathy medicines.

    I don’t find any sense in your articles. Rather than informative, your articles are judgmental .

  • Please don’t be baised & one sided. Open your vision & have a clear picture of how homeopathic combinations help in quick prescribing & quick cure. Be modern & think of modern homeopathy for the benefit of teeming sufferers all over the world. Please don’t make homeopathy complicated . Let us join together in our modernisation effort, please.

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