The Addict’s Case For Homeopathy


Rebekah Copas gives an indepth analysis of cause and cure for various addictions and the role of homeopathy in helping reduce addictions.

Use of Homeopathy in the Case of Severe Addiction.

Two thirds of the sentences and paragraphs in this essay, are extracts from work I have previously copyright protected, within Australian copyright legislation, and are available in print via .  However in this essay, the material is organised for the benefit of those who already have experienced homeopathy. The copyright is owned by ACN 123212671 pty ltd, as much as for any other reason, so as to keep my identity as the author, out of the spotlight of the attention of too many addictsIt is important for us all to remember not to need mention the substance of addiction of many of those I have treated, as many heed not the warnings it embodies, and so I wish to not need write to these matter further, and hope this one contribution to the science of homeopathy, will be proving enough.


Over a period of nine years, I have met quite a few indigenous Australian medicine men, quite a few too many of who, were suffering themselves in addictions; and very often addictions that were imposed upon them when too young to conceptualise the idea of addictions sponsoring delusions.  To begin with, fifteen years before that, I got recognised myself, by traditional tribal indigenous elders, when only eighteen years old, as having my own indigenous medicine Dreamtime way, which took me totally by surprise, as I am a white girl who grew up in the mainstream of Euro-centric Australian society.  I have had to face the fact that few white Australian families, whose ancestors lived here already by the early 1800’s, when most of my European ancestors arrived here, are not also Aboriginal.  So in meeting men whose true God given Dreaming, could not begin to be recognised within indigenous culture, because of they suffer illnesses brought here by men who may include my own ancestors, I could not but feel obligated to offer what assistance I am able.  The results so far, are positive enough for the addicts, that I felt further obliged to self publish a book about a sequence of remedies I developed for treating addiction, (an early edition is now available in a free download at ).  I wrote the book to communicate the benefits of homeopathy to addicts and their families, and to publish the sequence.  This is a condensed set of exerts from that book, and another book of mine also at the lulu website. I got asked to prepare a 4000 word article for the Similia magazine, but here it is in a longer form than they need, before editing it by two thirds again.

The way homeopathy works is an area of much speculation, and perhaps your own pre-conceived notions of the way it works, could lead you to expect my exposition of my understanding will be no more than another speculative assertion of the possibilities of plausibility.  Perhaps that assessment is correct, but perhaps my comprehension of the way homeopathy works is thorough enough and well enough minded, and clearly enough executed in words, that I may prove myself correct to you.  I do not know, and yet we both agree, that what and how you think of what I will write here, will bear no effect upon how homeopathy works inside your mind and body.  I don’t even know for sure, that the agreement of modern science, in homeopathy’s scientific efficacy, might not undermine us homeopaths, particularly people like myself, who without formal qualifications as yet, (never having wanted to be qualified formally until over the age of forty), could take the risks necessary to really find out how capable severe addicts are of responding to homeopathy.  A few of those I treated have been addicted for more than ten years, and one for more than twenty years.  They had nothing to lose, potentially except my friendship.  Their picture of co-morbidity was so extreme as that at times their only hopes for themselves were to be capably of dying without embarrassingly compromising their whole family.

Basically these were men who no homeopath could normally countenance treating, and who are entirely incapable of sourcing the medicinal help they need.  Don’t bother telling such addicts that juice therapies work, as they are incapable of the spatial orientation to find vegetables and juicers, and have received already advice after advice after advice, as to how to recover, without having been physically capable of following good advice.  They are not pleased at me either, for my having increased that suffering, but they realise I could increase how they suffer while ever ignoring their clear need and desire to get clean, and diminishing their suffering when acting towards finding recovery.  The simplest of notions are what they can tell you they know already, but were also what their bodies need urgent immediate reminders of.  The remedies also diminished the emotive potency of the drug they were habitually over dependent upon, which they find to be a relief.

