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A Homeopathic Approach to Bipolar Disorder in Teens

Written by Neepa Sevak

The author discusses causes and symptoms of bi-polar disorder in teens and makes a case for homeopathy as an effective treatment. Submitted by The American Medical College of Homeopathy.

It is natural for adolescents to experience periodic roller coaster rides between inner serenity and emotional commotions. Is your teenager behaving erratically and unreasonably? We should be aware that teenagers undergo tremendous pressures at school and with friends and family. Dealing with bipolar disorder can be challenging for teens to cope with at such a young age.

Bipolar disorder is also known as manic-depressive psychosis. This is a brain disorder that communicates through atypical fluctuations in mood, aptitude, energy, and activity level, thereby affecting school grades, relationships, and outlook toward life. This disorder manifests a jumbled state of mania and depression. Bipolar disorder is not a psychological weakness or a personality imperfection, but is instead a serious health condition that requires medical intervention without delay. The diagnosis of Bipolar disorder in teens is difficult and calls for comprehensive assessment and vigilant observation by parents and by an experienced medical practitioner over an extended period of time.

Causes of bipolar disorder:

    • Genetic
    • Being nurtured by parents suffering from bipolar disorder
    • Family history of alcohol or substance abuse
    • Abuse of alcohol, drugs, caffeine, medications like appetite suppressants, antidepressants, thyroid hormone replacement, etc.
    • Constant worry, emotional trauma such as separation of parents, death in the family, etc.
    • Peer pressure, excessive expectations from parents
    • Hormonal changes, especially during puberty
    • Prolonged, untreated insomnia.


Symptoms of bipolar disorder:

    • Extreme mood changes, elevated or depleted
    • Impulsive, impractical behaviors, habitually making foolish decisions
    • “Sky-scraping” or low self-esteem, feeling like a super hero or feeling incompetent
    • Alternating low to high energy levels, resulting in exaggeration of physical and mental activities
    • Restlessness
    • Being easily distracted, resulting in dropping of grades at school
    • Addictions–alcohol or substance abuse
    • Indiscriminate sexual behavior
    • Body aches and pains
    • Increase or decrease in appetite, resulting in weight gain or weight loss
    • Too much or too little sleep
    • Auditory and visual hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that are not there)
    • Paranoia
    • Decline in cognitive function (reasoning and perception)
    • Suicidal thoughts.


Homeopathic approach to bipolar disorder:

Conventional management of bipolar disorder works towards suppressing the symptoms rather than permanently treating them. The homeopathic approach, on the other hand, arouses the patient’s inherent capability to reinstate balance and can both manage symptoms and prevent relapse. Homeopathy acknowledges the psychological basis of somatic symptoms. The constitutional approach is a unique traditional modus operandi, which takes into account a person’s overall nature, individual qualities, and outlook towards life. Homeopathic remedies help stabilize the patient’s mood and reduce the frequency and intensity of manic and depressive episodes. The homeopathic approach can assist your teenager in appreciating him or herself better; it can rebuild the teen’s self-esteem, which will further facilitate adjustment to stress and improving the teen’s social relationships. Homeopathic remedies naturally facilitate the body’s ability to restore itself to a healthy state of balance. The remedies stimulate the patient’s system and regulate the production of serotonin and adrenaline, which are responsible for mood swings, anxiety, restlessness, and depression.

After taking appropriately selected homeopathic medicines, the patient experiences a general feeling of well being and develops a more positive attitude towards life. Dependency on sedatives and anti-depressants, which have numerous side effects and are habit forming, is also reduced. Homeopathic medicines can allow suppressed inner capabilities to blossom and shape the inborn behaviors with the existing circumstances, minimizing behavioral negativities and restoring well-being. Homeopathic treatment can help a teen stabilize emotions, attain mental peace, and facilitate eventual happiness. Because every behavior is unique, homeopathic constitutional treatment offers remedies that are customized to each teen’s individual personality. Homeopathic remedies are safe, natural, inexpensive, and highly effective.

Some homeopathic remedies that are commonly used to treat Bipolar Disorder are described below. These are just a few of the commonly used homeopathic remedies and are mentioned only to create awareness about the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines in bipolar disorder. It is not advisable to resort to self-medication for any disease.

Common homeopathic remedies for bipolar disorder:

Agaricus Muscarius: This is an outstanding remedy for Bipolar disorder. These patients complain of body aches and twitching movements and are highly sensitive to pressure and cold air. They are emotionally insensitive, confused, and talkative with aversion to work. They are constantly yawning and drowsy all day, yet are overly energized and can lift heavy loads. They lack perception for comparative sizes of objects, and they may jump over small objects as if they were tree trunks. When they get angry, they scream and try to harm themselves. They complain of double vision. Words seem to move or swim.

