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Homeopathy: Celebrities on the couch – Michael Jackson – Starved Of Love

Written by Claudia Dias

Claudia Dias presents a brief look at Michael Jackson’s life and speculates on the remedy he needed.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson – Starved Of Love

Michael Jackson the king of Pop was indisputably a creative genius. As a baby/child he was already unusually coordinated in his movements and good at dancing. He became a performing artist at a very young age, and he and his eight brothers and sisters became known as the Jacksons. He felt abused and taken advantage of by his father – forced to rehearse and to do public performances, he felt continuously under pressure to be the best since childhood.

The emotional suffering affected his mind, transforming the shy teenager we once knew into an asexual and eccentric figure who refused to grow up. We watched a gradual metamorphosis taking place, a reshaping of his image, turning his physical body into what he thought was more appealing to his public. And all the while his intellect was slowly being taken over by mental illness, and completely devouring him from the inside.

In his last days he wanted to make amends for his life:

He sought to have a fresh start through a series of concerts in London. He said he wanted his children to remember him for his talent on stage, not for what he’d become.

He was so painfully emaciated that the undertakers who collected his body thought him a hospice patient. This man who was nearly blind, who had a catheter for releasing his urine, who was addicted to “Milk”, the affectionate name he found for the highly dangerous drug he become dependent on – gave an amazing rehearsal performance full of energy the day before he died.

Years earlier he was on trial

He was accused of child abuse for his unusual friendship with young boys. At the time, he said he liked to sleep in the company of little boys but that nothing improper had taken place. He was acquitted, but not before a long and damaging trial which robbed him of the privacy he so much craved. Apparently he’d never overcome that desire of sleeping with a child by his side – on his deathbed there was a doll the size of a child.

He hardly ate. He was very secretive both about his life and about his children – forcing them to become reclusive like himself, and to wear masks as young children so that no one would know what they looked like. He was obsessive in many things. His excessive use of aftershave and fear of catching infections from contact with people were well known. He was a perfectionist – he had to be the best.

Throughout his career he treated his fans to a display designed to mesmerize them. He presented a series of flawless performances that could not be matched in real life, so he locked himself away from public view – afraid of disappointing, of being less than loved. But he couldn’t hide from himself: his self-reflection distorted by a damaging upbringing, a past he couldn’t forget, starved of love.

His health:

He inherited vitiligo from his father, a skin condition that causes discoloration. He suffered serious burns to his head from an accident with fireworks while filming a commercial. He had extensive aesthetic surgery as a result, and a lifelong of painkiller dependency. After this he had several plastic surgeries, reconstructing his entire facial structure. He seemed particularly obsessed with nasal reshaping.

When he died he was emaciated, almost bald, nearly blind, and had a urinary catheter, as it took him hours to urinate. He had severe toenail fungus that was rotting his flesh, and he also suffered from arthritis. He must have been in a considerable amount of pain on a daily basis. Yet, he was a fragile and sensitive individual, both emotional and physically, not able to bear much pain.


Homeopathic Profile- Thuja, The Beauty and The Beast:


The remedy Thuja would have suited Michael Jackson well, at the mental and physical level. At the physical level it is the main remedy for vitiligo, burns, to clear drug toxicity, for arthritis, toe nail fungus and also for urinary disorders with urinary retention that can eventually lead to catheterisation.

Psychologically Thuja is the remedy for people who suffered abuse as children, and feel unloved as a result. They try to be perfect at all times, even resorting to plastic surgery in order to correct minor details of their physical appearance, and they try to control all their attitudes whilst on public view . To them being loved by others can only be achieved by complete perfection. For this reason they can be very secretive about their private lives, as they fear if others see them as they really are, they will be rejected.

They try to keep the perfect image by sticking to ridged routines and obsessive compulsive behavior. But because they cannot keep up their image of perfection all the time, they carefully control what reveal about themselves.

They tend to be escapists, resorting either to religious fanaticism or to drugs in order to reach a spiritual world they have difficulty in otherwise attaining. They become torn between a deep, dark subconscious where images of death and the underworld abound, and the light of the spiritual world that they want to pursue.

About the author

Claudia Dias

Claudia Dias is based in London, UK, where she practices homeopathy and shamanic healing. Complementary interests include the dramatic arts, scriptwriting, Jungian psychology, mythology and social media. She has written extensively on the Lac remedies psycho-social context. She blogs on homeopathic remedies for celebrities under the name of "Undercover Homeopath".


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    Wow. Poor Michael. I would like to see a homopathic remedy for Russell Crowe. Is it possible to do so? I say he is a Nux Vominica

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