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Tidbits 70: Coronavirus–natural cures? Part-2

Written by Elaine Lewis

More natural anti-virals including, especially, Homeopathic Remedies


I started Part-1


with the assertion that Coronavirus allegedly came from bats located in an outdoor food market in Wuhan, China; but, a more likely suspect was the virology lab located in the same town!  Well, look at today’s headline:

Intel officials probe whether virus escaped from a Chinese lab

Wow!  Scroll down a bit and you’ll see this:

“According to the Washington Post, U.S. State Department employees visited the Wuhan virology lab in 2018 and sent a cable back home listing safety concerns about the lab’s bat coronavirus studies.”

OMG!!!  It goes on to say:

“Public videos and articles have revealed poor safety standards on the part of some Wuhan researchers, including being exposed to bat urine and failing to wear proper protective equipment. Additionally, there have been incidents of SARS samples escaping from Chinese labs in the past.” 1/

Dear God!

 Well, this is just great, isn’t it!?  But you know what?  Part of the reason this is such a monumental catastrophe is due to our dependence on a Medical System that touts itself as The Greatest in all the world but in reality, can’t cure a single virus!  Even worse, it disallows any alternative methods or thoughts on how a virus can be properly handled!  So we are stuck with a medical model that has no ability to turn the tide, offers no solutions, and can only promise that all will be well in a year or so when the “fast-tracked” vaccine arrives!  If it weren’t for the choke-hold Big Pharma has on all of us, we might be seeing a completely different picture right now.  How do I know?  We have the example of the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918.

There were actually Homeopathic Hospitals back then, and thousands of homeopathic doctors!  And what a difference!

Denver Homeopathic Hospital 1900


Here writes homeopath Frank Wieland, MD, practicing during the pandemic in Chicago: “In a plant of 8,000 workers we had only one death. The patients were not drugged to death. Gelsemium was practically the only remedy used. We used no aspirin and no vaccines.”2/

Homeopath Dudley A. Williams, MD of Rhode Island writes:

“I did not lose a single case of influenza; my death rate in the pneumonias was 2.1%.  The salycilates, including aspirin and quinine, were almost the sole standbys of the old school and it was a common thing to hear them speaking of losing 60% of their pneumonias.” 3/

[Funny, they called what modern medicine does today “old school”, as it was already showing its inferiority, and here we are, still stuck with it after all these years.]

“One physician in a Pittsburgh hospital asked a nurse if she knew anything better than what he was doing, because he was losing many cases. ‘Yes, Doctor, stop aspirin and go down to a homeopathic pharmacy and get homeopathic remedies.’  The Doctor replied: ‘But that is homeopathy.’  ‘I know but the homeopathic doctors for whom I have nursed have not lost a single case.’ -W. F. Edmundson, MD, Pittsburgh.” 4/ 

(In case you’re wondering what happened to the homeopathic hospitals?  You might as well ask what happened to natural healing in general.  The AMA, in partnership with the budding pharmaceutical industry, ran it out of the country through bribes to politicians, mischief, threats to medical societies–any way they could.)

Big Pharma and its many lackeys in the medical field apparently prefer death and despair until such time as their questionable vaccine appears and perhaps they will influence governments the world over to mandate its use and reap wealth beyond their wildest dreams.  In the meantime, we should all do nothing but wash our hands and stay indoors.

Not so fast!  Here are the homeopathic remedies you should have on hand, though with this disclaimer: these are our flu/viral remedies that have worked for us in the past; the assumption is that you will most likely see the same need for these remedies in the present.