Homeopathy can be a mysterious discipline to follow, and yet it is within the mysteries that most good healing work takes place.  Even modern medical research sustains mysteries surrounding the bio-chemistry of the brain.  Look up MIMS and find that well funded research could not detect why and how certain drugs work, yet such drugs are sold over the counter by Pharmacists.  There is a good possibility that a serotonin increase is why happiness was experienced, but they do not know.  Yet opium’s habits were so often connected with a desire to know, and leave nothing mysterious or unknown, and so I became willing endeavour to express my own individual comprehension of why and how homeopathy works, out of compassion for those few addicts who have been curious enough about my knowledge, to have approached me and asked if I really could help them.  Most often in addiction they ask more naturally via their posture, that with words.  Also in how they just kind of hang around certain people and places, rather than others.  Vocally they could barely agree not to disagree with me, yet sought my assistance nevertheless.  And so it is, I have attempted to explain homeopathy to such persons, despite it being a discipline as mysterious as shamanic healers performing exorcisms through ancient ritualised ceremonies.  As mysterious as the sun, moon, and stars, as mysterious as nature, and as mysterious as is your own body’s life and workings, held within your own mind.  A mysterious machine indeed is that which holds, encapsulates, and sustains, a human mind.  And so will you wonder, how can the body be considered merely mechanical, when the healing it experiences is shrouded in the mystery of miraculous, and yet it is.

What need be no mystery at all, is that health is an outcome of the body’s obedience to law.  Not legislative laws, but the laws of metaphysics.  Many users of opium derived substances might want to dispute this, but it is fact, and their disputes are born in the disease of  their addiction, but which also alternatively enables them much certainty of the facts of what disease and health are.  Such addicts are of two kinds, the curable and the incurable.  Of the curable, they will obsess about money, but never gain it as they have wished, and yet they fall so easily into avoiding the more terrible health outcomes their addiction can sponsor.  They become less sick from the drug than those who were more likely to prove incurable, because of the way they advantaged themselves monetarily.  Of the incurable, they can avoid poverty, and can speak about their addiction all too openly, and yet, they fail so formidably at sustaining good health, just as formidably as the more readily curable addicts fail at obtaining an income.  Thus our whole society is at as much of a loss as to how to aid them into recovery, as they themselves have been very often.   So we might well wish for metaphysical solutions.  A miracle is when the laws operating up in a higher density of matter, with smaller finer less dense particles, and larger faster more dense vibrations of the waves between particles, conduct themselves down in a lower density of matter, as matter is defined by its particles, (and particularities of nature).  Opium’s effect in the brain is to enable the brain to become open to witnessing the work of cause and effect in miracles.  Yet it would not be conscionable of me to here fail to add, in respect of the disease sponsoring functions of that substance, that within God’s laws of Kabbalah, and within the Logos defining all matter, the existence of Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death, are already among the truly perfected miracles, whether as horsemen of the apocalypse, or merely as recognisable phenomenon.  These are phenomenon of nature, within which human beings are continually protected from far worse outcomes, and enabled to live in safe sanity.  For surely as diseases are the cure of death, so is death the cure of diseases.  Thus we might best contextualise the addicts treacherous binds they were all so caught up in within themselves.

When a women gives birth she knows her body has borne the passage of a miracle, which is the miracle of life born in life.  When a man is initiated into the world’s secret mystery traditions, he equally knows what miraculous wonderment in living matter is.  Yet we live today in a world in which people have imagined being capable of giving continual redefinition to God’s love, through writing down his laws again and again and again, until such times as laws were written down which opposed God’s laws, and so men have forgotten at times, the extent to which law obedience and good health are interactive.  Yet still today it is true to say that it is our degree of healthy mindedness, which enables the body to be obedient to law.  It is possible for a human being’s body to be willing and able to receive a cure, while the mind was yet reticent at best, if not outright rejecting of the possibility.  Every mother knows it, and, just as giving birth happens to the body, even when the mind wants to reject the process, and becoming born means every baby knows it also.  Love penetrates everything.  Opium users know it also, and yet they have the illness of that understanding of love, having become connected to the self abuse of consuming a substance which can only eventually kill the body.

