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The Mineral Kingdom: Exploring the First and Second Row

periodic table

Drs. Dinesh Chauhan and Devang Shah discuss the periodic table, the mineral kingdom and present cases to illustrate.

(Cases from: Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, Senior Consultant at the other song and Dr. Devang Shah, Senior Consultant at the other song )

Mineral remedies are understood on the basis of the Periodic Table of Elements. The periodic table is a representation of the various stages of human development, starting from Row 1, which mirrors the stage of conception, to Row 7, which is about disintegration of structure. Each Column of the table (Column 1 to 18) corresponds to the individual phase of development of that Row.

Everyone in health will have themes of all rows depending on the situation. It is healthy for person to have qualities of all but with flexibility, without being stuck in the phase or stage, for then there is disease. Flexibility is healthy, movement in and out, and being aware.

The first three rows correspond to childhood stages, starting from conception, followed by birth and separation, and subsequently development of a separate identity. From the fourth row onwards, issues are related to adulthood, namely security (protection, finding a job, money), performing, taking responsibility, etc.

We can identify the row by knowing the stage of development in which an individual is stuck. Just like the rows, columns too represent different stages of development; they denote the phase of development of the structure germane to that particular row.

The main issue in the Mineral Kingdom is dealing with structure and organization where concern is about lack, forming, maintaining or losing structure. This is understood in terms of: Existence, Identity, Position, Relationship, Security, Performance and Responsibility. The issue is about completeness or incompleteness (like something is missing or lacking) in self or structure, or a fear of losing that completeness. In this article, we will examine the intricacies of Row 1, the row of conception and existence, and Row 2, the row of fetal life and the birth process.


This row is the row of conception and existence. The issue is existence. It is the moment of conception when two become one, when from nothing a new life is born and when energy is crystallized into matter. So far they were not there at all, they did not exist. After conception the question becomes: “Am I or am I not? Do I exist or not?”

Remedies: H, He


Hydrogen is located at the meeting point of Row 1 and Column 1.

  • “Am I or am I not? Do I exist or not?”
  • Issues of unity or duality

They seek connection with a form to give them a sense of existence.

Understanding of Column 1

  • The structure has not started to form.
  • Completely dependent on somebody/others and feel their structure as his own.
  • If challenged, clings to the outside structure. “I have no capacity, I can’t leave the structure, I have to cling to it.”

These people have complete dependence on someone and a mere thought of going away from that person causes a lot of anxiety.

Understanding of Hydrogen

From the above understanding, we can make a probable deduction that the chief feeling of Hydrogen could be: “Do I exist or don’t I exist?” Hydrogen is at a point between energy and matter. It corresponds to the stage before one is born. Here the structure of existence has not started to form. So the issue in a Hydrogen person is:

  • “Do I exist or don’t I exist?”
  • Am I energy or matter?”

There is no foundation and structure of their own; lacking the existence; lots of questions regarding existence of their independent self. These individuals need to be one with universe, feeling of being united with surrounding. It gives sense of existence and thus union becomes their need.

If there is no union, one experiences intense feelings of disconnection, separation and isolation. There exists no connection with the form, either with self or with someone else. Without a form (i.e. being bodiless), one feels disunited and empty (like a void/vacuum). Hence one attempts to make connection, as being connected makes one feel that he exists. Oftentimes, ego compensates for this loneliness by seeking attention and recognition so that one no longer feels unnoticed/non-existent.

Rubrics (Complete Repertory)

– Conflict between higher consciousness and worldly existence

– Delusions, imaginations: energy, of powerful: moving around in the air

– Forsaken feeling: isolation, sensation of

– Delusions, body, separated from soul, as if


Helium is located at the meeting point of Row 1 and Column 18.

Understanding of Column 18

  • The structure is completely dissolved and it is not an issue any more.
  • Totally isolated, detached, secluded and aloof.
  • There is contentment because it is not an issue any more.
  • The feeling is, “I am through with it, I am through with success and failure, through with that whole stage.
  • No question of success, failure, doubt.”
  • Self-sufficient and complete within oneself.
  • “I am whole.”
  • “I am in my own world, detached and separated.”

