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How to boost immunity against coronavirus (COVID 2019)

Written by Harry van der Zee

Homeopath Harry van der Zee shares his thoughts on the current epidemic, what it means for humanity and offers a summary of current homeopathic strategies.

One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (Henry De Bracton, 1240)

This article is written in a such a way that it can also be shared with people who know little or nothing about homeopathy, while the last chapter contains more detailed information for homeopaths.


  1. Introduction
  2. Top 3 recommendations
  3. Genus epidemicus – prevention and treatment
  4. Creating collective coherence
  5. COVID-19 – a wake-up call
  6. More inspiration
  7. Feedback
  8. References

1 – Introduction

An international group of doctors and therapists have contributed to a selection of options on how to prepare the immune system for the current pandemic of the coronavirus labelled COVID 2019. The approaches below aim at boosting the immune system so infection can be prevented or only it runs a mild course. They mainly focus on forms of natural healing that are easily accessible.

Depending on your preference and local availability you can select any or a combination of them. An energetic approach (homeopathic remedies or audio resonances) is considered the most essential. Luckily these will always be available to you in one form or another, as homeopathic remedies can be produced in large amounts rapidly, while audio resonances are inexhaustible.

Herbal meds and supplements are already running out of stock quickly, but if available. combining a material approach (herbs and supplements) with the energetic one is ideal.

Keep your diet healthy, insure adequate sleep and if you do fall ill, make sure that someone is attending to you so that you have proper care.

You are also advised to follow recommendations of the local health authorities on how to prevent infection regarding hygiene, travel restrictions et cetera.

2 – Top 3 recommendations

Of the various options below, the following three seem most closely able to cover the symptom totality of COVID 2019 and are most likely to prevent infection with it:

  1. Herbal medicine: 1) a combination of Astragalus, Echinacea purpura and Echinacea angustifolia and/or 2) Ganoderma lucidum
  2. Homeopathy: which remedy or group of remedies best cover COVID 2019 is not fully clear.  Please see articles and updates in this journal. In case of infection, individualized treatment by a licensed homeopath is recommended.
  3. Resonance healing: Coronavirus Source Resonance

2.a. – Herbal medicines and supplements

It will very much depend on the continent where you live what will be available for you in this respect. You can ask local drugstores or traditional and natural healers for advice. Here are a few examples of substances that support the immune system and have a strong resonance with COVID 2019:

  • Any complex supplement that contains Astragalus (Chinese herb used for lungs and immunity). Even better if it also contains or is combined with Echinacea (Echinacea purpura and Echinacea angustifolia), vitamin C and Zinc.
  • Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi or Queen of mushrooms)
  • Neem powder, ideally combined with Artemisia powder (Especially for Africans)
  • Red algae with iodine (iodine is a most powerful antiviral and antibacterial agent)
  • Colloidal silver (a natural antiseptic, antibiotic, antiviral agent)
  • Vitamins A, D and C (important for the effective functioning of the immune system)
  • Thyme (strong effect on lungs)

2.b. – Homeopathic recommendations for anyone

Homeopathy has over 200 years of experience in the prevention and treatment of epidemics. Based on that long history and the symptoms observed in patients infected with COVID 2019, it may soon become clear which homeopathic remedies can be used to prevent (or treat) coronavirus. Here are some preliminary suggestions:

  • Justica adhatoda 3X (or 3D) once daily 10 drops in a teaspoonful of water (increases your IgE levels to fight the virus). (Malabar nut, India)
  • Arsenicum album 30C (recommended by Indian governmental Ministry of AYUSH based on Chinese cases reported in the Lancet – Feb 15, 2020). Advice: use once a week as long as the outbreak is not near, and change to once daily for one week once it gets near and then change to twice per week.
  • Bryonia, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Gelsemium and Eupatorium perfoliatum (ordered in likelihood of being called for) have been suggested based on symptoms reported by reliable sources. As homeopathic case-taking looks more deeply and widely into symptoms the remedies mentioned are still suggestions. As they are also often called for in treating flu and other acute conditions, you may want to have them available in 30C potency.

If the recommendations need adjustment based on the treatment of many more cases, we’ll update you in a following newsletter.