Crocus Sativus: This remedy can smooth the progress of patients who undergo frequent and extreme emotional and psychological changes. These patients exhibit violent anger followed by repentance. They exhibit paroxysms of laughter, drowsiness, and lassitude. They are indecisive and go through sudden changes from hilarity to melancholy.

Hyoscyamus Niger: This is a first-rate remedy for a troubled nervous system. These patients behave as maniacs, are jealous, paranoid, quarrelsome, and may behave or speak obscenely. They are inclined to immodest acts, gestures, and expressions. They talk uninterruptedly, behave indecently, persist in stripping themselves, and are afraid of being poisoned. They are very restless and laugh at everything. Their symptoms are worse at night and during menses (in women).

Natrum phosphate: This remedy is indicated for patients having hallucinations; they wake up at night to hear footsteps in the next room and can imagine furniture to be people.

Passiflora incarnata: This remedy has a quieting effect on the nervous system. These patients are addicted to morphine. They behave hysterically and suffer from lack of sleep. These patients are overworked, which leads to restlessness and lack of sleep.

Platinum metallicum: This is a superb remedy for bipolar disorder. These patients are not their usual selves, have a perceived personality, and feel that everything around them is changed. They are weary of everything and have an irresistible impulse to kill. They are arrogant and have contempt for others. These patients have an abnormal sexual appetite, and women can be nymphomaniacs.

Tarentula hispanica: This remedy corresponds with patients who are extremely nervous and hysterical. They are highly restless and must keep in constant motion, although walking makes them even more restless. They experience sudden alterations of mood and can be mischievous with destructive impulses. These patients are discontented and always guided by whims. They are sexually excited to the extent of insanity.

Self care measures for bipolar disorder:

    • Educate yourself regarding this illness.
    • Be acquainted with the needs of your body and mind.
    • Get involved in activities that you enjoy. Do what you need to rejuvenate your mind and body.
    • Make a note of your manic and depressive triggers. Your awareness will help you in avoiding situations that trigger it.
    • Make lifestyle changes.
    • Reduce stressors in your life.
    • Resolve any disputes you have with your family and friends.
    • Avoid being in irritating situations.
    • Choose good, optimistic company.
    • Accept the help of family and friends.
    • Work on improving communication and understanding between you, your parents, and siblings.
    • Eat and sleep well.
    • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and drugs.
    • Follow your homeopathic consultations and prescription regularly.
    • Keep a regular routine, such as regular meal times and bedtime.
    • Parents: Help your teen be appreciative, avoid too-high expectations of them, and let them approach life at their own pace.


Hence, consider homeopathy as a treatment option and motivate your teenager to live a more productive life, to be happy, healthy, and enjoy everything that life has to offer.

About the author

Neepa Sevak

Neepa Sevak (DHMS, DHom, DIHom, DHM, CCH, RSHom (NA), HMA) is registered with the Arizona Homeopathic Board of Medical Examiners, and certified by the Council of Homeopathic certification. She is currently practicing Classical Homeopathy, is a Supervisor, Clinical Faculty and is on the Board of International Affairs at the American Medical College of Homeopathy. Neepa is also serving as a specialist at ACA , Autism Community of Africa , an organization helping heal autistic children in Africa, using homeopathy. Her mission is to promote health through homeopathy with a holistic, totalistic and individualistic approach. Visit her at : www.homeopathic-cure.com


  • Dear doctor
    I think you have had sufficient experience in the field of bi-polar disease are treated such a case in successfully? this is only in theory in practical its not insufficient

  • Hello! It is an informative article. I always try to learn how we can treat psychological disorders by homoeopathic medicines .
    jawairia azhar
    clinical psychologist

  • firstly a grt thanks to u for this wonderful article describing the bipolar disorder in brief. i have one patient diagnosed by modern system of medicine as bioolor disorder.he is 48yrs old.he is now in the state of meloncholy.he has prostatic enlargement.an epileptic patient taking eptoin 50 od. could i go wit crocus … he goes melonchloic and happyat times. non decisive ..running away from resopnsibilties. frustrated with his job. please guide. what shud be the strting dose if the symptom totality matches.

    • Hello! Dr. Seema Pillai, for selecting a remedy you should get into more detailed history of the patient. LM potencies work wonderful for Psychological disorders. Again, that varies from patient to patient depending on their age, intensity of symptoms and suppression of their emotions with conventional medicines.

