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Why Do We Have To Talk About Diet — Again?

Why are so many people getting sick? Elaine Lewis gives some straight talk about nutrition, commercial food, drugs, and why you can’t poison your way back to health.

I just assumed that one time would be enough (see my article, “Why Do We Have To Talk About Diet?”)  I thought this matter had been settled ages ago!  I guess I’m still living in a dream world when people moved to the country, grew their own food and gave birth at home with the help of a midwife.

Ha!  At what point, exactly, did we sink into a sludge of stupidity?

Ever since I added a new question to my questionnaire (“Write down everything you eat and drink over the next three days”) I have discovered, to my horror, that people are generally eating pretty much nothing but “corporate food”– food made by corporations from a factory farm.  I am referring to “food” that comes from fast food “restaurants”, or comes out of a frozen package with a corporate label on it, or stuff made out of white flour, white sugar along with a ton of bizarre ingredients!  I’m talking about frozen dinners, biscuits, cereal in cardboard boxes, macaroni and cheese, stuff from McDonalds, ice cream, cake, pie, pizza, spaghetti, fried chicken, cheeseburgers, soda and the ever-popular donut!

pink #simpsons #donuts #freetoedit - Homer Simpson, HD Png Download -  kindpng

I look at some people’s “menus”; no, most people’s, and I have to break the news to them that this is why you’re sick!!!!!!

Often it’s a combination of this and the drugs they’re taking because of it!  (Oddly enough, no one believes me!  “What’s my remedy?” is all I hear.  One person actually said to me, “Are you sure you’re a homeopath?  Because no one has ever asked me so many questions about food!”)

Back in the olden days (the ’70’s?)  I only had two things to warn people about: white sugar and white flour!  Things have gotten so much worse since then that nowadays, white bread seems like a health food!  It is now the least of our problems!  It used to be that back then, even though white flour was causing a myriad of health problems like low blood sugar, depression, constipation, anxiety, chronic fatigue and headaches, just for starters, at least it wasn’t making people fat!  Have you looked at people nowadays?  

Apparently in 1970, 45% of the population was overweight.  Even that seems insane, but, by 2020, overweightness is projected to be at 74%!  What is causing this?  Well, look no further than High Fructose Corn Syrup (which, by the way, is in everything; and which, by the way, is now being called “corn syrup” because the original name has gotten such bad publicity!)

You’ve heard the expression “Big Pharma”, right?  Well, now, meet its twin, “Big Phood!”  The food companies add sugar to everything to make it taste better — because, let’s face it, good ingredients cost money and corporate food is all about keeping manufacturing costs low so the profits can be as high as possible; hence, here’s what you get: food grown in poorly fed soil leading to bitter tasting crops requiring sugar and flavor enhancers so you’ll buy it; but, there’s another reason sugar is added to processed food– sugar is addicting; so, adding it to a product keeps you coming back for more!  But nowadays, they’re not simply adding sugar to processed food anymore, they’re also adding High Fructose Corn Syrup!  And why are they doing this?  One reason is because it’s so cheap; but the other reason is…

High Fructose Corn Syrup makes people fat and fat people buy more food!

Unlike sugar, high fructose corn syrup is metabolized by the liver, and the liver turns it directly into fat.  Sugar is metabolized by insulin and insulin triggers a hormone called leptin which sends a message to the brain which says:

You’re full!!!!  So you can stop eating now!

High Fructose Corn Syrup triggers no such hormone; in fact, quite the opposite; it triggers a hormone called ghrelin, which sends just the opposite message to the brain; it says, KEEP EATING!  You’re still hungry!!!!  How’s that for a stunt?  You gotta hand it to Big Phood, it thought of everything!  

And…as if that were not enough… practically all the corn grown in the United States now is, dare I say it, Genetically Modified!

It’s called Genetically Modified corn, or GM corn or GMO for short!  That means all the High Fructose Corn Syrup that’s going into processed food and soda is all genetically modified!  What does that mean?  The corn is genetically modified to make its own insecticide!  Is that not crazy?  The biotech companies that have done this, companies like Monsanto, refuse to allow their special “ingredient” to be put on food labels so you can avoid them; which means, if you want to avoid eating GMOs?  You can’t!  Unless your food is stamped “Organic”, you have no way of knowing if there are GM organisms (GMO’s) in your food or not.  However, most of the corn in the United States now is GM; so, by definition, the High Fructose Corn Syrup added to processed food is all GMO!  