In case you are currently under homeopathic treatment please ask your homeopath for advice about using any of the above recommended remedies.

For treatment of an infection with coronavirus with homeopathic remedies it is advised to contact a licensed homeopath. Homeopaths can find a more detailed analysis of the genus epidemicus with more indicated remedies below.

2.c. – Source Resonance

Source Resonances are a new way to treat specific epidemic diseases. This approach is based on natural methods of stimulating immune responses, and is delivered by an audio recording of sea waves breaking on the seashore (the carrier of the frequency) that you listen to.


For protection from coronavirus infection, listen to the audio for 3 minutes once, and then repeat for one minute for a week after which you change to once weekly as long as the outbreak lasts.


For treatment also listen to the audio for 3 minutes once, and then repeat for one minute every 30 minutes. Make the intervals longer as soon as improvement sets in and stop when fully well.

If infection is suspected you are advised to contact your doctor immediately. In support of treatment also listen to the audio for 3 minutes once, and then repeat for one minute every 30 minutes.

Make the intervals longer as soon as improvement sets in and stop when fully well. The audio resonance cannot interfere in any negative way with the treatment your doctor may prescribe.

Listen Online

Source Medicine advises to listen to the original audio resonance on their website. This is especially the case for people living in the West and for anyone with high sensitivity. Practitioners can first register on their website and then find the resonance here with the possibility to personalize it for their clients.

Download to your Computer

If regularly listening online is difficult for you, it is also possible to download the resonance here:


Coronavirus App

An app which will enable people anywhere in the world to download the Source Resonance will be available soon (around March 21). Check this webpage for updates:


Source Medicine

This Corona audio has been specifically made by Source Medicine in response to the current coronavirus outbreak. This coronavirus resonance is new and, as yet, like any other treatment for coronavirus, unproven and we welcome feedback.

Source Medicine is a not-for-profit organization. Together with its partner, the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation (ARHF), Source Medicine has a twenty-year track record of successfully treating epidemic diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS in Africa and elsewhere using both pills and audio. [28]

We are offering this Source Resonance to individuals as a service to humanity. Please share this audio and text with your contacts.

If you would like to support the work of Source Medicine, you are invited to make a donation here.

Source Medicine is also interested in your feedback: email contact. You can also Subscribe to their newsletter for updates.

3 – Genus epidemicus – prevention and treatment

SARS-CoV-2 produces a flu-like illness. Homeopathy has an impressive two-centuries long track record of the prevention and treatment of flu and other epidemic diseases. [1-27]

Just like an individual disease is an opportunity for healing and awakening for a person, an epidemic disease is an opportunity for healing and awakening for the collective – mankind, all of us. (For further inspirational thoughts and ideas see below)

The remedies we select to prevent and treat should cover the signs and symptoms observed in diseased patients. In the following list you can find different people and schools giving their experience and ideas. Some have derived their conclusions more from secondary information (official publications), some from real treatment of confirmed Covid-19 patients.

Every homeopath has to apply his own due diligence and decide on his own reasoning

As regular medicine currently has no medical instruments to prevent coronavirus infection and will soon reach the limits of its capacity to treat infected patients, the current situation is an obligation and an opportunity for homeopathy to significantly contribute during this crisis. It is therefore important that the options for prophylaxis and treatment are shared and regularly updated, so we can serve humanity the best way we can.

Below you find:

  1.  – information on prophylaxis of COVID-19
  2.  – information on treatment of COVID-19
  3.  – resonance therapy

