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In this excerpt from Jeremy Sherr’s book “Neon”, he discusses ozone and oxygen and their meaning in human identity. Information from the proving is offered to elicit deeper understanding.

Excerpted from Jeremy Sherr’s book:  Neon –The Noble Gases


(Note: when I refer purely to the chemical element there is no initial capital letter (ozone, oxygen) whereas the remedy name or esoteric concept of an element begins with a capital (Ozone, Oxygen). The boundaries here are often blurred and you can choose to understand these concepts in any way that suits.)

The dark, pungent and toxic Ozone is essentially opposite to the colourless, odourless, life-supporting oxygen. Oxygen appears as one atom of the water molecule H2O, two atoms in the O2 molecule in the air we breathe, and three atoms in the ozone molecule, O3. The atmospheric ratio of O2 and O3 fluctuates in response to solar radiation, temperature changes and other catalytic influences. Ozone forms a thin layer 20-50 kilometres above the earth’s surface, which protects life from ultraviolet light and harmful solar radiation.  This ozone layer appears as the dark, blue-black sky we see just after dusk.

We might say, therefore, that in direct contrast to its sister oxygen, the dark ozone layer separates the first period of hydrogen, helium and direct sunlight from the second period of organic life (carbon, oxygen and nitrogen) and protects it from intense radiation (Figure 14.7).

…and darkness was over the face of the deep

Figure 14.7 Ozone separates the intense light of the first period from the second one

Naturally, the Ozone proving is full of references to the colour black, and some to the opposing red or white colours. The following proving references are from Anna Schadde’s Ozone proving and my own unpublished proving.

Talks a lot about colours (red and black).

I imagine that the countryside is covered by a black, soft, warm layer of snow.

Dream a black spider crawls through the left corner of the mouth into the mouth.

The ozone layer is analogous to melanin in the skin.  Melanin, derived from the word black, refers to insoluble pigments that account for the dark colour of skin, hair, fur, scales, feathers, etc. Just as the bluish-black layer of atmosphere shields the world from the direct rays of sun, black melanin pigments protect our body from excessive sunshine and radiation. We know that holes in the ozone layer lead to melanomas, a defensive attempt of the body to protect against increased solar radiation.

I have the impression of wandering around as if under a glass dome.

In most languages light and truth are synonymous. The phrases ‘I saw the light’, ‘the truth dawned on me’ and ‘in light of the facts’, are good examples of this relationship. Truth is a powerful force for good, as long as we are strong enough to accept it. Otherwise, truth can be extremely dangerous to mortals, hence we mostly avoid it. The truth is that we can handle truth but not the whole truth. If we do not filter universal truth, it kills us. If we were to learn all the secrets of heaven and earth we would fry like moth on a flame. We need protection from knowledge of the whole truth until such time as we are able to cope with it. Ozone is the filter, the firmament, the black lie that shelters us from a light and truth that is too powerful for us to handle. It is the screen that shields the organic second period from the spiritual period above, because the spiritual light of God is too intense.

Figure 14.8 UV Truth

The proving of Ozone thus depicts the attenuation of direct ultraviolet light or truth in our earthly world.

I have the impression of wandering around as if under a glass dome.

In cabbalistic terms, or Jewish theology, ozone represents the dark shell or screen (Klipa) that shields us from the light of truth, but at the same time prevents our true light from fully shining. These protective shells are necessary because we are not strong enough to contain the whole truth without our vessel shattering. The only way to remove the need for this protection is to strengthen our vessels by being upright physically, emotionally and morally.

Here are three examples on the nature of truth from the Ozone proving:

I experience great, eternal truths, depth; feel truth physically.

Feeling of having to be direct, to tell everyone the truth.

It seems that truth was being like a line in water (JS proving).

While the first symptom shows us what a world of truth without Ozone protection would be like, the last symptom indicates another aspect of the firmament or Ozone, the geometry of truth.  At the equator, where the earth is closer to the sun and the angle of the sun’s rays is perpendicular to the ozone layer, UV light penetrates the ozone layer much more directly. When we get closer to the poles, the light hits the ozone layer at an angle, and consequently penetration is much less intense. Hence, the need for a melanin-intense, black skin near the equator and pale skin in the north and south of our planet.

In a similar way to light, truth burns when told directly, but is attenuated when given at an appropriate angle. Ozone is full of references to the damage caused by too direct a truth, as opposed to the art of softening it. Here are some examples:

Argument with mother. He told her the truth, not what she wanted to hear…It burst forth out of him, the total confrontation.

