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Yer Queen is a Witch and Quack??!!

Yer Queen is a Witch and Quack??!!
Written by Doc Quack

Yer Queen is a Witch and Quack??!!

How homeopathic remedies are created, based on the latest research in physics.  A happy marriage of satire and science.


MY SQUAWKS HEREIN (2003-2010 Research Summary):

·        The definition of real science

·        Summary of Dr. Quack’s clinical experiments

·        Dr. Quack’s research objectives

·        The mystery of homeopathic remedies more fully solved

·        Observational overlaps in wave mechanics

·        The Law of Similars in nature

·        Dr. Quack’s prediction of a Cold Fission / Cold Fusion relation to homeopathy

·        How to prove a Cold Fusion/ Fission relation to homeopathy

·        Dr. Quack’s Lensed Theory of Succussion

·        Near Fission & Fusion Events

·        Casimir Effect, Nanobubbles, and Energy from the Ether

·        Dr. Quack’s Theory on Nanobubble Formation (a partial view)

·        On the G-loading Relationship to Implosion and Succussion


Some years ago, it was reported to this office that the Prince of Wales and his mama – along with generations of their entire quack family – have been involved in the most scandalous of pseudo-scientific, voodoo kookery.  Some sort of mixing and mashing of water into medicine and encouraging the selling of said diluted witchcraft water of the devil to the masses!

And then I fell sick in 2002.  By 2003, well-meaning but incompetent M.D.’s were only making things worse and trying to kill me. By 2004, I had waddled and splashed my way to cancer-curing, naturopathic quacks. That helped greatly, but something was still missing at the core.  My ducky guts were painfully deranged from a mixture of bad diet, anger, years of slugging it out with idiots, possibly too much chlorine in my drinking water (during tank sterilization), and conventional medicine’s acid blockers atop that – leading to a fight with GERD, Gastritis, Duodenitis, Esophagitis, non-viral/ partial Hepatitis, Billiary inflammation, cardiac woes, and Polysystemic Candida which led to Adrenal Exhaustion, Hypotension, Hypoglycemia, etc. Among the harsh die off reactions, an M.D./N.D. quack suggested I try a mixopathic product called Detox Kit by Heel, Inc.

My first introduction to homeopathic quackadelic drugs was use of a mixture of Lycopodium, Nux Vomica, and other things in a pretty nice chord array – a style the German homeopath quacks have studied for a long time now.  I was skeptical, but suffering and spent the $50.  To my amazement, Sir Ducky felt a gentle gurgling of the guts into a nice, cool feeling and observed about two weeks of overall vitality boost and settled GI tract during its use. Sometime later in relapse I tried it again, and again observed improvement!  Splashed around my rubber ducky bathtub merry I did from there. (No, I won’t say where, Dr. B!)

And so, this began my illicit affair with a taboo, sexy, scandalous, mistress named Le Madame Homeocutiepiethy – and herbrothel of many quacks! despite my earlier arrogance of the typical skeptic on the street.

See, the honest, skeptical man on the street can be converted from simple observation and reason.  He needs no academic drivel and long-winded nerd papers or studies with double-blind this or that.  It’s called common sense. If I stop taking a hammer to my finger, the pain goes away in time. I don’t need some arrogant, crypto-babble, dweeb writing me 10 pages of report debating over the dynamics of a hammer impact to my thumb, or in this case my webbed feet.  Trust in the intelligence of the average serf is what Freedom is all about.  So there!  Viva le homeopathic republic!   Viva le Resistance!

Now, the theme of this article is supposed to be about any topic of my interest related to homeopathic research (Yet devoid of my scandalous nature!).  Well, the most simple and direct-observation-honest thing I can do is just chronicle my own research, theories, and interests in homeopathy, and their evolution.  Discussion of their merits, flaws, need for more testing, etc.  Else, I would only be making more idle chatter, summarization, and speculation on the work of others – as the skeptwit usually does.  Thus, I will present to the reader that the mystery of how homeopathic remedies work, is pretty much solved and only needing more confirmation.