3.a. – Prophylaxis

  • Bryonia alba has been suggested by several sources and most thoroughly documented by Dr. Manish Bhatia (see below). Advice: take Bryonia alba in 6CH or 30CH.
  • Camphora 1M, melt 4 pills twice daily under the tongue for 2 days. Recommendation by Dr. Rajan Sankaran based on cases observed and treated in Iran (see under treatment).
  • Arsenicum album 30C has been recommended as prophylaxis by the Indian governmental Ministry of AYUSH based on the study of Chinese cases reported in the Lancet – Feb 15, 2020). Advice: use once a week as long as the outbreak is not near, and change to once daily for one week once it gets near and then change to twice per week.
  • Gelsemium has been suggested by the Hong Kong Association of Homeopathy and Macau Association of Homeopathy and Dr. Aaron To. Prescription: Gelsemium C30 once a week as prophylaxis as long as the outbreak is not near to where you live, and change to once daily for one week once it gets near and then change to twice per week.
  • Justica adhatoda has been suggested by Dr. Farokh Master[1]. Advice: Justica adhatoda 3X (or 3D) once daily 10 drops in a teaspoonful of water (increases your IgE levels to fight the virus). (Malabar nut, India)
  • Isaac Golden, who has extensive experience in homeoprophylaxis, suggests a combination remedy consisting of: Influenzinum triple nosode M + Pneumococcinum M + Bacillinum M + Arsenicum album 200 + Justicia adhatoda 200 + Gelsemium 200 + Bryonia 200 + Antimonium tartaricum 200.
  • Influenzinum CV30 is recommended by Cilla Whatcott:

3.b. – Treatment

  • Dr. Manish Bhatia has made an in-depth analysis of the genus epidemicus based on reliable sources of information and regularly updates his article on it.[2] https://www.doctorbhatia.com/treatment/coronavirus-covid-19-symptoms-homeopathic-remedies-for-treatment-and-prophylaxis/?v=796834e7a283
  • His recommendation:
    • Bryonia alba to prevent and treat
    • Lycopodium for the later stage of infection when pneumonia sets in (Lyc is also complementary to Bry)
  • Dana Ullman has forwarded a paper [3] which has a lot of first-hand data and clinical details of the actual cases from China. The clinical picture/cases in this paper have been divided into four groups. [comments regarding homeopathy by Dr. Manish Bhatia in braces]
    • Group A: Mild – with no respiratory symptoms. [remedies like Gelsemium, Eupatorium perfoliatum and Bryonia seem indicated]
    • Group B: Moderate – with respiratory symptoms like cough and Fever. One characteristic symptom from this document is that patients have pale or pale-red tongue. Also cough is either dry or has little yellow sputum. There is dry throat too. [remedies like Bryonia, Antimonium tartaricum, Arsenicum album and Phosphorus seem indicated]
    • Group C: Heavy – with respiratory distress. One characteristic symptom from this document is that patients have red-tongue or yellow-furry at this stage. Patient gasps on movement. [remedies like Lycopodium, Pyrogenium, Lachesis, Bryonia and Arsenicum album seem indicated]
    • Group D: Critical – with respiratory failure, cyanosis and collapse. One characteristic symptom from this document is that patients have purple-tongue at this stage. Movement aggravates, there is agitation and sweating with cold limbs [remedies like Mercurius solubilis, Lachesis, Arsenicum album, Hydrocyanicum acidum, Camphora, Antimonium arsenicosum, Carbo vegetabilis may be useful at this stage]
  • Homeopaths from Iran – supervised by Rajan Sankaran (Mumbai) – have found Camphora[4] After studying 40 cases and recording all symptoms they decided on Camphora and observed dramatic effects. Camphora comes from the subclass Magnolidae which has the theme of shutting yourself in and walling off the outside world which seems to be the main idea in this epidemic.
    • Mild infection: Camphora 1M, 8 pills in 100 ml of water. (1 tablespoon 6 hourly for days until symptoms largely abate. Nothing but water 30 minutes before and after.)
    • Severe infection: Camphora 10M, 8 pills in 100 ml of water. (1 tablespoon 6 hourly for days until symptoms largely abate. Nothing but water 30 minutes before and after.)
  • The Hong Kong Association of Homeopathy and Macau Association of Homeopathy have advised Gelsemium, Bryonia and Eupatorium perfoliatum. It is unclear in how much these recommendations are based on actually treated COVID-19 cases.
  • The Source Resonance SR2424c is designed to cover the genus epidemicus of COVID-19. The SR for the regular flu has been used with good results for many years. SR2424c can be used in all stages of COVID-19, is ideal if no clear remedy is indicated and can also be used by therapists that miss the skills to individualize on the basis of symptoms. If distribution is an issue the same is also available as audio file (see above). This means that wherever one is in the world, as long as there is internet the resonance can be used. A coronavirus app makes it possible to also listen offline on a smart phone.

