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The Biophotonic Resonator – A Synergetic Matrix (V)

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Part 5 of the science and research behind modern day healing pendants.

Types of energo-informational effects: biotechnological and therapeutic proofs


In a previous article, I have already presented the structural and functional principles of a Biophotonic Bioresonator (BR), based on the mechanisms of Exogenous Homeopathy (ExHo) which biophotonics has largely explained, both theoretically and practically.

In the present study, a more technical one, I am further developing the presentation of BR, paying attention to:

– a possible classification of BRs types and the principles of selecting and using them;

– some technological experiments of justifying the BR’s objective functionality;

– some specific healthy effects of BR’s, assumed in few relevant cases

– the originality of ExHo strategy compared to other types of strategies.


As a consequence of the above mentioned research concerning the nature and properties of the chosen organic ingredients that make up the composite of the active substance of the BR, a few types of biophotonic resonators were already made.

The achievements of these types of recipes for BR, with the combinations of active principles (AP: the ensemble of all plant and animal / protein powders , which play the role of the homeopathic remedies and which we will classify as “simple” and “complex”, as we shall see as follows) involved several distinct phases, namely:

A. In a first stage, the unique mixture of biologically active substances (vegetal and animal) specific to a particular type of BR (which we call SIMPLE BR) involved a selection based on the following steps:

– an intuitive preliminary selection, based on the selection of vegetal and protein (animal) powders by taking into account three  aspects: the functionality of herbal therapy; the experience and feeling of gifted therapists from complementary therapies; the use of radio-aesthesia measurements.

– a secondary objective and decisive selection, in which each element of the complex of active substances was subjected to analysis using the analysis apparatus for the compatibility between human DNA and biological substances (vegetable and protein).

It should be mentioned that some of these resonators (BR1) proved to be operational for stimulating plant growth, such as cereals or food plants. In this direction, the possibilities for research and application are very broad.

?: The types of BR from this category involve a general strong action in the bio-field / aura of the human subject; at the immune system and the organic-endocrine complex levels they comprise:

[1]. RB 0 (6 AP): with very strong informational action on the bio-field, amplifying especially the psycho-emotional and intellectual components of  humans.

[2]. RB 1 (12 AP) with strong informational stimulating action on the bio-field (aura) and thus on the entire body’s immune system;

In conclusion, the BRs from this category, strongly resonate at the whole

“auric field” of the organism, by:

–  first increasing its frequency and optimizing its structure ; consolidating the power of the immune system and intensifying the Energo-Information (EI) activity of the human body system,

– secondly, keeping human health in an optimal state on the one hand, and the self-healing power of the organism being sensibly increased, on the other.

B. In a second stage, several other types of BR have been achieved by combining the biological substances taken from two types of SIMPLE BRs to create COMPLEX BRs, (resonators obtained through the new combinations). This operation involved the careful study of two types of measurements, namely those achieved with:

– the Aura Video Station System and Biopulsar Reflexograph, able to highlight with priority a number of informational effects, manifested in the aura of the human subject and at the level of his chakras;

—with the electronograph system, able to highlight the energy issues, mainly of electric type, generated by the active substance used.

The following types of BRs have been created through this combinational strategy:

[3]. RB 4 + (27 AP = RB1 / RB2 12 + / 15): with energy-informational dual action, stimulating the bio-field and organo-endocrine system, for strong hyper-functional situations.

[4]. RB 5- (41 AP = BR1 / 12 + RB5 / 29): with energy-informational dual action on the bio-field and organo-endocrine system, for strong hypo-functional situations.

Both types of BRs mentioned are able to determine a general effect (at the level of the whole aura system) and a specific effect, focused at the level of a certain organ / organic complex, by the orientation effect of the colored mandala,. It should be mentioned that the two stages of work mentioned above had as a primary purpose the optimization of the healthy human state, which is the priority of our research. In parallel we had in view a series of applications of BR by combining them with a series of commercial products, such as clothing, etc. [Stanciulescu, 2008].

  • THE BIOPHOTONIC RESONATORS from this category (specific, of type 2) are characterized by the following properties:

  • Hypo-stimulating BRs:

[5-6]. RB 2 (15 PA) & RB 4 (25 PA): which inhibit the activity of a certain organo-endocrine system, focusing on chronic diseases, for example) and re-oriented to resume the activity of a certain organo-endocrine system, with an incipient dysfunction); particularly speaking, the two types of BRs are able to reduce a series of strong hyper-functions of the human body such as: hypertension, endocrine and digestive hyper-functions, obesity, cancerous tumors (through the reduction / cancellation of the cancer cell multiplication process), etc..

  • Stimulative:

[7]. RB5 (29 AP): for stimulating the activity of a specific hypo-functional organo-endocrine complex such as hypotension, hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, hypo sexuality, etc.

  • Equilibrative:

[8-10]. RB 3 (19 AP) / RB 6 (48 PA) / RB 7 (54 PA): equilibrate the  hypo- and hyper- oscillating functioning states  ar simultaneously manifested in the body caused by all kinds of dysfunction such as oscillating tension, cold shivers. These types of BR are combined with one of the mentioned general resonators  (RB1, RB4 + RB5-).

[11]. RB 3 (27 AP): equilibrant for the metabolic system to correctly and completely conduct the metabolic burnings (at the hepato biliary pancreatic system, for example).

In conclusion, the BRs belonging to this category (Type 2) – the most numerous one – are able to normalize some energetic disorders of hypo- or hyper-functional type – corresponding to yin / yang illnesses, of lack or surplus of energy – by bringing and maintaining all the bio-psycho-logical functions of the human subject within normal limits and being able to:

Normalize the metabolic hypo- or hyper-functions, by acting both at the informational (aura) field level and at the energetic body systems (organs’ functionality) level, by stimulating and inhibiting it, as necessary. The BR in this category are generating effects which regulate in some occasional hypo-or hyper-functional states, which can be used alone or especially in combination with general types of BR1 and BR4+. The beneficial effect is oriented to the specific state through the colors of the mandalas used in accordance with the organ-endocrine dysfunctional zone.

– Usually the BRs from this Type 2 category have a larger number of biologic ingredients, an active substance with a large spectrum of resonance namely, but with a diminished energetic intensity (due to a lower mass of active substance inside the BRs body). Because in ExHo – compared to endogenous homeopathy – the intensity of luminescence could be associated with the degree of dilutions of the remedy.

C. The third stage of the research corresponded to the implementation phase of other categories of BR – namely to those designed to protect against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, technical or natural (of cosmic or telluric nature), like (Type 3):

[12]. RB+ designed for protection against certain harmful effects which  are generated by the excessive presence of electromagnetic radiation through the excessive use of mobile telephones / handheld devices, computers, or RV, or even of home appliances generating strong radiations;

[13]. RB++ having as purpose the diminishing of the hyper-or hypo-stimulating effects that the knots of the Hartman or Curry network generate on human health, or when the human subject is exposed to their effects for an excessive period of time (as happens when sleeping, or working in an office, etc..), or in the situation in which the effects of the knots / nodes are amplified by the presence of cavities, mineral deposits and underground water courses, etc..

All these existing categories of BRs was recently added also:

[14]. RB5, specifically designed for protection against natural and artificial radioactivity. The substances chosen for this purpose – now subject to verification measurements, will make available to those interested – to those who directly or indirectly faced the catastrophic events such as the recent ones in Japan (2011) – a homeopathic remedy (exogenous and endogenous also) to protect against various types of irradiating substances or for diminishing the radiation effects already accumulated in the human body.


*     *

The above types of BRs are dedicated to the protection of the human body against different types of (electromagnetic) radiation: the BRs belonging to these categories, having as a main function the absorption of harmful radiation, represent a stimulating and protection complex for a particular organ / organic complex or of the body as a whole.  In the case of the extensive exposure to electromagnetic radiation or radiation-generating equipment, the RB 5 provides protection against the radioactive sources by generating a (bio) electromagnetic filter / field of anti-radiation protection:

– by canceling or by diminishing the radiations effects (through reflection and / or demodulation of the incident waves) at the level of the mandalas colors and  waves of form (generating a Fourier spectrum);

– by the absorption of harmful radiation at the level of different active biological substances, able to do that);

– by stimulating the magnification of the human immune system, making it able to better resist aggressive effects of some types of radiations.

Many other types of specific BRs could be further added to this list. It is enough to mention some types of BRs (some of them being already in a certain stage of research), able to:

—     cure specific and difficult diseases, such as diabetes, sclerosis with  plaques, chronic hepatitis, some specific types of cancer or AIDS, etc.;

—     optimize the EI of certain cultures of plants, able to increase quantitatively their production and optimizing qualitatively the nutritive effects;

—     stimulate animal production, concerning different types of ingredients, such as meal, milk, eggs, wool, etc.;

—     increase the EI properties of any type of alimentary drinks (starting from potable water and juice till the alcoholic liquids), solid aliments (for example to improve the degree of conservation of fresh or already prepared aliments, etc.);

—     improve the EI effects of nutritive supplements or  different types of natural or even synthetic medication, etc.

To obtain all these results, the work of an interdisciplinary scientific team is necessary, for finding the active substances and their specific / synergetic effects, for studying and measuring their effects etc. This is already happening in the biophotonics laboratory and synergetic with the National Inventions Institute and of Biophotonic Synergy Design of Iasi, etc.

The challenge for organizing an international research team, perhpas a LIVING LIGHT INSTITUTE, able to formulate biophotonic and synergetic solutions for solving many or the actual crises of humankind – such as ExHo is proposing – still remains open.


