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Homeopathy for Everyone May 2008


Homeopathy for Everyone May 2008

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— The World of Homeopathy —
  Theater of the Absurd
 Alan Schmukler

“At first I thought it was a satire of a drug ad,
created by someone with a dark sense of humor.”

I Had a Dream (Guest Editorial)-  Katja Schütt

“For me, being a homeopath not only means to practice this healing art, but also to fight for it, so that I will be able to practice in the future.”

Letters to the Editor

“Reading your article I felt as if I too was present with you on this pilgrimage. Thank you for having given me this vicarious pleasure.”

Homeopath in the
Hot Seat
  Beth Rotondo– interviewed by Alan Schmukler

“Very often people who get breast cancer are not taking care of themselves because they are so busy taking care of everyone else, which was definitely my situation at that point.”

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Ask George Vithoulkas!
  May 08 Questions and Answers“When she came to you she had a deep depression that was due to suppression of her bladder infections.”

Now you can ask George Vithoulkas homeopathy questions every month!

New Papers
  Where Kent Differs with Hahnemann– David Little

“A very hypersensitive lady who was
taking one 6c pill dry was experiencing strong aggravations…. On making a medicinal solution, and taking one teaspoon, the remedy no longer aggravated.”

Using Carl Jung’s Definition of the Core Delusion to Understand Your Patient in the Homeopathic Practice

Luc de Schepper

“What is Lachesis’ core delusion? She is about
to receive an injury from her surroundings and
she is being injured and wronged.”

Precursor to the Organon: Hahnemann’s Occasional Writings
– Rudi Verspoor

“He also continued to attack his colleagues for their continued use of injurious methods.”

The Unspoken Language – Ajit Kulkarni

“Research has shown that 35% of the messages are carried verbally, while 65% are conveyed non – verbally.”

Vaccination and Homeopathy – Dr. Johann Loibner

“The culture of a vaccine prospers on a foreign individual; chicken egg protein, monkey kidneys, human embryos. In any case, it contains traces of foreign protein.”

When the Perfect Simillimum is not Working –                       Dr. Joe Rozencwajg

“Drainage prepares the excretory organs to function adequately, to remove those toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, that have been interfering with proper physiological functions.”

Professional Homeopathy in Quebec and Canada –         Suzanne Tessier et al.

“Thanks to the support of French European homeopaths and laboratories, homeopathy makes a come back in Quebec in the late 1970s, early 1980’s.”

The European Council for Classical Homeopathy –            Stephen Gordon

“ECCH regularly responds to consultations from the EU Commission on various issues to do with health and pharmaceuticals policy.”

Homeopaths without Borders e.V. Germany –                  Elisabeth von Wedel

“In Lamu, Kenya, 25 traditional midwives received a certificate after the completion of a 3-year training in homeopathy that focused on emergency situations and obstetrics.”

Tips and Secrets – 13 – Alan Schmukler

“You get a sudden acute throat and think of Belladonna or Aconite, when it really needs Guaiacum.”

Drug Provings
  Carcinosinum – A Proving in Mexico– Katja Schuett

“Desire to listen to music and feels that the music is romantic, melodious, and she cannot concentrate.”

Materia Medica
  Carcinosin– Ajit Kulkarni

“A victim of prolonged suppressions, repressions, tensions, struggle or unhappiness, becomes melancholic, goes into brooding.”

More Than Words!
  May 08 Cartoons– Alan Schmukler

Look for a new cartoon every month in this new section of the ezine!

From the Clinic
  Lac humanum Case – Post Natal Depression– Liz Lalor

“I sacrificed myself to help her…she would talk
to me for hours, and unburden her heart to me. I now do that to my baby and she is sucking the life out of me.”

  Homeopathy – How It Works and How It Is Done– Cyril W. Smith

Part V – Methods of Potentisation

“The potentisation of a solution of hydrogen peroxide results in a continuum of stimulating (therapeutic) frequencies which is the nearest I have found to water imprinted by a healer.”

The Structure of Liquid Water; Novel Insights from Materials Research; Potential Relevance to Homeopathy – Rustom Roy

“This paper provides an interdisciplinary base of information on the structure of liquid water.”

  Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)–  Irene de Villiers

“In the case of FIP, the remedy I recommend most highly for FIP prophylaxis is FIP/FIV/FeLV 30C which is a remedy made from organisms for all three autoimmune viral diseases in cats.”

A ‘Belle’ Adaptation –  Edward De Beukelaer

“Once I stopped her killing a bird and she never killed a bird since”

“Freight Train” Jumps the Tracks– Elaine Lewis, Kelly Young

Find the right medicine ..and win exciting prizes!

Revisiting: “Mom, Where Are You?” – Elaine Lewis

Answer to the last month’s case quiz.

ICH Conference, January 09
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