3.c. – Resonance therapy

Source Medicine is using the law of similars and applies a different way of creating the simillimum for a disease, which they call a Source Resonance. The specially designed Source Resonance for the current pandemic supports evolving through all the effects of coronaviruses including CoV, SARS-CoV and 2019-nCoV. Source Resonances for epidemic and infectious diseases have been successfully used in Africa since 2002 in many thousands of cases of malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis, syphilis etc. In people that have used the Coronavirus SR in a proving the symptoms resembled coronavirus infection. It is available in pill form [Helios pharmacy (UK), Hahnemann Apotheek (NL) and Apotheke z. heiligen Florian (Austria)] and as audio file (see above). In pill form it is known in the pharmacies as SR2424c. For a patient it is recommended to prepare a dropper bottle by dissolving one granule, let it stand for 15 minutes to dissolve and then bang the bottle 5 times with force on a wooden surface. SR2424c can safely be combined with other remedies.

Prophylactic use:

  • Once daily 5 drops after each time banging the bottle 5 times.


  • In mild cases give 5 drops every 6 hours (bang 5 times before each dose)
  • In severe cases give 5 drops every 30 minutes; once symptoms improve slowly increase the intervals in time (bang 5 times before each dose)

4 – Creating Collective Coherence

Homeopathic remedies and the Source Resonance mentioned in the above are based on the principle of resonance. If people around the globe take their remedies or listen to the audio file at the same time, this can multiply the effect and thus help to slow down the epidemic and speed up its exit.  If convenient, we therefore ask you to sit in silence for a few minutes and take your remedy or listen to the audio file at one on the following two times: 10AM GMT (Beijing 6 AM) or 10PM GMT (Beijing 6 PM). In case you use a homeopathic remedy as well as listen to the audio file, then use them at different times of the day and especially play the audio file at one of the abovementioned times.

5 – COVID-19 – a wake-up call

A rather novel idea not supported by all homeopaths is to also include into the genus epidemicus the effects seen in the collective in response to the pandemic. Like every action leads to a reaction, every symptom of the collective response to the pandemic should invoke an opposite response and the genus epidemicus remedy or remedies should support the awakening to qualities that are perhaps not so much an opposite to but rather a transcending of symptoms of a collected derangement of the vital force. For example:

  • The fear of infection and of death are based on a deep-rooted belief that we are the body. Being free from these fears we have trust in the body’s capacity to heal itself. Transcending them and the underlying belief, we connect with our true self which is beyond form and the confines of time and space. Would we still avoid infection? Of course, but not because of fear but because we take proper care of ourselves and others.
  • A fear of infection is in a deeper sense based on the fear for other, the stranger. We also tend to point our finger to the stranger that is supposed to have caused our misery. E.g. Spanish flu, Mexican flu, Swine flu, Bird flu. This attitude can give rise to racial backlash and a tendency to isolate or even detent the other or shut our own doors or borders. On a practical level there is nothing wrong with any measure, but if it feeds fear, suspicion or even leads to hatred and name calling this is pathological.

Transcending these tendencies mean that we cooperate and trust others and help our neighbour instead of shutting our door into their face.

More profoundly, transcending the concept of I and you leads to the realization that we are all one. As a result, loves flows and taking care of someone and guarding the interest of anyone is simply what love does.

  • Stock markets are panicking and people are buying big supplies of food, toilet paper etc. Fear of poverty of is a strong fear in humanity probably originating in a fear of starving. Having money on the bank is then similar to have enough food and fire wood for the winter. Transcending the tendency to prepare as it were for a long winter, we only take what we need and share with others what we have and support those individuals, companies or nations that are most strongly affected by the pandemic.

There is no need for speculation or theorizing as it simply comes down to taking the case of the collective and analysing the signs and symptoms observed.

The information about the current coronavirus infection obtained through shamanistic journeys and channeling is quite similar though to what we can all observe. These sources can thus provide confirmation of our findings and give pointers to a deeper understanding of the disease. The transformative influence of the pandemic observed in the collective is reflected in these messages. They suggest an intentional impact and force for change. Intentional or not, also by observing the signs and symptoms as expressed in the collective it is clear which qualities are being called for in the collective in order to deal with the crisis and how these can be seen as a message or lesson provided by the virus as a gift to humanity in service of our evolution and awakening.