Understanding of Helium

From the above understanding, we can make a probable deduction that the chief feeling of Helium could be:

  • There is a completeness of existence. “I am and I am happy with that.”

On one hand, they feel complete within themselves as an existence, as a being, and that is the end point. However, sometimes there also exists the opposite feeling which may not be very obvious, i.e. “I don’t exist. I do not exist at all.”

E.g. a person in his infancy/childhood or sometimes even in the fetal stage, feels as if he doesn’t exist. Such a person then tries to complete the existence within himself; he isolates himself in his own completeness, as if the world doesn’t exist. It is as if he only has himself to validate his existence. Only he can confirm that he is or he exists.


Row 1 remedies come in close differentiation with some Imponderables like ‘Sol’ (Sun light), Positronium, Hamamelidae plant family etc. The main point for Row1 is the issue of existence.

‘Sol’ has a lot of qualities like connection to the source ‘Sun’, light, ethereal etc. The main point of differentiation here with Row 1 is the issue of existence.

Key Words


  • “Like a baby without a body”
  • Consciousness
  • Material form
  • Exist
  • Energy
  • Ethereal
  • Essence
  • Detach/Detachment
  • Split
  • Forlorn
  • Feeling of isolation and separation
  • Fear/sensitive to loss
  • Aggravated by loneliness
  • Attachment
  • Abandon
  • Seeks unity, united
  • Unification with higher consciousness
  • Unify with god
  • Unison
  • Oneness
  • All alone
  • Alone
  • Attach
  • Be by yourself
  • Being alone
  • Blend
  • Bond
  • Break apart
  • Break away
  • Break off
  • Break up
  • Come apart
  • Come together
  • Connect

Case Study of Hydrogen from Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

Mr. D. M., an 82-year-old man residing in a Gulf country was referred to me by a well-known radiologist. He came with the complaint of complete paralysis of the left leg. Before me, he was seen by a neurologist, who suggested I.C.C.U. admission and intrathecal steroid injection.

The doctor decided to give him homoeopathic medicine and he called me. The following is the extract of the interview.

D: Tell me about your complaint /about yourself?

P: My body is a product of 82 years. But still it works in harmony. What I mean is my mind, body and soul are still together. But only problem is my leg. Now I can’t stand, walk because of this. Previously I had a body like a military man. Doctor I will tell you one thing, sound body is sound mind.

D: Tell more about yourself?

P: I had sugar problem, now it is in control. Now there is slight increase in the size of my abdomen, previously everything was in harmony.

D: Tell more about you?

P: My father died when I was five year old. I was independent since then. Also doctor, my urine is not coming in force.

D: What else about you?

P: Now doctor you ask and I will answer all your questions.

D: Tell more about this sound body and sound mind?

P: When you are ill, your mind and body are separated, and they don’t work in a single unit. Your mind is not stable. I don’t know why I have developed this physical problem. Doctor my body is just an instrument not me. It is a house not me, it is a temple not me. What your mind experiences, your body experiences the same. When both are together, you are in a deep state of meditation. There is unity of all things. Your body suffers when there is no connection with the supreme i.e. soul.

D: What do you mean when you say, my body is just an instrument not me. It is a house not me?

P: It is just one part of me. Complete me is the unity of mind, body and the soul.

D: Tell more about this?

P: I want to do some sort of magic so that all poverty in the world goes away. I have studied Ramayana, Koran, Geeta, Buddhism. By this age I have done my responsibility. Now I want to do something for human beings. According to me whole universe is one (the whole universe should be one).

D: What do you mean when you say, that the whole universe is one?

P: My only aim is no illness, no difficulties. Everyone is disturbed; no one has real understanding of life. There is total fear in everyone.

D: What fear does everyone have?

P: Fear of loneliness. Everyone feels that they are not connected with everyone. They are scared that any one can attack them at any time and finish them. If everyone has one understanding, one goal then there is no problem. No fear at all. The feeling is I will attack if I become lonely.

D: Tell me what do you want to do in your life?