Real science does a few things the skeptwits do not:

1.      Unifies – current misconceptions and confusions of the time.

2.      Explains – physical events (How mysterious homeopathic remedies work!)

3.      Predicts – various related behavior (Like fission/ fusion byproducts of our remedies, as you will read about later herein.)

4.      Tests – if the ideas are junk or not.  If they cannot be tested, the theories are junk.  If testable, that is valid theory and proper scientific method.

Now, if the theories hold up under testing, they are accepted as useful models and temporary explanations or tools until better ones come along. A theory or model need not be 100% accurate if it can reliably predict events.

There are no concrete laws in science.  All is subject to change! And so, as I began reading more of homeopathy and her history as the hero of plague warfare…the American warmonger in me instantly understood the potential.  We deal in cheap medicine. Medicine that can be rapidly cloned outward to reach hundreds of millions of dying patients, where no conventional drugs can go. Pretty useful medicine against great scaredemics like this Piggy Flu going around it is!

Thus began my royal commission as Sir Quacksalot, the great allopathic dragon slayer and rescuer of princesses; Savior of kingdoms. If you’re going to be a quack, you might as well go full throttle quack.  Therefore, I tried my hand at reversal of cancer in animals and humans, and that is a hobby research interest I keep.  With the invincible sword of homeopathy in hand, I reversed and relieved many ailments in people and animals – arthritis, influenza, whatever presented itself among family and friends.  Reversed a human case of Prostate Cancer.  Reversed a Multiple Myeloma case from about Stage 3 to Stage 1.  Pretty much cured a doggy Skin Cancer case.  Extended the life of a Lymphoma doggy from about 30 days prognosis to a few months longer with greater quality of life.  Eradicated bacterial infection among a friend’s herd of goats. Tended to dying and arthritic goats on a friend’s ranch. Various things.

As I began to study from David Little and mixed in other lessons, I found my sword swung against disease gained about four times its previous power due to operation in the 5th to 6th Organon.  But, many are the things I still need to learn.

I also started looking at some of the defense world’s research into “ultra-low dose” medicine & toxicology.

Some Department of Defense Homeopathic Research

I then began experimenting with pet store guppies in highly concentrated chlorine bleach in water. The Dr. Mengela of fish I became and it nearly destroyed my soul!  For these sins, God curses me still.

Why did I do that?  Because chlorine in water to fish is analogous to chlorine gas in air to the WW1 soldier – and analogous to improvised terrorist chemical weapons of future use upon civilians and soldiers.  If we can keep fish alive longer with homeopathics, we can keep the soldier and citizen alive longer under chemical attack, and that can be just enough to extract them, clean them off, and render treatment.

I observed a 17% to 500% increase in survival time of the fish in that lethal environment when protected first by chlorine nosode at just 7C potency in various dilution.  I like the fish kill format; for you can show the concepts in executive summary to generals, politicians, and kings in 5 to 10 minutes.  Seeing is believing, but nobody reads nerd drivel.

“Dr. Quack!  Let us see what you talk about here?”

· Dr. Quack’s Laser Reflection Experiments in Proof of Homeopathy

NOTE:  The laser reflectance or any form of measure of N1 time is not needed where the chlorine concentration is high enough to kill rapidly.   All you need is one glass of dead fish and one glass of living fish side by side (Like those dishwashing soap commercials with one dirty plate and one clean plate side by side in the same timeframe.)  I suppose the skeptwits will argue some sort of placebo effect going on here in the minds of guppies or single-blind bias of researchers, but they can’t even find their way out of their own prejudice granny panties, so woo hoo!

So that was all just probing around and answering the question:  “Is the Queen a Quack or What?!”

ANSWER:  Nope.  Homeopathy works. Yer Queen’s honor is intact, Brits.  Now ladies in waiting, you can keep your hankies and dry your tears.


My nature of scientific inquiry is very divergent from the conventional research and publication that scientists of the world may expect.  And, in my world, it is okay to be into “weird science”; to be into heretical things.  If I say something wild like, “Oh, nuclear weapons can be built from things other than fissile materials.”…the skeptic will say, “What?!  What kind of pseudoscience is that?!