Homeopathic Remedies For Viral Pneumonia

Coronavirus is an illness with many presentations.  Some cases are mild, like an ordinary cold.  Some have no symptoms at all; but, the worst cases seem to descend into pneumonia and are noted for high fever, dry cough and shortness of breath.  Some cases have had gastro-intestinal symptoms as well.  With that in mind, any one of the following remedies might be a match for you or your patient:  

 Ferrum phos. —Take at the first sign of any cold!  I take it as soon as I feel a sore throat coming on.  One dose of Ferrum phos. 200C, and that should do it!  It’s for the first stage of inflammation, early stage of fever, before symptoms have become clarified.  Always treat a cold right away at the first sign!  You never know what it might morph into if you let it sit.  Will it go to your chest and turn into pneumonia?  Don’t wait to find out!!!!  However, if you miss giving this remedy at the early onset, it might still be useful for the following later-stage symptoms that fit its profile:

  1. Apathy, listlessness
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Short, painful, tickling cough
  4. Hard dry cough with sore chest
  5. Hacking, spasmodic cough
  6. Worse morning and evening
  7. Cough with retching and vomiting
  8. Worse bending forward
  9. Worse touching throat
  10. Bloody expectoration
  11. Fever, thirstlessness
  12. Chest feels heavy, sore
  13. Sharp pain, right side, worse coughing
  14. Worse deep breathing
  15. Better resting
  16. Rattling mucus
  17. Worse open air
  18. Better cold applications

AconiteAilments from cold/dry winds (yes, the usual Aconite presentation!)  Aconite is for sudden onset of symptoms with high fever, full bounding pulse, hard painful dry cough, chill, hot skin, fear, restlessness, thirst for cold drinks; short of breath, sits up; hoarse, dry cough; worse at midnight.  Stabbing pains in chest.  Sensation as if lungs will not expand.  (This is a symptom I’ve heard a lot from Coronavirus patients.)  Worse least motion, worse lying on left side.  Pressure in chest.


BelladonnaIt’s often hard to tell the difference between Aconite and Belladonna.  They both have sudden onset.  They both have high fever.  They both have hot skin.  They both have dry cough.  But Aconite is likely to turn pale when they sit up.  Redness, red face, is a keynote of Belladonna.  Blood rushes to the head, throbbing ensues, face is hot and red, dry heat radiates from the body, hands and feet are cold, eyes are glassy and pupils are dilated.  May be delirious with fever.  Bloody taste in the mouth when coughing.  I had that once, and I said, “I sure hope this is in the Repertory!”  It was and it led me to Belladonna, which cured.

9 pm aggravation time.  They can be thirsty but more likely, thirstless despite dry mouth and dry lips.  A Belladonna case usually gives the care-giver a fright and the need to act quickly because the patient seems so desperate and even frantic.  Both of these remedies tend to show up at the beginning of an illness.  If the illness drags on, it’s less likely to respond to either Aconite or Belladonna; so, if your homeopath tells you, “The remedy is Belladonna!” don’t wait around til tomorrow or the next day to give it, by tomorrow it might be something else! 

A remedy prescription is only good for the symptoms you came in with. 

If your symptoms change the next day, it’s not Belladonna anymore.  And also remember, you don’t have to have all these symptoms at once to give the remedy.  When I had the “bloody taste in the mouth when coughing”, that was the only symptom of Belladonna I had!  It worked anyway!  But what we’re hoping for is a remedy that matches the “characteristic” symptoms you have.  Almost all remedies have “cough”, “fever”… “Oh!  I have a fever!  Give me Belladonna!”  No, it’s not like that.  “Fever”, by itself, isn’t a “characteristic” symptom, and won’t lead you to a remedy.  BUT, fever with–glassy eyes, dilated pupils, redness, red face, high fever, sudden onset, cold feet, hot head, thirstlessness…now there’s Belladonna for you! 

There might be a painful headache, it might be right-sided, better for firm pressure and in general, these Belladonna patients are pretty frantic, they’re not placid, and like I said, you’re going to feel the need to do something fast!


BryoniaHere’s the opposite of Belladonna–Bryonia.  Bryonia has a slow onset.  They are not the least bit frantic; in fact, they are lying quietly in a dark room and they don’t want to be disturbed; not because they are resting peacefully; no, not a bit.  They are very sick!  They are so sick, they can’t even move or talk!  Any movement makes them worse.  Any conversation makes them worse.  Breathing makes them worse!  They can’t take a deep breath.  Robin Murphy says, “Any pneumonia with pain!”  Pain is always a big part of a Bryonia case.

