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The Mineral Kingdom: Exploring the First and Second Row

Dinesh Chauhan
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Drs. Dinesh Chauhan and Devang Shah discuss the periodic table, the mineral kingdom and present cases to illustrate.

(Cases from: Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, Senior Consultant at the other song and Dr. Devang Shah, Senior Consultant at the other song )

Mineral remedies are understood on the basis of the Periodic Table of Elements. The periodic table is a representation of the various stages of human development, starting from Row 1, which mirrors the stage of conception, to Row 7, which is about disintegration of structure. Each Column of the table (Column 1 to 18) corresponds to the individual phase of development of that Row.

Everyone in health will have themes of all rows depending on the situation. It is healthy for person to have qualities of all but with flexibility, without being stuck in the phase or stage, for then there is disease. Flexibility is healthy, movement in and out, and being aware.

The first three rows correspond to childhood stages, starting from conception, followed by birth and separation, and subsequently development of a separate identity. From the fourth row onwards, issues are related to adulthood, namely security (protection, finding a job, money), performing, taking responsibility, etc.

We can identify the row by knowing the stage of development in which an individual is stuck. Just like the rows, columns too represent different stages of development; they denote the phase of development of the structure germane to that particular row.

The main issue in the Mineral Kingdom is dealing with structure and organization where concern is about lack, forming, maintaining or losing structure. This is understood in terms of: Existence, Identity, Position, Relationship, Security, Performance and Responsibility. The issue is about completeness or incompleteness (like something is missing or lacking) in self or structure, or a fear of losing that completeness. In this article, we will examine the intricacies of Row 1, the row of conception and existence, and Row 2, the row of fetal life and the birth process.


This row is the row of conception and existence. The issue is existence. It is the moment of conception when two become one, when from nothing a new life is born and when energy is crystallized into matter. So far they were not there at all, they did not exist. After conception the question becomes: “Am I or am I not? Do I exist or not?”

Remedies: H, He


Hydrogen is located at the meeting point of Row 1 and Column 1.

  • “Am I or am I not? Do I exist or not?”
  • Issues of unity or duality

They seek connection with a form to give them a sense of existence.

Understanding of Column 1

  • The structure has not started to form.
  • Completely dependent on somebody/others and feel their structure as his own.
  • If challenged, clings to the outside structure. “I have no capacity, I can’t leave the structure, I have to cling to it.”

These people have complete dependence on someone and a mere thought of going away from that person causes a lot of anxiety.

Understanding of Hydrogen

From the above understanding, we can make a probable deduction that the chief feeling of Hydrogen could be: “Do I exist or don’t I exist?” Hydrogen is at a point between energy and matter. It corresponds to the stage before one is born. Here the structure of existence has not started to form. So the issue in a Hydrogen person is:

  • “Do I exist or don’t I exist?”
  • Am I energy or matter?”

There is no foundation and structure of their own; lacking the existence; lots of questions regarding existence of their independent self. These individuals need to be one with universe, feeling of being united with surrounding. It gives sense of existence and thus union becomes their need.

If there is no union, one experiences intense feelings of disconnection, separation and isolation. There exists no connection with the form, either with self or with someone else. Without a form (i.e. being bodiless), one feels disunited and empty (like a void/vacuum). Hence one attempts to make connection, as being connected makes one feel that he exists. Oftentimes, ego compensates for this loneliness by seeking attention and recognition so that one no longer feels unnoticed/non-existent.

Rubrics (Complete Repertory)

– Conflict between higher consciousness and worldly existence

– Delusions, imaginations: energy, of powerful: moving around in the air

– Forsaken feeling: isolation, sensation of

– Delusions, body, separated from soul, as if


Helium is located at the meeting point of Row 1 and Column 18.

Understanding of Column 18

  • The structure is completely dissolved and it is not an issue any more.
  • Totally isolated, detached, secluded and aloof.
  • There is contentment because it is not an issue any more.
  • The feeling is, “I am through with it, I am through with success and failure, through with that whole stage.
  • No question of success, failure, doubt.”
  • Self-sufficient and complete within oneself.
  • “I am whole.”
  • “I am in my own world, detached and separated.”