I feel secure, am able to lead more firmly. Gave a pupil a detention; something I had meant to do for a long time and saw as necessary but had never managed to achieve. Am surprised at how smoothly it went and was accepted. Good mood, feel strengthened.

She finds it easier to refrain from criticizing. She wasn’t bothered about her father eating noisily and her mother-in-law sniffling. Didn’t even notice it. A feeling of ‘They are already old, you can’t change them.’

Girlfriend says that he is softer, not as stern and determined, not as impatient as usual. Normally puts forward his point view more harshly, now more calmly.

Opposing the theme of being direct is the theme of progressing at more gentle angles, which is also apparent in the proving.

Dream the road is tarmacked. I had to drive in swerving lines to make a path between the tarmac-machine and roller in order to get to the house.

Dream I went to the barber and he cut my hair horribly. It was angled cut, not a straight line. In my dream, my hair was jet black and extremely straight. (JS proving)

Here is another example of a ‘black lie’:

Guilty conscience on slaughtering a ram. ‘I have a pitch-black conscience that I’m having the animal slaughtered.’

Initially this guilt seems a semi-noble emotion. However, we soon see that the ‘black ozone guilt’ is a compensation filter that protects us from the painful light of truth, which is that despite anything we may say or feel, we did kill the ram. Having a guilty conscience reduces this truth and makes it seem somehow justifiable.

The inner nature of Ozone may be wild, but it is tempered by a black layer that covers up and hides its wild characteristics.

Dream of dirty water, sea with wild big waves, but it is black almost like liquid tar. Someone says: you should see how wild the ocean is without tar. A 60 year old woman is sitting with her legs wide open so that it is visible that she is naked under her skirt. She is totally uninhibited.

Finally, Ozone has many dreams of climbing and descending mountains. The common theme that characterises these dreams is that it is hard to get to the top but easy to go down. In a similar vein, one could say that it is harder to live near the narrow peaks of truth then to fall into the polluted, but comfortable, valley of lies.

On a mountain with no proper path. The whole slope consists of sand, we can’t continue.

Climbed a really steep mountain with two small children. I had to protect them so that they wouldn’t fall down. It became steeper and more dangerous. There was only the possibility of ridge-walking on top. I got into a panic as to how to descend again until I had the idea to simply slide down. We got down safely.

On a journey. I’m standing on the plateau of a mountain and am frightened that I will fall over the low railings and fall off the mountain.

Dream went with a friend on a skiing holiday up to the top of beautiful, sunny, snow-covered mountains.  On the way down he injured himself. It was a glorious place, this mountain top.  It was so sunny and bright. Happy. (JS proving)

Dream I was at the top of a mountain.  We were relaxing and having food lying around in the sun and chatting.  My group was due to walk back down the mountain to their cars…They left without me having forgotten that I was there with them.  By the time I was ready to go it was late and it would mean I’d have to walk in the dark. (JS proving)

The ozone layer can move up and down dynamically. In today’s modern world pungent, polluting ozone with its dark, black energy has proliferated on earth, while the upper layers that should be protecting us have developed huge holes, disturbing the balance of truth and lies. We are being exposed to knowledge we are not yet ready for while breathing the polluted air of daily lies.

The contrast between oxygen and ozone now becomes apparent. While oxygen connects the first and second periods, heaven and earth, by means of the water bond, ozone is the firmament that separates heaven and earth with a black protective screen of lies. In the stratosphere, Ozone protects us from the truth, but when its dark and smelly energy descends onto earth the result is a toxic mix of pollution and lies.

I am standing in the bath and having a shower. The shower attachment (metal) falls into the bathtub: a large black patch in the enamel. I apologize for the sloppy and dirty house with a black rim around the bathtub.

Ultimately, ozone is a necessary barrier to truth and light. When in the right place and quantity it protects us. When there is too much of it, too close to earth, we fall prey to its lie.

Feel connected to the dark forces (who are normally the baddies), with the culprits (of victims, persecution…) At the same time there is an incredible feeling of superiority towards everyone striving for purity, light, love.

This is the ultimate lesson of Ozone: It is our duty and wisdom in life to learn when and where to tell the straight truth and when and how to soften its angle.  Telling a person too direct a truth can burn and kill, while a total lie will suppress. There is a more gentle middle path that we must learn to navigate. We learn how to receive truth and when and how to reveal it. With each truth we gain we grow stronger, climbing closer to the top of the mountain, where the paths are narrow and dangerous, but the view magnificent.


