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Open Letter to the Junior Doctors of the British Medical Association

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

A letter in response to the recent ban on Homeopathy placed by the BMA

At your annual conference you voted a motion to ban the teaching of homeopathy to trainee doctors. Your deputy chairman then called homeopathy “witchcraft”, to which you responded with considerable laughter. You did this, in spite of the fact that you had never tried homeopathy, nor read any of the major texts or case histories, or the studies supporting it.

Certainly you thought you were defending rationality, since you perceive homeopathy as implausible. Your perception is largely based on the “impossibility” of high dilutions affecting physiology. Perhaps you also heard about the contrived (and now discredited) Shang study, which purported to show homeopathy was placebo (never mind the scores of legitimate studies proving otherwise.1)

To set the record straight, I’m going to make some basic arguments and then offer a simple test that you can do, to experience the effect of homeopathy. If you still feel the same way after reading this and trying the test, so be it. If not, consider withdrawing your support for that motion.

Let me address the dilution issue. As there are no chemicals in homeopathic remedies beyond the 12c potency, it is clear the remedies don’t work chemically. Since their action is not dependent on material, the level of dilution is a non-issue and irrelevant. Exactly how they work is still a mystery, but some of it has been unraveled.

Research by Dr. S.Y. Lo revealed that when a substance is dissolved in water and succussed, it produces clusters of water molecules characteristic of that substance. Furthermore, these clusters can replicate themselves in solution, even in the absence of the original substance 2,3,4,5 In other words, the water itself carries a kind of imprint even in solutions diluted beyond Avogadro’s number.

What holds these clusters together? In experiments by Endler and Shulte, highly potentized homeopathic preparations of thyroxin were found to influence biological systems even through a layer of glass.6,7 This suggests the process may be mediated by electromagnetic field interactions.

Physicist Cyril Smith sees homeopathic remedies as specific frequencies, produced by succussing a substance in water. He sees these as interacting with the body to evoke a healing response.8 Clearly these explanations take us well past chemistry.

Numerous replicated studies, where placebo is totally ruled out, confirm the biological effects of highly potentized substances:
High potencies of thymulin depressed the immune response in mice 9; Potentized cyanide of mercury, protected mice from toxic doses of that substance.10 High dilutions of thyroxin altered the rate at which larvae change into tadpoles 11, and potentized Ruta Graveolens and Ginseng protected mice from sub-lethal doses of X-rays. 12

Do they Work?
Aside from the mechanism of homeopathic remedies, is the question of whether they work. In the end, that’s the key issue. There are thousands of case records over the last two hundred years, demonstrating homeopathy’s effectiveness. Its success in lethal epidemics, both as treatment and prophylaxis is also well documented You can read about and listen to some of it here.14, 15. There are also very many studies supporting homeopathy and here you can find a partial, but robust list.1

Finally, tens of thousands of board certified medical doctors with decades of experience, swear by homeopathy. To dismiss homeopathy, you would have to assume all these doctors and the millions of patients they treated, (over 200 years) have all been mistaken and just imagined that the kidney, heart, thyroid disease etc. was cured.

You could read studies all day, but in the end, people, even junior doctors, learn with their bodies. The easiest way for you to experience homeopathy is to take a remedy that fits your symptoms. For a few pounds you can buy a homeopathic remedy and treat yourself the next time you have some acute problem. At the bottom of this paper I’ve listed some remedies and their indications. You could also buy one of the beginner’s homeopathy books, which will give you even more choices. Finally, you could visit a homeopath as another way to experience a remedy.

Why should you do this ?

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. It can provide you with an additional, powerful new tool for healing, safer and with a wider and deeper action. If you only give out drugs, you won’t cure chronic diseases, and sometimes those drugs you prescribe are going to injure and kill people.13 You’ll rationalize this by saying to yourself “Those were the best options I had at the time”. But what if there was a safer, more effective option, and you were too full of certainty to learn about it.

You may laugh at this proposal, as you’ll be tempted to do. Or you can take a few moments and be a scientist…and the best doctor you can be.

Homeopathic remedies and some of their indications. Your symptoms must fit those of the remedy, for it to work. However you don’t have to have all the symptoms of the remedy. A 30c potency is recommended. As symptoms improve, take the remedy less often or stop.

Arnica – After traumatic injuries when there is specifically a sore, lame bruised feeling, black and blue spots; often a fear of being touched or even approached. Another indication is that the injured person says there is nothing wrong with him. Head hot, but body cold. The bed may feel unusually hard. Worse from motion, least touch, rest. Better lying down or with head low.