Understanding of Helium

From the above understanding, we can make a probable deduction that the chief feeling of Helium could be:

  • There is a completeness of existence. “I am and I am happy with that.”

On one hand, they feel complete within themselves as an existence, as a being, and that is the end point. However, sometimes there also exists the opposite feeling which may not be very obvious, i.e. “I don’t exist. I do not exist at all.”

E.g. a person in his infancy/childhood or sometimes even in the fetal stage, feels as if he doesn’t exist. Such a person then tries to complete the existence within himself; he isolates himself in his own completeness, as if the world doesn’t exist. It is as if he only has himself to validate his existence. Only he can confirm that he is or he exists.


Row 1 remedies come in close differentiation with some Imponderables like ‘Sol’ (Sun light), Positronium, Hamamelidae plant family etc. The main point for Row1 is the issue of existence.

‘Sol’ has a lot of qualities like connection to the source ‘Sun’, light, ethereal etc. The main point of differentiation here with Row 1 is the issue of existence.

Key Words


  • “Like a baby without a body”
  • Consciousness
  • Material form
  • Exist
  • Energy
  • Ethereal
  • Essence
  • Detach/Detachment
  • Split
  • Forlorn
  • Feeling of isolation and separation
  • Fear/sensitive to loss
  • Aggravated by loneliness
  • Attachment
  • Abandon
  • Seeks unity, united
  • Unification with higher consciousness
  • Unify with god
  • Unison
  • Oneness
  • All alone
  • Alone
  • Attach
  • Be by yourself
  • Being alone
  • Blend
  • Bond
  • Break apart
  • Break away
  • Break off
  • Break up
  • Come apart
  • Come together
  • Connect

Case Study of Hydrogen from Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

Mr. D. M., an 82-year-old man residing in a Gulf country was referred to me by a well-known radiologist. He came with the complaint of complete paralysis of the left leg. Before me, he was seen by a neurologist, who suggested I.C.C.U. admission and intrathecal steroid injection.

The doctor decided to give him homoeopathic medicine and he called me. The following is the extract of the interview.

D: Tell me about your complaint /about yourself?

P: My body is a product of 82 years. But still it works in harmony. What I mean is my mind, body and soul are still together. But only problem is my leg. Now I can’t stand, walk because of this. Previously I had a body like a military man. Doctor I will tell you one thing, sound body is sound mind.

D: Tell more about yourself?

P: I had sugar problem, now it is in control. Now there is slight increase in the size of my abdomen, previously everything was in harmony.

D: Tell more about you?

P: My father died when I was five year old. I was independent since then. Also doctor, my urine is not coming in force.

D: What else about you?

P: Now doctor you ask and I will answer all your questions.

D: Tell more about this sound body and sound mind?

P: When you are ill, your mind and body are separated, and they don’t work in a single unit. Your mind is not stable. I don’t know why I have developed this physical problem. Doctor my body is just an instrument not me. It is a house not me, it is a temple not me. What your mind experiences, your body experiences the same. When both are together, you are in a deep state of meditation. There is unity of all things. Your body suffers when there is no connection with the supreme i.e. soul.

D: What do you mean when you say, my body is just an instrument not me. It is a house not me?

P: It is just one part of me. Complete me is the unity of mind, body and the soul.

D: Tell more about this?

P: I want to do some sort of magic so that all poverty in the world goes away. I have studied Ramayana, Koran, Geeta, Buddhism. By this age I have done my responsibility. Now I want to do something for human beings. According to me whole universe is one (the whole universe should be one).

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Dinesh Chauhan

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Devang Shah

Dr. Devang Shah graduated from D.S. Homoeopathic Medical College and has been practicing homoeopathy for the last three years in Pune. He feels blessed to have studied under Dr. Sunil Anand, Dr. Dinesh Chauhan and other teachers of the Bombay School of Homoeopathy. His goal in each case is to reach deeply and find the root from where the branches of disease originate. "May we reach the depth so that the spirit arises. Silence is the opening of an infinite world within each of us."

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