Any well-chosen remedy used to prevent or treat the epidemic is therefore not only useful for removing the symptoms but also for bringing about the change in the collective triggered by the virus. Just like a remedy supports the vital force in restoring health by resonating with instead of suppressing the symptoms, it should also resonate with its underlying message and support it in waking up humanity to those qualities it evokes. By resonating with the symptoms as also the role and purpose of the infection the homeopathic approach doesn’t only restore health but also supports transformation.

Based on several sources it is assumed the virus is offering humanity the following:

  • It will strengthen the immune system of humanity and thus on the long run improve health and save lives. Children under 18 hardly have any symptoms from COVID-19 and seem to easily adjust to the virus and incorporate its message
  • Human DNA has been built up over millions of years and in it the genetic information of many bacteria and viruses has been incorporated. Due to all those contributions our physical form has evolved into the amazing instrument it is. Now new information is being offered and the confrontation with this can ultimately only strengthen our collective DNA. Fighting and suppressing it will only force it to chance form which usually means that the symptoms become more severe. Just like in response to a derangement of the vital force the human organism always aims at finding a way of dealing with it that involves the least suffering, a virus will not create more suffering than is needed to adjust a collective derangement of the vital force.
  • This crisis calls for cooperation on all levels and can thus activate new networks and strengthen existing ones.
  • Considering the need for cooperation, the pandemic offers an opportunity for parties to leave the trenches from which they fight each other – be it nations, political opponents or different philosophies on health and disease.
  • Through our almost manic search for financial security and materialistic wealth we severely threatening all life on this planet. This crazy machine has come to a halt and we are all forced to press pause. Skies are clearing up and together we have time to reflect on our impact on the environment and other inharmonious ways of being on this planet
  • If we are not at work or school, we tend to race to the next experience, like sports events, music festivals, theatres, restaurants etc. The simple message now is to stay home. The deeper message of ‘staying home’ is to simply be and stay as you are and to not get seduced by all sorts of distractions and lost in outside activities
  • As parents are told to not go to work and children to stay away from school, families have an opportunity for taking it easy and to spend quality time together. This can strengthen the very basis of our societies and induce a sense of well-being. It may also help us to reflect on our priorities and the choices we make in life
  • Although it may initially be out of fear, we are all invited to take good care of ourselves and each other, which in itself is good. If we look at the main homeopathic remedies for acute infections, we can see fear is an important ingredient in them. This crisis is an invitation to overcome fear and become heart-centred instead. To overcome the fear that is being spread like a poison, it is important to realize that the virus can wake us up to what is currently unbalanced in humanity and in each of us individually.

6 – More inspiration

6.a. – Prayer by Mooji

We hope you will join us in praying for all who have been or will be affected by the virus, wherever they are in the world. May its growth and impact diminish quickly; may the sick recover to newfound strength; may we all use this challenging time to continue growing in ourselves, to discover the power and grace of the eternal light within us.

Our Prayer

“Let us offer prayers and blessings
for all people and all nations of the Earth.
Let us bless that, though intense, this will also become a time
of conscious awakening and healing for everyone.
We know, from the lessons of history,
that great difficulties, disasters and challenging times
also can strengthen and unify us by dissolving the differences
that appear to divide us.

Calamities often strengthen us internally,
making us more deeply aware of the highest values of life.
Troubling times encourages us to work together,
to genuinely care for each other.
Such events make us more aware of our collective strength
when we work together as one united human family.
May we grow in unity, love and understanding.

The Lord’s Blessings be upon
all people and nations affected at this time.
May governments and all helpers move in an inspired,
co-operative and harmonious way,
so that collectively we are able to put right
whatever needs to be put right within our capacity.
Our prayer is that this disease comes to an end soon.
We believe, trust, know this will happen.

This is a prayer for our entire world and its leaders.
We pray that the greater, higher Truth which dwells inside us all
raise us up in conscious awareness of our true nature and Being
so that we become more kind, more open,
more loving, wise, peaceful and powerful in the Truth we are.
May we live fully in the joy of our real nature
in accordance with the will of the Supreme God Almighty.”