Some say that homeopathy works through “the memory of waters”, and others say it works through subtle electro-magnetic fields, and others say it works at the level of cellular changes, and parasitic mircobes.  I might agree with all three, and yet my own definition is different, avoiding chances of mapping it into modern science.  The first explanation I got given, was that if the disease of the body, is alike to a monster looming in the mind, then the exact right homeopathic remedy, is the one which will loom larger, and prove itself to be the perfect combatant to the monstrosity of disease, effectively consuming the disease and making diseases become the medicine.  We are what we eat, after all.  And yet the essence of homeopathy is within the fact that the monstrosity of the medicine, can effectively consume the disease, and still be known as medicine.  The medicine must be that which is most similar to the disease, without being the same as the disease, and so the medicine was never what caused the disease, except to cure it, but only few medicines can cause and cure simultaneously.

In cases of addictions, that can prove necessary within the remedies, as the substances that addicts crave, are often craved by the addicts precisely because their body seeks to resolve what the substance was causing, but if they let it cause itself, their addiction can become incurable.  Hence an Ayahausca habit maybe the cure of a heroin habit, or it may not, depending on the degree of similarity of habit, but also depending upon the capacity of Ayahausca, (a Peruvian shamanic medicine) to consume opium, which is entirely dependent upon the knowledge held by the plant teachers of the Peruvian jungle, about opium and how to digest its monstrosity in the human mind.  But a morphine habit will never cure a heroin habit, but only worsen the whole disease picture if that was presumed possible.  Most addicts in early recovery have at least one relapse, but the reasoning for that, is in the addict needing to gain more thorough understanding, of how they could not have caused their addictions to begin with.  If they did, they could not commence recovering.  And sadly those addicts in that predicament, tend to have wanted to prove every other addict to be like themselves.  Curing that fascination between addicts, a fascination with each other’s problems, is the greater part of the cure.

There are many set known sequences in which to prescribe for a cure, working at the outskirts of any disease pattern, before hitting the nail on the head, each remedy prescribed one at a time, such that the existing sequences become re-proven over and over again.  However in the case of anybody who has ever used any opium derivatives repetitively, the outskirts of the disease are already hitting that nail on the head, and a good homeopath will notice that the opium derivative dependent patient’s most critical signs and symptoms are only too obvious up front, and very little else is able to be expressed by the patient, apart from the diseases caused by addiction, (which is one aspect of why addicts tend to sustain silence, and deny themselves a voice, because all that can be expressed is disease, or words too true, which then become disease, through being too painfully true to express, and hence the snake venom medicines are a clear choice).  Incidentally, just one of the indigenous medicine men I have met, is an expert in snake venoms as medicines, and as Australian snakes include twenty of the twenty five most venomous, I think the profession of homeopathy could do well to approach indigenous Australian medicine men, as I did for ethical supervision whilst developing my prescription for addiction.

Normally homeopathy is prescribed extremely individually, however, in the case of that set of persons dependent upon many kinds of drugs, but especially opium and its derivatives, all were showing up too much of their inner truth if showing anything at all, as though begging to become more diseased.   Frequently the homeopath knows not to touch that inner truth about the disease of the individual patient when it is too raw, or when the patient so excessively exposing themselves, and was simultaneously so in fear of becoming burned, as addicts all tend to be, and so usually homeopaths will not consider prescribing at all.  This is because homeopaths are trained to seek out inner truths, but when it is already on display, the homeopath knows that, just as what will not kill may cure, what will not cure may kill, and so is afraid of how easy it might be to prescribe the exact right remedy, and how unlikely the patient will be to respond appropriately in their behaviour, and so the homeopath fears, quite properly, that the exact right remedy may cause the decline and premature death of the patient.  However, if we ignore the most obvious particular symptoms of an individual, and look to the collective state of mind of all opium abusers, then we find a different picture, and it is one which enables a homeopath to move in and prescribe safely for individuals.

