Letters to the Editor – Feedback from July 2012

Readers’ views.

It is a wonderful interview.Thanks to Dr Manish Bhatia for giving us such valuable information from Dr Prasad and Dr Falguni Khariwala. The interview is lengthy but interesting. I heartily thank for providing such precious information.

Dr. Bhawna Awasthi


Thank you very much. Hpathy is always very useful. The information gives a good basis to discuss the several topics related to homeopathy and to use them in daily practice. This issue is particularly good. I appreciated very much the important contribution of Drs. Prasad Sheyte and Falguni Khariwala to discuss the repertories.



Dear sir
Let me congratulate you on one of the best issues to date. Your editorial and the articles by the duo Dr Prasad and Dr Falguni was very inspiring and informative indeed. I request that if possible a case by them be discussed every month where format the case by discussing it in such a way that at each stage they mention the Organon and its application, with mention of Miasm, posology, and of course the medicine and its materia medica inputs.
In this way it will become a sort of on line learning of each case with all aspects covered, thus giving the readers a way to come out of the dark and be able to take cases from a new perspective, what i call ” the unlearning “perspective. We then do not have to grope in the dark. Yes many of us will have to “unlearn” our ways and adopt the truthful way. Please convey my deepest regards to the brother sister duo. God bless them

Dr Wequar Ali Khan


Dear Editor,
The July issue was great, especially the interview with Dr, Prasad and Dr. Falguni. For me, Tips and Secrets were immensely informative. As always, I would be looking forward to the next issue, which I am positive, would be quite interesting.
best wishes,



I liked this issue very much. In my view this is the best and knowledgeable issue. The interview of Dr. Prasad Shetye and Dr. Falguni Khariwala and their articles based on right / classical/ Hahnemannian homoeopathy is very impressive and knowledgeable. I am a classical homoeopathic practitioner and I always like to read the homoeopathic articles based on homoeopathic principles as written in Organon of Medicine by Master Hahnemann. This is the best attempt. Congratulations to the entire team of e-magazine. I expect such type of wonderful issues based on classical homoeopathy in the future also.

All the best
Dr N.D Manikpuri.


Dear Editor,

Thanks for the July issue. I am not an old-time reader of your magazine. However, I liked the most of its “Tips & Secrets”. May I know how can I get all the “Tips & Secrets” collected in one place for my study! This is very handy and remarkably useful.

Dr. Akhtiar

Editor’s note:

The Tips & Secrets going back to 2008 can be found here:


Dear Drs,

I am thankful to you for giving us wonderful articles. I am going through them by and by and try to give feedback in each case. You are doing a very special work by keeping us in touch with many experts whom we do not know otherwise, nor would have a chance except through your Homeopathy4 Everyone.

Many thanks & regards

Dr CS Gupta



Thanks for your in-depth study material and for your efforts in making homeopathy a technical branch of medical science.
With regards
Shiv Rai Puri



Once again another great issue packed with useful information – thank you!

Susan Ellis



I just got the latest Hpathy publication today and just want to thank you for the issues- I am new to homeopathy but having success in treating animals so I get busier and busier with it. I read the vet articles first and then the others. I graduated from the BIH school with a diploma in Advanced Vet Homeopathy and hope to attend the Vancouver Academy of Homeopathy this fall to learn more. Thanks for a great publication!


Well Dr. Bhatia!

How strange and beautiful the world is, and how powerful is the energy that binds us together. Your letter from anonymous was my link to you from the same universal powers that brought you to the understanding of the importance of the original teachings and work of Dr. Hahnemann.

My teacher and homeopath is a student of David Little’s! What else can I say? Tomorrow I will be receiving the first remedy from the Hahnemann Labs that this same homeopath has determined is my remedy! Yea. And now I know why I connected with you because she has taught us the same principles that David Little taught her.

Amazing? Well, not really amazing but I wanted to take the first dose of the first remedy for my chronic condition “knowing” that the healing has already taken place. Now I know that without any doubt.

Cheers to you, cheers to me and my teacher, her teacher, and OUR teacher! Oops, and I forgot: Cheers to my first healing dose tomorrow.