Trouble breathing, dryness of mucus membranes, dry mouth, dry tongue, and because of that they’re thirsty, very thirsty.  They won’t ask for water often but when they do, they’ll drink it down.  Moderate fever.  Lungs feel as if they can’t expand.  Dry, hard, hacking, painful cough.  They must hold their chest when they cough.  Sharp, stitching pains in chest (also Aconite and Belladonna).  Breathing makes the pain worse.  They want to lie on the painful side which is often the right side.  A Bryonia virus often includes a very bad headache as well.


Carbo veg.–The last stage of pneumonia.  You know, they say this Coronavirus ends in pneumonia; but, some doctors are saying that it’s like no other pneumonia they’ve ever seen, and that, in fact, it appears to resemble Altitude Sickness more.  They say the patients turn blue and are gasping for air.  Their lungs work fine, but their hemoglobin is being attacked by the virus and it can’t carry oxygen anymore.  They say the respirator is making these patients worse and is inappropriate; they need oxygen.  Carbo veg. is our remedy for Altitude Sickness!

These patients (Carbo veg. patients) need air, crave air.  They want the fan turned on, the windows open.  It’s often described as “air hunger”.  They’re very cold, weak pulse, exhausting sweats, prostration, apathetic, unresponsive, comatose.  Panting and gasping.  Spells of coughing, rattling of mucus, burning in chest, spitting of blood, worse exertion.  Think of the color blue.  Remember for Belladonna we think of the color red.  For Carbo veg, we think of the color blue.  Here is Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, an ICU doctor, who swears these patients don’t have “pneumonia” as we know it; watch his video below:

It sounds like the ICU could use some Carbo veg. 200C.

Antimonium tart.–Another last stage of pneumonia remedy.  But with Antimonium-tart., the problem is mucus in the lungs; with Carbo veg, the problem is lack of oxygen.  Antimonium tart feels like they’re suffocating.  There’s bubbling, rattling in their lungs, but little expectoration.  They must sit up!  Belladonna must sit up too but that’s because their head is so congested and lying down makes it worse.

Prostration.  As if a weight on their chest.  Coughing and gasping.  They might have a thick white coating on their tongue.  Afraid to be alone.  Despondent.  Pale, blue, cold face covered with cold sweat, sunken features.    Lungs filled with rattling mucus.

Antimonium tart is our drowning remedy!  Gasping, panting and blue just like Carbo veg but one has too much mucus and the other doesn’t have enough oxygen.  I’ve noticed that this remedy is a boon especially for the elderly, who often are trying so hard to bring up phlegm, and they’re trying and trying, and they just can’t seem to get that mucus completely out.  This remedy would be a great help to them.


Arsenicum alb.–Oh, where would we be without Arsenicum?!  So many conditions, so many diseases–viruses, food poisoning, asthma, pneumonia, anxiety, anguish, fear, cancer…where would we be without it?  You can never miss an Arsenicum case; if you see the mentals, give the remedy, it doesn’t matter what the physical symptoms are.  Here are the Arsenicum mentals:

  1. Fear of death!
  2. Desperate need for company and hand-holding.
  3. Need for reassurance–constant need for reassurance and yet they won’t accept it! They don’t believe they can get better.
  4. Begging for you to help them.
  5. Fear that if you leave, they will die! (“Please don’t go!”)
  6. They don’t want to go to the doctor or the hospital even though they probably should. This puts you in a bind since there’s nothing you can do but they can’t be left alone.
  7. Restlessness. May be tossing and turning, may be moving their head from side to side, may be moaning and groaning.
  8. Prostration.
  9. Anxiety about health.

What else?

  1. Clammy perspiration
  2. Cold limbs
  3. Cold and shivering
  4. Desires warmth
  5. Brown tongue
  6. Burning pains
  7. Wheezing
  8. Cough, worse lying, must sit up
  9. Pulmonary edema
  10. Oppression of the chest
  11. Better sitting up
  12. Thirsty for frequent sips of water

Now remember, as I said before, you don’t have to have everything on the list to give a remedy.  You just have to try to find the closest match.  Are you going to not give Arsenicum just because the patient doesn’t have clammy perspiration?  Or isn’t wheezing?  Or isn’t thirsty?  Or doesn’t have a brown tongue?  No.  No one ever has all the symptoms that you see listed in the Materia Medica under a remedy.