So, this is now twice the reason to stay away from any and all products that might contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, and what products are they? All corporate food and everything served in fast food restaurants and restaurants in general!  Now, I know, not all countries have this problem.  A lot of countries have either banned GMO’s or insisted on labeling.  I can only speak for my own country, The United States of Amnesia, where nobody knows anything — and I’m including myself in this as I used to be the Donut Queen!

Who here has seen “Super-Size Me!”  It’s a documentary starring Morgan Spurlock and I believe you can find it on YouTube.  He decided, as an experiment, to eat only at McDonalds for a month!  Maybe to some of you that sounds ordinary; but, to me it sounds really dangerous, I won’t even eat at McDonald’s ONCE, let alone every day!  Mr. Spurlock gained 25 pounds that month!  That, by itself, is horrifying!  His cholesterol shot up along with his blood pressure, blood sugar, liver enzymes and triglycerides (there’s a name for this and it’s called “Metabolic Syndrome”).  He became exhausted, developed terrible migraines, especially when he stopped eating, but eating again made them go away — a hallmark of addiction!  He started craving McDonald’s food!  He developed oppression of the chest, depression and when the experiment was over, it took him 6 months to get back to normal.  Think of that–it took him 1 month to get sick and 6 months to recover!  

Super Size Me - Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film

Looking at this experiment, can you understand now why your average person is sick and on medications?  Is it totally preventable?  Yes, it is!

Now, to give you an idea of how suspect the medical profession is, they allow this scary eating place that gave a man disease in only a month, to set up shop in their hospitals, replacing what used to be called “The Hospital Cafeteria”!  What is that all about?  It just goes to show that what my teacher, Robin Murphy, always said about the medical profession is true, that “Modern Medicine has no hypothesis, no laws, no principles, about what it’s doing!”  (Other than the profit-making principle, of course; which brings me to Robin Murphy’s second most famous saying, which is, “The definition of ‘Health Care’ is Disease- Management for Profit.”)  The idea is to “mangage” your illness with drugs, not cure it, which would be very bad for their “business with disease”.

Even the hamburger buns at fast food restaurants aren’t safe with their High Fructose Corn Syrup, Ammonium chloride, mold inhibitors and artificial flavors.  Yikes!  The soda?  Again: High Fructose Corn Syrup, phosphoric acid (which causes diabetes), artificial flavorings, lactic acid, caffeine and preservatives.  It’s as if the food industry has actually turned on its customers!

You know what?  If you want a soda, make it yourself!  It’s so easy, they have soda machines now.  Just add some lemons, limes, or oranges, some Sugar-In-The-Raw or Raw Honey where needed and, Voila!  Real soda! 

The Sodastream x Dante Cocktail Kit Is the Key to Restaurant Quality  Cocktails at Home

Most of us have stopped preparing meals altogether!  You’ve got to realize that Big Phood and Big Pharma do not exist for your health, they’re in business to make money!  To them, you are a goldmine!  You’re too trusting and too busy watching sports and “reality TV” to know anything about what they’re doing behind your back, and this is just fine with them.  So they’ve put ingredients in their “food” to make it addicting so you’ll become a return-customer, they put fattening agents in the food because fat people eat more!  Any food with a corporate label on it?  Stay away from it!  You have to start making your own food again, from scratch, from real food!  

For those of you who don’t know how to cook or prepare food or even buy food because, well, why should you when you can just pop a package of frozen food in the microwave and “Dinner is served”?  Then I guess their work is done!  Have a nice funeral!  See, when their work is done, their twin in the hospital industry gets to have what’s left of you!  

Let’s talk about sugar.

Remember, that’s all I used to have to warn people about. Why is it bad that sugar is added to everything, even unlikely things like peanut butter, spaghetti sauce and mayonnaise?  Sugar is addicting.  Rats fed sugar-water refused to eat real food when it was offered to them, and went through withdrawal, just like heroin addicts, when the sugar was withdrawn!1/ 

A lot of you out there have told me that your children won’t eat healthy food even though you’ve tried to give it to them.  That’s because they’re addicts now!  Don’t start your kids on these “kid foods”!  Look at what happens, according to Dr. Joseph Mercola, when you do–their IQ’s go down and they develop behavior problems and allergies:

A new study from British researchers revealed just how big an impact a poor nutritional start can have on your kids.  Those who ate a predominantly processed food diet at age 3 had lower IQ scores at age 8.5….

Of course, obesity is not the only health risk your child faces if he eats a diet consisting mainly of processed foods and snacks.  Along with the potential for lowered IQ mentioned above, a junk food diet can also set the stage for asthma, eczema, and a variety of allergies, inflammatory conditions and autoimmune diseases. ….