Vicki Sata


Drs. Prasad and Khariwala are a very dedicated couple working for mankind and working for Homeopathy. They have pointed out so many flaws in the ways in which HP practitioners are defaming homeopathy. It is because of these people we all are ridiculed everywhere. I wonder why these two brilliant minds did not do anything to block these fake homeopaths. The interviewer justified his job as an expert. Thanks,

Nasir Chaudhri, Karachi, Pakistan


Dear Editor,

I thought this was an exceptionally good issue. I think the cases were extremely instructive. But I did not understand the term “deviated doses” can you help me please?

Thank you,

Adele McVeigh.

Editor’s note:

The term deviated doses pertains to the administration of the dose where the potency of each dose is gradually ascended to the next level e.g. after a 30 potency is prescribed the next dose is of the 31st potency and the next is the 32nd potency and so on. -Dr. Prasad


Excellent as usual, hoping this summer I’ll get enough time to read all of it.

Thank you! 🙂

Bernadette Bresard -Holistic Veterinarian


Dear doctors,

Where in India can we get the autopathy bottle? Please advise.


Harinder Bir Singh

Editor’s note:

Information on purchasing the autopathy bottles is available from the author’s website, or you may contact him directly.[email protected]


Thank you for the July issue of the Homeopathy for Everyone. Very interesting, as usual.

Dr Doina Pavlovschi


The video regarding the relation of diabetes to bovine milk is remarkable and innovative, but I miss the homeopathic view of the issue.

Mona Anisa Salama


I’m an homeopathic patient since 1975 and so are my children and my grandchildren. I know a lot about homeopathy because of being treated successfully by my admired doctors. I have read some articles which I actually enjoy.

Thanks a lot,

Best wishes

Rosa M. Justitz Hauser


I would be very interested in seeing case studies on teenage tooth decay. Specifically linked to food cravings would be of value to me.
Kind Regards
AM Dickins


Hello Dr. Bhatia,
Interview with Dr.Prasad & Dr.Khariwala is excellent.

Thanks and regards

BV Prasad,


This is the first time I have received your news letter. I have been practicing homeopathy over 40 yrs.

Eugene Dobies


Dear Mr. Editor:

Please publish the following in response to your anonymous letter.


Anonymous II : “It is gratifying to see the dedication and commitment of the Anonymous gentleman. I agree in toto with him about his sentiments about the Hanemannian homeopathy. I shall remain anonymous and would like to say that I have treated the following conditions successfully :

1. Hypertension

2. Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

3. Colo-rectal cancer

4. Diabetes

5. Bell’s Palsy

6. Acid reflux

7. Pollen allergies

8. Skin cancer

9. Parkinson’s (Treatment incomplete for lack of co-operation of the patients)

To top it all I have done this without the exchange of money or favors.


PS: I would gladly take new incurable disease challenge.


Dear Sir.

Like always your July 2012 Newsletter is very informative and many of the articles are great help to me in solving my day today cases.
Thanks for your great services to homoeopathy.

With best regards

Sincerely yours
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad

I read your ‘letter from anonymous”, it would be very nice to read also Homeopathy First, besides your Homeopathy 4 everyone, which is also very interesting.

Maybe you could include some of their articles each month, or open a special section in your website to read them.

Congratulations on your wonderful pro-Homeopathy work!

Ma Ria



I have carefully studied your journal every month. It gives me a very depth knowledge on various topics. If you kindly discuss about the topic Fistula in ano in your journal, it will be very helpful for me.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Kallol Bhattacharjee


Dr. Bhatia and Alan Schmukler:

With all the great work done by these two dedicated homeopaths re the incorrect entries in our Repertories that we all use, how can we all benefit from their extensive work? Ask them to write a book? We all would love to use the “corrected” symptoms and add to our books. The search work has been done thanks to these two, but how to disseminate the info?

My thanks for presenting their interesting work.

best regards,

Janee Niebler, RN, BA, DHMS
The Homeopathy Clinic
Mississauga, ON Canada


Could you please have more articles that directly discuss the scientific evidence used by the anti homeopathy people, and the reasons why their evidence or logic is wrong.

Thanking You

Joseph Zappula

Editor’s Note:

After an exhaustive search of the literature, here are the total scientific arguments by the “anti homeopathy people”. :

“The dose is too small so it couldn’t possibly work! “

Now balance that against this:


Thank you for your mails. Your articles are quite interesting. Please keep it up!

Dolph Kohman


I thank you for your great effort and the outcome which is both informative and brilliantly presented.