  • Dear Doctor
    My daughter was given the birth control pill at 15 to regulate her periods. by 18 she suffered greatly with dysthymia , a condition that she is still exhibiting, even with antidepressants and psychotherapy. She is now 21 and was hospitalized after attempting to take her own life. She overdosed on Wellbutrin.
    She was sent home without further treatment . I had her visit a therapist who suggested she be tested for ADHD. She has been now diagnosed with this disability but treatment for her condition is slow and unproductive. She takes 20mg Cyprexa at night and 20 mg Cancerta for ADHD in the morning. She complains of not being her self. She is more tired and unmotivated, contrary to what she was supposed to be feeling, ie, alert and cognitively more in tune. Given it has been only two weeks with the new medication, I am inclined to feel that if these meds were to be effective, it would work right away since it lasts for only a few hours in slow release.
    Her quality of life has been disastrous and relationship issues, work stability and education opportunities a dismal failure. She is ever more melancholic and wants to find the right medication asap.

    Please help me try to understand her condition. She feels misdiagnosed and is leaning towards this manic condition called bipolar disorder.

    • Your daughter needs to be evaluated properly and treated constitutionally with regular follow ups. You have not mentioned where you live. If you are in the US then you can call my office at (480) 363 0758, my office does offer phone consultations to out of state patients. If you are outside of the US then find a local Homeopath and get your daughter treated properly. Homeopathy works very efficiently for psychological illnesses, hormonal imbalances, etc.

  • Hi,
    Dr Neepa Sevak,
    I gone through your “A homeopathic approach to Bipolar Disorder in Teen”
    You have good expreience in this subject, keep it up. We have good medicine for this Disorder.
    I wish you success in Psychiatry practice.

    Prof Dr Shaikh Shamsur Rahman.
    Abu dhabi.
    U A E.

  • I am a craetaker of a patient having symptoms of BPD/mild schizofrenia (mania & depression symptoms pressnt simultaneously).In fact she has all symptoms of psychiatric disorders which I am aware of.She was ynder allopathic treatment for 5 years but stopped abruptly.Now, she often curses me for spoiling her days by forcing her for harmful medicines.
    The cause of the illness is childhood trauma of quarreling parents/relatives and continuous suffering of emotions due to same & off course family history (mother/sister/maternal relatives).A high degree of paranoia (people ganging up to harm her & people using spirits & ghosts to harm her) and denial (nothing is wrong with me) are present.
    Is it possible to treat such patients with homeopathy? How to make her willing to take treatment/medicines?

    • What if your patient’s comments were considered correct and justified. ADD was created to get a fee from school boards – quite often for prescribing drugs for brighter than average students who were just bored from being forced to progress at retarded production levels. The kids didn’t need drugs at all in many cases – just challenging training to match their capabilities.

      Parents might be advised to study what is prescribed before allowing any and all drugs. Accept that doctor’s diagnosis are incorrect 50% + in industrialized countries.

      Homeopathic remedies are comparatively harmless. Consider having a homeopathic evaluation to determine the the patient’s constitutional remedy, and work from there. Get the patient busy at something – physical work or studying.

  • Excellent article! Nevertheless, the importance of good psychotherapy and counseling *in addition* to homeopathic treatment cannot be overstated. Although finding a *good* psychologist or counselor (not a psychiatrist) can often be a challenge, it is worth the effort in the end.

  • your article regarding bipolar disorder is informative and it is useful for patient like me.If I CONTINUE homeopathy treatment will it be cured.how long should the medicine be taken. Is it for life long?

    • Hello! Bipolar disorder can absolutely be cured with a constitutional Homeopathic approach. the length of treatment varies from patient to patient and can be determined only after a detailed history of the patient.

  • It’s amazing how you pointed on some known remedies,for such a difficult psycholgical trouble,that are around us and we don’t even see them

  • Dr. Neepa,
    Thanks for educating us with this valuable writing; your write up would be attractive if you could add some case report in support of the article in future please.

    Dr. Azizur Rahman.

    • That is a good suggestion Dr. Md.Azizur Rahman, but I consider patient cases and information very confidential.

