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Homeopathy and Biophotonics (II) The ‘Vital Force’: Explanatory Contributions Of The “Biological Lasers’ Theory – 2

Homeopathy and Biophotonics (II) The ‘Vital Force’: Explanatory Contributions Of The “Biological Lasers’ Theory – 2


Having in mind the preceding model, we may conclude:

(1) The structural-functional particularities of the six types of biological-lasers existing in the complex living body permit us to demonstrate the correlated effects of four BEMPh phenomena. These phenomena are characteristic of all biological processes. As we will show in another context, depending on its degree of dilution, a homeopathic potency could generate all these effects. Of course, the strangest empirical observation was that – in the case of very highly diluted remedies – the therapeutic effect is very strong and sometimes (especially in the case of functional diseases) manifests very rapidly. An invisible biophotonic effect (of the “living force”) must be hypothesized as determinative in such situations. But, as BLT proves, the biophotonic stimuli will have as a consequence the appearance of a biochemical, electric and magnetic effect.

(2) By the energetic accumulation permitted in the presence of light and the energetic discharges which take place in the absence of light, it is possible to define two cycles that maintain vital processes in a dynamic equilibrium: a daily (illumination) cycle and a nightly (darkness) cycle. Such a double cycle corresponds exactly to the already mentioned experimental observation of quantum optics that characterize biological systems [Popp a.o, 2001]:

– a “biophoton emission”, stimulated by external light exposure;

– a “delayed luminescence”, which is the long-term afterglow of living systems after external light illumination [7].

As a conclusion, we postulate that the presence of a certain remedy inside the human organism generates a complex assembly of BEMPh reactions. The redundancy of these processes results from the fact that one and the same remedy’s information is transmitted to the brain or / and directly to the affected organs by different interactive BEMPh channels, by influencing the health state of the whole human organism.



Given the overall profile of biophotonics presented in this paper, we can assert that the concept of  “Vital Force” – which I have previously analyzed from an interdisciplinary perspective [Stanciulescu, 2004a] – occupies a key position for our efforts to connect the wide-ranging concepts associated with “physics” and “metaphysics”, science and religion, allopathic and homeopathic practices.

The “principle of life”, the most important homeopathic law, doubles, from a structural point of view, the functional “law of similarity”. It sustains the existence of a “universal energy”, a mysterious fluid differently named in human history determining the appearance and maintenance of life itself. On the one hand, the TFEI and BLT hypotheses make rationally understandable the genesis of this both universal and individual E-I (bio)field. On the other hand, the biophotonic conception concerning the spiritual / affective / emotional causes of illnesses is based on the existence of this EI field, which permits a clearer explanation of the physical illness by the generative mechanisms of two types of invisible EI causes:

(1) external objective causes, determined by the objective fields (radiant) influences:

– physical (natural) effects of cosmic, solar, lunar harmful radiation, Earth radiation (Hartman or Curry “nets”), etc.;

– biological radiation, such as negative influences of different persons (by “black magic” actions , by “energetic vampirism” or “evil eye”, etc.) [8];

– technical radiation generated by different electromagnetic sources and machines, by RTV nets, mobile phone net and computers screen, or by the architectural “microwaves of form”, etc.

(2) internal causes, concerning the subjective situation of human “soul and spirit” energetic-informational malfunctions.

In the following section, I will briefly consider these causes from the specific point of view of homeopathy.


(I) In a predominantly intuitive description, Peter Chappell considers that our body is stimulated by the vibrating energy of our “soul” (emotional /affective human states, generating different actions) and by the “vitality” floating in certain patterns of the physical body [1994: 90]. It is very useful to assert that the effects of psychological states are determinative for our states of health or illness, by influencing the “life energy” dynamics at the affective level (of heart, first), of the mind level (of the activity of the brain, second) and, finally, at the level of the whole body’s bioluminescent emission. An illness can appear when a conflict between a subjective emotional or / and intellectual desire and the objective reality (possibility) is manifesting itself. In this case, the malfunction is determined by energetic causes, pointed out first at the level of the auric field and after that at the level of the body.

A recent special mission of Peter Chappell in Ethiopia, for finding the AIDS’s remedy [van der Zee, Hiwat, LINKS 4/2004: 265], established some therapeutic principles that enable to transfer through a mathematical Fourier Transform an electro-magnetic signal (information on the totality of the disease AIDS) to re-establish a patient’s “Vital Force” [9]. The information is transmitted to the human body by a homeopathic complex of alcohol and water (absorbed by the human body, according to mechanisms explained by PTEI and BLT).

