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Homeopathy for Everyone November 2006

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Homeopathy for Everyone November 2006

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    Homeopathy is Dead – Neil D. Shere

“…in reality, there is only one gold standard in science; it is known as ‘replication,’ better described as ‘independent corroboration.”

Letters to the Editor

Hot-Seat Interview
  Kate Chatfield – interviewed by Neil D. Shere

“…the same pool of data could be used to support many different, even contradictory theories. We see a clear example of this in meta-analyses of homeopathy where different statisticians review and analyze the same available data …to come up with contradictory conclusions. Some meta-analyses support the conclusion that homeopathy has an effect over and above placebo and some conclude the opposite.”

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New Papers
 Hahnemann’s Advanced Methods – David Little

Part 8: Comparison of Centesimal and LM Potency

“Those of us who have used the LM potency have seen that the remedies are much deeper acting than their centesimal counterparts…”

From the Clinic
  Homeopathy Eases Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Nancy Gahles

“Molly also had panic attacks at night. She was afraid of someone breaking into the house. ‘If I hear a little creak on the stairs, I think someone is in the house and is going to kill me.”

Musings on Mental Illnesses – K. V. Natarajan

“Her mother explained that the girl, now 15 years of age, was not shy but behaved as a child with newcomers. Her talk and mannerisms were childish. She could not wash vessels, swab and clean the floor or draw a line of kolam (rangoli/colour) on the floor as required daily. Even while walking she would jump and dance.”

  Inventing the randomized double-blind trial: The Nuremberg salt test of 1835 – Stolberg M.

“Following a widely publicized invitation to anyone who was interested, more than 120 citizens met in a local tavern. The minimum number needed to proceed had been fixed at 50. The design of the proposed trial was explained in detail. In front of everyone, 100 vials were numbered, thoroughly shuffled and then split up at random into two lots of 50.”

Another POV on Research – George Vithoulkas

“In homeopathy, there is no such thing as giving a remedy for a specific ailment or disease.”

The Monster with 1000 Heads – Remus Mihaila

“These are the characteristic secondary symptoms of the long unacknowledged, thousand-headed monster, pregnant with disease, the Psora, the original miasmatic malady which now makes its manifest appearance”

The Effect of a Homeopathic Neem Preparation for the Prophylaxis of Malaria – Barlow-Benschop, GambaB, Barlow, Blasco

“The purpose of the study was to research whether the daily use of homeopathic neem medication decreases the number of malaria attacks…”

Validating Controlled Research – Neil D. Shere

“Blinded, randomized, and replicated many times over, The Pepsi Challenge was one of the most successful marketing campaigns in recent memory, demonstrating to an affable public the unquestionable superiority of taste that Pepsi enjoyed over Coke, especially considering that devotees of Coke, participating in these trials, often revealed through the shocked expression on their faces, that they preferred the “wrong” product.”

Two Centuries of Expectancy – From Endogenous to Exogenous Homeopathy: Biophotonic Explanations – Prof. Dr. Traian D. Stanciulescu

“…an intuitive human attitude whose roots are lost in illo tempore, which is just starting to be adequately understood and explained, is the preservation of the unity / equilibrium of body and soul and spirit, in order to maintain one’s health unaltered.”

The Principle That Makes Homeopathy Scientifically Possible – Alex Hankey

“This paper examines the materialist, scientific view that homeopathy is necessarily contrary to all known laws of science, and shows it not to be the case.”

  Homeopathy: The Scientific Proofs of Efficacy – GUNA

“The authors of this volume identified roughly 400 studies of homeopathic efficacy published up to December 2001.”

  Homeopathy is About the Unusual – Edward De Beukelaer

“It is difficult to attribute the typical knowledge of this remedy to the case to justify the prescription. This is likely due to the fact that our understanding of this remedy, like that of many other remedies, is only partial.”

  One Dose Wonder! – Kelly Young, Elaine Lewis

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Revisiting: “Halloween Remedy Casts Kelly’s Toothache Clear To The Cosmos!” – Elaine Lewis

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