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Repertorial Approach: Impotence Quode Hanc

Short discussion on what Impotency means and what rubrics to use.

Potency means ability to perform sexual intercourse and to achieve gratification. Impotency means inability to perform the sexual intercourse and inability to achieve gratification.

Dictionary meaning of Impotency is —- (1) lack of power, (2) specially, lack of copulative power in the male due to failure to initiate an erection or to maintain an erection until ejaculation; usually classified either psychological or organic (erectile dysfunction).

In males, it essentially includes failure to have adequate erection of the penis and ejaculation.

The sexual intercourse / coition consist of a chain of events. The usual stages are —-

1ST – Sexual drive.

2ND – Sexual arousal.

3RD – Genital union.

4TH – Orgasm in female and Orgasm & ej-aculation in male.

5TH – Resolution.

Some authorities staging the sexual intercourse as —-

Phase 1 – Desire.

Phase 2 – Excitement.

Phase 3 – Orgasm.

Phase 4 – Resolution.

Whatever may be the staging; sexual drive is mostly psychologically controlled and is an effort to materialize a desire of sexual performance. The question of impotence may arise in the legal issues – viz.

  1. Civil Issue:
    1. Nullity of marriage.
    2. Divorce [Secale 12 of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955; Secale 24 of Special Marriage Act, 1954].
    3. Adultery.
    4. Disputed Paternity.
    5. Suits of Adoption.
    6. Compensation cases due to loss of sexual function (Grievous Hurt) [Secale 320, IPC]
  1. Criminal Issue: Where impotency is pleaded as a defense.
      1. Adultery.
      2. Rape.
      3. Blackmailing.
      4. Incest.
      5. Unnatural sexual offences.
      6. Breach of promise of marriage.
      7. Criminal slander.
      8. Defamation cases.

There are several causes of impotency in males. One of them is the Psychic cause. This is the most frequent, though transient in nature. Worry and depression are the most common causes of impotency in present day practice. Emotional disturbances and fear are commonly responsible for temporary impotence. Disgust of the sexual act or dislike towards the sex-partner may produce temporary or permanent impotency.

Fear of inability to complete the act of intercourse may actually lead to the conditions viz. non-erection, early flaccidity of the organ, premature ejaculation etc. It may also be due to shyness, timidity, guilt-sense, overindulgence to sex, excessive sexual desire or passion etc.

The words ‘QUODE HANC‘ mean ‘as far as this‘. A man may be particularly impotent with a particular woman – but not with others. This is called Impotence Quode Hanc. A man may be potent only in some specific environmental conditions or personal effects of the woman and in other circumstances, he may find himself impotent.

This is purely a Psychological Impotency and categorize under Psychological Impotence DSM-IV.

[DSM º Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disease]

Repertorial approach to Impotence Quode Hanc: – As it is a psychic disorder; so, for the repertorization Schroeyen’s Synthesis (version 8.1), Murphy’s Medical Repertory and Kent’s Repertory have been studied.

The following rubrics are suggested ———

  • Frederik Schroeyen’s Synthesis (version 8.1):
  1. Male genitalia / sex – IMPOTENCE [CR] Ejaculation – falling; Erections – wanting; Sexual desire – wanting.
  2. Male genitalia / sex – EJACULATION – failing during coition.
  3. Male genitalia / sex – Erections – wanting.
  4. Male genitalia / sex – Sexual Desire – wanting.
  5. Male genitalia / sex – FLACCIDITY – Penis.
  6. Mind – INDIFFERENCE – sex, to opposite.
  7. Mind – INDIFFERENCE – women, to.
  8. Mind – FEAR – sex, of opposite.
  • Robin Murphy’s Medical Repertory:
  1. Mind – INDIFFERENCE, apathetic – sex, during.
  2. Mind – INDIFFERENCE, apathetic – sex, after.
  3. Mind – FEAR, phobias – sex, impotence from fear during sex.
  4. Mind – FEAR, phobias – women, of.
  5. Male – ERECTIONS, penis – incomplete, psychical.
  6. Male – FLACCIDITY, genitalia – flaccidity, penis.
  • James Tyler Kent’s Repertory to Homeopathic Materia Medica:
  1. Mind – FEAR, women, of.
  2. Mind – AVERSION, persons, to certain.
  3. Genitalia – IMPOTENCY [CR] Genitalia – ERECTION.
  4. Genitalia – ERECTIONS, incomplete.
  5. Genitalia – ERECTIONS, incomplete, coition, during.
  6. Genitalia – ERECTIONS, incomplete, penis becomes relaxed.
  7. Genitalia – FLACCIDITY, Penis.

Sources: –

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  • impotency andit causes also repertorial approach is more help to us,i request to you write about female sterility anditsrepertorialapproach.

  • This is a common subject of the present day due to psychological reasons and males due to excessive thoughts about sex. Second reason being females also have excessive expectations from males. Both contribute to failure in attaining satisfaction. Basic counseling and understanding the shortfalls by partners alone can sort out the problems and a good sex life. Otherwise people will cash on this and make money.

  • Though impotence is a common problem in most men, it can be treated in several ways. Male impotence can make them feel isolated and embarrassed. Though pills can help to a great extent, it is recommended to consult your physician before opting for any kind of treatment. Impotence can be treated in several ways, through medications, injections, prosthesis treatments, etc.

  • Dear sir,in our homeopathic medicines are not working in case of impotency when there is not other problem.Remedy like acid phos,avena sat,caladium,lycopodium (mostly recommend)acid pic,damiyana,yohibinum,agnas cats are failed to ensure their performance.I have seen a non homeo way a combination of cydonia v,avena sat and kaliphos gives some result but not permanent.I would like to request to learned homeopath of hpathy forum to please help on this issue.Regards,malaker

  • it is difficult to treat with local symptoms when we not found leading symptoms or mental picture and other modality. In my view like these symptoms not much help 1- sexual desire diminished,2- ejaculation quick too, 3-coition enjoyment absent, 4-erection wanting, 5-erection wanting sexual desire with, 6-flaccidity penis etc

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