*     *

According the structural and functional principles of BRs, already presented in our previous article, this chapter will present the main structural and functional properties of two particular types of resonators, their detailed principles of operation and directions for use, namely the BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – types, on the one hand, the BR5+ type, on the other hand.  (continued next page à)

1.1. Biophotonic Resonators BR1 / BR4+ / BR5-

having a general type of therapeutic action

BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – are two informational-energetic bio-stimulators, which help to optimize the general condition of the human body by using the unpublished, undiscovered principles of biophotonics (biology + laser theory / technology). The optimizing properties of the Biophotonic Resonator were tested with multiple strategies of (un)conventional assesments and in relation to a large number of users. The patenting of the BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – has ensured both public and peer recognition and awards at various fairs and exhibitions of inventions inside the country and abroad.

a) THE STIMULATING EFFECTS OF BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – arise from:

  • The active biological complex of BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – , consisting of 12 / 27 types of vegetable and protein ingredients, combined in different proportions, derived from ecological and non-polluted sources, each being chosen through a specific technological measurement, namely: through the determination of the  compatibility of the active substances with a series of specific values of human DNA. Each of the biological substances chosen, through energo-information properties, exceeds the upper limit of the values related to the human body, making the stimulating information-energy effects of the BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – beneficial in all expressions of the human genome.  In other words, the BR1/BR4+ provides benefit to every possible user. The active substance is encapsulated within the cavity of the transparent support-container of the pendant.
  • Color filters, associated to the complex BR1 / BR4+ / BR5-, include:

– two sets of eight filters as adhesive transparencies (a set featuring seven color filters ROYGBIV rainbow spectrum + one for white respectively), with a size of 42×26 mm, each filter having a complex color printed icon (mandala), corresponding to one of the 7 organic- endocrine complexes (chakras) of the human body, and to their synthesis respectively (in the case of the white filter and its related mandala);

– upon request, a set of two indigo color stickers provided with a specific symbol for protection against the (harmful) electromagnetic radiation  generated by computer screens, TV and handheld devices such as mobile phones.

b) THE CHOICE OF COLOR FILTERS AND RELATED MANDALAS will be individually made, depending on the health status of each beneficiary, as follows:

  • Using the white filter and related mandala, in the case of BR1, and the indigo filter / mandala in the case of BR4+, place appropriately on one side of the BR to generate stimulative informational effects at the bio-electromagnetic complex level of the body (aura) as a whole, and at the vegetative system level respectively.
  • On the other side of the BR1 / BR4+ / BR5-, use one of the following filters:

– any available / unused (RAINBOW spectrum / ROYGBIV), whose corresponding chakra / organic complex is intended to be strongly stimulated;
– the color VIOLET is particularly recommended, for stimulating the brain command and control functions, namely of the intellectual and spiritual activity, and respectively any other specific color (ROYGBI) of a certain organic endocrine complex having health issues;

  • In cases in which it is also desirable to protect the body against radiation emitted by the technical systems, one of the sides of the BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – will be fitted with a special mandala, carrying the double spiral symbol.

For details on choosing the right color filters, it is recommended to consult our booklet: Chromatic-therapy: biophotonics explanations, which explains the following correlations of stimulating and equilibrating correspondence:

—   RED:  sexual organs, bones, circulatory system, legs etc.;

—    ORANGE: digestive system, descending colon, spleen, kidneys, urinary system, skin, immune system, etc.;

—    YELLOW:  diaphragm, duodenum, upper digestive system, liver, pancreas, stomach, gall bladder, small and large intestines, transverse colon, nervous system, adrenals, etc.;

—    GREEN: respiratory system, heart, lungs, esophagus, arms, thymus gland, lymph etc.;

—    BLUE: neck, mouth, voice, shoulders, hypothalamus and thyroid, hormone system, etc.;

—    INDIGO: pineal gland (epiphysis), eyes, nose, ears, tongue, sinuses, cerebellum, pituitary gland , hair, nervous system etc.;

—    VIOLET: pituitary gland, endocrine system, head, brain, cerebral cortex, central nervous system, lymphatic system, etc.

The decision to use a particular color to affect a complex health situation cannot be done mechanically, following only the above general guidelines, but requires combinations and nuanced options in relation to the specific situation of the human subject, which should be done in consultation with a specialist in chromatic-therapy.

c) THE STIMULATIVE EQUILIBRANT EFFECTS OF THE BR1 / BR4+ / BR5-. Given the existence of several types of resonators, generally stimulating and equilibrating, hypo-or hyper-regulators, in order to choose the most suitable resonator for a particular health state, it is obligatory to consult a specialist therapist and / or read very carefully the information contained in the brochure. In this way it will be understood that:

  • The active substance, generating the energo-informational effects as a strong emitter of biophotons / bio-electromagnetic waves makes the BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – effective for:

– general stimulation of the immune system and equilibration of the bio-electromagnetic system for whole body (aura), which implicitly determines the optimizing of the operation of every  organ;

– special protection for the intensive use of radiation equipment, generating a filter as an anti-radiation (bio)  electromagnetic field.

  • The effect of the active substance of BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – , generated by the specific fluxes of biophotons (emitting an ultra-weak bioluminescence of different frequencies, having biological laser properties – shall refer, first of all, to the human beings “aura” level (BR1) , meaning the pineal-pituitary-hypothalamic / “third eye” complex, responsible for controlling the vegetative nervous system and endocrine glands (in the case of  BR4 +) after that – through a mechanism of ” holographic resonance ” – will be felt gradually beneficial, to all-organic endocrine systems of the human body. The mechanism operates according to the principle: the recovery of “soul” first and then the “body”, then the optimization of the entire body determines the optimal functioning of all parts (organs).
  • The active effect of color filters. Through the specific frequency spectrum it generates, the 7 + 1 color filters guide quasi -instantaneously the fluxes of biophotons emitted by the active substance of the BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – to:

– the aura complex of the human body as a whole;

– a specific zone of the body that is intended to be stimulated.

The 9th filter, anti-radiation creates – when used – protective effects that:

– emits /creates a field of “wave forms” that is designed to neutralize (by dephasing) the effects of the radiations emitted by the PC, TF, TV;

– amplifies the effects of the dextrogyrate (clockwise) torsion field generated by the biologically active substance of the BR1, a field  opposite to the levogyrate (anticlockwise) one, generated by all those technical systems mentioned.

When seeking such protection too, it is highly recommended to apply a resonator of BR5+ type in front of the harmful radiation emitting screens.

  • Mandalas / symbols for each color filter have a dual function:

– to generate the “form waves” which stimulate a specific chakra;
– to achieve the complementarity with  homeopathic effects between the dominant color of the filter and the harmonic colors corresponding mandala.

  • Positive thought beneficially affects the functioning of the BR1 / BR4+ / BR5-. Encouraging the belief that the BR is truly beneficial, and will help significantly to harmonize the energy-information health state of the body, it creates an expectancy effect which primes the physical body to manifest a positive result.  The effects of such a belief (see the brochure) are related to the adequate structuring of water / blood in the body (70%) and stimulating the release of biochemical mediators, hormones, etc. necessary to solve health problems. This “placebo” type response will subjectively double the objective effects of the BR1 / BR4+ / BR5-.
  • Generally, the bio-physiological effects caused by BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – are extremely refined, and may be felt by the  carrier in the form of a weak tingling in certain areas of the body, or a slight warming of the body. This will resolve and be replaced by a general feeling of well being. In the first phase, which may last 1 to 3 days, these effects may manifest as a certain amplification of the dysfunctional problems (according to the “healing crisis” known in the classical homeopathy, equivalent to the amplification of the functioning of the body’s defense mechanisms). If the event of such a healing crisis, which may also manifest at the skin level is strong and persistent, it is recommended to reduce the period of wearing the resonator to about half the time, this meaning  about 5-6 hours.
  • The great advantage of BR1 / BR4+ / BR5-  in relation to any other stimulating  technologies represents its own capacity to be like a “living being”, which generates biological effects consistent with those of the human body. Due to personalization of BR1 / BR4+ / BR5-, it is not recommended to be used by other persons, in order to avoid the transfer of possible dysfunctional information.

d) TIPS IN INSTALLATION AND USE. The mounting of the color filters – on either sides of the BR1 / BR4+ / BR5- is done as follows:

– the color filters are chosen according to the perceived need, and are adhered to the surface of the plastic pendant;

– the adhesive filter will be carefully removed from the filter paper (beginning with a corner) and fixed carefully (by positioning, firstly  on a first side edge) exactly on the rectangular surface of the pendant, thus covering the entire visible area of the active substance;

– after the double application, on both sides of the pendant, the two stickers are carefully pressed, in order to remove any fold or air bubbles.

  • BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – equipped in this way, is to be worn around your neck, hanging from the cord that is provided in the box (it can be replaced by any other suitable manner of attachment: chains, strings of leather or plant products, etc.) so that the pendant reaches the center of the chest. Sometimes, it can also be carried in a pocket,  or in other protective place of the clothing.
  • Given the homeopathic effects of the active substance (effect of ” exogenous homeopathy “, of quasi-instantaneous distribution through the ” holographic resonance ” – of the information at the level of the entire bio-electromagnetic field of  the human body), a single BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – is sufficient to generate the expected optimizing effects. This can be combined with a maximum of one BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – (with 48 / 54 active substances), dedicated to the regulation of hypo-or hyper-dysfunction of the body.
  • BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – adequately fitted is worn during the day. At night before going to bed, it will be removed  and placed a minimum distance of 1.5 m from the body, This will minimize the risk of insomnia, restless sleep, etc. which can otherwise be caused by the BR’s stimulating effect on body and brain activity during sleep.
  • During the night it is recommended that the BR1 / BR4+ / BR5- be placed next to a bottle of water whose structured / energized content can be consumed with beneficial effects on the following day. In this way the two homeopathic mechanisms exogenous and endogenous are combined: in other words, the external use and internal use.
  • It is necessary to avoid any possibility of infiltration of water into the bio-resonator, in order to prevent the degradation of the active substance. For the same reason, the direct contact of BR active substance with the skin will be avoided while wearing it.
  • If, after constant friction with the textile support of the clothing (or the skin), the mandala sticker begins to degrade, it may be replaced with another of the same color or, according to necessity, one of another color, after the careful separation (using a blade, for example) of the degraded sticker .
  • Exchanging the color filter with another one may also occur when a certain dysfunction has already been resolved and the BR1 will be properly equipped to control another dysfunction. A new set of stickers can be purchased at any time from the distribution centers.


  • With proper use and care, the BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – has a warranty period to be at least three years. It is recommended that the BR be loaded /discharged on a regular basis (weekly for example). This is accomplished through exposure to the morning solar light for 1 to 2 hours.  Biophotonic resources may also be activated or amplified through bio-stimulation by simply holding the BR in human hands.
  • BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – is not a medical device itself, but a natural (biological) energo-information stimulator, whose harmonizing properties do not have the requirement of allopathic agencies for medical evaluation, standardization and validation.
  • BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – is not harmful biochemically (according to the LAREX and laboratory analysis) or biophysically (according to the anti-radiation analysis), even with the very small quantities of active substances which emit fluxes of biophotons (ultra-weak bio-electromagnetic waves) of different frequencies. From here originates its exogenous homeopathic action without contraindications for use.

Analysis card of the radioactivity made by the Institute of Public Health Iasi (no. 10 / 3.03.2009): As far as radioactivity is concerned, the sample subscribes to normal values of the laboratory standards, without artificial radionuclei. The Laboratory analysis proves the fact that the active substance contained by the BR complex IS NOT DANGEROUS TO THE HUMAN ORGANISM / HEALTH.

In conclusion, BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – stimulates the body’s overall condition, leading to beneficial effects on the whole body, and can be used concomitantly with any allopathic therapy, providing beneficial effect, and without negating the positive effect of the prescribed allopathic treatment.

To confirm the compatibility of the BR1 / BR4+ / BR5 – with one’s energy state, one may wish to consult a specialist or therapist.  Several means are available to measure the effect/compatibility of the BR and may include divining procedures or the use of bio-resonance equipment.

1.2. Biophotonic Resonator BR5+ for protection against harmful radiation

The RB5+ is an information-energy biophotonic resonator conceived on the unpublished and previously undiscovered effects of biophotonics (biology + laser technology), which contribute to protect the body against radiation generated by technological sources such as computers, mobile phones, TV sets). The protective properties of the Biophotonic Resonator were tested with different strategies for measuring and calibration, both conventional and unconventional, while being practically verified by a large number of users. RB5+ is the result of a patent whose practical value has been recognized by awards at various international fairs and exhibitions of inventions.


  • The active biological complex of RB5+ consists of a combination of 29 AP types of vegetable and protein ingredients (the type of biophotonic resonator RB5, having an effect of a powerful stimulator and regulator of the immune system), to which were added 5 other special biological substances, having the property of being absorbers / inhibitors of harmful radiation. All substances mentioned were obtained from perfectly ecological and non-polluted sources, being chosen through special measuring technology, namely by determining their compatibility with a number of specific values ??of human DNA.

Due to the bio-photonic properties afforded, the energetic value of the active substance of the RB5+ – measured with our unedited bio-resonance device [Brasoveanu, 1998] – is 7.2 units, compared with the highest value of the human DNA, which is 6.2 linear meters. The fact that all biological substances chosen above – through their energy-information properties – exceed the upper limit related to the human body, makes the stimulating information-energy effects of RB5+ available to all types of the human genome, or in other words, of benefit in the case of every possible user.

The active substance transformed into a homogeneous powder is tightly placed between the plastic sides of a biological “CIP” (Computer Integrated Processing) of 24×30 mm, preferentially having circular forms (generators of omni-directional form waves, emitting fluxes of biophotons with (bio) laser type properties. In other words, RB5+ can be identified with a mini “biological laser”, and can be placed on the technical system for which radiation must be inhibited: computer, telephone, television.

  • The protective effects of RB5+ are dual and manifested specifically:

at the level of the technical system which emits electromagnetic radiation and from which the user must be protected (TV screen, or computer, handheld device respectively) the (bio)field of the active substance of RB5+ contributes to:

a) the generation of a dextrogyrate (clockwise) torsion effect specific to all the biological systems, which cancels the levogyrate (anticlockwise) one, characteristic to all the technological systems.

b) the harmful radiations cancellation (by demodulation) of the technological sources by the anti-radiation substances present in the active substance of the  RB5+.

— at the human body level, when this is under the direct influence of the RB5+ (in example, about 1,5 – 2 m distance, in the case of a person who is working at the computer, talking on the telephone or watching TV, for example); in this situation  the emission of bio-electromagnetic waves  generated by RB5+ interferes with those of the human body ( aura), amplifying them and determining stimulative-equilibrant effects at this level. Such an optimization will positively influence in turn the state of the immune system; The situation of stimulation / protection at the human body is maximum if the person involved wears also a pendant of RB1 type (with one RB5-).

  • The color filters attached to the RB5+ complex, having themselves a high energo-informational value involve three additional options:

a variant of blue filter which stimulates the speech center (vishudda chakra), which is used while talking on a mobile phone.

– a variant of indigo filter, which stimulates the central vision (the “third eye” or pineal gland, pituitary / Ajna chakra), is used mainly while working on a computer.

– a variant of purple filter, protectively applied over the biological CIP body, which will be used primarily for TV (stimulating both sight and hearing,  Sahasrara chakra respectively).

  • The dimensions of the filters used vary depending on the nature of the use, as follows:

– F1: smaller size (42×26 mm) is used to cover / protect the CIP with the       active substance;

– F2: mid-size (of 50×30 mm) is used to secure the CIP on the support of the technical system, where its size does not allow larger free surfaces (especially for mobile phones).

  • Specific forms applied on the filter:

symbol of the double-spiral, of DNA type, white color centered on each color filter, contributes – through the generated “wave forms” – to neutralize the radiations emitted by the technological sources;

– the specific mandala for each of the three types of filters is designed to direct the stimulative biophotonic fluxes  to the zones of the body which are corresponding to the chosen color.

  • The role of the color and form filters is:

– to distinguish the three different colors and shapes (double spiral + mandalas) compared with the types of technical devices for which they   were designed:

a) for telephone: blue filter and the related mandala;

b) for computer: indigo  filter and the related mandala;

c) for television: purple filter and the related mandala;

– to stimulate the organic- endocrine zone (chakra) in relation to the color and related double spiral mandala;

– to create a protective field between the technical object and the human body through the structuring of the RB5+ emissions of biophotons  keeping the protective form of the double-spiral symbol.

The mounting of the filters is simple, the user has to do the following two steps:

(1) to apply on the CIP the filter F1 related to the device to be protected;

(2) to apply on the CIP, which was fitted this way, the F2 filter, in order to  stick it in any place on the surface of the technical object to be protected.

The overlapping of the forms applied on the two filters produces / generates a holographic (harmonic) interference effect on the one hand, and an interference of  them with the active substance of RB5+, on the other hand,


In conclusion, the synergy of the resonance effects already mentioned results in a double protective effect:

  • when applied to the device:  indirectly, at the human body level, and directly at the level of the technological system which emits the technological radiation by using RB5+;
  • directly at the human body level, by wearing a BR1 or a BR5.


  • RB5+ is produced so that in the conditions respecting the rules of physical protection (degrading through shocks or inadequate storing conditions, burning or watering) – the warranty period to be at least three years.
  • RB5+ is not a medical device itself, but a natural (biological) energo-information stimulator, whose harmonizing properties do not require allopathic agencies standardized in medical evaluation and validation, standardized.
  • RB5+ is not harmful from the biochemical point of view (according to the LAREX and laboratory analysis) and biophysical (according to the anti-radiation analysis), including very small quantities of active substances, which emit fluxes of biophotons (ultra-weak bio-electromagnetic waves) of different frequencies. From here originates its action of exogenous homeopathy type without contraindications to use.

It is recommended during the night that the computer, the telephone or the TV set to be positioned at minimum 1.5 m from the bed,  so the attached bio-resonators  won’t influence the rest of the human subject.

  • RB5+stimulates the body’s overall condition, amplifies the immune system’s resources, generates beneficial effects in the whole body, such as:

disappearance of headaches, increases the acuity of vision sight and hearing;

—    optimization of memory and thinking processes;

—    avoiding the danger of developing tumors that can affect the nervous system (central,), or other neurological diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s);

—     optimization of the living environment by maximally reducing the harmful electromagnetic emission in the living space.

  • RB5+ can be used in parallel with any other technical protection devices which, given its biological nature, can amplify their beneficial effects.


