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Yes, Its Another Toothache Article!!!!!

Another Toothache Article!!!!!

This must be at least my fourth toothache article.  Homeopaths don’t like to treat, or even talk about, toothaches!  Too boring I guess.  No mentals, no emotionals, nothing to sink your teeth into (did I just say that?) but let me tell you folks, you know as well as I do how common and DISTRESSING toothaches are!  Nothing terrifies me more than the onset of a toothache.  It’s not always just a cavity!  It’s even more likely to be something horrifying like an abscess or roots dying or some periodontal infection, but you would be surprised how often homeopathy can help! 

This doesn’t mean finding the remedy is easy.  I usually try three or four remedies before I get the right one, the reason being the lack of characteristic symptoms in most cases; but, you will be amazed that when you do find the right remedy—it’s like a miracle happened!  You will have saved yourself a horrifying trip to the dentist!  I have just today had another opportunity to experience this myself.

It all started last night.  I was minding my own business, as usual, when suddenly I realized one of the few molars I have left, the one on the lower left side (not a neighborhood in New York) was giving me trouble: Pain when I touched it, and once having touched it, the pain stayed for a long time!  Pain in the gum when I touched it, no reaction to heat or cold.  I knew there was nothing much to repertorize.  I went with what worked in the past. Unfortunately, I had never had an issue with the lower teeth, so I had nothing to go on, no past successes, so….I tried what worked in the past for my upper teeth, and they all failed!  By now a whole day had gone by and there was no improvement and I was not happy; so, I had to go to my ace—Pyrogen!  Pyrogen is a remedy made from rotten meat.  It’s only in one rubric in the Teeth chapter—Teeth: abscess, roots.  Other than that, you won’t find Pyrogen in the Teeth chapter at all.  Obviously this is a mistake!

I put Pyrogen 30C into a disposable cup of water and took a sip.  The first thing I noticed, and not right away, was that now I had the same issue on the right side!  Since I suspected that the tooth on the left was improving slightly, I told myself not to panic.  “Maybe an aggravation,” I thought, “just be patient and wait.”  Well, now, several hours later, the right sided aggravation was completely gone.  I always thought of Pyrogen as my right-sided toothache remedy which was why I delayed trying it.  Did I cause a “proving”?  Maybe!  

More importantly, my bad tooth was now feeling much, much better!  More on this as it develops:

Day two: I didn’t like the progress I was making on the 30C potency, so today I went up to 200C.  It wasn’t until my second dose of 200C (I didn’t think I had made much progress on the first dose) when suddenly I felt the case turn around!  I am right now symptom-free unless I press down on the tooth real hard, and the pain doesn’t linger when I let up.  So, I would say I am at least 80% better right now.  This was a bad one, folks, I held out little hope for it, really.  I was envisioning myself calling the dentist for an extraction; that second dose of 200C this afternoon made quite a difference; oh, and of course, as always—in a disposable cup of water with vigorous stirring before taking a sip.

Day 3: I didn’t dose again because I hardly noticed my tooth today at all.  I think there’s about 10% left of the case.  It’s hard to know, when there’s so little left, whether to risk it all by redosing (aggravation? antidote?) or just let it go.  I’ll wait until tomorrow.  You know what’s amazing? Homeopathy does the work of an antibiotic!  How cool is that!?

Day 4: I felt like I was slipping backwards today, I had awareness of my tooth, some aching sensation; so I took another sip of Pyrogen 200C after 10 succussions and the only time I get a sensation now is if I press on the tooth in one spot but the pain is mild and stops when I let up.

Day 5: Didn’t redose today.  I don’t have any awareness of my tooth, I don’t notice it’s there.

Day 6: Didn’t redose again.  Tooth doesn’t bother me.  I had to press down on it very hard repeatedly to get a slight sensation of pain.

Day 7: Didn’t redose.  I feel almost nothing when I press down on the tooth now.  I have a dentist appointment tomorrow—just for a regular cleaning.  We’ll see if the dentist notices anything.

Day 8: My dental visit was absolutely uneventful!  You know, I haven’t noticed my tooth in days!  I think I can safely say, “Case Closed!”

Do you have Pyrogen at home?  I hear you can’t buy it in the US because it’s a nosode!  Why are the pharmacies doing this to us?  All our remedies are “disgusting”, for that matter, why single out the nosodes?  I had a client recently with a urinary tract infection; the remedies weren’t holding so I said, “Make a remedy out of your urine.”  She said, “Elaine, that’s disgusting!”  I said, “All our remedies are disgusting!”  Anyway, I would not want to be without Pyrogen.  The last flu I had was Pyrogen: Restlessness, tossing and turning, couldn’t get comfortable, bed felt too hard, muscle aches, chilliness.

When you think of Pyrogen, think of:

  • septic fevers
  • high fevers with sore limbs
  • bad breath
  • offensive discharges
  • blood poisoning
  • flu with restlessness
  • aching bruised sore pains
  • food poisoning
  • sweating doesn’t ameliorate
  • stupor / muttering
  • delirium
  • abscessed roots of teeth
  • post-surgery fever

See you at the dentist!  (Maybe not!)

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