~ Moojibaba

6.b. – Channeled information by Marguerite Rigoglioso

Morning chat with Blessed Mother Mary: “Crown” virus is inviting us all to activate our own crowns. It’s a challenge being posed by the new kind of genetic manipulation experiments. You’re being given the opportunity to stay in your heart, stay out of fear and see it as a test of a new way to boost your energy signature, through love and supreme self-care, same as with the 5G and EMFs. When enough people collectively stay in heart-centered, self-loving seeing, the virus will mutate. This is yet another opportunity for humanity to move into 5D consciousness. If your events are cancelled, rather than zoning out or getting frightened with more media, go into meditation. Call golden light to your body/mind/spirit. Call on Blessed Mother to send healing energies throughout the land. Visualize this thing shifting quickly. Get busy by being.

6.c. – Channeled information by Jeff VanDerClute

There has been a lot of talk about the Coronavirus. When I connected with this novel life form and asked it to tell me about itself, what came through was a list of its top gifts, followed by a message for humanity. I was somewhat surprised, and also comforted, by the information. My hope is that these words will help people to relax and trust that life is acting with benevolent wisdom.

The results of the virus:

  • Slowing down humanity’s frenetic activities
  • Activating networks of cooperation
  • Spreading helpful DNA
  • Upgrading humanity’s immune system
  • Creating the conditions for peace and well-being
  • Saving lives, especially over the long term, by strengthening the web of life

7 – Feedback

Please share any experience you have in preventing or treating coronavirus with homeopathy or other methods with:  [email protected]   You can additionally send that information  to Amma Resonance  https://www.arhf.nl/en/contact/

We are offering the above as a service to humanity. Please share this text with your contacts!

If you wish to be kept informed, you can subscribe to the ARHF newsletter here: https://www.arhf.nl/en/newsletter/

None of the above replaces proper medical care and if an infection is suspected you are advised to contact your doctor immediately. Also, as long as you adhere to recommended dosages, none of the above can interfere in any negative way with pharmaceutical medicines a regular doctor may prescribe.

8 – References

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[1] Many people are asking for the scientific validity of Justicia adhatoda in relation to my Facebook post. I humbly suggest to read the following scientific papers, I am sharing with you the links




Pak J Pharm Sci. 2018 Mar;31(2):371-377.

[2] https://www.doctorbhatia.com/treatment/coronavirus-covid-19-symptoms-homeopathic-remedies-for-treatment-and-prophylaxis/?v=796834e7a283

[3] https://www.thelancet.com/journals/laninf/article/PIIS1473-3099(20)30086-4/fulltext

[4] https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/homeopathy-for-coronavirus-covid-19-infection/

About the author

Harry van der Zee

Harry van der Zee MD is an international teacher and has presented seminars world-wide. From 1996 to 2018 he was editor-in- chief of Homœopathic Links. He has investigated the importance of the birth experience in homeopathic case-taking and published two books on the subject – ‘Miasms in Labour’ (2000) and ‘Homeopathy for Birth Trauma’ (2007).. Together with Christopher Johannes, he published ‘Homeopathy and Mental Health Care’. Since 2004 Harry has been involved in projects in Africa to enhance the homeopathic treatment and prevention of epidemics for which in 2007 he co-founded the ARHF (Amma Resonance Healing Foundation). ARHF has trained health professionals in many African countries that now independently treat epidemics, trauma and chronic diseases using so-called Source Resonances. He co-edited and published Peter Chappell’s book ‘The Second Simillimum’ (2005), has written ‘Amma4Africa Manual’ (2009, 2014, 2018), ‘Amma4Trauma Manual’ (2013), ‘ARHF Volunteers Manual’ (2014, 2018) Together with Peter Chappell he wrote ‘Homeopathy for Diseases’, a book on how to treat epidemics, trauma and chronic diseases by integrating an individualised approach with a disease-specific approach (2012). In Africa he currently researches the efficacy of the Source Resonance PC1 for HIV/AIDS (2017-today) and the efficacy of the Source Resonance PC240m for malaria prevention (2014-today).


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