Editorial – New Year’s Resolution – Just Share Your Stories

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Editorial – Dec 2019 Editorial – New Year’s Resolution – Just Share Your Stories

There are still many individuals who are either not aware of homeopathy or don’t believe in it. Their only resource during sickness is toxic and suppressive drugs which often make them sicker. We can sometimes count among those individuals, some of our relatives or friends. We’ve all experienced the frustration and despair of watching people we care about suffer needlessly.  In this regard, I was particularly moved by homeopath Swapna Honavar’s case in this issue of an 85 year old man experiencing bladder atony and urinary retention. His allopathic doctors  catheterized him and prescribed drugs which caused vertigo and swelling of his feet. Finally, they told him his only options were surgical creation of a suprapubic catheter, or self-catheterization every 4 to 6 hours, or TURP, a painful surgical procedure. At that point, he was open to homeopathy. After months of this ordeal, he was quickly and totally cured with three doses of Cantharis 30.

For those of us who know about homeopathy, it has been an incredible gift. It has often cured us and even saved our lives. In the coming year, let’s make it a goal to share that gift with as many people as possible. The easiest way to do that is to share a story about your own healing. Such personal anecdotes, offered from the heart, resonate with other people in a way that no research study ever can. It’s a way to communicate that requires no debate, no argument. It just states, “This is how it was for me.” Our job is to share our experiences with homeopathy and by so doing, raise consciousness about it. When you’re out and about this holiday season and this coming year, just share your stories. Let that be your way of passing on Hahnemann’s gift.

All of us at Hpathy wish you and yours a happy, healthy and serene New Year!

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––  Guttate Psoriasis in a Man of 28 – Dr. Jitesh Sharma

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–– Retinitis Pigmentosa in a Woman of 25 –   – Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad

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–– Herpes Zoster in a  Man of 36 – Dr. Shishir  Paranjape

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–– The Plant Doctor – November 2019 – Radko Tichavsky

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