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Letters to the Editor – Readers comment on the September 2020 issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone. Comments on covid-19 cases, Andrew Lange interview, Dr. Chetna Shukla’s use of covid-19 nosode and much more.

From: Hope, Heart and Homoeopathy: Clinical Experiences in the Pandemic of Covid 19 (Case Series Volume 1) – by Dr. Gyandas Wadhwani

Thank you Dr. Wadhwani for this exceptional case series. This is homeopathy at its best. It is a wonderful lesson for students and skeptics alike.

Martin Earl

With the second wave of the pandemic looming large in front of us, this case series reaffirms what homeopaths all over the world have been saying, “Homeopathy can deal with COVID-infected people.” Dr. Wadhwani points out that just a small number of those infected would require hospitalization/ ventilator. The majority of Infected people could be a symptomatic or mild/moderately symptomatic and these people could use Homeopathic remedies that are indicated for their individual symptoms. While scientifically tested treatments and vaccines are still in the developmental phase, Dr Wadhwani has shown in this case series that COVID positive people are recovering very well under homeopathic care. Truly an impressive and eye-opening case series.

Vatsala Sperling

Oh, I think I get it. The patient with fidgety feet got Zinc, the patient with a craving for juicy fruits (refreshing things) got Phos-ac., the patient exposing herself got Hyoscyamus, the one who needed the lights on all night got Stramonium, the one with ailments from fright got Aconite… no one got a “covid remedy”, per se. Some of the remedies I don’t know if I could have come up with them–Sepia because of indifference, for example. But I feel more oriented now, thanks to your article. Please write more.

Elaine Lewis

From: Living History: An Interview with Andrew Lange – by Linda Nurra

Andrew…it is great to be reminded of your history of meeting and learning from so many of the old masters…good interview!

Dana Ullman

From: Two Diagnosed covid-19 cases – By Dr. Shirin Akhavi

Lovely cases well done!!! I would really appreciate it if the reasons for a remedy choice were stated clearly for EVERY prescription because I like to share with non-homeopaths to help them help themselves and they can only do that if it is made very clear

Harry Havermout

From: Emergence of a New Scientific Paradigm in Medicine: Where Do We Stand? – by Dr. Serguei Krissiouk

Wow! What a read that was. Thank you so much for your accurate vision of what might be in the future if we do not make changes, particularly to the higher educational curriculum. That could make a great deal of difference, and instead of having a handful of Dr/Homeopaths, for example – we might get a much wider range of complementary/alternative therapies integrated into the current system. Food for thought indeed.

Janine Elizabeth Parkinson

From: Clinical Study of SarsCov-2 19 NosodePart 1- Its Curative Effects in Patients with Covid 19 – by Dr. Chetna N. Shukla

Mireille Fanous

As a health provider I have joined a Canadian Facebook page called “Long Haulers Support Group Canada” to understand the symptoms and problems they are facing. Your work on the nosode is a ray of hope for all those suffering from post-COVID19 sequelae for which conventional medicine has no answers and are constantly living in fear of never recovering. If you think it is appropriate, you may wish to join that group and share information as you see fit. I would also personally like to keep up with your research and find out how and where to obtain the nosode for my own patients.

Thank you

Mireille Fanous

We are very proud of you Chetna for your wonderful remedies and care. We are very happy taking your medicine for almost 13years and happily living because of your care. This pandemic remedy is groundbreaking news for all India and abroad.

Best regards
Naveen Kumar

Very interesting article and report. Thanks for publishing – and looking forward to when the SCN remedy may become available in the US.

Patrick Hesselmann

Dear Dr.,
We are all proud of your invention on nosode of sars cov 19. homeopathy has at-least proved to be head of all pathies. at the same time we are not happy that manufacturing of the nosode was given to uk whereas we have best manufactures in India itself.

thanks &regards
Dr C S Gupta

From: Covid-19 in a Girl of 13 – by Sarah Smith

Really lovely presentation of a case, beautifully written. Thank you for explaining everything fully and clearly. So many cases are only aimed at an audience of homeopaths when the public are the ones that benefit most from case examples. I hope more follow your example.

Harry Havermout

Great case and treatment info. Thanks for sharing!