Bryonia – A sprain which is worse from any motion, worse from heat and better from rest, pressure, cold. Better lying on the painful side. Sometimes, hot swollen joints and wants to sit very still. Stitching pains.

Rhus tox – A sprain that is worse from rest and worse from initial motion, but better from continued motion. Better from heat, change of position, stretching the limbs. Worse from cold and dampness. Restlessness often accompanies this sprain.

Aconitum – For the first stage of ailments the come on often after exposure to a dry cold environment, or after becoming frightened. Sudden, intense onset of symptoms which include fear, restlessness, unquenchable thirst and red, hot dry skin.

Nux vomica – A remedy with very broad action, only some of which can be listed here. Among other things it covers the symptoms often seen after bingeing on alcohol, drugs, stimulants (coffee), over eating (esp. spicy food.) Worse in the morning with nausea, constipation (straining), chilliness, irritability with anger. Oversensitive to light, sound, odors. Worse from cold, drafts, pressure of clothes.


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About the author

Alan V. Schmukler

Alan V. Schmukler is a homeopath, Chief Editor of Homeopathy for Everyone and author of ”Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook”, (also in French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese). He is Hpathy’s resident cartoonist and also produces Hpathy’s Tips & Secrets column and homeopathy Crossword puzzles each month. Alan is a recipient of the National Center for Homeopathy Martha Oelman Community Service Award. Visit Alan at his website: Here.


  • The problem with the water molecule cluster theory is that these clusters only last for fractions of a second. Obviously there is something we dont know. I dont think these prescribing indications for simple remedies will help convincing the non believers. A better way is to publish/share cases of significant pathologies where you have documented evidence by way of lab reports / imaging to show that there is unequivocal improvement. Mind you these should be cases where improvement by chance/passage of time/change in social situations should not be possible.

    • The best way to experience homeopathy is making a proving of a remedy. I was very skeptic before I study the homeopathy. A friend of mine get me in contact with this strange science and I decided to make a proving on my own to convince him that it does not work.

      I went to the library and opened a book listing few homeopathic remedies. Sulfur catched my eye and I bought the remedy (30C) in a pharmacy. The next days I took the remedy every 6 hours. In the first night I got very strange and vivid dreams. The other days my body began to smell strange, like sulfur and my clothes colored yellow under my axillary. My nose began to bleed. I was very hungry, especially at 11 am. Beside all this symptoms I felt so great. The remedy seems to work, even if mainstream said that it does not.

      Since this time I made over 50 proving on my own (maybe more) and I am not a believer, I know that it works.

      • Hello Peter,

        Now, assume i am a non believer. Why should i do these provings and suffer from nose bleeds, bad dreams, foul body odour ?

        • The junior doctors and their deputy chairman of British Medical Association would do well to read some of literatures mentioned by Prof schumakler and become wiser . There is no end to aquire knowledge. It is good to put up intelligent questions to such enlightening article rather than ridiculing the time proven scinces of homeopathy. Ignorance is bliss but arrogance is dangerous for the individual and disasterous for the society.

  • Dear Alan,

    I really liked you letter.

    It was calm, rational, well researched and non confrontational.

    I hope it does reach the Junior Doctors and they respond with as much integrity as you did writing this letter and take up your invitation to find out for themselves the merits of homoeopathy.

    Well done.

    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thank you for the kind comments. I should feel happy if even one of those doctors experienced the power of homeopathy.

  • If disbelief on homeopathy depends on higher potency only, then we homeopath should not be headstrong to feed them the controversial logic to believe the higher potency. Hahnemann himself faced maximum antagonism when the potency
    was 2x to 4x that was within first 20 years of homeopathic practice. If the
    nonbelievers do not have any problem within Avogadros number, then let them do
    so. Attack against Hahnemann started diminishing after the success in cholera
    epidemic on 1931. The drug was camphor with very very low potency–please see
    Hahnemann’s Lesser Writings. France has the best homeopathic market of the world, where higher potency is banned since 1999. So, first make them believe
    on low potency, then the rest will come gradually.
    With regards.

    Md Emdadul Hossain

  • While i see you have written a good letter, most of those who are naysayers are of fixed opinion.

    I intend in future just to send the naysayers short case histories like those from the book “Fifty reasons for being a Homoeopath” by J Compton Burnett M.D.