Yours sincerely,

N. Zarsav


Thanks a lot doctor, it made me too learn much more. Please kindly continue your updates to me. I’ll love to acknowledge myself more and more with your help

With grace- Dr. Monika



I find that all the articles in this issue are interesting, informative and useful.


It is great to learn about two dedicated homeopaths, having very clear concept . Their effort to make Homeopathy widely accepted line of treatment, is commendable.


R B Singh


Gentlemen – Good Morning. It is always interesting to know more about Homeopathy through your issue. In this issue THE REPERTORY OUR TOOL by Dr. Prasad Shetye and Dr. Falguni Khariwala has left me wondering, where shall we look for the real symptoms and the rubrics to hit the simillimum? It appears that one can practice Homeopathy only if one is possessed of intuition. The doctors may kindly recommend the TOOL which is safe for use by the practitioners of this highly recommended system. Is it feasible/ possible to go into that deep study of each remedy as conducted by Dr. Parasad on SEPIA? I wonder if such a study was possible to the Masters of Homeopathy centuries ago.

With best of regards

Ashgar Ali


Dear Sirs,

All the articles are very good!



July Ezine with Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni was Excellent ! !

Rana Saeed Ahmed Kha


Dear Editor,

Thank you for your magazine and especially the free online course and information based on ages and conditions. My family hasn’t been able to afford medical insurance or simple health care at the local clinic for at least a decade. When we get sick, the emergency becomes, “Where will we find the money for a doctor, tests and prescriptions?”

My veterinarian began to teach me homeopathic and Reiki techniques so I could help my pets without breaking the bank. I saw how the treatments worked on ‘patients’ who were not prejudiced about the kind of medication they were receiving, and how well they responded. When my child became crazy and no one could figure it out for four years, the vet sent me to her friend who was a homeopathic doctor in France but not allowed to practice in the U.S. since the medical profession here is so against homeopathy. This doctor cured him in two months. Now he’s studying classical piano at a leading university.

Pontiac Fever! Have you ever heard of such a thing? My weird Aquarian (3 out of 4 of us) family are prone to the most bizarre afflictions. Since doctors can’t put a name to it, or tests come back inconclusive, I get responses like, “There’s nothing wrong with you according to these tests,” “It’s all in your mind,” “Come back when things get worse and we’ll test again,” or the one I despise the most: “It must be a viral thing; you’ll have to let it run its course.” I dropped down to 86 pounds waiting for some ‘viral thing’ to run its course!

I like that homeopathic medicine forges ahead to treat the symptoms without waiting around to put a name to the disease. I like the fact that homeopathic medicine treats the MIND and EMOTIONS associated with disease. There’s half the battle won.

Please tell me where I can get more information on treating “Syndrome X,” the combination of high BP, cholesterol, heart problems, weight gain around the middle and diabetes. I was skinny until I was 36 and had a second child. My metabolism changed dramatically. I gained 50 pounds and have never been able to lose it no matter how hard I diet and work out. I’m 57 now and still carrying this ‘imaginary baby weight’ which has caused years of embarrassment and now threatens my health. I’m pre-diabetic, trying not to slide into it.

Thank you,



Dear Hpathy,

I enjoy reading your e magazine. It is interesting to read all the different homeopath’s views.
Kim Brown


Dear Editor:

I received the July issue of the ezine. As always it was very inspiring an interesting.

Thank you,



Very informative indeed!

Banaras Khan –Super Homoeo Clinic


I read and got many interesting as well as new things which will be helpful for me. I am really grateful to you for sending me the ezine.

Abhi Mishra Das


Dear sir,

The articles on Sepia, Asthma and repertory were very nice. Thanks

Ghulam Murtaza


The interview with Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni was amazing! Do they have a book filled with their knowledge? How can I subscribe Homeopathy First? Do they have a seminar schedule to follow somewhere?
Great work!



The cases and articles by Dr. Sheyte and Dr. Falguni were like eye openers. Never realized the depth of issues that our repertories have and the loads of misinformation being packaged in the name of homeopathy. I’ll request these two nobel doctors to spread their work through books, journals, and regular seminars. Keeping these experiences and knowledge to yourself just because ‘life is too busy’ would be selfish! Homeopathy needs motivated souls like you. And thank you Dr. Bhatia for all the work that you do to reveal such gems. Homeopaths cannot even imagine Internet without Bless you!

Bhawin Patel


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