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Treating With Resonance

Written by Peter Chappell

Homeopathy and holistic therapies generally approach the individual and help resolve internal stresses, rebalance the energies within, so self healing is able to act. But this is not specific to the disease and often this is simply not enough, as the disease needs direct, targeted healing. Here we address the self healing of disease directly with exact resonances that activate healing specifically for the disease only.

My work on PC remedies helps people recover from a wide range of diseases using a revolutionary and new set of homeopathic like healing remedies. These are revolutionary because they stimulate exact, targeted self healing responses to diseases, and the healing effects are holistic, effective, safe and with no possibility of side effects.The breakthrough is based upon resonances (see FAQS) (homeopathy is an excellent example of healing by resonances) that stimulate the self healing we all have to directly heal disease. What is new and radically different here is this – Normally homeopathy and holistic therapies generally approach the individual and help resolve internal stresses, rebalance the energies within, so self healing is able to act. But this is not specific to the disease and often this is simply not enough, as the disease needs direct, targeted healing. Here we address the self healing of disease directly with exact resonances that activate healing specifically for the disease only.

These new remedies/resonances have been shown to be effective at helping treat advanced diseases that have otherwise continued despite the very best homeopathic, holistic or conventional treatment. This is no magic short cut, however, and usually both individual based and disease based treatments go hand in hand, and recovery from advanced diseases requires skilled support which homeopaths and other holistic therapists are well equipped to provide. These disease remedies are an extra tool, a new dimension, in healing diseases.

Homeopaths have had some great results across the board and across the world with these remedies in treating people, for example in healing multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome – CFS/ME, cancer, alcoholism, schizophrenia, diabetes, eczema, asthma, epilepsy, gout, autism, AIDS, malaria, gonorrhoea, herpes, burns, injury, vaccination toxicity, penicillin toxicity, Lyme’s disease, and in treating the traumas of genocide trauma, war trauma, rape trauma, and natural catastrophe, tsunamis, post traumatic stress disorders -PTSD- in various forms. This new breakthrough effectively applies to all diseases. One very experienced homeopath reported an 80% success rate in 25 cases of chronic disease using these remedies and conventional homeopathy together.

Self help in non-serious conditions and in the beginning stages of disease is also a possibility for those with a holistic understanding. Herpes, warts, candida, flu, shingles, various traumas, teething, toothache and the like have proved popular.

Treatment Guidelines


These remedies are very powerful new tools for healing. Use them only as indicated. Follow normal homeopathic case management principles and practices.

Repetition in chronic diseases
In the early stage pathology try once daily.
In more advanced pathology/trauma once daily until reaction and stop, await recovery before continuing.
In advanced pathology, chronic trauma, sensitive people and very depleted/exhausted people one dose, one drop, wait a week or a month. In very depleted people it is also necessary to ask them to live well within their limits of energy, not to live to the limit, as is common.

Repetition for acute illnesses – burn, acute injury, trauma, infectious illness, shock etc.
Repeat hourly, or more frequently or as you/they need it. In flu like acute illnesses, in acute shock trauma, injury they should take it every 5 to 15 minutes. Ease off as they get better. This will usually be a few hours, days or a week’s duration. Repeat the remedy if a longer time seems needed to fully recover. Give a few doses beyond recovery to be sure.

Repetition for self help in non-life threatening diseases.
In the problems like warts, herpes, shingles, candida try once daily to treat and prevent. In an acute outbreak/episode of herpes or shingles take it often as needed.

Notes on using PC Remedies in Chronic Disease, Case Management Issues, the Second Simillimum and personal reflections.

A note about terminology.

I use first simillimum for remedies called constitutional, totality of the individual, etc, commonly known as classical homeopathy and second simillimum for remedies focused on the totality of the disease, not on the individual. This is for clarity.

I call my designer remedies for chronic diseases PC resonances or PC remedies for short. Again there is a lot written about these already.

I have written a whole book about the second simillimum, and its extension to its use in chronic diseases that is, I suggest, a natural conclusion from Hahnemann’s unfinished work in Aphorisms 101 to 104 which suggest this. Both first and second simillimum are in my opinion, essential components of classical homeopathy.