    I firmly believe many of them are paid to attempt to disrupt the practice of Homoeopathy in any way they can, and would therefore not be prepared to change their minds, but just possibly, and it is but a small chance, they may remember the cured case when a similar one hits their radar.

    • Dear Marianne,

      I like your idea of sending cases. By the way, “Fifty Reasons..” is a lovely and inspiring book. I wish they would all read it!

      • Dear Dr Schmukler,

        I could not agree more about the interest that Compton Burnett generates in his book and the kind of cases he could cure with homeopathy. He seems to break many of the rules of “classical homeopathy” and yet gets away with what seem to be fantastic cures.
        However looking at it from a conventional angle, his cases have no documentation. What he calls as tumors, have no pathological proof — probably there was none then. So did he treat malignant growths, or were they benign ?? If i am a conventional doctor who is a non believer i would perhaps pooh pooh at Burnett’s exposition !

  • Just to thank you for such a well written and referenced letter….I hope it has some effect. I work as a Homeopath in a GP surgery in Gloucestershire and although I have been there for 10 years now and have demonstrated the wonderful value of Homeopathy in hundreds of cases, I feel that until we know the exact and full mechanism for sure by which Homeopathy operates we will be fighting an uphill battle.

    We need much more research which costs money – and Homeopaths have never been in the business of making money.

    With regard to the BMA and the NHS, I hope that the government will make a decision based on facts re patients at the Hospitals concerned and not just follow the misguided decision of non believers.

    Katrina Graham HMA Cirencester UK

  • Dear Dr. Habbu,

    Thank you very much for your comment. I agree that we need more laboratory documented cures. The problem is that the critics are not even reading the evidence we do present. Hundreds of pages of cases, studies and historical records were submitted to the UK Science and Technology Committee, but a couple weeks later they stated there was “no evidence” for homeopathy. Of course two of the members voting had ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

    Most of the millions of people who now use homeopathy believe in it because it affected them personally, not because they read the research. Every famous homeopath I interviewed said they came to homeopathy after a personal experience with it. That is the reason I challenged the junior doctors to try it.

  • Thank you for this letter! It would serve well to “share” it on Facebook!…
    And yes experience of homeopathy will go a long way whilst sending the sceptics yet again to read research won’t… after all they don’t even read the research for their own medicine/vaccines etc or they wouldn’t be prescribing them!

  • Dear Dr. Habbu,

    Re: life span of clusters:

    I forgot to mention that Drl S.Y Lo, using transmission electron microscopy,fluorescence spectrophotometry and nuclear magnetic resonance, determined thatthe clusters were stable for years, without significant degradation. -Homeopathy -Sceince or Myth- Dr. Bill Gray -p.67

    • Dear Dr Schmukler,

      Thanks for the interest in the conversation. Could you give me the reference / internet link for this basic research you are quoting. Somehow i am under the impression that these clusters are extremely transient and that is the reason this memory of water theory didn’t really make any great shakes beyond a point.
      About trying out homeopathy and then believing in it, well i find it a difficult and lengthy proposition. The reason being that the remedies you helped them out with in your article will in my experience only reduce the duration of suffering of a problem which has a natural inclination to cure. That does not necessarily have as much impact as say cases of aplastic anemias, dilated cardiomyopathies, interstitial lung diseases and the like — i mention these because of two reasons — no known spontaneous improvements and secondly no good allopathic treatment available ( except transplantation )

      • Dear Dr. Habbu,

        Much of the research was collected by Dr. Bill Gray and published in a book called Homeopathy Science or Myth – North Atlantic Books -Berkeley California.

        There is another article on Hpathy

        in which Martin Chaplin makes the point that although the lifetime of hydrogen bonds between the water molecules do not persist when the solute is removed, the lifetime of hydrogen bonds does NOT control the lifetime of clusters. Chaplin has several references in his footnotes to the studies of Dr. S.Y.Lo (California Institute of Techology and American Technologies Group) who did mluch of this research.

        Also I would direct you to any of the numerous articles by physicist Cyril Smith who has written a series for Hpathy.

        I agree that curing a chronic ailment which is not amenable to cure by allopathic means is powerful proof. Still, the little Aha! experience one has when an acute remedy works is also worth its weight in gold.

        My best
        Alan V. Schmukler

        • Dear Dr Schmukler,

          Thanks for these leads, i will go through them at leisure.

