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Orientations of Water Molecules – The Force Behind Homeopathy

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Further research from Drs. R. Amin and B. Chakraborty suggesting that homeopathic remedies alter orientation of water molecules.

Explaining conduction, retention and generation of electrical energy  by the earth.

Ever since the discovery of Homeopathy by Master Hahnemann this natural subject is facing immense questions regarding its scientific basis. Though the efficacy of the medicine is quite prominent both in humans and animals, modern medicine still disregards it on the simple plea of  non-availability of molecules of substances in the dilutions beyond 12 C 1. The main constituent of homeopathic remedy being water, it is the property of water that conveys the medicinal effect.

It has been already shown in our earlier works that the electrical energy of a substance is conveyed through water by change of orientations of water molecules from potency to potency of a remedy1,2. It is also explained how certain scientific phenomenon such as Generation of  electromotive force in distilled water, conduction of electrical energy through distilled water, and retention of electrical energy by distilled water cannot be explained by the existing theories of science. Such phenomenon can however only be explained through changes in “orientations of water molecules” as stated by us earlier. 3,4

Thus the “orientations of water molecules” that play a vital role for Homeopathic remedies is once again found to explain such natural phenomenon which is again unexplainable in the light of existing theories. 5

Experiment 1: This experiment is performed to show conduction of electrical energy by placing two graphite electrodes on the dry cemented floor (i.e: Conduction of electrical energy through The Earth). In this experiment an LED, a meter and a 9 volt battery are connected with two graphite electrodes.  (figure 1 ). No emf is found to be generated initially. But on pouring a few drops of distilled water at the junction of the electrodes and on the cemented floor, recordable emf is found to generate.  While Gr A is kept fixed on the floor, Gr B is placed at different distances on the floor and condition of the LED and the current (in µA) is noted in the table 1 below.


Sl no. Distance between the Electrodes (Gr & Zn)( in metres) RecordedCurent( in µA) Condition Of theLED
1 2.5 53 Found glowing
2 5.0 50 Found glowing
3 7.5 56 Found glowing
4 10.0 44 Found glowing
5 12.5 55 Found glowing
6 15.0 45 Found glowing


Experiment 2:This experiment is performed to show Generation of emf by a pair of electrodes by placing it on a dry cemented floor. A pair of electrodes Gr & Zn are taken and placed on cemented floor (ground floor) and connected to a meter for measuring emf as shown in Fig 3. No emf is found to be generated. But on pouring a few drops of distilled water at the junction of the electrode and floor a good emf is found to be generated. The said pair is seen to generate emf for a long gap between the electrodes even above 15 metres.


Sl no. Distance between the Electrodes (Gr & Zn)( in metres) Emf generated(in mV)
1 2.5 1150
2 5.0 1140
3 7.5 1148
4 10.0 1117
5 12.5 1133
6 15.0 1135

Experiment 3: This experiment is performed to show retention of electrical charges by a pair of electrodes when placed on a dry cemented floor A pair of graphite electrodes (i.e; GrA & GrB) are now placed on the cemented floor at a distance of about 1 metre .The emf of the said pair is measured after pouring a few drops of distilled water at the junction of the electrode and the floor and recorded as initial emf in the Table. Then an external source of  emf (about 9 volts) is connected to the graphite pair and current is allowed to pass for 3 minutes. After passing of current is stopped, the final readings for the graphite pair (GrA & GrB )  is taken at intervals of 1(one) minute and recorded in Table:3.               .


On Cemented Floor

Time in Gr A- Gr B Gr A- Gr B Difference
minutes Initial(in mV) Final(in mV) (in mV)
(i.e; before charging) (i.e; after charging)









































Experiment 4:  This experiment is performed by taking a few drops of distilled water on the floor at four corners of a square of side 10 cm. Four Graphite electrodes ( GrA, GrB, GrC,& GrD) are placed on water drops at four corners such that a pair of electrodes remains just opposite to the other( as shown in Fig.3) .Here GrA & GrB is placed just opposite of GrC & GrD. The emf of GrA & GrB is measured and is found to be -22mV.Then a battery( emf= about 9 volts)  is connected to the other pair of graphite GrC & GrD. Owing to the application of external emf at GrC & GrD the emf of GrA & GrB is measured and found to be 50mV (i.e increase  of 72 mV).