The first typical reason for using a PC chronic disease totality remedy is this. Where you have prescribed one or more remedies for a case with established pathology, and you have a good remedy picture, you prescribe appropriately, you get a good mental response, feel better etc, and yet the pathology is unaffected. Typically this is in a slowly progressive pathology like MS and good, well indicated remedies do affect the personal picture in a curative way and the pathology continues none the less. This is a very common situation in chronic diseases.

You could of course argue that the real totality of the case was not found, and that maybe true, but then you have to face the fact that the above situations has been repeatedly reported about the very best homeopaths who lecture on the international circuit, as well as being the experience of many homeopaths who just do the job. In other words, all homeopaths experience this situation. PC remedies are indicated here because they treat the totality of the disease indicated by the spiritual, mental, psychological and physical totality. The consistent experience is that when the constitutional, well indicated remedy works, according to laws of cure, but fails to effect pathology (sufficiently or at all), PC remedies do act curatively. And they seem to work especially well in this situation of following on an effective first simillimum remedy that acted but failed to penetrate to the pathology. They quickly produce results on a pathological level and on deeper mental, spiritual and psychological levels that indicates a deep law of cure not seen before with the first simillimum.

A note about the second simillimum seems appropriate here. I talk about the spiritual mental, psychological and physical components of the second simillimum. This may seem a like contradiction, when focused on the disease totality especially to mention a spiritual dimension, so let me explain.

In a disease, there is a very well established totality on a physical dimension. The text books of medicine are full of it. This is, however, barely the beginning the totality of the disease. I have argued, supported by Hahnemann and modern cutting edge medical researchers (see Homeopathy and the Viral Cause of Chronic Diseases – Homeopathic Links, 01/07) that diseases are based on viruses and bacteria.
These latter two are consciousness that have evolved over billions of years and are active everywhere on this planet so they have a momentum and reason and purpose for existence that is more powerful than any so called individual. So these are no small force and never to be underestimated. From our research it seems diseases have the fundamental purpose of keeping the human race healthy as a whole, and have no recognition of individuals at all. This seems to be a core part of the spiritual dimension.

On a belief level if we take MS, for example, there seems to be a common belief in being ‘useless’, and the journey into the wheelchair supports this thesis for the patient, it’s a self fulfilling prophesy. They are in effect, testing out this belief of being useless on their family, and their society to see if it is true. And recovery involves the development of an empowering perspective to replace ‘useless’.

There maybe a traumatic reason in their early life for this feeling/belief that makes sense of the belief like ‘useless’, or as in a CFS I saw where the mother abandoned her child at two years old and as the baby became an adult she exhausted herself in life trying to prove she is ‘worth it’. worth love, (and CFS was her way to test her family and society to see if really she was unlovable or lovable). What was needed and happened after PC CFS was an immediate shift from feeling unwanted to a to feeling independent.

What I am saying here is that there is a general rule about the belief involved with pathology, is that its an attempt to see if their deepest belief or feeling about themselves is true or not, and unless this is confronted and resolved, the pathology will naturally continue its merry course of destruction, as its intelligent purpose has not been resolved.

So that is a core part or the totality of a disease, the deep feelings of being unlovable in some specific way, for example ‘useless’, or ‘unlovable’ and of trying to confront this deep seated false belief by expressing and confronting it as pathology.

There will naturally be consequential psychology in relation to the deeper false beliefs and this will of lesser importance, as they are natural consequences. And the pathology itself is really is the lowest importance as while it gives shape to the totality, it’s only a physical consequence and of the least importance.

The spiritual essence or response to a PC remedy, like that to any homeopathic remedy, cannot be directly articulated or written about as it’s a heart response and the language of the heart cannot be translated into words. It’s a silent language of ‘knowing’ that cannot be acknowledged except by something akin to ‘Namaste’ and the cupping of hands and eye contact, or simply by words like ‘I am better’, ‘I know it worked’ I felt it work’ and words like ‘something basic or core has changed’. We homeopaths recognise this experience, but the actuality can never be put into concrete words. It’s beyond expression.

What we see repeatedly after the use of a PC remedy, following on from first simillimum remedies that acted but did not affect pathology, is that there is a strong spiritual response of the type just described, which leaves one with absolutely no doubt that the remedy is acting profoundly. And commonly, in the beginning there are lots of old symptoms, little ones, popping up in sequence where law of cure is clearly happening. These maybe small reversals, seemingly inconsequential in the beginning, but real enough to know it’s time to wait and see.