          I get what you mean by that “Aha” experiennce ! 🙂


  • I would like to suggest the following homeopathics to try:

    Symphytum 30c in fracture.

    Arnica 30c in hematoma of several months standing (I had one such case, 18 months duration, & after Arnica given for a different complaint, the bruising started to clear rapidly.

    Hypericum 30c half hourly in nerve pain, such as dental abscess.

    • Hello Anne
      I was interested to see you recommending Symphytum in the 30th.
      I’m very much a lay homoeopath and with fractures have always used low potency Symphytum. Boericke said… in tincture. On that basis I used 3x pills with very good results.
      Recently I sent some to Thailand in the 6c, for expediency, and was a little concerned about it. However you have somewhat allayed my anxiety thereon.
      My son living in Thailand tells me that in his experience, homoeopathy is not known there, and thus remedies seem non existent.
      Regards, Robert Q

  • I suggest that the naysayers take oscillococcinum and repeat it a few times to observe first hand what happens from taking that remedy.


  • Several Years ago at the opening lecture at a Quantum Chemistry and Biolgy Seminar a well renowned Physicist said that: “A scientist should never disregard an observation just because he can not explain it. It is upto him to seek the explanation for the phenomenon.” That is how how our knowledge of the unverse expands.

    Unfortunately it is mostly scientists who have lost their scientific mind that speak agains homeopathy denying the observation on the results produced by homeopathy in effecting the cure. Granted that we still do not have a full explanation. But that does not invalidate the observations.

    Personally, my experiences with homeopathy have been wonderful. My fifteen year old chronic sinusites, which could only be aleviated with antibiotics, was cured in one week by a homeopathy physician in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 35 years ago.

    In my opinion, all physicians, of all schools, must study all possible means availabe for cure and use the best for the patient in the context.

  • Do you know that there is NO scientific evidence/proof that GRAVITY exists? Sure, we have anecdotal (and experiential) evidence of the EFFECTS of gravity (ie. we “stick” to the ground without flying off into space), but there is NO scientific explanation of how gravity works, or where it comes from. Does that mean that gravity is placebo and cannot work? Same goes for magnetism which science cannot explain. Isn’t it paradoxical then how our world can exist with all these phenomena that cannot be “proven”, yet they want to discredit homeopathy??

    • Thank you Gunther, your point really goes to the heart of it. It also suggests these doctors have become so mechanistic they’ve lost touch with the mystery of the universe.

      We might also add that many of the drugs these doctors use are listed as “action unknown”. It seems they like to engage in selective perception.

  • dear dr alan,
    your article looked quite balanced.I appreciate your sincere effort.even in India we are facing constant attack from so called rationalists.In India some scietists are also interested in the homoeopathic research. i can quote you, one such ongoing research were prof Jindal and team from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,Mumbai have come up with Plethysmography instrument to record homoeopathic drug actions on human body. Interestingly these are drug specific actions. we support to you in your mission to educate the so called rationalists.

  • Who is irrational here? Obviously the so called scientific allopaths are! I hav seen 10 sec cures even in my 4 month old son. Today i hav a 12 yr daugh n 7 yr son who took no allopat medicine, ever.

  • Dear Dr Praveen raj p,

    Thank you for your kind comment and for the reference to the Plethysmography instrument. I will investigte that research which sounds promising. Perhaps one day we will spend our energy on research that advances homeopathy, rather than just convincing the critics.

    • dear dr Alan,
      thank you for the reply. prof Jindal though a scientist is having deep knowledge about the homoeopathic system. it is very interesting to note the blood flow variability and other changes registered by the plethysmography. it is drug specific.
      i do agree with that grey areas in our system should be first addressed to. then we can permanently close the mouth of critics.

  • Sir,
    your article is very enlightening to non believers, but I don’t understand that why should we entertain them ? for homoeopathy it is not necessory to give explaination to non believers, homoeopathy is to far to understand them


  • A succinct letter and very useful indeed.

    I am a medical doctor who also practises Homeopathy and this has enabled me to help so many more of my patients. It is very sad to see so many conventional doctors close themselves off from all things outside their own medical dogma.