P: I want to explain myself that the mind, body and soul work in unity. Then I want to tell my family, then my village. I want to go to all villages and explain everyone about life, food, truth and god, but because of diabetes I can’t go. Then whole India and whole world.

D: What do you want to explain to them?

P: That there is no fear of loneliness, if you know that there is one god, one universe. You get two opposite i.e. loneliness and unity. If there is unity then there is no loneliness.

D: Tell more about it?

P: I want to make a united world, like how we have the United State of America.

D: Explain in detail?

P: There will be one government, there will be one god, and there will be one universe. What we call in Sanskrit, ‘Vasudev Kutumbh?.

Which means everything is one, everything is united. Whole universe is filled with god. You can’t see god, can’t smell him, can’t speak with him, and because he is present everywhere. There is no place without god.

D: Explain to me more; you are doing it very well.

P: Fight occurs because of the word ‘me’ and ‘myself’. This ‘me’ and ‘myself’ divides me from the rest of the world. When you remove this then you are like the ocean. No difference anywhere. Only human beings stores money, no body else stores the money. Then they have the fear of robbery   (When you remove ‘me and ‘myself’, then there is no boundary, its like an ocean. What we understand is, he wants unity and oneness everywhere like the ocean water.)   I have been to India, Britain, USA, but not in communist countries like Russia.

D: What is the reason for not going to communist country?

P: Just like that.

D: Tell about communist country?

P: Country where there is no power, no king, everyone has the same standard. There is no unity amongst them.

D: What can happen if there is no unity?

P: There will be fight, kidnapping, there will be total destruction. Whole world will be destroyed. There will be total loneliness. There will be difference between you and the world. Whole world will be totally destroyed. Destruction and loneliness if there is no unity, there will be difference between people. Opposite of unity for patient is loneliness; fear of loneliness must be the main symptom of the patient. Your name and fame is destroying you. Just drop your name and shape, and you will be like the ocean, nothing but one.

D: Tell about your childhood?

P: (patient started talking about his sons) I have five sons all are married. One is in Oman, one is in Australia, and one is in Britain, one in America. So you can see my family is spread everywhere. I have started message of oneness from my family.

D: Any Dreams?

P: My dreams come true but I don’t remember my dreams. If you close eyes of young child who is just born, then he will remain child through out his life, even if he is 82 year old.

D: What is the worst that will happen if unity won’t be there?

P: Then the sufferings of human being will increase, like what happened in communist country. There will be revolution, communist will come and destroy whole world.

(If there is no unity then whole world will be destroyed)

D: Craving/Aversion?

P: Nothing specific.

D: Thirst

P: I like to drink water, loving to drink water at regular intervals.

D: What is the saddest moment of your life?

P: When my wife died, feeling was as if everything has suddenly gone. It was like a shock. She was not ill at all and died in fraction of seconds. Felt completely lonely. You feel as if part of you has gone.

D: Any particular fears?

P: Everything depends on time and space. Like if tiger comes in front of you, your reaction will be the jump out of the window.

On examination:

Lt. Leg : Power of hip flexor was zero, Knee extension and flexion was 2+, SLR-zero

Rt . Leg: normal power. SLR-

Vesicular eruption on the whole left leg.

Case Analysis:

The first thing that came up in the case was sound mind is sound body. When asked about it he says, ‘When you are ill, your mind and body are separated, and they don’t work as single unit?. What we understand is when mind and body are separated; he can’t work in single unit. Issue of separation and unity is important for him. Our next aim is whether this is the issue present at all levels. Further he says, ‘ When both are together, you are in a deep state of meditation. There is unity of all things. Your body suffers when there is no connection with the supreme i.e. soul. So according to him, you are in deep state of meditation when there is unity of all things. According to him the whole universe is one. We can understand that the theme of oneness is coming up in the case. When there is no oneness there is a ‘fear of loneliness. Everyone feels that they are not connected with everyone. This is the opposite of oneness in the case.