PhosphorusThis is our main remedy for pneumonia and bronchitis.  I once gave my sister Phosphorus 200C for a spell of bronchitis, she was completely better in 20 minutes!  She was full of energy, up and moving around, being creative…she talked about it for months, it was so incredible!  So, OK, Phosphorus has weak lungs, tightness of chest, oppression of the chest as if a weight on it, trouble breathing, hard dry tight racking cough, worse talking, worse laughing; burning heat in chest, stitching pains, worse coughing, worse breathing, worse lying on the left side, sensitive to light, noise and touch.  Worse cold air.  Fear of being alone, better for company and, unlike Arsenicum, is easily reassured!

If you say, “You’re gonna be fine!” they’ll believe you!  Also, night sweats and coughing up blood.  Phosphorus is a bleeding remedy.  They may have a history of nose bleeds.  If a person is hemorrhaging, think of Phosphorus, especially if the blood is bright red.  Now, here’s the most famous symptom of all.  In almost all cases, Phosphorus craves ice cold drinks!  A burning thirst!  And, they may also have a craving for salty things like pretzels and may also have a craving for ice cream.  Better for being rubbed, like a back rub.


Kali carb.–One of the top five remedies in pneumonia according to Robin Murphy.  Chilly with hot hands.  Now, this is a great source of differentiation!  Because most of the other remedies have cold hands and feet–Carbo veg, Arsenicum, Belladonna, Phosphorus, Antimonium tart…in fact, if your patient has hot hands, you may be deciding between Kali carb and Sulphur.  And maybe Pulsatilla.  But, we’re not going to get into Pulsatilla here because it’s mostly a children’s remedy and children tend not to get this disease–thank God!!!!  But, yes, Kali carb., chilly with hot hands.  Very unusual.

Trouble breathing with mucus in chest, can’t sleep or drink.  Wheezing, rattling breathing with choking cough.  Fails to raise mucus like Antimonium tart but Antimonium tart will not have hot hands.  Sharp, stitching pains like Bryonia.  Worse motion like Bryonia.  Intolerance of cold.  Thirsty.  Must sit up and lean forward!  You see, Bryonia does not have that.  Bryonia wants to lie perfectly still.  See?  This is how you differentiate these remedies; otherwise, they can all look alike.

Worse 2 – 4 am.  Worse lying on the painful side, unlike Bryonia.  Better heat.  Cold feeling in chest.

Never Well Since pneumonia.

Irritable and demanding.

Swelling over eyelids.


SulphurAny stage of pneumonia.  Left lung.  Flushes of heat, dry hot skin, great thirst, night sweats (nape of neck, occiput).  Heat on top of head.  Dry tongue.  Weak and faint.  Irritable.  Air hunger.  Irregular breathing.  Loose cough, worse talking, worse morning.  Rattling in chest, burning in chest; stitching pains shooting straight through back.  Worse deep breathing, heart feels too large, chest feels heavy.  Dyspnea middle of the night, better sitting up, wants windows open.  11 am aggravation time. 

Now listen, here’s the tell-tale sign for Sulphur:  They throw the covers off!  And they have hot feet!


Veratrum verideI know, I know….  Nobody has it!  But maybe you should get it.  It’s here because it’s essentially a Belladonna case with nausea and vomiting!  Sudden onset like Belladonna, with high fever, strong rapid pulse like Belladonna and Aconite.  Pneumonia with faint feeling.  Blood pressure drops.  Red streak down center of the tongue.  Delirium and dilated pupils like Belladonna.  Burning distress in heart region.  Oppression of the chest.  Sudden fainting, prostration, nausea.  There seems to be a lot of fainting or near-fainting with this remedy from sudden drop in blood pressure; so, if you see that, think of Veratrum v.  Face flushed but becomes faint on sitting up; so, may turn pale.  Thirsty.