Why do I mention that? Because the Cold Fission / Cold Fusion mystery of homeopathy pertains to a deeper understanding of the nuclear sciences and, again, my world doesn’t want the whole world learning too much about that.  All that you see in the “modern” nuclear sciences is about 140 years behind the times and divergent from scientific reality.


With all that in mind, perhaps my homeopath friends out there can understand what made me fall in love most with our craft. It was not so much the realization that it works; for that is a no-brainer, but rather her elusive mystery and her underdog / persecuted status as a lovely princess in need of rescue by I, Sir Quacksalot, and you, High Quacks of the Round Table, under the kingdom of His Royal Highness, Arthur Manish Bhatia.

Why does it work?  How does it work?  How can you have succussed and diluted water doing such things? Oh how that enchanted me!  The reason why I was obsessed with the mystery is because I knew solving it would lead to a fundamental understanding and unification of more things than we could imagine. Such is always the case for great enigmas and anomalies in science!

The true scientist does not see anomalies in nature and dismiss them as impossible or in violation of the all-sacred “laws of physics”.  No, that is not right. He must make the observations honestly and record the data.  That’s all he must do. Then observe, and observe honestly.  From there, he may form a hypothesis and then test that.  But, if you do not have honest observations (such as the allopaths and skeptics promote), then you will not have honest hypothesis or testing, and the science becomes junk — not at all based in Reason but rather propaganda, prejudice, evil, and stupidity.

By far, the mystery of how the remedies are produced captivated me most, and I began forming a hypothesis and working model from all the observations I could grasp at the time… and ongoing still. So let’s start the engines.  And here we go!


When I first began mixing and mashing remedies, I observed that the whole issue of succusion and dilution could be related to trajectory curves – the same as we do with conventional drugs and their action curves…the buildup of drug effects in the body with time, peak strength, and then wearing off.  That is why pre-med students are required to take at least Differential and Integral Calculus – so the average M.D. can understand slopes of lines at any point on a curve and the importance of the integral’s area under the curve in relation to total medicinal power and the other sciences.

First, I began to observe a direct relation between succussion and the vertical axis (Y) on these curves. It took me awhile to see that dilution was not directly related to the (X) axis, but is more of an angle of the cannon (Sigma “E” on the charts) which influences the horizontal range of the medicinal projectile’s trajectory…. or remedy “flight time”.

How those curves relate to the posology of our craft is fully explainable in medicinal curves, algebra, trigonometry, differential calculus, integral calculus, differential equations and every form of mathematics.  Why?  Because homeopathy is real!  Real things are calculable and understandable in the language of science;  Quackery is not.

And so, here I began to see a mathematical and physics relation to the “voodoo” of homeopathy – again telling me we were dealing with something of physical reality and not at all Placebo Effect or voodoo.

From a previous understanding of Rife and frequency research along with various Alternative Medicine perspectives on vibrations, essential oils, disease & health frequency, etc…the issue of wave superposition immediately called to me.

If we theorize that homeopathic remedies and health can be related to waves, then to test that theory we must observe some form of constructive and destructive interference going on in the application of our medicine.   Do we?

Yup!  Homeoquackic aggravation is a case of constructive interference. Relief or cure is a case of destructive interference.  Either case is a result of wave superposition (or the superimposing of one wave over another).

And so the Law of Similars expressed itself to me in wave spectral form:

The Law of Allopathic Quackery & Incompetency also called out to me:

About here, I began to look upon the twin serpents of the Caduceus as just sine waves to an oscilloscope’s view, but, when subjected to the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT spectrosocopy), that will also give you that same wave pattern transformed to frequency bands and their intensity.  This I related to Rife and also the homeopathic symptom and pathology rubrics…

Ducky then asked himself:

“Well, can this theory and model of homeopathic remedies be found also in nature? If homeopathy is a physics reality, then surely we must be seeing homeopathic happenings in other physics worlds beyond just homeopathy.  If homeopathy is related to waves, then waves must also show homeopathic principles! If homeopathy is working as it does due to the superposition of waves, then we should also be seeing homeopathic principles in wave superposition and mechanics with complete neglect of the homeopathy issue!  Therefore, let us test this hypothesis.” (This is algebraic logic, by the way.)