Yet it being the collective picture of disease which is prescribed on, might mean that underlying heredity disease patterns, will become incurable.  It is only that the success I had in one hard case of taking this approach, that I begged the question of myself, could his prescription not also work collectively perhaps?  Which, of course, begged the further question, what exactly is the nature of the collective subconscious diseases and delusions common among all effected by addiction to opium’s derivatives.  Did I get the collective pattern correct in analysing the mental symptoms and physical signs of just one patient.  And so one day I set about finding out, quite by accident at first, but perhaps the accident of working to a higher cause.  I wound up distributing many sets of the original sequence, among homeless junkies, along with a brief pamphlet, which later expanded into the book, that I am here condensing.  All cases to my knowledge, (except those who avoided me thereafter, which could be a good sign in itself, as many were specifically afraid of me, because I am not an addict, but could sustain displaying to them, insight into their mental condition), the addicts who took those medicines are now, at the very least, sustaining a wider variety of social interactions in a more stable manner, which is an essential step in their recovery.  However, before any homeopaths get too excited about a money making potential involved, I will categorically explain here, that perhaps what enabled me, is in that the addicts knew I will not profit from them financially.  A similar fact exists in every drug rehabilitation therapy which is proven over the longer term, such as Narcotics Anonymous, and the Thai Buddhist Monastery of Thamkrabok.  Seeking to profit from treating addicts, drives them into despair as they internally witness all financial profiting upon themselves, to be causal to further addictions, and detrimental to the Earth’s environment.  In one way, perhaps my hope ought to be that the military might of the United Nations might simply spray all of Afghanistan with my sequence of homeopathic remedies.  Or seed rain clouds that will achieve the same effect.

I could not conscionably publish my sequence, without also publishing a few other basic facts about the alleviation of the problems of opium’s abuse.  These are simple instructions, yet addicts find such difficulty following, that we must consider their difficulties to be the signs and symptoms that opium was the cause of.  What is known to work is: a diet of fresh vegetable juices; the company of men who know the devices of opium born psychological weakness, but have not fallen into that, or if they have, are now recovering; and the fulfilment of the need to absorb oneself in the world through the world’s stories and story telling practices.  Addiction is alike to the torture of sensory depravation, and need be treated as that exact kind of emotional trauma.  Addicts seek the company of illusions and delusions, and the safety that heaven is in the mind, yet the cost of their method of perceiving heaven, is twice as much hell to pay, and thus the suffer horrendously.  What is most encouraging about this sequence of homeopathic remedies was, in that it repeatedly enabled all addicts who took the prescription, to have more varied ways of communicating, in a wider variety of social contexts.  My patients began to be able to talk about their lives, often for the first time in many years.  They also began to want to hear the life stories of other people, rather than experiencing hearing people speak, with a guilty conscience.  More normal and beneficial social interactions, are just as important as diet in addiction recovery.

Every cure need be at least as bad as the disease it is the cure of, yet it need not be so long lasting as diseases were.  “The cure”, is a known threat within all alcohol abuse, as alcohol is well known to be capable of becoming its own cure, in many cases.  Yet did it not have to be a kind of alcohol made out of different original fermented plant products, before it could cure the overconsumption of another kind of alcohol?  Alcohol brewing is similar to homeopathic potency raising, but only similar, not the same.  Would that mean that becoming alcoholic cures homeopath’s of their profession, or that homeopathy cures alcoholism, one may well ask, and find both facts to be true.  Homeopathy uses the same principals as all good medicine work, but it modifies the severity of the cure, by use of a far more extensive range of drug therapies, than humanity previously had access to.   What is different about homeopathic medicines, is that we use a different substance each time we have any, such that each drug in use, may only need to be used once every few years, or once in a lifetime, and so no one substance is being repeatedly used, and so our body cannot become addicted or allergic, to any one substance.  Yet many folk are hooked on homeopathy, and are lining up for another prescription, at relatively high monetary expense, (at least here in Australia, the cost is often as high as to visit any other kind of doctor), as often as possible.  Perhaps patients seek homeopathy simply through having transferred unhealthy habits into healthy habits, that they attend a clinic for yet another prescription, and so in many ways, the fact of the modern discipline of homeopathy practice, can be proven to be in and of itself a cure of addiction.  When with young children myself, I wanted another remedy every time I got at all stressed, and only after ceasing to seek such frequent prescriptions as I had been, could I realise the longer term uplifting effect.