  • My daughter is now 25. She got the illness 7 years ago. At initial stage she showed up only depression. She is now studying Bachelors in Dentistry. She used to be a very diligent student. She developed psychosis. She was give resperidon. It did work very little. She was then given other anti-psychotic drugs. Those drugs also worked very little. She is still having a high degree of psychosis. She has auditory hallucinations. She has very degree of libido. She always talks of rapes, molestations, etc. These days she is having a lot of anti-psychotics and anti-epileptic drugs. But all those drugs are not helping much. The treating psychiatrist admitted that the medicines are not working properly. The only alternative therapy could be Electro Convulsive Therapy. Some doctors diagnose her as paranoid schizophrenia while others diagnose her as BPAD. But her symptoms do not fit to any of the illnesses well. I consulted a homeopathy doctor. He gave her Hyocyamus two small pills twice a day. After three days her illness aggravated tremendously and she became uncontrolable. I informed the situation to the homeopath. Then he suggested me to stop hyocyamus. The symptoms are subsiding slowing but now she is showing clear symptoms of mania. Now the doctor has gone to Delhi and will return after two weeks. Your article has given me a new hope that my daughter may become well after sometime. I have seen the uses of hyocyamus in the internet. The symptoms of my daughter’s illness and the descriptions are similar but not completely fitting.
    I want your suggestions. Please help me.

    • Greetings Prakash,
      I am sorry for the suffering you and your daughter are experiencing. It is very likely that hyoscyamus was correct, but the potency was too high. I think you should still be hopeful, as homeopathy has helped people with such problems. If you cannot wait for your homeopath to return, find another one.
      You can contact the homeopathy organization in your country for a referral. You can find that information here:

    • Hello! Prakash, your daughter may have needed a different potency. I suggest you find another local Homeopathic doctor who can take a detailed history and offer frequent follow ups.

  • Hi
    Can a teen take a combination of these remedies while still taking the medication the other doctor gave her (Wellbutrin, respirdone, abilify)? In reading the descriptions I think I want to give her Hyoscyamus Niger and Crocus Sativus for the hysterical anger.
    Thank you

    • I do not ask my patients to discontinue their conventional meds while they are on my Homeopathic prescription. Over time they realize that their need for conventional meds goes down and they start feeling confident with Homeopathic remedies.

  • hello mam, my brother 32 year old manager in health insurance co suffering bipolar disorder since his childhood but recently 5 days ago diagnosed bipolar. He took homeopathy medicine for his anxiety but he has Ibs also. Homeopathy medicine reduce his anxiety but suddenly start a lot of mucus in his stool and he reduce approximately 4 kg weight in one day. Every anti anxiety medicine start his mucus. I don’t know what to do. Homeopathy medicine has no side effect but why mucus? And which medicine stop mucus and anxiety? Please tell me. Thanks.

    • Hello! Smita, In Homeopathy past history plays a critical role too in deciding the right Homeopathic remedy. Hence, I would recommend a detailed evaluation of your brother’s condition with any past suppressions will help determine his prescription. Find a local Homeopath you can help you with this

  • My brother is suffering since 15 years from the mixed typed of diagnosed diseases. First three years he was having bipolar manic depression. A psychiatrist Bhushan Jain at Ansari Road road gave hime the medicines (anti psychotic drugs, mood stabilisers) taking these medicines he remained loose and lethargic. the violent symptoms returned back we approached Dr. D.N. Mendhekar he remained half correct and half disturbed during 9 years if his medication. He suggested hin catatonic Schizophrenia, later Paranoid Schizophrenia. Again the psychotic symptoms occured. We admitted him in IHBAS in Shahdara. He remaied fit for one year again he replaped we again send him to Bareilly mental hospital. he remained there for two years. But he commited a crime by misbehaving with the SP of that time in Amroha. Police filed a case against him and send him to Moradabad jail and then to Varanasi mental hsopital. After remaining in Varanasi for around 3 years Jail administration send him back to home. Now before 5 months he has come back to Amroha at his home. after three months the violent burst returned back. I faced his wrath of anger. I met with an homepath he suggested me Stramonium 200 evening and Ignatia 200 in the morning. For two days he remaned violent and throwing the clothes and other expensive material from home to the road. But after 2.5 days he became calm down. but after two days again he became again violent But with a lower degree, I Gave him after 3 days again Stra 200 and Ignatia 200 he again became little bit less degree of anger.
    His major symptoms were.
    1- Excessive speaking and considering himself as SP/PM/MP and a religious personality,
    2- wearing black shirts.
    3- Stealing the money.
    4- Closing himself in a locked room.
    5- High blood Pressure.
    6- Sees ghosts
    7- REligious Mania
    8- Abusive
    9- Lassitude

  • Follow up with the same Homeopath again, he might need more frequent dosages of those remedies or a higher potency. His Homeopath can determine that based on the feedback you give him.

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