As a general observation for the above types of BRs, we reiterate that in determining the real effects on the human receptor, all categories of resulting effects may be knowingly magnified using biophotonic components / accessories with functional effect, respectively:

—    the white thin protection foil of the pendant cover / resonating cavity having an additional protective role of the active powder on the one hand, which it is specifically stimulated – in time varying periods – by means of the laser emission with differentiated color filters on the other hand;

—    the color mandalas (the set of 7+1  pieces), whose application on the BR body nuances therapeutic effects by their efficient customizing  at the level of a given human subject.

  • The simplicity of the modality of utilization and functioning of the bioresonator results from the fact that, being conceived under the form of a pendant or of a plate CIP, the “BR” can generate a double mechanism of resonance:

at the holistic level of a complex of frequencies generated by the bio-psychic activity of the man (at the level of the “auric hologram”), stimulated through the white frequency and through the form of its afferent mandala;

— at the level specific for a certain EI centre of the human organism, of certain organs, resonating on the frequency of a certain colored filter and of the mandala corresponding to it.

It is thus recommended that a human subject with complex health problems should wear simultaneously two BRs:

– a general, harmonizing one (of the BR2 type), utilizing the white mandala, meant for the general optimization / fortification of the aura;

– a specific one, with hypo- or hyper-regulating effects (of the BR1 or BR2 type), correlated – depending on the nature of the affection – with one or another of the seven types of colored mandalas available.

  • The effect of the active substance in all types of BRs occurs through a mechanism of ‘holographic resonance’  in which specific fluxes of biophotons (a ultra-weak bioluminescence having “biological laser” properties) are received by the organic liquids crystals from the level of the cells, tissues, organs, and by the water / blood / plasma molecules of the organism or other substantial vibrators, which are then properly structured according to the information received, resulting in the reconfiguring of their own shape. The mechanism of resonance triggered by the frequencies of the active substance of BR, stimulate exactly those parts of the body which include the energy resources (fluxes of electrons stored in the mitochondria) and informational (fluxes of biophotons stored in DNA) that will help to regulate the equilibrium of the body, for the recovery of its health state.
  • Even the principles of BR’s functionality are the same, in all the cases, the degree of efficiency is differentiated from one person to another, due to their particular BPL features (the DNA resonance level, for example), the diverse causes and nature of the illnesses, the living context influencing the ExHo mechanisms, etc.

· If the dysfunctions of the subject are of opposite types (hypo- vs. hyper-), wearing an equilibrating resonator (of the BR 6 or BR7 type) is indicated.  It is possible that if the simultaneous regulation of two types of dysfunctions is envisaged, the resonator could have on both sides two distinctive mandalas corresponding to the affections aimed at.

· If these affections are not known for sure, the principle of choosing the mandala intuitively can be applied, by choosing the color / shape which the human subject “likes the most”. A phenomenon of “compensatory resonance” is activated through this choice, that is: the organism chooses in fact exactly those stimuli of color and form which correspond in a compensatory way, to a certain bio-psychic necessity.

· In accordance with the health state evolution, the rainbow color filters can be replaced every time it is necessary, and thus any combination of color / form necessary for the respective moment is achieved.

In conclusion, considering the functioning mechanisms and the healthy effects which the “BR” unleashes, and the technologic simplicity of production and utilization of the “BR”, the BIOPHOTONIC RESONATOR is a means of natural harmonization of the bio-psycho-logic state of health. Under the circumstances, it is a more natural option for the human being as an integrative / holistic / synergetic medicine.


— the protection of the resonators against degrading factors (such as water, excessive heat, etc), starting from the airtight encapsulation of the active substance, the supplementary protection with the clinging-sheet of the mandala, to the keeping of the resonators in a protected adequate box;

– the avoidance of the supra-stimulating effects of the “BR”s during the night; this is done very simply by taking it off; during sleep, they can be kept in the area of the feet, or they are simply placed at a distance of 1-1.5 meters from the body, in order not to perturb – through exogenous resonance – a series of biophotonic endogenous, normal processes, which the body must generate in the absence of light.

  • The amplification of the therapeutic effects of the “BR” must be done by the procedures of THE INTEGRAL THERAPY [Stanciulescu, 2005] through:

The activation of positive thinking in accordance with the health problem that needs to be solved, through positive affirmations of the type: “ I am feeling better and better, from all points of view…” (Coué) or simply “I am already healthy. Thank you for that…”. A relevant experiment concerning the power of thinking is presented below.

The BPL (bio-psycho-logical) states of a female subject (MV, 41 years old), analyzed with VIDEO AURA STATION: (1) Normal state, morning > (2) In positive thinking (mental saying: “YES”, about 3 minutes) > (3) In negative thinking (mental thinking “NO”, about 3 minutes) > (4) Biophotonic resonator & Positive thinking (“YES, you are good to me”, about 3 minutes). It is quite evident the strong / benefic influence of “YES” (plus BR4+) upon the level of frequency, the amplitude of aura and EI level of chakras of the human subject, compared with her situation generated by an inhibiting “NO”.

The effects of this strategy are not an effect of a simple PLACEBO, but of a mental activation of the EI resources of auto-healing / auto-stimulating of the body, considering that:

– the resonant nature of the beneficial thought, manifested under the form of cerebral holograms, determines the liberation of some stimulating or inhibiting hormones like serotonin and melatonin, the disturbing of the endorphins with tranquilizing effects.;

– the informational / vibratile power of the beneficial thought, respectively of the mental holograms generated by it, determines a double action: a) the liberation (through supra- radiance) of some profound EI, stocked in the human body, in the mitochondria and in the DNA, in the tissues etc.; b) the structure of the “living water” of the organism, by preparing the organism for a maxim reception of the optimizing EI stimuli.

· The utilization of the liquids ingested as source of homeopathic structuring of the 70% of water (blood, lymph, tied water etc.), by invoking some bio-psychic states through affirmations of the type: “Thank you, water. I know that you are good for me…” [Emoto, 2002];

· the mental transmission of the healing commands, viewing the organs and the whole functioning body, respectively by the anticipated preparation of the body in order to receive  healing biophotonic stimuli;

  • · The activation of a “mental tropism”, by leading the biophotonic stimuli cerebrally exactly – through the mechanism of “holographic resonance” – at the level of the liquid crystals from an affected area, to the EI traps of electrons and photons from mitochondria and DNA, to the different reserves of biochemical substances, such as hormones, chemical mediators, antidotes against different types of poisons, etc.

Many other complementary mental or bio-physical strategies could be added for stimulating the effect of ExHo which the BRs are generating, such as:

  • · The activation of the principles of sound-therapy, by uttering aloud certain stimulating sonorous complexes (of the A, E, I, O, U or BAM, VAM, LAM, RAM, IAM type, etc.), adequate to a certain organic-endocrine complex, whose vibration is apt to unleash – through a piezoelectricity complex – beneficial resonances at the level of the envisaged organs, the unleashing of the auto-healing resources etc.;

The effects of sound and music at the human body level and the level of  water, providing stimulation and structure similar to the properties of the BRs.

  • Synergetic effect is achieved in combination with any other strategy of natural stimulation of the EI resources in the organism. For instance, treatments such as acupressure and reflex therapy, chromo-therapy, etc., based on the effect of piezoelectricity of the membrane crystals, is apt to unleash electrons and (bio)photons, the energy and information stocked in the body.
  • Complementary to all above mentioned strategies for improving the “software” level of ExHo, it is recommended to realize a periodic activation / amplification of the bioluminescent properties of the BRs, by their stimulation with diverse sources of polarized light, laser radiation, exposure for 1-2 hours to the full moon radiation or to the morning solar radiation, or by re-charging the BR’s potential by the bio-psychical stimulation of a gifted therapist, etc.

By connecting all these complementary strategies, the functionality of BRs could be optimized from a functional and structural point of view, both increasing the therapeutic effect at the level of the human beneficiary.



This chapter presents some of the experiments realized during the last years, proving that the effects of BRs are objective, that they have an incontestable influence on human health state and that they can be oriented and controlled  – in a certain measure – by the intuition of the therapist and/or by the use of bio-resonance technology.

Some specifications should be formulated from the very beginning, for a better understanding of the main intention:

to prove that the phenomenon exists, by using a qualitative study, and not a quantitative / statistical one;

to argue that the effects of BR are able to modify / improve effectively the EI state of a biological (human) system.

2.1. Biotechnological arguments and therapeutic results

For proving technologically the existence of an ultraweak bioluminescent emission generated by biological systems and its influence upon the human biofield, through a “holographic resonance” mechanism – specific to ExHo type of therapy – we used some different types of instruments. A kind of “multiple blind” strategy namely: the same phenomenon, many types of measurements, all of them expressing the same meaning, but in different values.

In the framework of the present article, we will present only a few of the experiments done to sustain the conviction of the ExHo functionality and efficiency.

2.1.1. Types of methods and devices for measuring the stimulation and protection of the human healthy state by using BRs.

The experiments that follow prove that the BRs resonance phenomenon manifests objectively, by determining an ExHo mechanism. The experiments are only present their protocol and results, without being very much detailed or interpreted.

Various forms of measuring apparatus are used, contributing in this way to the credibility of the final conclusion that the formulated hypothesis is  valid and that ExHo is functional and beneficial to human health.

  • AURA VIDEO STATION:  This is an American made instrument able to describe the structure of the human aura, and the colours, amplitudes and intensity of chakras by measuring the electric charge of the holographic points from the human subject’s hand / palm. This resonance connection effect is known as the “VOLL EFFECT”, after the German scientist who first used this type of measurement.

