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Practical Advice to Users of Homeopathy During an Epidemic


Homeopath László Bóna shares practical advice for people using homeopathy during an epidemic. In Hungary people may use homeopathy for self-healing, at their own risk, as a supplement to traditional medical treatment.

Edited by: Péter Hassmann            Translated by Tibor Sebestény

In Hungary, while keeping the medical protocol, you have the right to use homeopathy as a self-healing, at your own risk, as a supplement to traditional medical treatment.

Those who know homeopathy, use homeopathy, or heal with homeopathic remedies:

  1. Guide those patients, who are not tested positive for coronavirus but have either initial symptoms or similar symptoms to that of the coronavirus, to trained and experienced homeopaths. Especially guide those patients who are already under chronic homeopathic treatment. Irrespective to the current coronavirus situation guide these patients to a homeopathic physician if they are open to homeopathic treatments. In doing so inform people about the list of homeopathic physicians available nearby in your country.
  2. For those patients who do not need immediate medical attention by a physician, provide with clear and easy-to-use information what kind of homeopathic remedies can be used at home for self-healing in order not to get into a worse health condition.

The homeopathic remedies that I suggest for having at home are as follows:

1.      Aloe C30

2.      Arnica C30

3.      Arsenicum album C30

4.      Belladonna C30

5.      Bryonia C30

6.      Carbo vegatabilis C30

 7. China C30

8. Eupatorium C30

9. Ferrum phosphoricum C30

10.Gelsemium C30

11. Ipecacuanha C30

12.Natrium muriaticum C30

13.Phosphorus C30

14.Rhus toxicodendron C30

15. Veratrum album C30

 Suggestions based on the most characteristic symptom: 

The remedy should be chosen on the basis of what currently causes the dominant complaint.

When the dominant symptom is high fever:

  • with shivering, and the patient is sensitive to touch – Arnica
  • with total weakness and great weariness – Gelsemium
  • with pain in the bones and pain in the limbs – Eupatorium
  • with chill, burning discharges, great weakness, dry mouth, and the patient desires warmth, and has great anxiety – Arsenicum album
  • with intense heat, red face, strong sweating, maybe nightmares from the fever – Belladonna

When the dominant symptom is mild fever:

  • with symptoms that disappear after a few days and return later on – Ferrum phosphoricum
  • with stiffness in the nape or tension in the joints or pain in the sacral region – Rhus toxicodendron
  • with a sensation similar to that of muscle strain – Arnica

When the dominant symptom is cough:

  • with dry cough, maybe high fever, sensation of heat, stitching pain in the lung for which the patient desires cold air, thirsty and the patient desires cold water – Phosphorus
  • with strong cough that shakes the whole body, the patient is better when stays still, she/he senses a pressure on the chest – Bryonia
  • with a kind of whooping cough that comes in rushes and mainly in the evenings, the patient feels like all mucous membrane were dried out– Natrium muriaticum
  • with a cough which is so strong that it turns into vomiting – Ipecacuanha
  • with a cough that may increase and turn into faintness or total blackout, or dizziness while having hampered respiration – Carbo vegatabilis

When the dominant symptom is diarrhoea:

  • which is nearly involuntary and difficult to hold back – Aloe
  • and the stool is burning, stitching and watery – Arsenicum
  • with vomiting and the patient feels totally drained out – Veratrum album
  • which is periodical together with fever, that also disappears sometimes and returns later on – China

When the dominant symptom is dry eye or burning eye pain:

  • if the patient is better from cold air and has tears while in open air – Phosphorus
  • if it is together with general dryness, throat, lips, skin, everything is dry – Natrium muriaticum
  • if the whole head is hot and full and the sensation is as if the head burst out– Belladonna

If the sense of smell or taste is lost:

  • Natrium muriaticum

When the dominant symptom is headache:

  • if the head is hot, bursting, and full – Belladonna
  • with dullness, and dull eye – Gelsemium
  • if cough aggravates the headache, every cough stabbing towards head – Bryonia
  • if cold air is ameliorates and the head is hot – Phosphorus
  • if the whole body is ice cold while only the head is hot – Arsenicum album

IMPORTANT advice about DOSING homeopathic remedies: 

  • A few globules of the homeopathic remedy should be dissolved in 2 decilitres of water and, depending on the seriousness of the complaints, one sip should be taken every hour or every 2 to 3 hours.
  • If the patient is getting better but not better enough, she/he should sip from the water more often. If we want to strengthen the impact of the remedy we should put more globules in the water and later on the remedy should be taken dry (without dissolving it in the water).
  • If the patient’s condition is getting better then she/he should take the remedy less frequently. If the patient is well she/he should stop taking the remedy and only continue if she/he has complaints again.
  • If a remedy is working well the patient should continue with the same remedy. The patient should only change remedy if a new symptom appears and some other complaint will be the dominant one.
  • If the chief complaint changes then the patient may change remedy but only in that case!
  • In case the patient needs a higher potency of the well-working homeopathic remedy or if another remedy is needed, and it is not available at the pharmacy, then ask for one globule from someone who has that remedy and put it into 2 decilitres of water and shake it.

The above listed remedies – of course, along with the traditional medical treatment – most probably will help avoid worsening the health condition of the patient.

Nevertheless, if the patient’s condition happens to worsen, ask for the advice of a well-trained and experienced local homeopath – of course by keeping the official protocol.

April 19, 2020

About the author

László Bóna

László Bóna

László Bóna, a well-known educator and prolific author of popular and professional homeopathic literature in Hungary and president of the Association for the Art of Homeopathic Healing in Hungary since 2006.


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  • Many people think and believe that homeopathy is the best way to treat various diseases. At your own peril and risk, this is of course interesting. This position is likely to adversely affect the health of the Hungarian population. Research on the effects of homeopathic medicines was commissioned by the companies that sell these medicines, which can be said about the reliability of these research results. It is better not to do worse for your health, but to be treated by a qualified doctor.

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