He wants a world where there is one god, one country, one universe etc. says, ‘That there is no fear of loneliness, if you know that there is one god, one universe. He explains this with Sanskrit word ‘Vasudev Kutumbh?. And if this is not there, then there is total destruction. He further explains, ‘Your name and fame is destroying you, just drop your name and shape, and you will be like ocean, nothing but one.

 Regarding his wife’s death he says, ‘It was like a shock. She was not ill at all and died in fraction of seconds. Felt completely lonely. You feel as if part of you has gone. This speaks of both the acute miasm and the loneliness.

Regarding fears he says, ‘Everything depends on time and space. Like if tiger comes in front of you, your reaction will be to jump out of the window. This speaks of the acute miasm.
Rubric selected for the case:

  • Delusions, imaginations: separated: world, from the, that he is.
  • Forsaken feeling: isolation, sensation of.

Scholten’s Themes:

  • Being one: desire to be one
  • Desire to be one: totally, forever
  • One truth
  • One whole: wholism
  • Not being one: isolation
  • Simplicity: spaceless
  • Simplicity: timeless
  • Being alone: impersonal
  • Initiative to exist: conception
  • Desire to be one: symbiosis
  • Desire to be one: exhaustion
  • Loneliness through being separated.

Miasm: Acute

Remedy given: Hydrogen 1M/one dose

Follow up two months after treatment:

No change. Power of leg is still zero. Sensation decreased in affected leg.

Plan: Hydrogen1M/One dose was given
Follow up three months after treatment:

Able to stand on his leg. But walking is still difficult; pt is able to move his leg horizontally from hip joint. Eruption on leg is improving. Swelling on leg is 80% better.

Plan: SL was given
Follow up five months after treatment:

Patient has started walking. O/E- power of hip flexor is still zero. Power of knee flexor and extensor improved. Eruption completely disappeared. Swelling on leg completely reduced. Got dream of being a child and playing with his grand children.

Plan: SL was given.
Follow up eight months after treatment:

Hip flexor improved. O/E- SLR- 60 Power, hip 3+. Says walk for 1-hour everyday.

Plan: SL was given.

Follow up nine months after treatmen

Patient is much better, and now has no problems. Below is a case excerpt.

D: How are you overall?

P: Much better, going to Oman after two days. My leg is all right, now I can walk for 2 hours with no problems. No eruption on the leg.

D: How is your health otherwise?

P: Nothing is wrong with me. Now I have understood the meaning of the life.

D: Explain this little bit?

P: There can’t be only happiness in world. If there is happiness, there will be pain in world. On one side there is good people and other side there is bad people. When Mahavira, Buddha could not make world one, who am I? In this world both will exist equally, whatever you do. Pain and pleasure is part of life. Oneness or separation is the part of life, you have to accept whatever comes in your life.

D: How are you energy wise?

P: Energy wise much better, I feel active all the time. Weakness related to age is there, but much better.

D: Sleep?

P: Okay no problem with it?

On examination:

SLR: – Normal in both the leg.

Power is normal in both legs.

Plan: SL was given


The development in Row 2 follows conception (i.e. of fetal life) to separation. This process of separation mirrors the process of labor where the fetus, which was a part of the mother (in the womb), has to separate.

The main questions that represent this row are ‘Who am I’, ‘Am I a part of something or am I separate? Am I attached or detached?’

Remedies: Li, Be, B, C, N, O, F, Ne

The individuals who fall into Row 2 are extremely naïve and very simple. They have no concerns about their appearance, nourishment, security, performance or leadership. Their main concern is whether they are in the womb (or the protective shell or covering) or if they are outside it. Do they have the capability to live by themselves or do they still need to be a part of the parental figure? Sometimes these individuals express the feeling that they are not visible or noticed by others.

The main emphasis in the remedies of Row 2 seems to be a need for connection with people, which conflicts at the same time with the uncertainty and fear related to one’s own identity. The remedies seem to need the validation or acknowledgement of self to be able to define themselves or to feel that they exist. Yet, this need for connection and validation from the outside puts a pressure that oppresses, constricts or restricts from expressing their own identity. From this they want freedom but the price of this freedom is fear of the unknown where they feel alone, and again without identity. Thus again, they start the journey towards connection and validation and the cycle goes on.