The experiments made with this apparatus are show almost immediately the change of these parameters after a certain stimulation, interference etc., which a general and/or specific BR is able to generate. The effect is virtual, only, showing what will happen if a certain stimuli, such as ExHo, is given sufficient time to manifest at the physical level.

“Biophotonic Resonator” effects on the human aura (experiments realized by Eng. Johann Muller Dragoman), on two cases:

a) Female, 50 years old: 1. The image of the aura / chakras before wearing the device and the subsequent graphics (left); 2. The image of the aura after wearing a BR 1 resonator and the subsequent graphic image.

b) Male, 42 years old: 1. Left side: green-yellow, 90% size, moderate intensity of the chakras; 2. Right side: the aura condition after wearing BR1 & BR6 resonators: the blue coloured aura (higher frequency), a constantly maintained size, but with a more harmonious distribution of the chakras value (BR1), sensitivity risen in the green-blue area.


*      *

In conclusions, the powerful effect of stimulation of an individual aura, from blue to indigo, namely from 80% to 100%, is obvious. These modifications equal an increase in frequency and intensity of the biophotonic spectra; a situation which, if sufficiently maintained, will positively influence the individual’s health state, starting from the general level of the aura to the different organs (chakras) of the organism. The synergy of wearing both BR’s generated the frequency elevation, generally (BR1 effect) and particularly, by generating a more harmonious manifestation of the chakra amplitudes (BR6 effect).

  • SCIO-QXCI. Another American devise (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations / Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface)

based on the possibility to collect electro-magnetic stimuli from different parts of the human body: anterior view, extremities (hands, legs) using a very sensitive measuring device. SCIO offers a more complex scale of measurements, quantitative and qualitative, and even a particular answer to the BPL states of the human subject.

Experiments evidencing the SYNERGY of some SANOGENIC EFFECTS were realized by: Eng. Sorinel Balan and Arch. Designer Dr. Aritia Poenaru.

The subject and conditions of the experiment: The subject, 55 years, male, stressed, with biliary dyskinesia and coxartrosis wore for 20 minutes on his forehead a general BR equipped with:  a violet coloured filter (stimulating the sahasrara chakra, responsible for the activity of superior nervous centres, normalizing spiritual functions, and for sustaining positive thinking); ? a violet coloured filter, with a double spiralled symbol, beneficial for energetic equilibrium and organism protection against electromagnetic radiation, namely for stimulating the vegetative nervous system through the indigo colour.

The results represented below display two categories of effects: energetic and informational.

  • Energetic effects: the value of the initially measured parameters has increased by a general level of 20% (see TODAY’S IMPROVEMENT PERCENT). This measurement is a result of the correlations of the oscillations of many parameters, increasing by 10 units: from 72 to 82, from 52 to 62 and so on. On the lower part of the screen is listed potential risks or predispositions to disease which may affect the subject.

  • Informational effects: the form and dimensions of the energetic-informational centers of the organism (chakras) modified /amplified in their state and intensity. In synthesis, the experiment shows the fact that constantly wearing a biophotonic resonator as a general health optimizer, can improve human health by:

– biophotonic stimulation of the superior and central brain areas with beneficial effects;

– protection of the cerebral system against technical radiation, which alters the bioelectromagnetic state, temperature and so on;

– the harmonic combination of the BR, utilized as a clothing “accessory” and realizing a synergetic effect (combining the material of clothes, their colour, form, volume etc.) over the general health state.

In conclusion, in order to generate a sanogenic effect of maximum efficiency, wearing any type of BR should be correlated, as is possible, with:

– the biophotonic parameters of the utilitarian objects with which the human subject continually interacts (clothing, devices, living environment);

– a chain of strategies of bio-psychical self-improvement and self- stimulation destined to amplify the organism’s own resources in order to efficiently prepare its resonance with the BR device.

  • BIOPULSAR REPLEXOGRAPH:  This is a German device using the same “VOLL EFFECT”, but showing the human aura, in real time, after about 3 minutes. The apparatus presents not only the chakra system and value, but also the organs’ normal, hyper- or hypo- functionality, accorded to a reference line. The experiments are realized by Aritia Poenaru showing many aspects of increasing human structural and functional properties.

Experiment 1. Subject female, presenting as: a) the reference situation: few hyper – and hypo-functions (the lines above and below the horizontal green reference) and the values of about 50% and 70%; b) after wearing for about 10 minutes a RBXX, the measured values clearly optimized, having as a general sign the most equilibrated colour of the BIOPULSAR: turquoise.

Experiment 3. Representation of the aura of female subject (37 year old, generally healthy) in: (a) normal state; (b) a functional cell-phone stimulated state c) a close to normal state during cell-phone usage; we can observe a strong increase in the bio-electromagnetic field, by raising the frequency during cell-phone usage and, in reverse, a noticeable diminishing of its intensity when the protective BR5+ is used.

  • Representation of the percent values of the chakras: the alteration of the 3 modified energetic-informational states in the 3 researched states, A, B, C is clearly shown by following the modifications of the percent values registered by the major chakras of the organism, describing both hyper and hypo-functional states.
  • Effects generated over more powerfully affected organs by the use of a cell phone:

– column A: the situation in the initial state which presents a series of             dysfunctions in regard to the state of optimum normality;

column B: the situation during the usage of the cell phone reveals a            hypo- or hyper-functionality;

column C: the situation while using a BR5+ protected phone.

In conclusion, all the organs measured with the BIOPULSAR device show modifications – more or less relevant – of the three situations in the present research. The overall sense of these modifications is – through the SYNERGY OF EFFECTS, that of regulating the functions –  when using a BR5+ device of anti-radiating protection organ  function approaches normal,

  • GDV CAMERA. This is a Russian instrument, based on the principles of “KIRLIAN EFFECT”, which measures the aura based on ten fingers, and – accordingly – represents the whole body aura situation, and implicitly that of all the organs.

The experiment was carried out by the therapist Ioan Ungureanu and by TDS, having as a subject, an individual with chronic osteo-articular disease.

The BR effects of a coxarthrosis and incipient gonarthrosis case (male, 56 years): frontal and lateral images of his aura: a) the initial image of the aura displays a breaking / powerful accolade in the area of the affected articulations (the hip and left knee) b) image of the aura belonging to the same subject, evaluated after an interval of about 6 months of constant, continual wearing of  BR1 and  BR6 pendants; we can notice a clear diminishing of the broken areas of the aura, in comparison to the previously afflicted zone.

In CONCLUSION, concerning the effect of gradual optimization by wearing BR we can observe that:

– initially it is evident in the aura, and then at the level of implicated organs, as a consequence of the influence of BR1;

– it influences the modifications of the physical body through the means of the BR6.

Wearing two correlated resonators, a general one and a specific one, proves to be the most adequate solution to solve some morpho-physiological dysfunctions.

  • OBERON 11. The Russian instrument able to analyze the energetic states of all human organs, using a laser scanning source, is quite suggestive for human understanding, because it clearly presents at the level of each organ: the unhealthy points (black and brown squares) and the healthy points (the yellow points); the triangles top-up represent zones of transition from normal points (??? triangular form) to unhealthy top-down triangle (VVV form).

The three analyses that follow have been realized by Iona Ungureanu, first, and eng. Constantin Budeanu, the second and third.

The OBERON analysis of a chronic disease (coxartrosis), presents the situation of the same patient already analyzed: a) before optimization: the coxartrosis affected area before wearing biophotonic resonators; one can notice the affected areas (marked with black squares); b) the effects of wearing a BR complex on human health (RB1 + RB6) continually for 6 months, indicating no more black areas and the appearance of beneficent ones (yellow points) nearby the bone.

In CONCLUSION:  in the case of the chronic condition, with degraded substantial core, the beneficial effect of wearing a BR increases gradually, but efficiently, by wearing it for a longer period of time. It is also necessary to mention that in the case of organic destruction, such as cartilage, it is necessary to combine the effect of BRs with a certain type of alimentation, nutritive supplements, structured water, etc.

  • Experiment 2. The evidence of the BR 1 over human organs (male, 50 years old). The liver condition in 2 hypostasis: a) the referential condition of the liver (the black squares indicate the pathological areas); b) the optimizing therapeutic effect of BR 1(with white and indigo mandalas) on the liver.
  • Experiment 3. Cerebral stimulation effect realized by wearing a BR 1 (with a WHITE+INDIGO filter): a) the referential situation, which displays the cerebral activity state of the subject, indicating a certain hypo-functionality of the central area of the two hemispheres, with a critical point at the left hemisphere, which reflects an accumulating stress and wearying condition (fatigue) of the tested subject; b. the potentially optimized situation after 10 minutes of wearing a BR, indicating the vanishing of the critical point (the black square) and the apparition of two points that show an almost normal situation of the previously hypo-functional area.

In conclusion, by wearing the generally optimizing BR1 resonator one can achieve an overall positive effect on the general health condition.

Effect of cerebral protection against malicious radiation, possible with the BR5+ resonator (male, 57 years, intensive cerebral activity), by using a BR5+: a) normal referential state; b) cerebral state after being stimulated with an activated mobile phone (SAGEM 501c type); c) cerebral state, during the cell phone usage while protected by a BR5+ resonator. One can easily observe the altered cerebral states (the appearance of black areas and of the reversed triangles) during the phone usage, namely by reaching an almost normal state during the usage of the BR5+ protective device.

Conclusions. The evaluations made with OBERON 11 clearly show the beneficial effects of using BR1, in the case of some specific organic dysfunctions, and also the positive BR5+ effect against the negative influences of cell phone usage.