Nutritional deficiencies in your child’s first years of life can even lead to deficits in brain function that put them at risk of behavioral problems — from hyperactivity to aggression — that can last into the teenage years.

(“How Parents Can Ruin Their Children’s Health” by Joseph Mercola, MD)


Babies should only be “eating” breast milk!  Later when they can eat solid foods (because their teeth have started to come in), make your own baby food–mash up a sweet potato, mash up a banana, some cooked carrots…. Don’t buy baby food in a jar!  You can be reasonably sure there’s sugar and high fructose corn syrup in that baby food!  Don’t get them started on donuts and other “foods” made out of white flour, which doesn’t, by the way, even exist in nature; it’s a non-food and an anti-nutrient.  It will lead to behavior problems, hyper-activity, constipation, nutritional deficiencies, poor concentration, poor marks in school….

This kind of food feeds intestinal yeast, which over-grows and kills off the friendly bacteria in the intestines which are needed to digest your food.  Yeast organisms have big feet and poke holes in your intestinal walls leading to something called “leaky gut syndrome”, causing food particles to leak into the blood stream, causing an immune response leading to allergies and auto-immune disease.  Stop feeding the yeast!

Oh, and don’t give your babies “formula” either!  What is that, anyway?  A client of mine hired me because his baby had eczema.  I suppose he was expecting to get a homeopathic remedy from me.  I said, “Stop giving him formula and get him raw goat’s milk!  Heat it up to the temperature breast milk would be and give him that–but don’t boil it!”  Luckily he lived in California where it’s easy to get raw goat’s milk.  The baby loved it and the eczema went away.  But what is “formula”?  You tell me, because I don’t know!  I do know one thing, many infant formulas are over 50% sugar! )  Whatever it is, it causes eczema, obviously, (and God only knows what else)!  I’m sure it’s got plenty of high fructose corn syrup in it too!

Sugar is acidic and here’s what’s wrong with that.  Your body wants to be alkaline; so, to defend against the acidity of white sugar, the body pulls minerals out of your bones to act as buffers; and what does that cause?  Mineral deficiencies leading to osteoporosis.  Do you have any idea what you need minerals for?  Your bones, your muscles and nerves, you even lose enzymes if you don’t have enough minerals because enzymes attach themselves to minerals and enzymes digest your food!

Moreover, sugar actually depresses your immune system!  Scientists conducted an experiment where they measured the white blood cell activity in subjects before and after sugar consumption.  The more sugar that was eaten, the less active the subject’s white blood cells became. 2/  No wonder people who eat a lot of sweets get a lot of colds!  You know what your white blood cells are, don’t you?  They’re your immune system, they’re your defense against viruses and bacteria, you don’t want to de-activate them!  They’re also your defense against cancer; so, you can imagine a big candy and fast-food eater is just asking for trouble; oh, and guess what?  Guess what the fuel-of-choice for cancer cells is?  You guessed it, SUGAR, they are sugar-dependent!  So people, don’t feed the cancer!

Sugar also raises your uric acid levels.  High uric acid leads to high blood pressure and diabetes, both of which lead to kidney disease, which leads to high blood pressure!  So now the doctor enters the picture, and he irresponsibly prescribes drugs to lower your blood pressure instead of telling you to stop eating junk food!  Why?  Because high blood pressure is a goldmine!  Once he puts you on HBP medication, you have to come back to him again and again to have your prescriptions renewed!  (I wish I had a set-up like this!)  Thanks to excessive amounts of sugar, Big Pharma and your doctor are cleaning up, cleaning up!!!!  No wonder McDonald’s is welcome in their hospitals, and think of the convenience to you!  You eat the food, you have a heart attack, and you’re right there in the hospital!

Now, what about white flour?

White flour, like white sugar, is not even a food!  White flour exists nowhere in nature!  The only way you can make it is to start with whole grain flour and then take all the fiber and nutrients out of it!  You’re left with an empty white powder that turns into white sugar in the stomach; so you know what that means?  It’s just more sugar!  Think of everything we’re talking about here that’s actually nothing but sugar— white bread, pasta, donuts, rolls, buns, pancakes, waffles, macaroni, packaged cereal…oh! and rice!  Don’t forget white rice!  That turns to white sugar in your stomach too!  Real rice is brown rice!  Do you want to know how they bleach white flour?  With a chemical called Alloxan which causes diabetes!  Shocking.