Synthetically speaking, according to PTEI and BLT, we could say that the relation between a homeopathic remedy and an ill person (presenting an abnormal vibration of the auric field) will have complex BEMPh effects at the level of the human body:

—     biochemical, by generating the emission of neuro-transmitters, etc.;

—     electric and magnetic, by tensioning – at the level of cellular membranes – the electric potential of action-repose and implicitly the parameter of the associated magnetic field;

—     (bio)photonic, by influencing (by means of holographic resonance) the cellular, tissue, and organs bio-field states, by modifying the structure of organic / linked water, and implicitly the state of the whole organism.

A certain type of energy-information, corresponding to a certain “vital vibration”, determines each type of blockage. This is why only the homeopathic remedy having this type of vibration / frequency will be able to stimulate the health process, by generating special adequate reactions [10].

The relationship established between the bio-electromagnetic vibrations of the living organism (as a dynamic field, in a permanent oscillation) and the quasi-stationary field of the “(bio)physical remedy (which must be dynamized)” is perfectly described by George Vithoulkas. He notes: “Because all the substances have their own electromagnetic field, the task of the homeopath is to find the substance having the same ‘vibratory rhythm’ as the patient rhythm is, in the frame of his / her illness. … If this happens, a phenomenon of ‘resonance’, well known to physicists and engineers, will be instituted. As a consequence, the patient’s electro-magnetic field will be intensified, exactly at the necessary frequency for producing healing” [2002: 96] [11].

Once again, the inter-determinism between corpuscle and wave and between physical body and soul / spirit emissions of light is quite obvious: the bio-fields determine the bodily state and this in turn generates a new state of the bioluminescent field. Or, as Hahnemann himself has written: “The organism is the material instrument of life, but it cannot be conceived without the animation of the Vital Force. In its turn, the Vital Force cannot be conceived without the material organism. Consequently, there exists an unity of this duality…” [cf. Jayasuriya, 1997: 18].

As Jan Scholten has mentioned, it is very important to accept – using Hahnemann’s terms – that disease is “a derangement of the Vital Force, the dynamic or spiritual force which animates man” [2001: 15]. Even such a definition is rather vague; it does make clear, however, that the roots of the disease are at the energetic or psychic (informational) level. Starting from such a conviction, homeopathic therapy has long proposed the curative “principle of demodulation” by energetic and informational waves of specific remedies: similaria similibur curent.

The possibility of demonstrating, by natural (clairvoyance) or by technical procedures (photo-count, electronography, etc.), the organism’s “Vital Force” and its bioluminescent (auric) field and its interference with the remedies respectively, could essentially help the therapist (homeopath):

– to choose and apply the right remedies, taking into consideration that the malfunctions appear first at the auric level [12];

– to observe “step by step” the effects of the curative therapy and adequately correct it, if this is necessary.

On this topic, biophotonics technology and medicine (homeopathy) could be specifically adapted to the exigencies of human health through interdisciplinary cooperation. In order to suggest only some of these possibilities of cooperation, we could propose in the present context:

—     using the structured water as a liquid support for different types of remedies, by means of different influences (including the field of a healthy person or of the person who must be cured, generating a type of self-vaccination);

—     the verification of the organic / tissular water structures with magnetic-resonance and electronic microscopy technologies, in order to align  it with the properties of the remedies;

—     verifying the energetic charge and bioluminescence of the plants and substances used for different remedies;

—     testing the bioluminescent emission of different types of potencies and correlating their frequency with the frequency of different types of affections;

—     using laser technology to amplify the informational properties (such as frequency, coherency, etc.) of remedies;

—     “charging” the same protein support of the remedy with waves having different frequencies (information), by using different types of monochromatic electromagnetic radiation;

—      verifying the energetic-informational “resonance” between human beings, in order to avoid possible incompatibilities; etc.