There are a few other important issues of case management in the reversal of serious pathology which I think it’s appropriate to mention here and of course are the same issues as in any homeopathic approach to chronic disease.

The first is that doctors have no idea at all of the process of cure of acute or chronic disease and consequently will routinely do everything to suppress every sign of cure. It’s truly amazing, yet once you realise that cure never happens for them, their ignorance is an obvious consequence. So you need to make a clear agreement with the patient to consult you first, second, and always, whatever the effect of the remedy, or for whatever happens to them, and explain the reason. That’s my first case management observation.

And if you are a doctor who became a homeopath, you may need to pay particular attention to this point. Failure to perceive and act appropriately during a curative process could give you bad results and let you believe PC remedies are ineffective.

Next, in well advanced pathology, cancer, MS, CFS etc, there are very small changes at first as a rule during the initial stages of cure, which can last for months. There are very small changes in pathology which the patient and their attendants will easily dismiss, as could you if you don’t know this fact. So in the first months it’s common for the homeopath who is not precisely attending to tiny detail (as well as to recognising the heart centred ‘aha’) and without a deep understanding of cure to miss the vital signs of cure. The patient is likewise often micro-minded, being reduced to living out a disease process and likewise has no clue they are getting better. So it’s very important to watch attentively the tiny responses and see that in fact these are reversals exactly in the manner of Herrings laws. So then, in advanced pathology, you may get a spiritual response and tiny physical changes that are rolling out a healing recovery program, ever so subtly in the beginning and these must be recognised, not ignored, or worse, stamped upon.

However, just to set a realistic perspective, in a CFS case where they still have the energy to work, but come home collapsed, unable to converse, just go to bed, such people are far from total collapse, still have energy and will respond quickly to PC CFS. It’s much easier all round, the signs and progress of cure are strong and unmistakable.

Another case management point of importance is that you need to manage the remedy repetition. Having dispensed with potency with PC remedies, and concluded that repetition can achieve everything that potency can achieve, it’s important to pay attention to repetition. One thing is clear from many severe, chronic cases is that once daily use is too often. There are various strategies that can be considered. My favourite is to put the patient in charge of deciding. This is very empowering and that in itself is part of healing. You can give them some guidelines and let them apply them.
However, in the beginning stages you may need to be in charge. In advanced CFS one first dose is the accumulated wisdom so far, and wait for an aggravation. This might be the best policy for any advanced pathology especially where extremely depleted energy is apparent.

Often as the healing kicks in the patient starts to experience the return of old mental symptoms like extreme depression or physical ones like warts. You might decide to stop and wait, but a bolder idea might be to continue and ‘drive through’ the issue. The key point is that the depression or warts will either become a totality and a fixity to prescribe upon, or will just be a transient event and will just be yet another aspect of a multilayered curative process. You and the patient can evaluate this with care, and probably there is no rush to decide anyway. Typically in can be months or a year before a new set of symptoms arises like this in very advanced pathology.

Another case management problem arises from patients on medical drugs, for example with diabetes. The teenager responses beautifully to PC diabetes, the insulin need is cut in half immediately and he goes back on his own initiative to eating completely normally again to no ill effect. But first his doctor wants to keep the insulin level fixed at the high point , and the patient finally reduces it themselves. This is the common problem of doctors being totally ignorant of cure, as well as completely sceptical of homeopathy. The healing then stalls at the situation of this great improvement. What really is needed here is to stop the drugs completely. This poses legal, as well as other issues and it’s not so easy to make this move. The homeopathy needs solid information based upon concrete experiences of good results to make this next step. Because, as yet, we don’t have enough solid documented, successful cases it’s hard to make recommendations here. We need the homeopaths of India to lead the way here and tell us what to do! They often have much greater freedom, and more experience than western homeopaths in treating advanced pathology. So at the moment, the best advice is unknown for most advances diseases.

This is a general learning curve being experienced with PC remedies. We don’t have established yet exact the best case management rules or guidelines for each and every disease. These need careful development. Here I am attempting to outline the global issues as well as give concrete guidelines for those common diseases we are accumulating data on, but because homeopaths were not reliable reversing chronic diseases as a rule before, we are faced with many voids of experience which need to be discovered. Where there are well established protocols, for example the wonderful work of Dr Ramakrisna with Cancer, since his methods are essential ad hoc and often do not offer hope in many cancers, we are still in uncharted waters here too. The uncharted waters of the full application of classical homeopathy in principle and practise to the cure of well established chronic diseases.