As we progress from left to right in the Periodic Table, this dependency becomes less intense, but is always present. It is even expressed in the flirtatious Fluor, who at first sight appears to want to get rid of his family (it sees though he must get rid of all the servants, children must go out of the house, a betrothal must be broken off, a marriage should be dissolved).

This group is also anxiety prone with palpitations. They are pleasure-seeking and irresponsible, but go homebound for protection. As mentioned previously, Row 2 represents the process of separation, which can be compared to the stages of birth process. This understanding is derived from cases, Materia Medica and repertories.

Stages of Row 2

Stage 1: Lithium

Lithium is like a fetus that is still a part of the mother; the birth process has not yet begun. At this stage the fetus is still in the womb and there are no signs of separation, not even the thought of it, and so it is totally dependent and feels completely in need of everything from the other.

From Materia Medica:

  • There are no symptoms of labor or labor-like pains.

(Total helplessness is the key feature.)

From Jan Scholten’s case of Lithium:

  • She had difficulty growing up, couldn’t detach herself from her parents, and would have liked to stay in that protective environment.

Stage 2: Beryllium

Beryllium is the stage when the fetus is complete at nine months; it is ready to be born. The labor process has begun. The baby is still in the womb but is separating. And starts having a slightly separate existence; it is heavy but it can still move around. It is extremely scared to be separated. It is the stage where the head of the fetus is still floating before engagement.

From Materia Medica:

  • There are no symptoms yet of labor or labor-like pains.
  • Worse heat, cough, jar, motion, rising, light, excitement. (BJH)

Stage 3: Boron

Boron is the stage where there is further descent of the head in the womb. The baby is now descending in the womb.

One can hypothetically imagine that the baby is losing its stable position which it does not want to. So the baby would like to hold on to this stable position.

Borax from Materia Medica:

  • Labor pains dart upwards
  • Fear of downward motion, holds on to the nurse. (Complete repertory)
  • Fear of downward and upward motion. (Complete repertory)
  • Labor pains dart upward, head of child goes back. (Lilienthal)

Stage 4: Carbon

Carbon is the stage where the head of the baby engages itself. Now there is no going back. It is the first sign of ‘I’. ‘I have to take control.’ I understood this stage by studying a commonly known remedy, Carbo veg.

Carbo veg from Materia Medica:

  • A genuine lack of vital reaction. (Farrington)
  • Congestion to head, with spasmodic constriction, nausea and pressure over eyes, feeling of coryza, from overheated rooms. (Hering)
  • Parturition: labor pains, absent, os dilated, membranes protruding: ceasing. (Knerr)
  • Labor pains are ceasing completely. (Complete repertory)
  • Labor-like pains extending to the bladder and to the sacrum. (Complete repertory)
  • Constriction; hat; pressure of, agg. (Complete repertory)
  • Constriction; heated, when. (Complete repertory)
  • Constriction; uncovering head amel. (Complete repertory)
  • Constriction; armor, as if in. (Complete repertory)

o (Also in Nitric acid)

  • Constriction; band or hoop. (Complete repertory)
  • Head pain; pressing; armor, as if in. (Complete repertory)

o (Also in Argentum nitricum, Graphites and Nitric acid)

  • Walls falling inward in Argentum nitricum and Carbo veg. (Reference works)
  • Starting, startled: night: noise, on account of. (Complete repertory) (single remedy)
  • Starting, startled: easily. (Complete repertory)
  • Starting, startled: fright, from and as from. (Complete repertory)

We understand that Carbo veg on one hand is completely lifeless and on the other hand has easy starting. And interestingly in Carbon we see many signs of the labor process (from the above rubrics). Here, I also observed the occurrence of salts of nitrogen/nitrates, which is the next stage after the engagement of the head.

Stage 5: Nitrogen

Nitrogen is the stage where the baby is still connected to the mother and now has to be released. It is the stage of the movement of the fetus through the birth canal to get out of the womb as soon as possible. The baby now wants to be released or be free, like gas. And the feeling is, ‘I don’t want to be bound, I want to be released and free, nothing should bind me.’

