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How Water Has Memory The Quantum Dynamics of Dr Jacques Benveniste’s Research

Homeopath and researcher Christina Munns discusses the quantum dynamics of Dr. Jacque Benveniste’s research, and explains why some attempts to replicate his work failed.


The intention of this paper is to provide a valid explanation of the actual dynamics by which water molecules retain the information of a substance in high dilution states. The quantum dynamics of beta decay are explained along with the description of how the immunoglobulin anti-IgE antibodies affix to the FcεRI, the high-affinity IgE receptors of mast cells and basophils at the quantum scale.

The article also explains how the quantum dynamics of high dilution states of anti-IgE antibodies stimulate an immune response in basophils, thus providing a scientific answer to the vexed question of the results of Dr Jacques Benveniste’s and Prof. Madeleine Ennis’ research into high dilution states of anti-IgE antibodies. The work also explains that homeoprophylaxis works at the quantum biological scale to induce an immune response to a disease state. Mention is also made of the quantum experiment that needs to occur to scientifically quantify the differentiation of the quantum states between different potencies of homeopathic medicine.









Beta Minus Decay. 4

Beta Plus Decay. 7

Water Memory via Beta Decay. 13


Molecular Dynamics. 16

Reasons Why Independent Researchers Produced Negative Results. 24

Request to Conduct Experiment 25

Suggested Experiment to Prove Homeopathic Medicine. 25






Figure 1 – Beta minus decay. 4

Figure 2 – Beta minus decay – Fields 1 & 2 – neutron to proton. 7

Figure 4 – Beta decay correspondences to quantum and DNA fields. 8

Figure 3 – Comparison of beta decay with anabolism & catabolism.. 9

Figure 5 – Beta decay – informational exchange. 10

Figure 6 – Beta decay – redox reaction & informational exchange. 11

Figure 7 – QCD as binary code informational “charges”. 12

Figure 8 – Informational translation of homeopathic medicine to DNA via water molecules  15

Figure 9 – Anatomy of a basophil 17

Figure 10 – Process of triggering of allergic response in mast cells. 18

Figure 11 – Basophil cell with IgE and Type I Fce receptors. 19

Figure 12 – Structure of antibody showing variable (V) and constant (C) regions  19

Figure 13 – IgE antigen binding sites – quantum number states. 20

Figure 14 – Structure of IgE antibody showing V, Fab, C and Fc regions. 20

Figure 15 – Transference process of antigen 4 quantum numbers from FceRI to basophil 22



This article represents a synthesis of the information regarding the dynamics of information transfer at the quantum scale in the process of preparing a homeopathic medicine drawn from the book Principia Unitas – Volume VI – The Quantum Mechanics of Homeopathy[1], coupled with subsequent findings of research into the actual quantum dynamics of the IgE-mediated allergic response in human basophils. The intention for the paper is to provide a detailed analysis of the quantum biology of basophil degranulation as well as to highlight the flaws in the verification testing of Prof. Madeleine Ennis’ research experiments. It also clarifies the future research that needs to be conducted and explains the reasons why this further research is of paramount importance.



It is my understanding that the information in a homeopathic medicine (i.e. its superposition states of intrinsic angular momentum (ms) and total angular momentum (ml)) is transferred at the quantum scale firstly to the solution during the potentisation process (i.e. sequential succussion and dilution) and secondly during the administration of the homeopathic medicine to cellular tissue at the quantum scale through the molecular bonding of water molecules. This quantum information of the homeopathic medicine is contained in the four quantum numbers of the original substances (i.e. the spin quantum number (ms); magnetic quantum number (ml or total angular momentum); principal quantum number (n or angular velocity ⍵) and azimuthal quantum number (l or orbital angular momentum). Every material substance on the planet and throughout the cosmos contains within itself its own specific quantum signature which represents a particular set of quantized angular momenta states.   In this way it can be understood that everything has a quantum signature. It is this quantum signature of the substance, embodied as the precise four quantum numbers of the originating substance in the homeopathic medicine that is transferred at the quantum scale throughout the potentisation and administration process of the homeopathic medicine. The final result of this informational transference at the quantum scale is that it is not only transferred to the water in cellular tissue but also that, since water dissolves DNA, this information within water molecules at the quantum scale is also transferred to DNA, with the four quantum numbers of the original substance (or quantum signature) being transferred via the homeopathic medicine to each of the four DNA nucleic acids at the quantum scale as follows:

Spin quantum number = thymine = intrinsic angular momentum = ms
Magnetic quantum number = adenine = total angular momentum = ml
Principal quantum number = cytosine = angular velocity = n
Azimuthal quantum number = guanine = orbital angular momentum = l

Thus it can be seen that there is a quantum coherence between the four nucleic acids of DNA of cellular tissue and the four quantum numbers of the homeopathic medicine. These four quantum numbers of the homeopathic medicine act to reconfigure the DNA codons to make them informationally coherent with the information of the homeopathic medicine. In this way it can be seen that the homeopathic medicine acts via the process of quantum epigenetics to reconfigure DNA and make it informationally coherent. The information is transferred at the quantum scale via the process of beta decay. The two types of beta decay represent the polar states of the weak force that act to both create and destroy – b+ decay creates and b decay destroys. It is these two dynamics of the weak force that represent the two stage process by which information is transferred from the homeopathic medicine to cellular tissue.

I will now provide a detailed explanation of the quantum dynamics of exactly how information is transferred at the quantum scale via the process of beta decay. It is precisely the process of beta decay at the quantum scale that breaks down the information of the proton (b+) and neutron (b) into the four quantum number states of the homeopathic substance which are then transferred to the water molecules at the quantum scale.



Beta decay is a type of radioactive decay that occurs in the quantum state that involves the emission of either an electron and an electron antineutrino (β- decay) or a positron and an electron neutrino (β+ decay). [2]

It is through the process of beta decay that a proton transforms into a neutron and vice versa via the process of an up quark transforming into a down quark and vice versa. There are two types of beta decay: beta minus and beta plus. I will explain each type of decay separately.

Beta Minus Decay

In this type of decay a neutron is transformed into a proton. It results in the emission of an electron and an electron anti-neutrino.


Figure 1 – Beta minus decay

It is the process of translating the information of a particle (orbital angular momentum – l) back to the information of spin and total angular momentum state of the wave function – ms and ml or superposition state.

Down Quark Up Quark = βdecay SU(2) U(1)


Here is a synopsis of the process of the β- decay:

Quark chemistry = down quark (SU(2)) ⟶ up quark (U(1-1))[1]

Nuclear chemistry = U(1-0) down quark neutron (U(1-0)) transforms to U(1-1) up quark proton (SU(3)).
Atomic =               Neutron ⟶ proton   + β-         + νe         + e-
Unitary Symmetry = U(1) ® SU(3) + SU(2) + U(1-0) + U(1-1)
Quantum Number = Neutron ® n + l + ms + ml
From the above information it can be seen that during the process of beta minus decay the information of the neutron is broken down into the four quantum numbers and concomitantly also the four states of angular momenta. Each of these quantum numbers represents a unitary symmetry group. Each of these unitary symmetry groups is in quantum coherence with the molecular states of water at the quantum scale as follows:
ms = electron of 1 hydrogen atom
ml = electron of 1 hydrogen atom
n = one electron of orbital 1s of oxygen atom
l = one electron of orbital 1s of oxygen atom

These four quantum numbers are also represented within the three types of hydrogen bonds within water molecules as follows:


O ® O = combined length of covalent and hydrogen bonds = SU(2) = l

O ® H = covalent bond within water molecule = U(1-1) = ms and ml
O ® H = hydrogen bond between water molecules = SU(3) = n

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Christina Munns

Christina Munns

Christina Munns is an Australian homeopath, independent researcher, a mother, secretary, wife and meditator. She is the author of a series of six books called Principia Unitas. Written in an easy to understand style, these books explain many of her discoveries including: the 4 dark phenomena, quantum gravity, supersymmetry, cardiocentric cosmology and a Unified M-theory model. Thinking “outside the square" has enabled her to make the connections between ancient Indian wisdom and modern day science. She is passionate about teaching the scientific community and the general public about Unified Field Theory and its implications for humanity. You can find more information at her website

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