OK, now, what kinds of diseases are we talking about that are caused by eating nothing but sugar and factory farm meat?  Here’s a partial list:


Kidney disease




Anxiety/panic attacks



Kidney stones



Chronic fatigue



Parkinson’s Disease

Clogged arteries


Candida overgrowth


Heart disease



Gum disease

Food allergies

Tooth decay




High cholesterol


High Blood Pressure


P.S., you DO know to stay away from artificial sweeteners too, don’t you?

So, let’s talk about soda! 

A can of soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar!  Do you want to know how many teaspoons of sugar your body can metabolize at one sitting?  Two!  That’s it!

Now, what else about sodas?  They’re very high in Phosphorus!  This causes your body to pull calcium out of your bones because calcium and phosphorus have to be at a 1:1 ratio and there’s no calcium in soda!  So what happens?  Your bones become weak, mineral-poor!  These beverages are nothing but trouble; oh, they contain plenty of sodium too, which is also not good for you!  Now think about that for a minute.  Sodas contain salt, and what does salt make you get?  Thirsty!  So there you are drinking a soda, getting more and more thirsty as you go, causing you to drink more and more soda!  Have you ever noticed that soda never quenches your thirst?  Make your own soda!  Or buy Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider or grape juice, made with real ingredients.

Martinellis Juice Gold Medal Sparkling Cider - 4-8.4 Fl. Oz. - Albertsons

Now, let’s talk about Big Phood’s evil twin, Big Pharma!  These two are a perfect match for each other and neither one of them deserves your business!  Most people actually believe that Big Pharma performs a service!  Now, I wouldn’t want the pharmaceutical industry to go away completely; but I, personally, have no use for it and I’m over 65 years old!  If Shana and I are any example, this industry’s products simply are not needed or only needed rarely!

I have stopped going to the doctor altogether and Shana has never gone — except to get those medical forms filled out for school!   What is the point in going to the doctor when the result will be a prescription for something toxic?

Pharmaceutical substances are not natural, they are not organic, they are not capable of being metabolized, they are foreign to the human body.  They do not put back missing nutrients, they do not re-populate the missing intestinal flora, they are not a source of fiber or enzymes; in fact, a glass of raw vegetable juice is far more medicinal than a Rx drug!

Why do the pharmaceutical companies give us unnatural products to take?  Because inorganic chemicals can be patented!  That’s the only reason!  (“We own this!  This formula is ours!”)  That means money!  Inventions make money, and that’s what a formula is, it’s an invention!  Vitamin C is not an invention!  Neither is Aloe vera — so good for burns and cuts!  And the amusing thing is that the pharmaceutical industry itself has pulled back the curtain on its own operation, revealing, shamelessly, just how toxic and dangerous their creations are!  Here in the United States, they promote their prescriptions on TV.  But, in order to protect themselves from law suits, they have to make full disclosure about what their drugs can cause so you can’t say they didn’t warn you!  So they shamelessly admit in their ads that their products are extremely dangerous, even deadly!  Here we have an example with their arthritis drug Humira:




Patients treated with HUMIRA are at increased risk for developing serious infections that may lead to hospitalization or death [see WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS].


Death as a side-effect?  How do they get away with this?  At some point you come to realize that they don’t have a single safe treatment for a single chronic disease!  But you might ask, “Well, Elaine, what do you and Shana do when you get sick?”  Well, obviously, we take homeopathic remedies!  Did you know that modern medicine has no cure for viruses at all?  Maybe I should say, no safe cure.  See below:

“Do Antiviral Drugs for Flu Have Side Effects?  Side effects of antivirals include nausea, vomiting, runny nose, stuffy nose, cough, diarrhea, and behavioral changes.”

Oh great! So anti-viral drugs cause the symptoms of a virus!  Is the irony lost on anyone but the drug industry and doctors?  And behavioral changes?  I suspect we can do without that sort of thing, don’t you?

If you have a health problem, look into homeopathy and alternative medicine in general, and take nutrition seriously!

The following are pictures of some of the things I have eaten and make for myself, and I do not consider myself a “cook” or “chef” by any means; it’s not my hobby, it’s not something I went to school for, and I don’t watch cooking shows on TV either; so, if I can do this, so can you:

salad supreme

This is a salad!  You should now consider the salad to be the main dish, not some side dish that you take two bites out of.  This was all I had for dinner tonight–but I ate the whole bowl!  To make it filling, grate some cheese on top because the cheese is fat and fat makes you feel full.  Plus there’s an avocado in there which is also very filling.  Top it off with a delicious dressing (but read the label and make sure there’s not a long list of wacky ingredients that you can’t pronounce!  I’ve been using Lucini’s Fig and Walnut Balsamic dressing.  The only ingredient I have an issue with is the Xanthan Gum, but there’s no sugar and no other suspicious chemicals like artificial colorings and preservatives.)

salad supreme 2

Another salad.