That’s it, that’s all I got for right now!  By the way, Robin Murphy, author of Murphy’s Repertory, says that Oscillococcinum is the best preventative remedy. 

Take a dose once a month (but maybe if you’re a nurse in the ICU, once a week?).  A dose is a few pellets on your tongue.

You can also buy the nosode that Dana Ullman is selling at www.homeopathic.com.  He says to take it once a month if you’re in a high-risk demographic; otherwise, once every 2 months.

And I am also hearing that Camphora is not turning out to be the panacea that people thought it would be, according to Jeremy Sherr.  This from:

Covid-19 and Homeopathy 4th April 2020

“Some observations received from New York. Good results when symptoms clear. Camphor is failing even in collapse. Some patients ‘stalling’. Reinforces to Jeremy that different (better) remedies still need to be found.”


Potency and Repetition

 30C would be a good potency to start with; but, if it’s a severe case, I’d be more comfortable starting with a 200C and I’d kind of want to have the next potency, the 1M, on hand as a back-up.  Generally, I tell people that as soon as a remedy is working?  Order the next potency right away because the fact is this: potencies wear out!  It doesn’t mean you have the wrong remedy, this is just par for the course.  If your remedy is working, repeat it the minute you start to relapse.  I’ve written an article on dosing in acute cases so, please see it for more information:


Honey And Lemon

Hey, why not?  I found this in Dr. Mercola’s newsletter in the comments section:


Joined On 5/3/2009 2:40:01 AM

Here in the UK, over the Christmas holiday, (every year I travel to and from my home on a very crowded ship from the port of Southampton to the Isle of Wight, to visit my sister), I caught a flu that in all characteristics matched the symptoms of COVID-19; particularly the difficulties with my lungs at the end, where I was, in all truth, concerned that I could not shake off the constant flow of fluid from my lungs. [Ahem!  Homeopaths!  What remedy is this?  It’s Antimonium tart!]  Again, many in my local home community, (largely very high net worth families working internationally), many were describing the same symptoms; several members of the elderly cohort attending the monthly lunch club died suddenly. Of even greater importance, (to me at least), were reports that my sister’s eldest daughter’s family that had, six months earlier, moved to the Gold Coast of Australia, were experiencing exactly the same symptoms, and were having a very hard time of it. Here, as with others surrounding me in the local community, I turned to an age old remedy, Lemon and Honey, in my case I deliberately went out and purchased six organic lemons and New Zealand MANUKA honey and took a lemon, peeled it, chopped it up into a cup in small pieces and added a large teaspoonful of the honey and poured on hot water and drunk that three times a day for two days and my symptoms of fluid on the lungs stopped. 5/


According to Dr. Andrew Weil…

Zinc: Helps maintain optimum immune function, boosts immunity and may prevent coronavirus from entering cells.  Zinc also appears to reduce the severity of coronavirus infections and may have protective effects in the upper respiratory tract.  Typical daily doses of zinc lozenges are 15 mg to 30 mg. 6/


Dr. Mercola suggests that Thiamine (vitamin B-1) is vital in protecting against infectious disease.

The Link Between Thiamine Deficiency and Fever:

“Thiamine deficiency is also associated with the development of high fever … thiamine injections are likely to eradicate microbial infections causing the fever. … Some clinical case reports in which thiamine injections were able to reverse a number of acute illnesses in which high fever was a factor, including one case where the patient presented with high fever, headache and asphyxia (feelings of suffocation), and another where a comatose patient had high fever and severe pneumonia. 7/


 This just in from The Nutrition Watchdog:

Oregano Oil: More Powerful Than Antibiotics? (Unlike antibiotics, oregano oil kills viruses and parasites too)

By: Cat Ebeling

Co-author of the best-sellers:  The Fat Burning Kitchen, The Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging & The Diabetes Fix

I love to travel and was fortunate enough to travel to Colombia, Thailand, Peru, and Nepal last year. While these countries are beautiful, exotic and fascinating to visit, their sanitation, and water supplies—as well as food preparation—are not up to the same standards as we have in the United States. In spite of taking all the usual precautions, both my significant other and I got very ill in Colombia. In fact, we were sick for a good two and a half weeks after we got home, with all the symptoms of a serious Giardia infection…. It was miserable!

