Letters to the Editor – Feedback from May 2023

Readers comment on the May 2023 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone. Comments on the interview with the CEO of Homeopathy UK, “Breathlessness” by Dr. Abdequaem Chimthanawala, “Jealousy” by Dr. Cristina Georgescu and much more.

From:  Interview with Cristal Skaling-Klopstock, CEO of Homeopathy UK

Cristal Skaling-Klopstock, CEO of Homeopathy UK (formerly the British Homeopathic Association)

Thank you for this wonderful interview with Cristal Skaling-Klopstock. I didn’t realize that Homeopathy UK had that many functions in maintaining and promoting homeopathy in the U.K.  They help such a wide range of people in need.  It’s a huge job and responsibility which she manages artfully.

Martin Earl



From: Homeopathy Tips and Important News -Alan V. Schmukler 

Homeopathy Tips and Important News -May 2023

Alan, such important information about digital X-rays being safer, thanks! Also, good to know that apocynum is < cold while apis is better for it. Meanwhile, the FTC has got to be stopped! Of course, it’s just doing the bidding of the ever-paranoid Big Pharma!

Elaine Lewis



From:  Breathlessness and Dry Cough in a Man of 49 – by Dr. Abdequaem Chimthanawala

Breathlessness and Dry Cough in a Man of 49

Thank you Dr. Chimthanawala for this extraordinary case. One often wonders what are the limits of healing that homeopathy is capable of. Can it accomplish healing where there are structural changes? You’ve set the bar higher with this fine case.

Martin Earl



From: Severe acute intestinal infection complicated by haemorrhagic syndrome in an 8-month-old child  – Dr. Kondratieva Marina Mikhailovna

Severe Acute Intestinal Infection Complicated by Haemorrhagic Syndrome in an 8-Month-Old Child

Thank you for sharing this case Dr. Mikhailovna. You have demonstrated the elegance of a homeopathic cure in a serious medical situation.  The allopathic approach could have subjected the girl to considerable suffering and without relief.

Alan V. Schmukler



From: Various Strategies for Remedy Prescriptions Through the Example of a Long Case of Bronchial Asthma – Dr. Elena Serzhantova

Various Strategies for Remedy Prescriptions Through the Example of a Long Case of Bronchial Asthma

Thank you for sharing an excellent case example. The state of health of most patients requires a series of remedies for reduction of disease. So, a case reflecting the real world is welcome.




From: A Case of Jealousy in a Girl of Four –  Dr. Cristina Georgescu

RE:  “I decided to give her Stramonium this time, one dose of 1M in the evening and another dose of 10M the next morning”….

Great remedy choice; but, why the 10M less than 24 hours after the 1M, before you even knew if the 1M had done any good? I mean, why give the 1M at all? Sure, everything worked out fine in this instance, but, I just came from a patient who had an aggravation on a 200C! Fortunately, it was gone by the next day. Because people have read this article, they’re going to now give their patient a 1M followed by a 10M the next morning! And there will eventually be complaints of an aggravation, and the practitioner will have no idea how to stop it. I recommend a book that will put us back on firm footing with regard to potency? “Hahnemann Revisited” by Dr. Luc De Schepper. It’s so easy to read and so well-explained:

Elaine Lewis



From: Psoriasis Managed with Classical Homeopathy – A Case Report – Danka Nikolic Sokota

Psoriasis Managed with Classical Homeopathy – A Case Report

Dear Dr. Sokota,

A very nice case treated with classical method. I want to know if by giving Carcinosin the patient didn’t get any aggravation? Usually in psoriasis cases low potency is used in the beginning to avoid aggravation.  Kindly throw a light on it.

Shivani Lakhtakia


From:  Functional Food & Eating – Sue Smith

Functional Food & Eating

The elimination of obstacles to cure should be addressed even if the patient insist on eating these things




From:  Acute dermatitis in a man of 21 – illustrating the advantages of knowing the Levels of Health Theory – Viraj Shah

Acute Dermatitis Treated with Classical Homeopathy – The Advantage of Knowing Levels of Health

I really enjoyed reading and learning from the article by Hom. Viraj Shah. Informative, educational and superbly presented.

Mansoor Shafi



From: Editorial –“An Invitation “

Alan, I’m glad to finally know how long an article should be, thanks!  1-5 – 4 pages.  I agree, no one’s gonna read a long article.

Elaine Lewis



From: A Case of Extreme Body Dysmorphia – Liz Lalor

Extreme Body Dysmorphia – Crippling Anxiety

Great case Liz, really stunning in fact. Thanks for writing it up. I recently used Frankincense oil to help with neuropathy, hands, hips, legs and feet, and was amazed that it totally relieved the symptoms.

Best wishes and thanks again

Ambika Wauters


An excellent case. Congratulations. It looks as though Frankincense will be needed frequently for this generation of young people.

Fiona Wright

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