Symptoms of Nitric acid:

  • Head, pain; band; bound, as if, by. (Complete repertory)
  • Pain: labor-like: pelvic contents would issue through vulva, as if. (Complete repertory)


  • These contain Oxygen as well as Nitrogen and so will have the qualities of both together i.e. bound and suffocated, released and free.
  • This is best represented by claustrophobia.

Stage 6: Oxygen

The baby is now released, delivered and takes its first independent breath.

Symptoms of Ozone:

  • Respiration; breathing, inspiration, expiration; desire to breathe deep. (Complete repertory)
  • Dreams: childbirth, of. (Complete repertory)
  • Dreams: breathe under water, she can. (Schadde)

Stage 7: Fluorine

Fluorine is the stage where the baby is out and there is complete separation. The baby and mother are now separate and are two distinct individuals.

Fluorine is the snapping or the cutting of the umbilical cord.

Symptoms of Fluoric acid:

  • He is capable to destroy a relation, a takes him to separation. (Leroux)
  • Separated, parts of body feel. (Complete repertory)

What we also see here is that like Lithium and Beryllium, Oxygen, Ozone and Fluoric acid also have no symptoms of labor or labor-like pains.

To summarize:

  • Lithium, Beryllium, Boron: There is no separation and there is an intense dependence on the mother figure. They feel insecure to have an independent existence.
  • Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen: The separation develops further (up to Fluorine).
  • Fluorine: The feeling is, ‘I must break this attachment and be completely separate.’

The elements on the left side of the periodic table are extremely dependent and need that attachment (or the covering or shell around them like a womb).

The elements on the right side of the periodic table will progressively start getting separated and by the end (fluorine) they completely detach as two distinct individuals.

Other issues/themes of Row 2:

  • Reaction to sudden noise or panic

It is known that the fetus starts listening from the 24th week onwards and consistently responds to sound by movement of the eyes, arms, legs and head, particularly following the 28th week. Indeed, when a fetus is tonally stimulated, it not only begins to move but its heart rate also shows immediate changes. At this stage, any sudden noise in the room is known to cause a ‘startle response’ in the fetus.

This same phenomenon i.e. ‘startling from sudden noise’ is commonly seen in patients needing Row 2 remedies too.

  • Sudden danger or violence
  • Unexpected situations
  • Life and death situations

The main issue during the fetal life is having stability and surviving in the womb. In-utero, the fetus is provided with complete protection and a fairly static environment. Any danger (which could be an unexpected situation or probably any of the below-mentioned situations) to this secured position creates tremendous turmoil and fear. It has been observed that such disturbances prepone labor and causes premature birth which can even prove fatal for the baby (issue of survival- life and death situations).

Studies have shown that once the baby is born into this new world, the (hapless) infant tends to set off its panic alarm at the slightest things; it can be initiated by a number of stimuli:

  1. Loud noise
  2. Bright light
  3. Sharp touch
  4. Sharp change in balance

This implies that any kind stimuli (like auditory, visual, tactile, vestibular etc) tends to evoke an instantaneous arousal of the baby.  Based on this observation, a search was made and the following symptoms were extracted from the Complete repertory:

  • Mind; sensitive, oversensitive; general; noise, to: adam., am-c., bar-c., bor., calc., carb-an., carb-v., graph., kali-c., lith-c., mag-c., nat-c., oxyg., ozone., petr., stront-c.
  • Mind; sensitive, oversensitive; general; noise, to; sudden: bor., nat-c.
  • Mind; dreams; accidents, of: am-m., calc., graph., kali-c., mag-c., nit-ac., ozone
  • Mind; dreams; casualties, of: alum., cann-s., caust., con., kali-n., mag-c., nat-c., nux-v., plat., rat., rheum, sars., sul-ac.
  • Mind; dreams; water: adam., am-m., carb-v., graph., kali-c., kali-n., mag-c., nat-c., nitro., oxyg., ozone, plut-n., stront-c.
  • Mind; dreams; water; flood, of a: mag-c., nat-c., nitro., ozone
  • Mind; dreams; water; dangerous: graph., kali-n., mag-c., nat-c., nitro., stront-c.
  • Mind; dreams; storms: mag-c., nat-c.
  • Mind; dreams; fire: am-c., bar-c., calc., carb-ac., carb-v., fl-ac., graph., kali-c., kali-n., mag-c., nat-c., nitro., plut-n., stront-c
  • Mind; dreams; animals, of; snakes: kali-c., nitro., ozone., polyst., stront-c.
  • Generalities; forcing, urging, sensations of; opening, as through a narrow: bar-c., carb-an., glon.