Here an omelet I made with home fries (potatoes).  Ingredients: tomatoes, onions, spinach, cheese, organic eggs mixed with a little raw milk (please don’t buy supermarket milk, it’s full of hormones, antibiotics, etc., the cows are fed junk food, it’s not good for you!)

spinach omelet and fries

Stew. Nothing is easier than making a stew!  You just boil water and put in whatever you want!  In this stew: Yams, kale, snow peas, bean sprouts, turnips, tomatoes, onions, garlic… Things that cook fast, like snowpeas and bean sprouts, put them in last, maybe ten minutes before it’s done.  You can serve it over brown rice.


This is stir-fry, which you can add soy sauce to and serve over brown rice pasta; below over brown rice:

stir fry again

stir fry 5

Please don’t over-cook your vegetables!  That just ruins everything!  If you can sink your fork into it, it’s done!  I see I’ve got mushrooms in this one. Mushrooms are really good for you!  When you over-cook your food, all the water-soluble vitamins, like B-complex and vitamin C disappear along with the enzymes!

Below is tuna salad with a slice of raw milk cheddar cheese on the side:

tuna salad wth raw cheese

This is a cheesburger I made with fried onions and mushrooms; but, it’s made with grass-fed beef on a whole wheat bun, the cheese at my house is always raw milk cheese, and as you can see, it’s mostly salad. 

krabby patty downsized

The point is that what sick people need are not drugs but nutrients!  A body that’s properly fed will fix itself!  If you give a chronically ill person a nutrient-rich diet like what you see above and remove the damaging food and make some raw juice for him or her every day

juicer 2

that person will get well!  We have no trouble understanding the logic of this when we think of what our car needs!  We know that when the car is in trouble, we have to put back what is missing!  When the brake pads are low, the brakes start screeching; when the power steering fluid is low, it’s hard to turn the steering wheel.  We expect that the mechanic is going to replace the brake pads and the power steering fluid!  We don’t want to hear that there’s some amazing new, expensive procedure that “restores” the function of this or that auto part!  “Oh!  The air conditioner is blowing hot air, you say?  Well, you’re in luck, because we can implant miniature cold packs in the air conditioning vents so that the hot air will turn cold as it flows past them!”   What?!  Why don’t you just replace the coolant instead!

But we don’t think it’s crazy when our doctor talks this way!  “We can implant radioactive pellets inside your prostate gland!”  That doesn’t sound strange at all!  “Oh boy, radioactive pellets!  What a break-through.”  There is no concept of “putting back what’s missing” as a guiding principle in conventional medicine–unless, maybe doctors think that people have radio-active pellet deficiencies.

I just wanted you to see, regarding the food photos above, that, 1. packaged food use was at a minimum, 2. all the grains were whole grains, there’s no white flour and no white rice here, and 3. all the food was bought whole.  Back in the ’50’s, we had a name for this kind of food, we called it “food”, because that’s all there was!  Now you have to go to some special place for it — the farmer’s market, Whole Foods Market, MOM’s, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, the health food store…it’s crazy!  If you go to Walmart or the supermarket, the same “food” is full of chemicals and added hormones, pesticides and GMO’s….

I hope you’re getting the idea now of what you’re supposed to be feeding yourself and your kids –don’t wait until they become addicted to junk food because you’ll never get them off it without a fight, it will be very unpleasant!  Remember those lab rats?  They never switched over to real food, even when it was offered!  Do you know that there are kids nowadays with adult-onset diabetes?

So, I’ll just summarize for you:

Factory Food causes disease, which leads to going to the doctor, which leads to taking drugs, which, by their own admission, leads to more disease and even what they call “fatal events”!

I’m ending with a picture, courtesy of David Ryan, which pretty much sums up this whole article.  David, hold up your sign please….

image for new article on diet


Bye, see you next time!



1. Appleton, Suicide By Sugar, New York: Square One publishers, 2009. p. 8.

2. Painter, “Does A Spoonful of Sugar Help the Flu Take Hold?” USA Today, Your Health, 10/5/09 http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/health/painter/2009-10-04-your-health_N.htm


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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