Oxygen, element number 8, is the breath of life. Oxygen forms a bridge between the first and second periods: by grasping two hydrogen ions it forms water. Symbolically Oxygen anchors the ethereal Hydrogen-based soul into the living body. Carbon provides the structure. The following example serves as a metaphor for the role that Oxygen plays in our life and materia medica. We begin the journey with Hydrogen and Helium. As a reminder, please refer to the analogy of the whole Helium soul being a fusion of four Hydrogen soul fragments (or soul-gametes).

The four parts of the soul combine and recombine in different configurations as they incarnate. This process begins with a heavenly combination of twin souls. The four parts then continue to recombine until they arrange themselves in a more earthly configuration of soul mates. Just before the soul enters the body it splits into two halves, two soul mates, each composed of two Hydrogen ions or soul fragments, our yin and yang aspects. Each half-soul enters a different body, or one remains outside of a body. These two halves yearn for each other throughout life. Because we enter this life as half a soul, the missing half must be temporarily replaced.

Oxygen, by forming a chemical bond with the half soul’s two hydrogen ions, replaces the ‘missing’ half of our soul. Following a newborn baby’s first breath (or intake of oxygen through the placenta), the Oxygen atoms bind with the half soul’s two Hydrogen ions, forming H20 – the water of life. Water is therefore analogical to one oxygen mother lovingly capturing two hydrogen soul fragments into her watery womb. In effect, we are now water, our body is composed of approximately 65% water.

At death, after our sigh, oxygen intake ceases, and the two captive Hydrogen soul fragments are released from the watery river of their Oxygen-bonded lives to float skywards and merge into Hydrogen clouds and the sea of souls.

By binding with the two hydrogen ions of our ‘half-soul’, Oxygen acts as a substitute for the other half of our soul, our missing soul mate. Oxygen becomes our ‘life-mate’. While we can exist without water and food, Oxygen is essential to our every breath. Our physical yearning for air is as powerful as our spiritual yearning for our soul mate; Oxygen, our mother and lover, serves as a temporary replacement for our essential ‘other half’.

From an existential point of view, what does Oxygen’s role as soul mate substitution represent? What feature do we not care about as souls, but desperately cling to in life, even until our dying breath?

In one word, Oxygen, the big O, is our eg-O.

Ego is the factor that our incarnated Oxygen-based soul possesses and that our Helium soul lacks. I refer to the proving of Oxygen by Dr Chetna of Mumbai to demonstrate this. The following is a collection of ego-related statements from various provers, arranged A.I.O.P.(As If One Person)

I was an egocentric person. I had a lot of pomp about myself. It was as if I know everything. Only satisfying my ego, I wanted to be a person of great importance. I have a dream of making a big name where I will definitely make a difference to everybody, make a difference in everybody’s life. It was all an ego-based creation. I used to think that I am the greatest person on this earth. I think that I am becoming my old egoistic self. My elder brother said that I am being egoistic. My ego was hurt. If you do not consider me, than that is the ego. I can decide for myself because I am independent. We are grown-up why should somebody else decide for us. They want people to satisfy their egos. Let people call me selfish, it doesn’t matter. I have now realized that each person is important and unique in his own way.

And the icing on the cake:

‘I have been born by a special birth, I am vayu-putri (the daughter of air, vayu=air).’

Oxygen midwife’s us into the world of I, me and mine. There are three interrelated things that our ego craves most, lOve, recOgnition and mOney, and Oxygen represents them all. Let us begin with love.

Oxygen serves as a substitute for soul love, from mother to lover, and provides us with a romantic, blissful high. But high will often turn to sigh, for oxygen, derived from the Greek ‘acid’ or the Germanic ‘Sauerstoff’, can easily sour.

Love is like oxygen

You get too much, you get too high

Not enough and you’re gonna die

Love gets you high

‘Love Is Like Oxygen’

Romantic love, represented by Oxygen, is a palliative surrogate to our soul mate, and our soul mate is but a proxy for the wholeness of our twin soul.    From the proving of Oxygen:

I was having thoughts of the purpose of our existence. What is the purpose of existence of us humans? This Deepak Chopra propagating love, how can you teach someone to love?

It is about my marriage. I feel I have chosen the right person. I wouldn’t find a free atmosphere in an arranged marriage…a sacred arrangement. (emphasis mine JS)

Whatever love and affection was there, for me it is not there now. You don’t consider me at all, it’s like ‘Just shut up, you do not have a right to talk’. ‘You are no more of any importance to me’.

Sighing and crying deeply, sighing fast and deep, gasping for air, deep sobbing.

Hence, we seal our love with a kiss, a mouth to mouth transfer of oxygen and body fluid.