  • Dear Dr. Alan V. Schmukler,
    I do agree with your open letter to Junior doctors of the British Medical Association. I am a qualified physiotherapist worked qualified doctors from U.K. and German. I never had any belief in Homeopathy till my wife became very ill i.e. Psychoneurotic problems. She had numerous treatment from allopthy but all end in vain. She had been suffering from this problem for nearly 2 years along with diabetis mellitus type 2. But, after loosing all hopes from allopathy, I approached a homeopathy practioner and he prescribed some homeopathy medicines and within 4 days of starting the treatment, she became very normal and started doing all daily activities individually. Not only that, her diabetes problem was also solved by Homeopathy medicines. Now, no need to fear about hypoglycemia.So, let them try to use homeopathy medicine and see the results. Now, I have referred another patient for homeopathy, whose both kidneys are damaged and undergoing dialysis for the past 6 months. His creatinine level will be always above 10 and urea will be above 170 if he does not go for dialysis for one week. I am waiting for the results. But, within 10 days of homeopathy treatment, urine output has improved dramatically. Hats off to Homeopathy!


  • The open letter to BMA is forceful and convincing as well as a challenge to the Allopathic community to try homeopathy before rejecting it. It seems the BMA is perhaps getting scared of the growing popularity of homeopathy. Of all the alternative pathies, homeopathy is most scientific and successful. Modern science has found that matter is nothing but condensed energy.This supports the basis of higher potencies in homeopathy, which influence the living organisms, even when not detected by the instruments,available to us at present. All other articles in the July issue, particularly ‘the mich method, homeopathy-a quantum leap, isopathy etc. were very informative and interesting.Thanks for the selfless service your magazine is doing. HARISH NAGPAL

  • A very noble letter, Dr. Schmuckler, in that you seek to make well the enemies of our good and real medicine.
    I fear they would just take the gift, the harder to attack others who might benefit.
    How often have you heard “I tried Homeopathy, it didn’t work, the illness just went away”? Regrettably our art does itself no favours in its profound, rapid action yet gentle action.

    My own rather more cruel suggestion was to have them attempt a proving of Ars Alb, or more amusingly, Hyoscyamus, at well beyond Avogadro’s limits.

    It should at least leave them with a strong impression that something they do not understand is going on, perhaps wean them away from their dogmatic Scientarian delusion.

  • Dear Mr Schmukler,
    I have read your open letter to BMA in July issue and support every word of your letter. I am a retired accountant,did diploma in Herbalism after retirement and read Homeopathic books at home. Igot inspired with alternative medicine after loosing my good wife who died with ovarian cancer due to delayed diagnose by her GP.
    On the contrary to the criticism of BMA Doctors about Homeopathy, we should support all sources of medical treatments for the cause of human and animal health and use these options as they fit best to the circumestances of the patient. It is pitty most orthodox Doctors do not believe in that.
    During last 2 yrs, I have carefully prescribed Dr Reckeweg prescriptions to some of the patients and achieved very good results. These are combination of medicines which are easy to use by matching some of patients symptoms.One of the medicine I tried is R49 for chronic catarrh and sinusitis has following ingredients :

    Arsen.alb D12, Calcium carb. D30, Cinnabaris D12, Kalium bichrom D12,`Mercur.sol D30, Pulsatilla D12, Sepia D12, Sulphur D30

    I shall report further cases.


  • An excellent article, but in some ways it puts the cart before the horse. In our eagerness to defend the potentised remedy we make the same mistake of sidestepping the basic principal as our protagonists do. i.e homeopathy is a system of curing like with likes.

    I have in my possession a wonderful little book published by Goulds in 1906 titled ‘Family Practice: or simple directions in homoeopathic domestic medicine.’ It originally came with an accompanying case of medicines, and in it are listed 69 remedies most of which are in 3x potency. When we are told, therefore, by ‘experts’ that our remedies cannot work because of the extreme dilutions, our best response would be to question them a) do they accept the possibility of likes curing likes? b) if so would they be willing to use remedies well within the Avogadro limit to verify it? So forget the 30 potencies. A copy of Clark’s ‘The Prescriber,’ where a large proportion of indicated remedies are given in 3c and less, would be a good book to give a doctor to experiment with.

    In one of his books the theologian, C. S. Lewis, stated there were many points about Christianity that could be explained from the outside, but there were many aspects that could only be understood when one had been down the road a little way. He added that the best thing to do was to take hold of what one understood and apply it, but if something seemed too difficult or puzzling then just forget it for the time being until it began to make sense. There will always be a hard core of ‘antis’ who conveniently forget that the only way to learn to swim is to jump in the water, and who will always say ‘prove it to me first and then I will use it.’ So let’s encourage others not to worry about high potencies, but just use low potencies to begin with, and the high potencies will eventually take care of themselves.