Experiment 5: In this experiment no direct connection through the wire is made between the source of emf (i.e a battery of 9 volts ) and an LED. Rather the ends of the LED are connected through  distilled water and the floor (the Earth) with the following conditions:

Condition A: Positive end of LED is connected through the Earth while Negative end through distilled water ( i.e Positive terminal of the battery is Grounded) as shown below Fig 4A

Condition B: Negative end of LED is connected through the Earth while positive end through distilled water (i.e; Negative terminal of the battery is Grounded) as shown below Fig 4B

In both the stated conditions the LED is found to glow.

Discussions:  In the experiments 1,2 and 3 it is found that even the cemented floor is not only able to conduct electrical energy (as found in case of electrical earthing) but also can generate emf and retain electrical energy.

In experiment 1 conduction of electrical energy through the cemented floor is found even when the distance between the electrodes exceeds 15 metres. The result however corroborates with our household earthing in the electrical lines. It is said that to prevent fatal shocks due to short circuits etc. the electrical energy moves into the earth (i.e: the earth acts as absorbent of electrical energy). But from our experiment it is clear that the Earth neither absorbs nor releases any electrons, as thought to be, but only acts as a conductor that allows the electrical energy to move through it to the source from which it is generated. Also in experiment 4 how the earth conducts to generate emf at GrA & GrB and in experiment 5 grounding of positive terminal (condition A) and negative terminal (condition B) of battery yields similar result (i.e in both cases the LED is found glowing) is a big question? Neither The existing theories of conduction of electrical energy through metals nor the theories of conduction in solutions ( by ions) can explain such results, as it is hardly possible for ions to move through capillary water/ water present in the earth. Moreover, in experiment 2 the distance between the electrodes varies from 2.5 metres to 15 metres. This certainly questions how such emf is generated, as there is hardly any possibility of reaction between the cemented floor, distilled water and the electrodes. Also, as stated above there is hardly any possibility for ions to move through the cemented floor for conveying electrical charges. Then what makes the given set generate such a good emf even on the cemented floor? Again the existing theories fail to explain such results.

Ultimately in experiment 3, what makes the cemented floor (the Earth) retain electrical energy cannot be explained by any of the existing theories.

So we are of the opinion that it is none but water that re-orients its molecules as per necessity during conduction or retention or generation of electrical energy.


i)                   The earth contains water that actually conducts, retains or generates electrical energy owing to its ability to re-orient its molecule as per necessity.

ii)                  The above natural phenomenon  explained by “ Orientations of Water Molecules” once again confirmed that the properties of Homeopathic remedies are undoubtedly governed by orientations of water molecules, water being its chief constituent.


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Ruhul Amin & Biplab Chakraborty

Dr. Ruhul Amin MD is a Homeopathic physician & mental health professional, performing research work on homeopathy since 1998. The first work being on Diabetes Mellitus Type II and its homeopathic treatment, followed by Parkinsonism, Respiridone & Homeopathy and for the last eleven years concentrating strictly on the Homeopathic Dilution and its Scientific basis, along with chemist Biplab Chakraborty M Sc. Visit their


Biplab Chakraborty,M.Sc is a chemist from Calcutta University, previously a serious Critic of Homeopathic Dilution. . With this view he started research work along with Dr. Ruhul Amin for the last eleven years, finally being converted into a serious supporter of homeopathy. He along with Dr. Md.Ruhul Amin published papers on Homeopathic Dilution & its scientific Basis. These papers clearly reflect the contradiction within the modern science itself.


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