The same experiment was recently repeated in the context of a phone company, proving that the newer models of cell phones are indeed much better protected. Even so, the measurements made with a new model of METATROM proved that some parameters of health were negatively affected. But, as our experience proved, the combination of RB1 and R5+ generated a very good state of protection, at the level of the immune system and of the technical device.

In other terms, by using such a protective-stimulating combination, the mobile telephony companies could indeed promote in the future a new and paradoxical brand:



*     *

Even if such a performance would possible, we also must take into consideration that less advanced mobile phones are in use, which – without a certain strategy of protection – could indeed affect human health. In this way, some very simple evaluations are possible and necessary.

  • TRIFIELD METER. Protective and stimulating effects of RB1 & RB5+ for the case of using different type of electronic devises could be a solution for protecting the human body against harmful radiation.

  • Measurements of the cell phone effects and of RB5+ protection, made with a “Trifield Meter” device. Model 100XE (USA):

(a) Minimum value of the magnetic field during the unused cell phone (a model of SAGEM 501C), placed 17 cm away from the measuring device, for proportionally diminishing the values of the recordings, otherwise large: the magnetic field value visibly augmented during cell phone usage, at the 100 miligauss scale, on the one hand; the considerably diminished value of the magnetic field during the cellphone usage, protected by BR5+ at about 35 miligauss, on the other hand.

The absolute values of any measurement are different in regard to the various conditions (place, time of the day, weather and so on). The same directions of the proportional amplifying / diminishing of intensity were observed in the case of the electric field, namely of the microwaves from the radio spectra, activated during cell phone usage. By using this device, we have also acknowledged the protective effect of the BR on the impact of the electric field, and also on the low frequency EM waves (radiotype).

  • METATRON. It is a new version of the OBERON device and a much more efficient system, offering much more detailed information.

This newly acquired device has been used in laboratory studies for recent measurements made by Eng. Mihai Costache – and could also be statistically relevant. In the present context we will present only one case study of a female, having certain health parameters able to be optimized by wearing general powerful biophotonic resonators: BR1, BRXX, BR5-.

The stimulating difference of active substances and colours…

The conclusion of the above presented experiment:  In all cases, the control situation (left image) was evidently optimized by wearing the RB1 and, respectively, the RBXX and RB5 – stimulating devises. The differentiated effects of active substance and colours are evident, resulting from the BPL states of human subject.

  • BIOPHOTONMETRY: This technology of measurement is a combination between the principles of biophotonics (“laser like” emission of biophotons) [Stanciulescu, 2003] and the principles of spectro-colorimetry (develop by Eng. Mircea Ioan Popescu) by using an Easy Match Qn Software (MiniScan XE Plus HunterLab).

The experimental data are obtained by comparing number values of the colour on the forehead of the subject, un-stimulated, with number values of the color obtained in two versions of human states, namely:

– by using a BR1 (Blue and Ind. filters) & BR6 (Orange and Green filters); the resulted graphic is described by the redline (bellow);

– by using a BR5+ placed on the in-use mobile phone while held on the right ear; the resulting graphic is figured with a black line (above).

The tests were obtained by mediating 6 automatic measurements, taken every 4 seconds.

The two graphics of the experiments realized by human body stimulation and measurement with the HunterLab device, during wearing different types of BRs

The experiments concluded that the analysis of the spectra of reflection visually indicates in all cases that wearing BRs improves the conditions of the health state, by a more adequate bioluminescent emission (of the number of emitted biophotons). This alteration leads to a further modification of the general health state, according to means about to be defined by the evolutionary development of the current method.

  • DDFAO EQUIPMENT. This medical device for computerized interstitial scanning and treatment by bioresonance is able to follow virtually and in actuality, both the human body metamorphoses under different types of EI stimulation, such as BRs. In this way, some specific measurements were

conducted by Dr. Dan LUTICHIEVICI (Cluj-Napoca). As a physician, implicitly working with BRs devices, he obtained many amazing optimizing results with his patients. From the many possible cases, we  present one case, as the author himself transmitted to me.

The case study concerns a 79 year old, male patient, presenting liver dysfunction and circulatory diseases. In relation to the dysfunctions told by the patient, we checked the VALUES FOR OXIDATIVE STRESS, corresponding to the following organs: liver, stomach, pancreas, duodenum, AQ (ATHEROGENIC COEFFICIENT ) – the REPORT bad cholesterol versus to good cholesterol (HDL / LDL, using the DDFAO equipment.

The patient’s states of health scanned with DDFAO

  • After a first scan of the patient, which was performed on 19.07. 2009, a general BR1 bio-resonance stimulator (in housing) was worn, and after two weeks was added another three CIPs of the same BR1 type, one located on the liver and the other two located on the legs in acupressure points known to improve the peripheral circulation. (This strategy is representing another method for obtaining the BR therapeutic effect: to stimulate by “holographic resonance” – directly and constantly the EI meridians of the body. TDS). No other treatments were indicated.
  • At a subsequent scan, which was performed on 23.08. 2009, the negative values associated with peripheral circulation decreased by 20 points, a very good result for a relatively short period of wearing the BR. The patient states that the pain in legs, manifested as a burning, is reduced, no longer identified as  intense. The values from the liver  also decreased significantly, as did those targeting the cholesterol.

The result is an obvious improvement of the general situation / condition of the patient, including the neuro-psychic status and the values of neural transmitters  which were in turn significantly optimized.

In conclusion, we could assert that such health-generating types of effect – which we will present in more detail in another context – are specific to the mechanism of Exogenous Homeopathy which is applied and justified by the BR.

  • BIOPHOTONIC SCANNER. The biophotonic scanner measures the concentration of carotenoids on the skin / hand surface (through the reflection of a laser beam in the liquid crystal cell (acc. to TDS), and provides information about the antioxidant protection of the human body in relation to a series of categories of values mentioned in statistics below.

In relation to the category to which belongs a specific subject, it  highlights the degree of body protection against harmful factors which are the oxidants, free radicals, etc.

The following measurements were performed by Dr. DELIA CRUCERU (manager PHARMANEX) and TDS (2009).

The experiment conducted with BR showed an increase of the defense potential of the two human subjects evaluated, as follows:

  • Female subject, DC, with very good health, having never worn a BR; the carotenoids level raised after the simple wearing of a BR1 for 10 minutes, with 3,000 units (from 46,000 to 49,000), which shows a relevant  increase in the capacity of the  immune system.
  • Male subject, TDS, BR carrier, removed for 10 minutes a  complex BR1 + BR6, after which the first measurement was made, and showed a good level of carotenoids (43,000 units). After this measurement, the complex BR1 & BR 6 was returned to TDS, and after a further 10 minutes wearing the BR complex, a second measurement was taken.  The recorded value increased by 1,000 units, which shows:

a) the beneficial effect on immune system of constant / permanent wearing of BR;

b) the obvious increase of the body’s immune system resources, when the BR system was used again.

According to exogenous homeopathic treatment the wearing of a BR may trigger – in certain situations – a reaction of the momentary loss of carotenoids level, as a paradoxical effect of the “healing crisis”.

2.1.2. The interaction between vegetal systems and Biophotonic Resonators

Using the principles and mechanism of biophotonics, a first explicit experience of interactions between a human being and a biological vegetal system was realized at Neuss in 2003, by professor Rajendra Bajpai (India) and by myself, using a unique device: the PHOTOCOUNTER invented by professor Fritz Albert Popp, and used at the laboratory of the International Institute of Biophysics, Neuss, Germany, 2003.

This experiment –  presented in my previous analyses – put into evidence the variation of ultraweak bioluminescence of a vegetal system (lichen), stimulated by my hands, for about 5 minutes, from about 10-15 cm distance.

The experiment result: the graphic of the normal / non-stimulated emission (below), compared to graphic of the emission stimulated  by hands, in its version of spectral representation;; b) idem, in the biophotonic representation version.

We could conclude that in this case of stimulation, the human hands played the role of a natural / living BR, initiating the phenomenon of holographic resonance specific to Exogenous Homeopathy.

  • In the frame of the previously mentioned research [Stanciulescu, 2008], a very relevant experiment proved another type of ExHo, between a biological system type (wheat seeds) and types of exogenous biostimulators, such as different types of organic materials and a BR6.

The protocol of the experiment [Stanciulescu, Apopei 2007] the same type of culture (wheat) stimulated by different types of biologically active substances.

The experiment used many types of “active substances” (biological material) such as textile materials, for stimulating the growth of the wheat seeds. The most efficient stimulation was of the BR 6 (sample number 7), as compared to the non-stimulated sample (number 1).

In conclusion, the experiments proved once again that the vegetal system was stimulated by the resonance of a specific biophotonic resonator BR6, with the resulting increase being quite evident

  • A very recent and complex experiment – of stimulating a Chia Herb Garden – was realized and describe by Ann Simard (Canada), our research partner. As the author presents, the purpose of the experiment was to determine / demonstrate the effectiveness of the BR on plant growth.

The experiment supposed: 2 Identical Chia Herb Garden Kits, 2 water bottles, 2 plastic trays, 1 BR1 with green and clear/white mandalas. The  method used:

  • Day 1: 1 kit exposed to BR; Other kit:   No BR exposure (control).  Kits stored separately to avoid cross-contamination of fields, in closets (same light conditions) in bedrooms maintained at the same temperature, for 3 days.
  • Day 3:  Planting as per kit instructions.  Clearly identifying using plant markers and code on pot:  C = Control; BR = Biophoton Resonator. B= Basil; C= Cilantro; Ch = Chives. IE:  CB, CC, CCH.  Control group planted and placed in plastic tray with glass water bottle but no BR.  BR group planted and BR suspended with green and clear/white labels from glass water bottle, and surrounded by herb pots. Two locations selected.  Similar light conditions and same temperature maintained in both locations.