Another reason to prescribe a PC remedy is that you have taken the case and for the life of you, you cannot see a clear or even vaguely clear remedy picture. This again is commonly reported by leading international homeopaths as well as by the rest of us! It’s quite normal, the case is hopelessly disordered and there is no clear place to start. In this situation, homeopaths have resorted to all sorts of ad hoc methods (viz the book of Ian Watson), drainage, detox, antodoting, organ remedies, etc or used to prescribe one hopefully indicated remedy after another, but in the new reality, a PC remedy is a better place to start. It is not an excuse for laziness, or not taking the case thoroughly, but after deep consideration, you really have no confidence in a remedy. Then the PC remedy, indicated on the pathology, will either start the cure and even complete it, and also at some point a first similimum remedy picture maybe becomes clearly apparent, or another second simillimum one. Maybe new information is remembered, or physical symptoms arise to confirm a totality.

Another case management issue that arises is typically with cancer patients and the above diabetes case. They want to keep a foot in both worlds, have chemo therapy yet again as the secondary tumours become abundant and everywhere, and also seek holistic health, you. Their specialist does not tell them their case is hopeless and that they will predictably die if they follow his best treatment program. Perhaps he does not admit it to himself. He may even engage the patient in a trial of a new drug, which is doomed to fail, but the patient, once consent has been extracted, then feels obliged to complete, without even knowing if she is the placebo taker of not. While in reality she is dying very predictably. To treat such cases needs guts. My advice is this; send her to an independent cancer specialist for a true opinion of her situation. Tell her she needs to get such advice and then decide for herself what to do. Prime her with a set of appropriate questions she needs clear answers to. What are the % chance I will live another year? What is the likely hood of this treatment working at all? Of being really successful, giving me complete remission, or x years remission? Questions like this so she knows reality.
With this then you can offer your alternative. No drugs at all, just homeopathy. Within 6 months you can offer to predict the outcome. Then you can instigate a potentised detox of chemo and radiation (PC Radiation) followed by the best choice PC cancer remedy and or best choice indicated first similimum remedy, according to the clarity of prominence of the second or of the first similimum. What in essence I am say is you need to set clear boundaries and get the patient themselves clear about these, then you can proceed. With a foot in both camps comes confusion, serious obstacles to cure, suppression of vital signs of cure and it’s probably a waste of time and likely to have a bad outcome. Part of case management in advanced diseases is clear boundaries.

There are other reasons to start with a PC remedy or to introduce one later. There maybe a clear history of trauma indicating a PC trauma totality remedy, or a miasm, indicating a PC epidemic disease remedy in preference to a nosode which by any analysis are not disease totality remedies (there is no evidence that a any nosode has ever consistently cured any disease it is made from). Trauma can also be identified or revealed many ways including from or by –unfinished business in the form of repeating (horrific) dreams or events, the career, and from single dominating fears, phobias and issues, and nervous reactions. See www.vitalremedies.com for more about this.

Detox can be indicted as a starting prescription after the use of toxic medical or street drugs or other toxicity, mobile phone for example (PC Mobile Phone), by using the potentised drugs, or after vaccinations where PC vaccination maybe the best choice.

When not to consider a PC remedy? – well the obvious situation is where there is a dispute about whether its CFS, or fibromylgia or ankylosing spondilitis, the PC approach has no obvious starting point. And of course where the indicated first simillimum works on all levels well!

About the author

Peter Chappell

Peter Chappell was a founder and co-creator of the UK Society of Homeopaths, and prior to this an aircraft and then business machines research and development engineer, with patents in air navigation, word processors and the internet, before these latter two things became well known realities. He became a homeopath when he was around 30 and created/directed three significant clinics in London at various stages of his homeopathic practice. He made the first homoeopathic repertory computer, the Micropath, that worked effectively in the consulting room. In the 1990’s he directed homeopathic training programs in 20 countries where previously Homeopathy hardly existed. In celebration of his 60th birthday in 2001 he went to Ethiopia to start his work on AIDS, and at least 10,000 people are alive and well because of this. Peter lives on Dartmoorin, in the UK and has three children and eight grandchildren. You can access all his websites, organisation, blogs, remedies etc. through Amma-Networks.com. He does not run a practice.

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