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Advantages of Psychological Homeopathy

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Written by Klaus-Peter Schenk

Homeopath Klaus Peter Schenk discusses the advantages of homeopathy in being able to treat the individual at every level. He shares the economic implications of this for employees, corporations, insurance companies and the national healthcare system.

(out of the book “Psychologische Homöopathie”)

1. Theory           

Matrix of Disease

After having taken the case in the Hahnemannian way we see on different levels a manifestation of Symptoms. Also we do observe a specific spiritual state in the sick person. For instance you have an engineer (an inventor) in front of you who is complaining that he cannot understand his own inventions anymore -> he has lost his creativity! There is no treatment existing in the allopathic world for this problem.

Homeopathy is already in this state finding Symptoms in the whole individual and we can transform these strange, rare and peculiar symptoms into a formula for finding the correct remedy.

The different levels of disease (by Prof. Vithoulkas) :

The physical level


The emotional level

The mental level


The Matrix of Disease


The summarization of the symptoms in the different levels is giving us a special, individual Matrix of Disease (MD), which will not be seen in any other person again.

By taking the case in the interview, the Homeopath takes the whole live-time of the sick person in consideration. Also as mentioned above the spiritual state of the sick person – his creativity, his wisdom, his love, etc. Through Mathematics we are able to define the Matrix of disease as the following:

 Healing and Health

The Law of Healing

The Mathematic formula for the law of Healing “Similia Similimum Currentur” :


Hering´s Law

Using the correct Homeopathic Remedy (HR), the organism in the totality will go into a healing process in the following directions:


Perfect Health

The Remedy chosen in the correct way, will bring the person to his highest level of health, including high spiritual level.


As Hahnemann writes:

“In the healthy condition of man, the spiritual vital force (autocracy), the dynamis that animates the material body (organism), rules with unbounded sway, and retains all the parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling, reason-gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.” 1

2. Mental and emotional diseases

Under control

The option, which we can give with homeopathy to a sick person – curing him from his mental and emotional disease and bringing him even to a higher level of health – is giving us a big advantage. Unfortunately the whole system of health is under control of Allopathy. No other way is accepted. Education in the medical schools, News Papers, the Health-Care-System – it is hard to find an objective scientist. If we take a look to the researches of real scientists, we realize that there is acceptance and proof for the action of highly diluted remedies.

Allopathic Researches / Statements

Allopathy is not healing the sick person, it is controlling symptoms.


The German Society of Neurology declared to Migraine: “The allopathic drugs are making symptoms tolerable but do not stop the attacks.”2


The “Helmholtz-Zentrum in Munich – German Health Center for Environmental Health” writes: “Despite of intensive researches, there is no opportunity to heal Asthma! Nevertheless, the disease is usually treatable by medication.”3

By taking the correct homeopathic constitutional remedy, Asthma and Migraine can be cured, which means that no attack will be seen anymore.. But the more allopathic drugs are taken and the later a sick person is trying homeopathy the more difficult is the cure! On the hand, it is sometimes very necessary to take the allopathic remedy in an acute state of asthma. Therefore, the combination of both, Allopathy for the acute state and Homeopathy to heal the person would be a wonderful option.

What about Anxiety?

There is an allopathic Diagnose existing, which should rise at least one of your eyebrows: “secondary depressive disorder

If you had in prehistory an anxiety disorder and you get a depression later (after the anxiety), than this is a so called “secondary depressive disorder”.

Following the rules of healing (Hering) this definition of “secondary depressive disorder” is not the right way of treatment. The disease (depression) is now manifested on a worse state in the emotional level:


How many people are in danger of this so called “Secondary Depression” (under the allopathic treatment) ?


Risk of secondary depressive disorder in cases of an anxiety disorder in prehistory 4 (translated by KP.Schenk)

If a person has suffered in the past, for instance in the age of 17, the first time from a “generalized anxiety disorder”; there will be a rise of about 50%, that he will suffer later from a “secondary depressive disorder”. The same risk (50%) is given, when a person suffers in the age of 25 the first time from “panic disorders” or “agoraphobia”.

With our Homeopathic principles and rules, we do have a system which is stable and works in the very best way for the human being. Healing is always the main task for the therapist – not another disease (with a new name).


