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Inspiring Homeopathy: Seminar Review

Inspiring Homeopathy: Seminar Review

Review of the Inspiring Homeopathy seminar given by Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom (NA)
Reviewed by Sheila Muldaur, Teleosis clinical student

When I first heard of Kim Kalina (photo-right), a homeopath from upstate New York, it was about the same time I first heard of Inspiring Homeopathy, Treatment of Universal Layers. As a fourth year student of homeopathy at Teleosis School in Boston, MA I am drawn to explore different ways of prescribing, looking for my own match. I had heard that Dr. Tinus Smits of the Netherlands holds an Inspiring Homeopathy (IH) course each summer in the south of France, and was excited to learn that Kim Kalina, who attended his very first course in 2005, was offering the same experience right here in the US at her farm in upstate NY with Tinus Smits’ blessing.

In the forward to his book of the same name, Dr. Smits explains that IH is a new technique for actively supporting self-realization and spiritual growth in clients, assisting them through the Universal experiences of simply being human – issues of incarnation/bonding, protection/boundaries, self-love, confidence/control, victimization, shame, and disconnection of the soul. It expands on, yet is different from, classical homeopathy in that IH focuses on the active life process the client is currently engaged or stuck in, whereas classical homeopathy primarily focuses on the client’s presenting symptoms. I was interested in understanding more of this system, and the prospect of visiting the south of France was alluring but impossible for me. Kim, who is a teacher at Teleosis, has been treating her clients using this system for the past 5 years, so this seemed like it would be a wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in this new method. I joined seven others to take part in a five day Inspiring Homeopathy Initiation Course facilitated by Kim at her farm in August of 2008.

We met each morning in Kim’s woods and sat in comfortable chairs encircling a flat rock where the Inspiring remedies sat. Towering above us, leafed out giant trees provided dappled shade on the hottest day. Even though it was August, by late afternoon, we found ourselves wrapped in “affirmation blankets”, choosing one whose embossed pattern fit our individual need. The process of study was the same for each remedy; Kim would talk about the remedy briefly, relating it to the remedy layer that came before or after, then each participant would choose to spray (which affects the external energy field of the body), dissolve in the mouth (which works from the inside out), or hold the glass bottle that contained the remedy. We would move into a quiet meditation period in order to develop a personal relationship with each remedy until Kim sounded the gong on her Tibetan chakra bowl.

My meditations swirled around family, friends, present and past, history and humanism. New awareness about relationships in my life, where I’ve been and where I’m going, crept into my space. Scenes from my history and that of the world showed remedy relationships. Through these meditations I began to know the remedies and myself at a deeper level. After a short break to collect our thoughts and impressions, it was time to share our experience if we chose to, or just listen to others. Kim tied together our sharings into keynotes of life’s processes and their relationships to the remedies.

There were other things about the week too – things that were not of the everyday variety; the horses fit into that category. Kim has therapeutic horses, Hugo and Coco. They were partners in our journey, there to guide or assist us as we needed. They hung out by the fence or in their field, 20 feet from our circle in the woods. Often what brought me out of the meditation was the snort of Hugo or Coco just before the gong sounded. The red tailed hawk came around too. We all were visited by different animals in our meditations and we referred to Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak book to explore those relationships, but the red tailed hawk was Kim’s. She soared over the hillside, greeting us and watching over us as we journeyed with these remedies. Resources abounded and Kim is a wealth of information for supporting the healing process with our clients. I learned about books to read for specific issues to share with clients, the best “eco friendly” products and so much about homeopathy, remedies and healing.


Lac maternum came first with issues related to lack of connection. It is made from the breast milk of nine lactating women at all the stages of lactation between birth and nine months, differentiating it from Lac humanum which is made from the milk of a single lactating woman.

Vernix caseosa, made from the protective coating on our bodies at birth, can help people to develop clear boundaries. Homeopaths often find it helpful to keep a pellet of Vernix in their own pocket to stay in a protected place while working with difficult clients.

Saccharum officinale, a remedy all about lack of self-love, is made from sugar. The state of Sac alb reflects the state of our times, with so many trying to fill the empty loveless places inside with food, superficial love, money and material things.

Carcinosin, Cuprum, and the synthetic remedy Carcinosin cum cuprum center around deep issues of self confidence. Depending on which remedy is indicated, the clients may show the warrior out to prove their worth, the doormat with no sense of self, or someplace in between; but ultimately they are searching for their own center where true confidence originates.

Poison ivy, Rhus tox, is all about finding their inner strength/anger and using that strength to be a “victim no more”. When a client needs Rhus tox, they’re often ready for a big change in their lives.

Going to the Anacardium place can be caused by deep hurt and shame, so deep it isn’t even recognized; they detach so they don’t even remember, which creates the split and thus the well known duality of Anacardium.

Hydrogen can be for those who have given their will completely over to another and live their lives through that person (even if the person is no longer present due to divorce or death); for those ready to transition out of the earthly plane, this remedy can help the soul let go in peace during the final stages of life.

A week is never long enough. When Friday afternoon rolled around, it was time to for us to go back to our worlds. Kim wrapped up, reminding us of the basics. Some clients simply move through the various Inspiring Homeopathy layers. Others shift between Inspiring Homeopathy layers and their chronic/constitutional remedy. When giving these remedies, as with all homeopathic prescribing, the homeopath works from the currently presenting state of the client. Kim reminded us of how Tinus Smits prefers to prescribe by working through at least four potencies (one at a time in intervals dictated by the case of 30C, 200C, 1M and 10M) at each layer to produce a more complete and sustained healing response at all levels.

It takes an observant eye with a good foundation in Inspiring Homeopathy to see and sense the shifts in clients and to know when and which remedy to give next, which I discovered is not something that can be learned by just reading the book. As Hahnemann dictates, the remedies must be experienced personally, and doing that in tandem with others in a natural environment is an ideal way to do just that, providing a thorough understanding of each remedy and the system as a whole through various perspectives. The week in the New York woods gave me the beginning of that good foundation, and I’m studying and prescribing, continuing to learn more every day.

I already have a two year old client who, with the help of Vernix, has been able to form boundaries with his mom and doesn’t need to nurse every ten minutes anymore. His Cuprum brother is becoming a more appropriate warrior; he no longer talks about cutting people in half or killing with a knife. My Carcinosin college student used to be riddled with guilt; her new take-charge actions demonstrate her growing self- confidence. These Inspiring remedies have already made a difference in my practice, and my prescribing will be forever influenced by Inspiring Homeopathy. That week in August opened my life.

I highly recommend this seminar. Anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of some familiar remedies and learn useful new ones while embarking on their own personal and professional growth will benefit. Your practice and understanding of homeopathy and healing will grow and prosper as a result. Mine certainly has.

For more information about Inspiring Homeopathy or the 2009 Courses please contact Kim Kalina at (518) 872-1177, or visit the websites at or

Photo: Kim Kalina


Sheila Muldaur makes her home on Martha’s Vineyard and is a homeopath in training at Teleosis School in Boston, MA. She is currently a fourth grade teacher and has a special interest in homeopathy and children, and is the author of a series of books on reading assessment.

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Sheila Muldaur

Sheila Muldaur makes her home on Martha's Vineyard and is a homeopath in training at Teleosis School in Boston, MA. She is currently a fourth grade teacher and has a special interest in homeopathy and children, and is the author of a series of books on reading assessment.

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