The general conventional treatment for giardia infections is a prescription antibiotic, which as you probably already know, will wipe out all the beneficial bacteria in your body…. Before resorting to antibiotics, I thought I’d try a proven natural remedy first.

…I purchased oregano oil capsules, took as directed, and was good as new in 24 hours. Now we never travel without it—and it has saved us numerous times! As soon as I feel any kind of tummy troubles coming on, I start taking the recommended amount as a precaution, and viola! All good! In fact, I can say, that since that trip to Colombia, I have traveled to Thailand, Peru and Nepal and have not had any ‘issues’ whatsoever!

Oregano oil to the rescue!

Oregano has been used all the way back in ancient Grecian times as a highly effective medicinal herb. The Greeks used it for wounds, insect bites, snakebites, digestive and respiratory infections–and for good reason–oregano oil is the ultimate natural antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal!

Oregano essential oil has been proven scientifically to kill bacteria, viruses, fungal infections, and parasites, including giardia, an amoebic infection. Oregano oil has actually been scientifically proven to be effective against even antibiotic-resistant pathogens, incredibly effective against food poisoning, stomach flu, candida infections, ringworm, eczema, sinus infections, nail fungus, acne, skin infections, insect bites, warts, allergies, and more. However, oregano oil is very strong and can be irritating, so it must be diluted in a carrier oil when using on the skin.

When taken internally, it is best to purchase and take as a prepared capsule, so you get the proper strength and dosage. 8/


We are now being told to wear masks.  Even if we have to make one ourselves–which I just did, out of a t-shirt.


Folks, I could go on; but, my point here is, the idea that there is no way to treat a virus other than wait a year for the vaccine and hope you don’t die in the meantime?  How ridiculous! 

If you missed part-1, here it is:


See you again next time!



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  • Clear, concise, relevant, passionate. What else can I say about Elaine’s columns except that they’re always right to the point, no frills and offer timely and important information. Thank you Elaine, once again!

  • May I make a suggestion for the present mental state of many people. Just finished taking
    Tungsten 200C. Jan Scholten lists : challenge, inescapable, helplessness, hide, cover, secretive, responsibiliy, courage. “Prove your power.” The only physical I know is numbness. It may have other gold series symposium like swollen glands.

  • Great stuff as usual!

    From the article:
    Here writes homeopath Frank Wieland, MD, practicing during the pandemic in Chicago: “In a plant of 8,000 workers we had only one death. The patients were not drugged to death. Gelsemium was practically the only remedy used. We used no aspirin and no vaccines.”

    This is stunning, statistically speaking! I have yet to hear anything comparably impressive in the many approaches being employed against the covid-19 virus.

    I’ve had occasion to use a single dose of Ferr-phos 200c three times in the past month for one family member or another, when some small symptom popped up that felt like a precursor to a viral infection. I tend to use it with success when I get that vague “feel like I’m coming down with something” or “not feeling 100%” feeling.

    p.s. the cut up lemon + honey in hot water sounds delicious and potent vitamin C drink!

  • Thanks for the article, Elaine- down to earth and practical as ever.

    A small point: a few years ago when I first came across Oscillococcinum, I wasn’t particularly happy paying a high price for a proprietary product. I discovered that the remedy, Anas barb is the generic remedy.

    Although I shouldn’t be, I’m still horrified at the Wikipedia article about Oscillococcinum. Just a very small example of the slander we face.

  • Me siento feliz de tener a Elaine Louis de parte nuestra. Elaine es
    una Maestra Homeopatha por excelencia.

  • I am immeasurably grateful for all this information. I am in the vulnerable category, i.e. over 70 and with high BP. I feel a constant pressure on my chest which my GP cannot explain. Each morning I wake up and have to cough and blow my nose at length which I presume is from poor circulation. I don’t really know. I also have foot oedema and my feet have pins-n-needles and feel on fire. I may just try some of the homeopathic remedies. I often feel anxious as I live alone. Thank you so much.

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