I had happened to believe from how I got taught, that there were too many cases in homeopathy, of homeopaths overprescribing specific medicines by giving repeat doses at the wrong time, and of the wrong remedy, and cases of individuals using even more repeats of the repeat doses than were prescribed.   Yet what happens is no worse than that abstinence from that particular remedy may become necessary, because the patient’s body eventually is only able to either not react at all, or over react to the medicine now, similarly as in addiction.  Even then, when a remedy had been rendered less useful because of repeat doses, if it is clearly indicated again, the homeopath need only prescribe a larger number of repeats now, maybe best in quicker succession than in the first instance, again similarly as with an addiction.

Minimum dose, is the dose at which the brain is still being stimulated, and was not becoming disengaged by either the primary or secondary effect of one medicine.  Homeopathy as I learned it, is a therapy of single dose use of each medicine, yet I am prepared to consider what other prescribers may be able to teach me about effective uses of repeat doses.  At times, perhaps such prescriptions were allopathic, yet nevertheless very useful for a patient, even in the potencies homeopaths use.  What happens when we use any specific medicine repetitively, or addictively, was that gradually, its medicinal effect is reduced, as gradually the Spirit becomes so overly influenced by the medicine, that it ceases to notice the medicine was still being introduced into the body, when it need not have been.  Thus the efficacy of every medicinal plant, depends strictly upon the minimum dose for the required effect.  I think the case of treating addicts, only highlights how single dose remedies are more beneficial.  If the same medicine is indicated two times it a row, it can simply be given in a different potency.  The body itself need learn to trust the Spirit matter above itself, and homeopathy is one way of achieving this outcome.  The matter always comes back to whether the Spirit is gaining control over the body, or the body had taken a substance as though to endeavour to control the Spirit.

I do not have the science training and career behind me to prove it, but I believe that homeopathy works at the level of genetics, within how genetics define change in which proteins the body is building inside its cells, in accordance with changes of what sections of DNA the RNA was reading.  All opium derived substances also have a strong impact on what the RNA reads, since the RNA needs to find a part of the DNA in which it is possible to be surviving use of the deadly poison that opium proves to be.   Nobody comes in contact with opium without it making an impression in the DNA, and this is why it can be so addictive, because addicts can hardly have been prepared in childhood and youth, to have expected that to happen.  Opium caused its users, (even from only one over-the-counter codeine tablet, or a poppy seed and orange muffin), to dream of times before we got born and after we die, and in that, it can only influence how the RNA reads the DNA.   That is also why it always reminds the body of its eventual death, and perhaps why it enabled pain relief, simply because the Spirit knows that the body can hardly be held responsible for what happens before birth and after death.   There is a pattern of that mental displacement in time, in which addicts only really notice those parts of the time displacement, which are near enough in time, so as not to be too frightening, yet the displacement is always an extreme one.  Homeopathic medicines can provide the RNA with a greater range of options for reading in the DNA what is possible within more-healthy-to-consider time frames, of the patients own life cycle.  It is a true means to connect us with our ancestral rights and obligations, whereas, opium’s vice was to connect the body into the diseases and mistakes of its ancestors.

Only few remedies can throw the subconscious mind, so far in time as that was, and so while the mechanism of RNA receptivity is the same, the effect of homeopathy, differs, and dramatically counters the effect of all kinds of narcotics on the body.  This maybe why homeopathy can stimulate nociceptin production into enabling self discipline.  And in learning so, I have come into an understanding, as the addicts themselves have taught me, that their fact, of being addicts, works greatly to the advantage of anybody who they happen to have befriended, and who is not a drug user.  Yet what they themselves frequently fail to comprehend, is that they feed to the rest of us, only those advantages which we would already have had for ourselves, if only we had never needed to witness their addictions in our presence.  And as for seeking to gain any advantage at their expense, I am sure my sequence of remedies used for prophylaxis, will emphatically prove the idea of such gain, to be worth nothing.  In particular, because addicts tend to have always factored that potential in as the expense to the rest of us, of their company, and factored it upon those of us who endure them.   It is only in recovery they are worth being true friends with, but many could tell you that truly recovering addicts are excellent to know in friendship.   A “get over it so I can be your friend” attitude is my constant reserve.

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