Rachel Van Halteren

From: Covid-19 in a man of 26 by Dr. Darshan Jayesh Shah

Dear Darshan, why don’t you use 5 cup method after working with me for so long?

Farokh Master

REPLY: Sir, it was impossible to explain to this patient 5 cup over the phone (which I use in practice with people who understand it). The patient was poorly literate and it took me a lot of effort to just make him deviate water potencies every time. 5 cup is helpful for literate patients always! (It is also advanced type of deviated doses only).

Darshan Jayesh Shah

From: Mom Saved by Homeopathy After Gall Bladder Perforation & Coma –

by Dr. Sonu Mehrotra

Dr. Sonu Mehrotra is a trustworthy and dedicated doctor. He serves for his patients selflessly. Rajpuians are proud to have a homeopath as him in the city itself.

Sonali Putatunda

Nice case sir and I am glad to know you mother is doing well. But sir, when I open Lotus MM, I see a whole book of symptoms. How did you find that one symptom and decide your remedy upon it. Same holds true for Hellebores. It seems by some magic you referred the very remedy you needed and disregarded all other medicines needed in coma. Your analysis here would have been helpful to a reader like me.

Curious homoeopath

Dr B V S Ganeswara Rao

From: The Plant Doctor – by Radko Tichavsky

Very, very interesting!!! I hope, the book will be published in English soon.

Dr. Charlotte Barthel

Editor’s note: The book is: Organon de la Holohomeopatia

From: How We Can Fix This Pandemic in a Month – by Damien Downing

Dr. Downing – you mention Egypt having acted on Vit D – This surprises me, as I practice in Egypt as an ND and all of those that have consulted me have very low Vit D results in their testing, even those women who are not veiled. If you have any further information on Egypt, I would be grateful for it.

Mireille Fanous

Recent hypotheses by 2 super computers in California suggest that it is the Bradykinin storm that kills patients, primarily because the lungs fill up with HLA gel. See Dr Mercola’s website for full explanatory article/research results. Dr Mercola also advocates VIt D, zinc, Quercetin, Vit C. His website is extremely informative – perhaps that is why he has been banned by Twitter!

Kristina Alexander

Dear Readers
first, what does COVID stand for?
Co == Corona
VI = virus
D = disease
By using this term we silently accept the theory, that: This Corona structure: 1) has viral qualities, 2) creates a specific disease. This is only a theory, put out by medicine. Where is the scientific proof of this corona structure having viral qualities? Whoever claims has to prove or withdraw. It all boils down to that.

Hans Weitbrecht


From : Tidbits 72: Pain-Free After Heart Surgery – by Elaine Lewis

Thanks for sharing Laurie’s story Elaine! Her son was lucky to have a mom open to this. I wonder if Laurie realizes she’s privy to a healing method that’s light years ahead of what conventional doctors are practicing. They’re still scratching their heads about dilution levels.

Alan V. Schmukler

From: Tips & Secrets – Alan V. Schmukler

Wonderful article! Thank you for sharing.

Linda S

Dear Dr.

Your selections are of great help for a busy practitioners. In a free dispensary there is no time to take a long history of the case. Thanks for the labour you have done for serving a large number of patients in a short time.

best regards

Dr C S Gupta

From: A covid-19 positive case and two suspected cases – by Drs. Prajakta Vaidya & Preety Shah.

My family of 6 tested positive for Covid. Five of us took Arsenicum 30c, as well as echinacea/goldenseal/propolis throats spray, vitamins and I took some flavonoid blends. The family member with worse symptoms took nothing. Two members had fever for 1 day and muscle aches. Four of us had no fever and mild symptoms, one had light cough, two mild sore throat, more like dry throat, one no symptoms.


From Cartoon: The Patient’s Plea – Alan V. Schmukler

Oh !! WOW , what an optimistic patient, but sad to see that Homeopathy is kept as a last resort.

Vamsi Sudha

Regarding announcement of’s huge free library

Dear Dr. Bhatia,
I am very very grateful for your project to make available so rich library of homoeopthy on line. I will use it and share it with others. God bless you.
Pier Fausto Frisoli

Thank you so much!

Amazing work!

Georgia Koliopoulou

Vibrant Greetings from Puerto Rico!

This is awesome.

Thank you!

A. Dávila

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