The above rubrics demonstrate the aspects that can arouse fear in persons needing Row 2 elements. One may therefore make a probable inference that the above-mentioned eventualities are the few things that are considered as a sudden danger or violence by these people.

  • Instinctive or reflex reaction (knee-jerk response)

A sudden change in the stable environment is perceived as a threat to survival, and the only reaction that is possible in such situations is ‘reflex’ because there is no scope for any action. Reflex actually means ‘an automatic response to a stimulus’. This reaction is best elicited in Borax; when a Borax child hears loud noise, he gets immediately startled and reflexly clings to the mother tightly.

Key Words of Row 2

  • Motherly warmth
  • Falling
  • Attached
  • Part of
  • Alone
  • Helpless
  • Comfort of home and mother
  • Like in mother’s womb
  • Like a bubble or a glass around you
  • Like a protective layer around you
  • Like an unborn baby
  • Kangaroo pouch
  • Cocoon
  • Like being naked
  • I cannot face the world
  • Not ready to face the world
  • Cannot decide for self
  • Completely dependent
  • Clings, holds, togetherness
  • Fear of falling
  • Fear of downward motion
  • Lean completely
  • Need complete support
  • Sudden danger/violence
  • Instinctive or reflex reaction
  • Unexpected situations
  • Naïve, childish, simple
  • Separation
  • Cozy/Coziness
  • Shell
  • Shield
  • Wrapping
  • To be connected
  • Downward motion
  • Go apart
  • Go down
  • Go your separate ways
  • Grasp
  • Grip
  • Motherly attachment
  • Motherly attention
  • Parting
  • One with
  • Fall down
  • Fall off
  • Fall over
  • Separate
  • Separation
  • Motherly nourishment
  • Nurture
  • Spoon feeding
  • Tending
  • Umbilical cord
  • Tunnels
  • Claustrophobia
  • Panic Attacks
  • Stuck
  • Helplessness
  • Suffocation
  • Go Blank

Case Study

*Note: The name of the patient has been changed for privacy reasons and content of the case has been edited for clarity, brevity and publishing purposes

This is the case of a 36-year-old female who was suffering from acidity, bloating of abdomen and consulted Dr. Devang Shah.

She came to the other song Clinic with the chief complaint of bloating in the abdomen resulting in difficulty breathing leading to a panic attack. She was also diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome in 2008.One fine morning she woke up feeling restless and dizzy; almost in semi conscious state; she was answering the questions though. Then she felt breathless and was taken to the hospital. Even now when her stomach gets bloated she feels a strange sensation in the stomach and starts to feel breathless which triggers an anxiety or panic attack. There is a cramp in the stomach and she feels uneasy, the heat in the body rises and there is a need to find a cool place. She needs to walk on the balcony for fresh air and wants to drink water. Stomach is disturbed before menses, occasionally there is bleeding in stools as well.

As a person she is very emotional, small things have immediate impact on her. She is very scared of the dark, feels suffocated and claustrophobic hence she avoids crowded places. The fear of dark is so much that she cannot even close her eyes. Becoming blind is her biggest fear.  She is extremely dependent on her husband and loves the care and pampering she gets from him. One major situation of stress was the death of her grandmother with whom she was very much attached.

The aspect of breathless and suffocation or claustrophobia came up with the chief complaint and is also one of her biggest fears so I decided to ask her about the same as it was clear, intense and carried a lot of energy.I asked about her experience of this suffocation or claustrophobia.

