Editorial – August 2022 – The Ultimate Insult?

Editorial – August 2022 – The Ultimate Insult?

In the last decade there have been many studies affirming homeopathy. Often, these involved the latest high-tech scientific methods. In an article by Dr. C. R. Mahata in this issue, he reports on research that conclusively explains how highly potentized remedies could work. That research involved Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, an Anomalous Dielectric Dispersion Detector, Quantum Electrodynamics and the use of an Atomic Force Microscope.

To see how all this plays in the great institutions of allopathy, I visited the websites of the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic. They are the foremost medical institutions in the U.S., each with a worldwide presence.

Typing in “homeopathy” in their search bars, this is what I found:

Cleveland Clinic (posted July 29, 2022):

What Is Homeopathy and Does It Work?

This alternative medicine is based on the premise that diluted ingredients will treat symptoms.

There’s no strong evidence for homeopathy’s effectiveness greater than a placebo.

Another criticism of homeopathy is that the medical practice focuses on symptoms instead of treating their underlying causes.

Mayo Clinic:

Middle Ear Infections

Homeopathy – A controversial treatment for ear infection, homeopathy involves using highly diluted preparations of natural substances, typically plants and minerals, to treat symptoms of illness. Study results have been mixed, and it remains unclear whether this treatment is of any benefit.

Uterine Fibroids

Some websites and consumer health books promote alternative treatments, such as specific dietary recommendations, magnet therapy, black cohosh, herbal preparations or homeopathy. So far, there’s no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of these techniques.

Yes, the allopathic community is out to lunch.  I wondered how ordinary, non- medical people see homeopathy? How, for instance, is homeopathy perceived by politicians in the UK.?

Enter Penelope Mordaunt, a British politician who has been a Member of Parliament, served as Minister of State for Trade Policy, as Secretary of State for International Development, and as Minister of State for the Armed Forces, the first woman to hold that post! She was being considered as a replacement for Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

With her substantial record, her political foes had to dig down deep to find some way to slander her. Politicians routinely attack each other’s records on finance, defense, taxes, on sexual indiscretions and corruption. But Ms. Mordaunt’s foes thought they found the ultimate insult, which appeared in the Guardian Newspaper under this dramatic headline:

“Penny Mordaunt repeatedly advocated use of homeopathy on NHS”

Tory leadership candidate has voiced support for what others say is bogus treatment.

A Guardian analysis reveals that Mordaunt, the bookmakers’ favourite to replace Boris Johnson, has repeatedly expressed support for homeopathy and called for family doctors to be given the right to prescribe it.

She was one of 16 supporters of an early day motion in the House of Commons sharply criticising the British Medical Association for voting to withdraw NHS support for homeopath.

She declared in a tweet that GPs “should have freedom to decide” if they wished to prescribe homeopathic treatments to NHS patients

That’s it. That was the best they could come up with.

It seems that the objectors to homeopathy are either foolishly ignorant of it… or just plain fools.

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Alan V. Schmukler

Alan V. Schmukler is a homeopath, Chief Editor of Homeopathy for Everyone and author of ”Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook”, (also in French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese). He is Hpathy’s resident cartoonist and also produces Hpathy’s Tips & Secrets column and homeopathy Crossword puzzles each month. Alan is a recipient of the National Center for Homeopathy Martha Oelman Community Service Award. Visit Alan at his website: Here.

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  • Insultos a la Homeopatía. Hay otros más graves y de mayor repercusión. Uno de los peores se registra si Ud. revisa la Enciclopedia Wikipedia, y la muy prestigiosa Enciclopedia Británica. En ambo casos la homeopatía es tildada de “pseudociencia”.
    Si uno se pregunta por qué, se pueden dar muchas razones. Pero hay una muy gravitante : los grandes Laboratorios Farmacéuticos desacredita la homeopatía de modo sistemático. Incluso se sabe que destinan presupuesto para que profesionales vinculados con la salud destinen tiempo para este fin (remunerado, por supuesto). Es que no les conviene que una medicina tan económica pueda siquiera amenazar sus intereses.
    Yo propugno que la homeopatía empiece a enseñarse incluso en los Colegios de nivel medio. ¿Cuanta gente aprendería a dejar de gastar muchísimo dinero en extensos tratamientos, recurriendo primeramente a la homeopatía —sin por ello dejar de practicarse los estudios médicos que sean pertinentes—?
    Saludos cordiales

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