In conclusion, we could synthetically remember that the existence of the “Vital Force” is totally explainable from the biophotonics point of view, taking into consideration that [13]:

– the “universal energy” / “life energy” could represent the synergic bio-field effect of all the living systems in the universe;

– the organism’s “Vital Force” is represented by the bioluminescent field (bio-field) generated by the cosmic light at the level of the included and linked  “biological lasers”;

– the relationship between the “life energy” and the “Vital Force” is similar to the relationship between part and wholeness, the first stimulating the second, by different modalities of interference, which PTEI and BLT describe;

– the “Vital Force” is, depending on the organism’s transparency to light, responsible for the health or illness state of the organism;

– the “Vital Force” assures the coherence of all the organism’s functions, representing the undulatory vehicle for transmitting different types of information / stimuli (remedies implicitly) received by the human organism;

– the “Vital Force” is that EI “human structure” which can survive for awhile after human bodily death.

If these assertions are scientifically provable, it means that one of the most “sensible” principles of homeopathy [14] could become the stronger one. The objective existence of a certain “Vital Force” belonging to humanity, a specific “collective unconsciousness”, a unifying “electromagnetic wave” (Schumann’s wave), an integrative “socio-field” determined by a coherent “socio-laser”, could be rationally argued by using the scientific contributions of biophotonics (PTEI and BLT). On this topic, to harmonize humans’ body, soul and spirit complexes, on the one hand, and to optimize their relationship with the planet Earth, on the other hand, by using the power of love – as the most special “remedy” – could represent the target reality of the most generous medical science of the future: the “transpersonal medicine (homeopathy)”, which Harry van der Zee has already postulated.

“We do not yet possess the technology or the necessary methodology to unlock homeopathy’s secrets… The answers must await future generations of scientists to uncover” [OSSCI’s Special Interest Group on Alternative Medicine (2003)] the skeptics would say, reading the assertions of the present study. Fortunately, the contributions of the New Knowledge, harmoniously correlated by the “Science of Light” that biophotonics stands for, are proving that the time for such answers has already come.


[1] As a science predominantly associated with the biological activity of the body, “bio-photonics” – as the implicit science of “Vital Force” – could be the basic step for elaborating a future “psycho-photonics” (of “psi waves” of life) and of a transcendent “noesi-photonics” (of the “super-consciousness” levels)

[2] In fact, in the last 10 years – due to the contributions of biophotonics – PTEI became a BIO-Photonic Theory of Energy-Information (bPTEI), able to explain a lot of still ignored bio-resonant mechanics, such as that of the “exogenous homeopathy” [Stanciulescu, 2006].

[3] These major hypotheses and some others derived were already experimentally validated, during our research stage (Traian D. Stanciulescu & Daniela M. Manu) at Neuss (Germany), where we have been invited by Professor Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp for participating at the Summer School of International Institute of Biophysics and implicitly for working in the laboratories of the institute. The partial results of our research were presented in [Stanciulescu, 2003; 2005; Manu, 2005].

[4] In the limited frame of the present article, we could only present some of the hypotheses more fully presented in the second volume of our “Light’s Metamorphoses” trilogy [Stanciulescu, Manu, 2001: 74-264].

[5] The figures (4a-8a) reproduced from the above mentioned book [Stanciulescu, Manu, 2001] were drawn by Dr. Daniela M. Manu.

[6] If this property is essentially affected by opacity (determined by a higher 420 C temperature, for example), usually the organism dies.

[7] This last effect makes it possible to keep the remedy’s effect of (bio)luminescence for extended periods of time.

[8] As we have already argued [Stanciulescu, 2003a: ], such “magical” / “para-physical / para-psychical” practices – scientifically justified by the theory of E-I fields – have been used for certain “white or black” purposes by all human societies, including the modern ones.

[9] It is very interesting that Fourier Transform was implicitly used by PTEI for describing the parameters of the human biofield [Constantinescu, Stanciulescu, 1993].

[10] The mechanisms of these reactions were detailed into our recent book: Integral homeopathy. Biophotonics arguments [Stanciulescu, Botez, Anastasiu, 2005].

[11] It is clear that some bio-electromagnetic dynamic / field phenomena are responsible for the main E-I homeopathic mechanisms. But, what is still not known well enough is how these mechanisms function and how they are generated. For this topic, BLT’s explanatory contributions are really necessary.

[12] As Hahnemann observed, the Vital Force is the first that is affected by an illness state (due to a certain energetic / informational unbalance).

[13] Some of these assertions will be specifically correlated with the homeopathic mechanisms in the next articles.

[14] The opponents of Hahnemann considered that the “Vital Force” was the most critical point of his theory.



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