Plants checked daily to water, and trays rotated with each check, to control for location.  Measure weekly or more often if visual changes.

Observations:  weekly photos used to document further measurements, and experiment came to a close on day 70.  See photos below taken on day 70.

  • Conclusions: This controlled experiment showed significant differences in the control and resonator plants. The basil and cilantro benefited by the presence of the resonator, growing more quickly producing taller plants with larger leaves. The presence of the resonator did not seem to benefit the chives, however. By the end of the experiment, resonator and control chives were approximately equal, indicating that no inhibition or ill effect occurred in the resonator chives.

While these results are preliminary, they suggest further research is required with larger sample sizes. The lack of perceived benefit to the chives indicates that a different resonator or mandalas combination may be needed, and that a means to measure compatibility of the resonator / mandala with the subject / object being examined would be beneficial.


*   *

Synthetically, if we would correlate the three types of experiments mentioned erHabove, we could conclude that the use of BR for amplifying the vegetal production without genetic mutation and chemical pollution represents maybe the most important way to overcome the actual crisis of resources, in general, of alimentary products, in particular.

2.1.3. The interaction between BR, liquid and solid aliments.

Many other types of ExHo interactions could be taken into consideration, proving the very large spectrum of BR applications. Each of these interactions could be evidenced by using complementary strategies of measuring, such as:

  • BIOPHOTONMETRY. The technique defined as Biophotonmetry is able to put into evidence the beneficial effects of BRs on liquids (wine, water, etc.).

  • MINERAL WATER: the two curves show the reflection spectra of water (normal water, the upper curve, redline) and of water stimulated with BR5. One could notice a certain parallel of the spectra, with the exception of few uneven areas in the area of the 420nm, 460-490 and 510 nm wavelength, which marks the presence of certain structural modifications of water (chemical and concentrational) following some maximums of biophotonic absorptions.
  • RED WINE: having the absorption curve indicated by the redline, presented after the stimulation with a BR6 (with a yellow violet mandala) few disruptions of the parallel in the 430nm and 520-530 nm, which means an appearance of the polyphenols, a darkening of the wine’s colour caused by the vanishing of the red pigments, which equals a process of wine aging.

Conclusions: applying BRs on the liquid filled bottles (wine, water and so on) generates mostly informational effects, which modify the structural-qualitative parameters of the liquids. Consequently, by acknowledging this quality of the BR, their functionality can be utilized by all producers / consumers of various liquids.

We must remember in this context that – during the night / sleeping – the BRs must not be used, and instead could be attached to a bottle of a certain potable liquid which the next day may be consumed. In this way, the same information will stimulate the human body from outside, as Exogenous Homeopathy states, and from inside, as (classical) Endogenous Homeopathy supposes.

Consequently, a Biophotonic Resonator represents an amazing synergetic mediator, able to unify the tradition of homeopathy and modern technology.

  • METATRON. The advantages offered by this device permitted us to realize recent measurements and formulate conclusions concerning the properties of informationalized / structurized water by using BRs devices.

The effect of RB5 on normal tap water: a) a better protection against the         wall of aorta degradation; b) the beneficial effect at the iris level.

All of these measurements prove that water represents a perfect mediator for transmitting the BR’s information at the level of the affected organs, or at the level of the whole body. In this way, to prepare such a type of water by using the stimulating effects of BR during the night, represents a simple and very efficient solution.

2.1.4. The BRs resonance consequences on physical systems

The following experiments are directed towards the stimulation of physical systems (utility products, clothing, instruments and devices, materials, etc.) with different types of BRs, using different techniques of measurement, such as:

  • OBERON. For proving that a synergy exists between BRs and various types of utility products, some unconventional but relevant measurements were made. In this way is made the connection of a BR and a utility object, such as a leather agenda or wallet, etc, for improving or stimulating the human healthy state in an efficient and economical way.

A leather agenda stimulated by BR1 and BR5+ (CIP FORM)

The experiments were suggested and conducted by Eng. Horia Bologan, director SC Imperial Accessories, who sustained our scientific research and presentation of «BIOPHOTONIC CONCEPT PRODUCTS» at many international salons and inventics fairs.

Accordingly, the effects of the interaction / holographic resonance of a leather object (agenda), equipped with some BRs, are strongly influencing the BPL states of beneficiary: (1) the leather object (a) is maintaining constantly the state of the human subject; (b) equipping the object with a BR1 (c) determines a sensible optimization of the gallbladder (d), by the disappearance of two negative points and by the apparition of yellow very positive point; (3) wearing two resonators, RB1 & RB5 (f) determined a strong optimization of the biliary vesicle  states (g).

The proved possibility to combine the BRs with different types of useful consumer products enlarge the opportunity of their use for the benefit of human well being.

  • AURA IMAGING SYSTEM. The connection between a BR and a  clothing complex is very common, since a BR could be used as a decorative accessory. In this way, many experiments have been realized during our research project for “biophotonic health-generating clothing”. For the purpose of evidence, I will mention only one example. It is about the modification of the human aura by coupling biophotonic clothing (a blouse of silk and a cotton skirt) and a BR 1 (stimulating) by a person (female, 30 years, with renal hypo-functional problems, and generally sub-energized).

The image of the resultant auric spectrum: it is evident that there is an increase in frequency of the whole biofield (from blue-indigo to white-lavender) and in auric field from 60% to 80%. The situation is perfectly favourable to the EI optimization of the subject.

The conclusion of the experiment is that a correct combination / synergy of the elements of clothing and the appropriate BR will certainly contribute to an increased state of health, accomplishing the main aspiration of ExHo: best results with small applications.

  • METATRON.  By using this type of measurement, a very interesting phenomenon was put into evidence, namely: the connection of the human body and a certain source of energy.

In this way we have used a special heating source – our patented invention – generating “biological infrared radiation”. That’s because the active substance able to generate a heat of about 70 C degrees is realized by using some BR type powder. So, we could consider that the source is similar to a biophotonic resonator.

Starting from this premise, we measureed the effect of this type of “biological heat” on human health. The results obtained were amazing: each time, after keeping the hands over the radiant source, the negative parameters of the body were strongly optimized.

The influence of a biophotonic source of heating on human health: The case of a subject / male exhausted after long travel and with a very poor energetic situation of the brain. After few minutes of heating his hands, the situation change radically, becoming a normalized one.

It is enough to present such a case, for understanding that the BRs – with their different types of energy and information directed towards the human body – represent an incredible source of health, when incorporated in constant elements of the medium of life.

To generate a biophotonic (stimulating and optimizing, ecologic and sane)  frame of life represents an alternative which the present society is in need of.

  • BIOPULSAR REFLEXOGRAPH. The experiment was done to prove two complementary aspects, namely:

– to prove that physical materials have a certain memory, by stocking in their EI field certain types of information;

– to justify that the BRs can influence the interaction between a human being and a certain type of material.

The experiment proposed the measurements of different types of stones from different places, including their connection with a certain BR, and to verify how their EI potential affects human health states (stimulatory or inhibitory).

“Stones memory” – an experiment conceived and realized by Aritia Poenaru – shows a small modification of subject BPL parameters, influenced by an ordinary stone taken from the wall of a ruined church, and a perfect change of all the parameters and of the aura colour (turquoise) when the stoned (another type) was taken from the altar place and the body was stimulated by a BR1.

The results of the experiment demonstrate that the human body interacts with different types of EI field emissions that concern the nature of material and the place it was procured; the natural EI of the place that the material (stone) belongs (profane or sacred), and that a BR can positively influence the connection between human beings and various materials.

The experiment is quite relevant for proving that an “architecture of light” is objectively possible to be conceived, as our patent on “biophotonic architecture” already suggested.

In conclusion, we should assert that the functional privileges of Exogenous Homeopathy represent a potential of harmonious life which we are already obliged to take in consideration.


*     *

Before closing, we should say that the opportunity we had in the last period to use two available bioresonance instruments – a BIOPULSAR REFLEXOGRAPH (showing the biofield state of the organism) and a METATRON (working on the organs energetic levels) – offered us the possibility to do a large number of measurements and implicitly to justify statistically that the BRs are working both at the informational level and at the energetic level. We remember again that in the case of BR – as in the case of any informational therapy – the therapeutic effect appears first at the auric level and only after a time at the body level.  The conclusions of this research – assumed as study of case(s) too – will be presented in another context.  A more extended casuistic will be presented into a future context. For the moment, we wanted only to prove that ExHo is indeed a very powerful therapy.

A very special not only symbolical effect: to feel and to say explicitly your “BR1”: “I love you…”. The measurement is proving a perfect harmonization of the body’s parameters: turquoise color, again…

Such a special result could be generalized at a statistical level or quantitative level. But, for the moment – in the frame of the present paper – we preferred to realize a qualitative research only and not a statistical one, because:

working homeopathically, the BRs action presents as a different effect in different patients;

to work with BRs supposes a therapeutic creativity, similar to the homeopathic indication of remedies, in which the general direction of BR’s function is manifest (proving the hypo- or hyper-stimulation effect), but the details will differ from one case to another.  Hence, research which allows for statistical analysis achievable in the science of nature and allopathic medicine is not realistic in the case of homeopathy and implicitly ExHo;.

until now, the beneficial effects of the BR has been proven in small scale experiments in co-operation with physicians and therapists, who offered us many relevant case studies.