3. Case

The following case had been presented in one of my Berlin Workshops:

Lady, 56 years

Madam B.; 56 years old; self employed

burnout, anxiety; tinnitus; high blood pressure

somatoform heart symptomatology

Live-case, Workshop Berlin


Madam B. showed highly dominant behavior during the initial anamnesis. The woman describes her illness with masculine voice and hardness in her speech, which is used to lead people, such as subordinates:

For almost three years now, she has been living in a burnout condition, which stops her from finishing everyday workload. Earlier she performed an amount of work, which was equivalent to the work of three people. Now she must sometimes go to bed before 21.00 o’clock, but she awakes after 24.00 o’clock with the feeling “as if her heart pumps ketchup” and she floats above the bed. The anxiety in this state increases. She suffers mostly from heart disease. Her face changes the color to reddish/violet during the presentation in the workshop. Recently she cannot hear so well and, in addition, suffers from a tinnitus.

When she tells about her childhood and youth, filled with the early responsibility for her mother suffering from epilepsy, a big grief appears, but after a few tears, it is under control again. In general, the woman describes herself as “obsessed with control mania”: She wants to control everything and everybody. In addition, she sees herself as an ambitious, single-minded, dominant, empathic, trusty workhorse with a huge analysis ability. During the interview she answers questions with counter questions. She is very distrustful. She suffers from aerophobia and is afraid, that her children will remain alone in case of an accident. In her dreams she falls in the depth, finds herself locked in an apartment, where her mother and grandmother are trapped without a door handle.

She desires pineapples and butter. She has an aversion to fat. The last acute illness dates back to many years.


Delusion, floating in the air

These two rubrics bring us Lachesis to mind, in which the whole picture can be found. Lachesis had been given for one year increasingly.

Start: Lachesis C6, daily dose

After 2 months:

Heart problems are significantly better (30%). She sleeps better at night and there is no fear of a myocardial infarct anymore. The woman describes herself as more balanced and capable to let things go. A skin rash appears in the face.

After 4 months:

For many years the first physical acute illness appears in the form of a strong pharyngitis – symptoms which had had a long time ago.

After 1 year:

She hears well, is happy and calm. There is an very increased stabilization of the emotional balance together with the stop of the Tinnitus; also the heart-problems disappeared totally. Her energy potential is back to 100% .

4.  Burnout (advantage of homeopathy)

Final Considerations

Burnout is a summarizing of individual symptoms. But every sick person has a different symptomatology, recognizable for every therapist. Taking into consideration all the details, a unique clinical picture arises for every person. Burnout indicates a sustained loading at a high level for a long time – the energy broke down.

People suffering from burnout find a perfect help in homeopathy. Most often health difficulties – special signs and symptoms of an individual person- appear already in every ill individual for a considerable period, long before the burnout. Homeopathy can be useful for

  • protection against illness
  • targeted boost of the life energy
  • saving high costs of the health insurance funds and companies

The lost days of employees as a result of the “Burnout” increased in Germany ten-fold from 2000 to 2013[i]. The cost saving option is within the million area (Euro).

It is not possible to dismiss that after many months of absence of an employee because of the burnout, and coming back to his old job will bring up old behavior patterns and the same work atmosphere can be again expected. Therefore, it is not uncommon that employees do not return. They search for a new employer or even a new occupation. By means of homeopathy seen from the companies side, an employee can come back to his old strong mental, emotional and physical state. These Burnout-people are employees with high responsibilities, bit knowledge and an invaluable expertise.  Every day, which they are not able to use their full capacity is connected to not only a financial loss for the company. Homeopathy can bring them back to their best state. Therefore, homeopathy has been earning a leading position in the treatment of Burnout.

5.   Future

What can we do?

In one of the last issues of these journal Prof. George Vithoulkas stresses the point bringing the leaders of the private insurances together. I agree, but we should not forget the public health system; my examples are based on researches done by a German public insurance  (Techniker Krankenkasse).  Also we should hold and make contact to the real scientist (Physic, Mathematic, Chemistry, Engineers, etc) and to the health clinics. Last but not least the big companies with their own insurances could bring and make a big change for their employees health. They all could save a lot of money.

K.Peter Schenk
(Author of the book “Psychologische Homöopathie”)

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About the author

Klaus-Peter Schenk

Klaus-Peter Schenk practices and teaches Classical Homeopathy in Würzburg (Bavaria) and Berlin. With fifteen years experience his main focus is now on mental and emotional disorders. He studied with George Vithoulkas, Dr. Vangelis Zafiriou, Frans Vermeulen and Vega Rozenberg. He founded the AWIHR - School for Psychological Homeopathy which provides lectures and workshops with live-casetaking in Berlin. He also presents webinars on homeopathy and has a modular educational program "Psychological Homeopathy" and a Homeopathy Smart – Program with intensive single lessons on special topics

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