    Frederick Cole D.Hom(Med), FBIH

  • Not effective enough or hard hitting.
    Here is what I wrote in http://www.wikipedia.org; ‘discussion’: placebo effect or Homoeopathy works?
    Let me state at the very begining that ‘it works’.
    Let any of the ‘non-believing’ rationalists under go the following test: 1. Take 30 ml of potentiated mother tincture of Tuberculinum Bov 200 for 10 days by sipping it slowly for 5 minutes. It is supposed to contain ‘zero’ molecules, no doubt. Simply lt him make note of what happen to him through the 10 days period and 10 days next.. Now we will have the best result.
    One may try even other medicines like Graphites200, Glonoine200 or psorinum200 or Aconite200. Let them just try. PURE ALCHOHOL!!! is n’t it?

  • I propose this experiment because, the ‘zero molecule’ tincture will generate precisely same dominating symptoms that the tincture in minutest quantities was supposed to heal. This personally happened to a ‘Doctorate’ in Chemistry who started out to disprove Homoeopathy and challenged that he would go for blind tests.(He tested potentiated tinctures in Atomic spectroscope, NMR which proved the Tinctures as PURE ALCHOHOL)) He had his ‘shocks’ of learning starting with Natrum mur 200. His big shock was blind test of same nature with Argentum Nitricum200. (Desiring sweets, fearing heights but desire to jump etc etc) and after hurting himself from jump, he opened his windows of learning, subsequently proving 21 medicines on himself and now became a great Homoeo doctor, healing many big cases(as I have myself witnessed) in Convulsions, Diabetes, TB, Menses problems, Creatinine etc etc. He was a scientist with a big conglomerate in USA for 10 years. Left everything to be a Homoeopath in life.
    So, I hereby request people to have an open window in their minds.30 ml or 15 ml does not matter. You in fact should dilute it with pure water and sip it as I suggested. Homoeo- A fine, inexpensive system that is capable of helping millions of poor people. Let it live and flourish. For the love of our future generations, at the least. The Pharma giants may disagree and think of only their share value. But where is the cure for common cough and cold? For Creatinine in Blood? Kidney problems? Cancer(It is not just located in those ‘affected tissues’! Thats why it keeps coming back)? Head aches? Convulsions? (I am talking abt ‘cure’. Not MANAGEMENT or cut and paste technology)How many women with Gynec problems are suffering with ‘unending harmone taking’ thru out their life? Congenital problems? Anger? Depression? Laziness?
    My daughter and son are 12 and 7. Never used any other medicines. If I can, anybody can.With a little care.
    It is true that we come across ‘very good’ homoeo docs rarely. that is because, too much hardwork and intellect are involved in learning it properly and serve the patients.

  • Bringing attention to your ‘ A mother tincture will contain appreciable amounts of the supposed active ingredient.’ No sir, the problem here is, if Mother tincture of 13 C does not have any molecules.(Zero molecules as per ‘scientific’ reasoning) 200C which is 187 times further diluted at 1:100 with Alchohol will have one(1) in a billion -chance of having 1 molecule in 100 ml of Alchohol So, this can’t be right.
    Yes, even after these dilutions, if the mother tinctures are able to create dominating symptoms of the material(After undergoing the test I suggested)in the Humanbeings,that is what TODAY’S SCIENCE SHOULD PURSUE. AND RESPECT Dr.Hahnemaa’s genius.
    Note, Human beings are the medium of test here. Take 100 volunteers and start the blind tests like I suggested. All, for the good of humanity.—

  • hello.. i m doctor priyanka a homeopath…. it was good attempt to convince them,, but i believe that they already know that h’pathy is working their queen is taking h’pathy since long time… but now all allopathic doctors and pharmacist have pressurised their gov. to take this kind of decision… as per my opinion… they are now insecure and afraid abt homeopathy that it will now replace practise of allopathy…. n big pharmacy’s big profit in medicines will be now reducing….. it’s all political and selfish n bussiness oriented decision… we can not change it unless n untill we all unite n fight against this decision by some proper way…

    • Dear Dr. Priyanka,

      Thank you for your comment. The people who propagandize against homeopathy, spread mis-information and hold “evidence check” hearings are quite aware that homeopathy works. As you say, they feel threatened by this. The junior doctors I see as naive, with limited perspective, and victims of propaganda. If any one of them experienced homeopathy, he/she would become a passionate supporter.

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