By finalizing our plea for ExHo and implicitly for BR, we express once again the hope that by detailing our previous experiments, and crediting the obtained results, a scientific community opened to this apparently “crazy” idea – to build biophotonically our medium of life, in a harmonious resonant way to our BPL states of health – will contribute step by step to its accomplishment and its diffusion all over the world.



Before any other consideration, we have to say that unlike other technical devices (the presentation of these differentiations was essential for obtaining the invention brevet), source and so on, for the optimizing of the human organism, the BIOPHOTONIC RESONATOR was based on:

  • The existence of a theoretical framework of great scientific value, namely on:

– the new principles of BIOPHOTONICS, meant to originally explain – for the very first time- the “holographic resonance” principles which make possible the interaction of biological systems of the world (vegetal, animal, human), and on the other hand [Constantinescu, Stanciulescu, (bio)photonic theory of the energy/information, 1993-1995], namely to clarify the mechanisms able to generate ultra-weak bioluminescent emissions of a “BIOLOGICAL LASER” nature [Stanciulescu, Manu, Fundaments of biophotonics, 1995-2002];

– applying the SYNERGETIC principles to a series of sanogenetic effects specific to biophotonics [Stanciulescu, Poenaru, 2006-2008], resulting in a series of patent acts referring to complementary inventions;

– the analytical-scientific research of all trials to produce natural or technical bioresonators, in order to prove and overcome some functional and structural limits.

– the making of an ensemble of measurements and presentation of a large set of data, previously non-existent, based on the mechanisms of “double blind” trials, namely on the verification of the same prophylactic and therapeutic properties of the BR with the help of a set of devices renowned for their valuable testing abilities.

The general conclusion reaches the norm of an obvious therapeutic function.

  • The application of the correlation between BIOPHOTONICS and SYNERGETICS to the field of complementary therapies, generally, and of homeopathic research in particular through [Stanciulescu, 2003, 2007]:

– the biophotonic explanation of the functional mechanisms of classical homeopathy (endogenic);

– the ingenious explanation of a new concept – that of “exogenous homeopathy” referring to the informational influence of health through biophotonic emissions generated externally by the organism and not from within, as is the case in the “endogenous”;

– the application of this knowledge to the explanation of results obtained in experiments such as “AD fito-devices for energizing and stimulating” [Stanciulescu, 2005].

These fundaments made possible the manufacture and patenting, by the already mentioned synergic research team, of the first prototypes of Biophotonic Resonators.

Among the objectively proven properties of these experiments and measuring procedures already presented, we can conclude that the BIOPHOTONIC RESONATORS display a series of brand new STRUCTURAL and FUNCTIONAL advantages such as:

  • 100 % biological quality of the active substance used in the BR manufacture (a complex of protein and vegetable powders), assured by the following facts:

– it doesn’t need any other physical ingredient (mineral, metallic, etc.) which could alter the natural attributes of the biophotonic emission, therefore influencing the state of the receptor;

– it does not contain any technological hint (electric sources, power accumulators and so on) which could become a source for levogir torsion; these fields are added to the noxious effects of the EM technology (TF, PC, TV), which becomes amplified through the natural effect of dextrogir torsion generated by any biological system (including the one of the active substance in BR);

– through the exclusive biologic nature of the used active substances, the BR compatibility with the bioluminescent emission of the human organism is from the beginning maximized, based on the effect of holographic resonance.

  • Determination and choice of the biologic referential involves a special measuring biotechnology, unique in the world, in order to establish the compatibility rate of the bioactive vegetal and protein substance with the energetic – informational types of DNA, which makes every type of BR  become functional in every possible human way and not only for some particular categories of users.
  • Refined link of the BR bioelectromagnetic emissions to the frequencies of the BEM field specific of the human body becomes possible through the means of filters/associated frequency spectra (colored ROGVAIV stickers). Thus, it generates the possibility of:

– personalizing a BR by adjusting it to some specific problems, of each beneficiary, at a given time;

– the appropriate modification of the BR functionality, through the simple change of the colored filter, along with the gradual change of the health parameters of the subject.

  • Through the means of the color filters an effect of “homeopathic chromo-therapy” is assured, by the fact that every color filter is equipped with:

– a mandala able to generate – through specific waveforms – informational effects adjusted to the level of the referred chakra, “reminding” how the chakra should correctly function;

– the complementary colors to the dominant one, which generate the effect of “homeopathic color-therapy” already mentioned.

  • Through the nature of active substance and through the associated frequency filters, BRs are made in order to generate a double biophotonic effect:

generally prophylactic, through the overall action on the aura for the amplification of the immune system (BR1 is mostly responsible for this);

specifically therapeutic, through the focused action (with the help of color filters) on the solving of a specific dysfunction to the level of a certain organ of an organic complex (chakra), by using one of the BR2-7 devices.

  • The therapeutic-prophylactic function of a BR is doubled by the protective one against a noxious radiation generated by:

– natural earthly sources (pathogenic areas);

– technologic sources specific to the communication systems (TF, PC, TV,        so on.).

This protection is achieved through the supplementary introduction in a BR of some special biologic elements, able to absorb / disperse the noxious radiations. By adding to the BR5+ a special color filter (blue, violet, indigo) and a geometric figure plus a special mandala we contribute to the augmentation of the protection effect of this BR.

  • Making the BR as a medallion also allows it to be worn close to the central area of the organism, nearby the chest, on the vertical line of the chakras, which enables:

– a harmonious distribution of the bioelectromagnetic field to the level of the whole biofield of the body, eliminating therefore the discomfort of other manners of attaching a BR, such as glue, stickers and so on;

– considering the holographic resonance effect generated by the BR, it is sufficient to wear two complementary resonators (a BR1 and a specific BR6/7) for the information to install spontaneously in the auric field, which also makes the need to buy many resonators obsolete

  • Manner of making a BR for technologic protection – as a CIP (equipped with adequate color filters – allows a double protection of the beneficiary on:

the level of the noxious radiations emitting by the simple placing of the BR 5+ CIP on its canvas (TF, PC, TV) by sticking it with the glued support;

the level of the beneficiary, by wearing a BR1 with a function of general protection / stimulation of the immune system or at least of a BR1 type CIP which can be easily taken into wallets, pockets and so on.

  • Based on “biologic laser” mechanisms, the BRS can be stimulated from time to time by specific procedures with biologic and technological sources, which increases their viability with the condition that the active substance is protected from stimuli such as water/humidity or mechanical destruction.
  • Given the facts of these augmented structural-functional complexities, the price of a BR is more lower than any other marketed product. One or a maximum two BRs being enough to solve the complex task of human health improvement. Under these conditions the access to these BRs can be assured for a large spectrum of the population.

As a GENERAL CONCLUSION, we could mention that all the above presented structural and functional parameters are not to be found individualized – and much more in the Functional SYNERGY – in any of the already existent sanogenic devices in the current market, which ensures the Biophotonic Resonators produced by the patentees through BIOPHOTONIC SYNERGY DESING, Iasi, ROMANIA ([email protected]):


English translation and correction



Some final observations are necessary for sustaining the presence / circulation of the BRs on the market:

  • The BR is not a remedy or a medical device in the real meaning of the term, but a stimulating source, which through its generated energetic-informational non-invasive effects maintains prophylactically the optimal state of health or / and it encourages the (self)recovery.
  • Not being in direct contact with the body, being carried like a pendant, having incorporated active substances which are not chemical or radioactive noxious, BR does not require a special standardization or accreditation by medical institutions subordinated to a Ministry of Health, but only the certificates of quality necessary for a large distribution on the market, like LAREX or / and ISO.
  • The utilization of BR as a stimulator, which contributes to releasing – if need be – of energy traps electrons stored in mitochondria) and information traps (biophotons stocked into DNA), able to initiate/intensify the healing process indicated by the appearance of the illness.
  • Being an energetic-informational supplement transmitted to the organism through waves/biophotons, the alternative utilization of BR shouldn’t be substituted for substantial medical treatment, allopathic or complementary, imposed by morpho-physiological diseases.

About the author

Traian D. Stanciulescu

Prof. Dr. Traian D. Stanciulescu graduated from the Institute of Architecture and from the Faculty of Philosophy. He is currently a full professor at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iassy in Romania where he teaches semiotics, hermeneutics, creatology, etc., and coordinates doctoral papers in these fields. He is a senior scientific researcher at the National Inventics Institute in Iassy. He has written and coordinated 32 books including Signs of Light and Semiotics of Light. For his theoretical and practical research, he has received many international awards.
Prof. Stanciulescu is President of ROASS (Romanian Association of Semiotic Studies) and Vice-president of ANATECOR
(Romanian National Association for Complementary Therapy)

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  • I am delighted to read this piece of research. Somtime ago I had written to Dr. Vithoulkas about biophotonics and the scope it offers in understanding action of homeopathic drugs I wish to repeat again that all organisms, plants and animals share a good number of common genes since evolution must have taken place from a common format of genomic system. Man since is currently at the summit of evolution should be having some commonness with plants and animals. Extending to minerals also since bilogical evolution could not have happened without inorganic elements. Human DNA and indirectly human immune system might rdspond to homeo drugs derived from plant animal or mineral source. The concept of bioresonance is a fantastic and thought provoking concept and should put to rest the sceptics who donot consider homeopathy a scientific discipline.

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