The second ego-based factor that is prominent in Oxygen is the need for recognition and acknowledgment, to be seen as having value by others and a positive evaluation by others. Here are the provers’ expressions:

They cannot take me for granted. I have some value in life. I am important and what I do or say has to be recognized, due value has to be given to me. You don’t value me and you treat me like dirt. You can’t take me for granted. I did not want to be where I am not acknowledged. It is as if you are here but you are not acknowledged, not considered. I am trying to make an effect on people, I feel that there is no appreciation. Everybody gives seminars, and gets appreciation. They should acknowledge my feelings also. My efforts should be acknowledged. I should be considered something. There was no consideration, no regards for me. I was not regarded at all. They are not giving me my due, my position, no respect. When you do work they don’t value it, then why work for them. They are big because of the work done by us and they don’t value it. Don’t let your mom-in-law take you for granted. They are illiterate so they don’t value education. I don’t want to meet their expectations. If you don’t value my opinion than you better continue the other treatment. I was thinking of about giving respect to each other and considering each other’s sentiments and individuality. I have become very evaluative of people’s behavior- this is more on the critical side. Nobody is so important.

Finally, the issue of value manifests as a strong regard for money:

I have been quite thoughtful while spending money. I travel by the bus and save money, and petrol and the environment in the bargain. I was a spendthrift. I have begun to save every possible rupee I can.

My mom lost a large sum of money – I told her this is a lesson for you to learn, now you will never misplace any money. You will learn to value the money.

We are consumers and we are very important. Only because we pay they are running the whole show. Through our taxes they get their salary paid.

Dream: As we come out, to the left is a beach, while to the right is a lot of poverty, there are slums. The scene is that of extreme poverty. On the beach you see a lot of fishes dying. They are being thrown on the shore and you can see them gasping for air and water. The whole scene is very horrible and depressing and the feeling is that as if the end of existence is coming. Towards the right there is a lot of poverty. People look very worn out without flesh on their body, only bones are seen. And the tragedy is that that behind the slums are tall, posh buildings. That is the other side, the extreme the rich, that is the contrast.  We don’t value nature-we destroy and then we spend millions. We just don’t value anything. There is extreme poverty one side and richness on the other side. We are responsible for all that. Then we spend a lot of money to conserve nature.

This remarkable dream brings together the issues of value and money associated with Oxygen. The division of the world into rich and poor is a primary aspect of psora, one which Hahnemann often refers to in his discussions on psora in ‘Chronic Diseases’. But the dream also highlights one more associated topic, that of consumption, or tuberculosis, which is an extension of psora – a poverty of oxygen. In the dream the fishes are gasping for oxygen in the form of air and water.

From the moment we are born, we consume oxygen in large quantities. Research studies indicate that the weight of oxygen we consume daily exceeds the total weight of the food consumed by us in the same time. This links the concept of consumption with TB, whereby we are unable to consume the air we need from the atmosphere, and as a concomitant we consume our living bodies. In the dream peoples’ flesh is consumed and they are reduced to bones. One may therefore speculate that Oxygen is a tubercular remedy, as well as an anorexic one. Our constant sense of deficiency and dissatisfaction, due to the absence of our half-soul mate, is replaced by material need, and our primary material need is for Oxygen, a reflection of our ego’s need for love, recognition and value.

Finally, the following Oxygen dream is reminiscent of our missing four part soul, where we are left with two soul fragments, of which only the frontal one is conscious.

I am somewhere at a station and somebody is selling books. He was telling me that one book costs 10 rupees, outside it will cost more.  I am telling that I will take 4 books for 40 rupees and the next time I will come I will buy more.

Oxygen gives us life, but, like the ego, oxygenation also sours and ages us. With the introduction of Oxygen into the human mix, we have gained ego and lost soul. The Oxygen ego binds with the Hydrogen soul to form the waters of our beings. Each one of us is now a water droplet, loosely connected through weak, ego-based electromagnetic bonds that hold the water molecules together and knit us into the relatively frail union of families and communities.

This newly acquired ego separates us from divine light. The Ozone firmament protects us from its intense rays.

Thus, the oxygen molecule both joins and separates the first and second periods. As O2, oxygen, it binds hydrogen into the waters of life. But its sister Ozone, O3, is the firmament between the fiery waters above (Hydrogen), and the waters below (oxygen). It is the firmament that separates ultimate truth from life on earth.

Now the earth was unformed and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters.

Neon –The Noble Gasesby Jeremy Sherr


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Jeremy is the author of ten homoeopathic books and many published articles and research papers and has proved (a process of shamanic and academic research) and published 38 new homeopathic remedies. He authored the Dynamics and Methodology of Homoeopathic Provings and Dynamic Materia Medica: Syphilis., 'Helium' ‘Neon’ and ‘Argon.’
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