She says it is like disorientation, lips and palms go numb, giddy and desire to take deep breath. Feels choked, suffocated as if something around the neck or throat. It is like death, you are sweating, restless, as if something is blocking your throat. It is as if something big is passing through a narrow opening like you swallow a big chocolate. Something is stuck. This is exactly what happens with my acidity and I need to pass lot of eructations which gives me relief.

What happens during the acidity?

There is a kind of pull in the lower stomach as if something wants to come out. Something is kind of stuck like stuck in a cave. It is same like claustrophobia feel giddy, dizzy, choked and suffocated.

(She says this is exactly what happens with her acidity – this was the most significant sentence in the entire case as she joins the experience of suffocation with that of the chief complaint. That means what is true for her mind (fear of closed places) is also true for her body (acidity and bloating). Thus this becomes the vital sensation in the case.

The sensation of choked, suffocated, breathless, stuck, blocking as if something big passing through a narrow opening – this is her deepest experience.)

To read more about vital sensation – readers are advised to read The Sensation In Homoeopathy and Sensation Refined.

In her physical generals she likes coffee+++ , aversed to papaya ,has sips of cold water and thermally hot.

Case Understanding

Strange rare peculiar symptoms:

  • Suffocation – desires for fresh air
  • Desires to drink water
  • Air hunger
  • Fear of dark
  • Fear of narrow places
  • Fear of crowded places
  • Fear of closing her eyes
  • Fear of becoming blind

Centre of the case is suffocation/ claustrophobia. This theme is clear, intense and comes up again and again.

Experience of suffocation and claustrophobia:

  • Disoriented
  • Numb
  • Dizzy
  • Giddy
  • Choked
  • Suffocated
  • As if something around the neck
  • Something big passing through narrow opening
  • Stuck
  • Like a pull something wants to come out

The most peculiar symptoms that were coming up were fear of suffocation, fear of closing her eyes and something being forced through a narrow place. These were the most peculiar aspects of the case.  This was the anchor in the case. Whichever remedy I chose for her should have these rubrics.

When we repertorize them we get the following set of remedies.

Now we get only two remedies Carbo Animalis and Sulphur.

Once we get this we repertorize her fears and see what suggestions the repertory gives us.

Here the remedy Sulphur goes away but interestingly Carbo Animalis still comes up.

If we look at the totality of this we get:

Through the symptom approach we get the following set of remedies.

Here the knowledge of sensation method is very valuable. Her main sensation was of being choked, suffocated, stuck, and dizzy, as if something is around the throat, wanting to come out. This is the sensation of Row 2, especially the right side of periodic table i.e. Carbon, Nitrogen or Oxygen.

As previously mentioned, the remedies in Row 2 consist of Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbons, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Fluorine and Neon.

When we study the remedies in the context of the stages of human development, we can see Row 2 reflects in the stages following conception and coming into existence (Row 1). The intrauterine phase within the womb, to the phase of labor, to the separation from the womb.

The remedies on the left side of this row like Lithium and Beryllium correlate with stages before labor where the fetus is still connected and dependent on the mother. Hence, we see a lot of dependence here.

From Borax onwards we see the symptoms related to the process of labor until oxygen where the fetus is out of womb and lastly fluorine where the fetus is separated from the womb. So here it resembles the passage of fetus through the birth canal. Thus, Carbon onwards the sensation of stuck, constriction and suffocation can be seen as the most prominent feature among Carbons, Nitrogen’s and Oxygen’s.

Our patient classically gave the experience of something big passing through a narrow place and something wants to come out which is an exact representation of the birth process.

From the symptoms we are able to come to Carbo animalis and this can be confirmed by the system (the sensation method) where the experience of the patient is that of Row 2.

Here we see the symptom and system both complement each other. When both can be used inclusively then the prescription becomes surer.

She was prescribed Carbo animalis 1m one dose on 7-10-2014


  1. Sankaran, R., Structure: Experiences with The Mineral Kingdom, Homeopathic Medical Publishers (2008)

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