And so, Ducky fired up his audio spectroscope software and began to quack…

The top spectrogram was noise I let run. The bottom spectrogram of green line is a sound that I sang into the microphone and adjusted with vocal pitch and intensity until it became as similar a “sound remedy” as possible to the diseased spectra above. Here, I observed a degree of constructive interference causing aggravation of the Disease Waveform.  Off to the right of the disease waveform, the reader will see a little symptom spike (a rubric not covered and left neglected by my remedy application).  And here, I then silenced my voice suddenly to see if the drawing down of the Remedy Waveform would destructively cancel out the Disease Waveform.

And oh yes it did!  Not just that, but the neglected symptom rubric on the right suddenly shot up with all that remnant wave energy!  (Typical homeopathic case complication and rise of underlying disease layers during treatment). Extinguishment of the primary symptom and rise of secondary symptoms.  Woo hoo!

Here, it also hit me that the curative action in what we do is not so much in the remedy application, but rather in the remedy’s superposition and engagement with the Vital Force, and particularly in the remedy’s discontinuance [MINIMUM DOSE RULE] – which forces a rebound in the Vital Force so that it is really the life force which does the cure.  The Life Force is like a spring with potential energy that is tied down by chains (stagnated Chi) at key points and, when we apply a remedy just right, we cut those chains and the spring rebounds to its natural, healthy form.

So there you go!  Homeopathic principles found in basic wave mechanics apart from the issue of homeopathy at all.  Waves alone are homeopathic!  [Rifers also report similar observations, by the way.] The Law of Similars is found everywhere in nature because nature all around us is composed of waves and their superposition dynamics.  For those who look enough, the homeopathic principles and wave mechanics can be found as a truth of life, war, business, romance, music, and many things.


In May of 2007, I stumbled upon the parametric spectroscopy research of Dr. Devendra Kumar of India.  In summary, he was taking the temperature spectra of patients before and after homeopathic remedies. He was also identifying homeopathic remedies inside and outside the patient based on that temperature spectra – which makes perfect sense when you consider that the Vital Force relates to Vital Heat or Chi.

And so, I began thinking about that work while trying to provide him with some sort of mathematical model for his temperature research. Here, I began doing several pages of mathematical physics as best I could:

phys2.jpg (Page 1; Basic QED physics setup with Classical Physics)
phys2b.jpg (P.2; original in error)
phys2bb.jpg (P.2; 10 MAY 07 correction; Succussion relation to a typical Quantum Oscillator)
phys2c.jpg (P.3; original in error)
phys2cc.jpg (P.3; 10 MAY 07 correction;  Remedy energy statements, Emission, Spectral Radiance, Radiation Pressure & Momentum.)
phys2d.jpg (P.4; original in error)
phys2dd.jpg (P.4; 10 MAY 07 correction.  Thermal Radiation Relation, Spectral Radiancy, Planck’s Radiation Law, Dr. Quack’s “Unified Theory” in the 4th Dimension)
phys2e.jpg (P.5; original in error)
phys2ee.jpg (P.5; 10 MAY 07 correction; Unified Theory Summary equations. Frequency of Homeopathic Remedy predictions.  Equation #19 variables.)
phys2f.jpg (P.6; original; “sanity check”)
phys2ff.jpg (P.6; 10 MAY 07 correction; First failed attempt at equation “crunching”; Error isolated. )
phys7.JPG (P.7, 10 MAY 07;  Equation 7 sanity check.  Alignment of scientific units.  Joules/ Wattage error corrected.  Redefinition of the Joule = kgxm^4 = Watt x time based on E=mc^2; Mass propagating over the space-time metric alongside energy distribution due to mass-energy relation).
phys8.JPG (P.8, 10 MAY 07; Definition of Joule = 8.99e16 kg x m^4)
phys9.JPG (P.9, 10 MAY 07; First attempt at Remedy Emission Energy equation “sanity check”.)
phys10.JPG (P.10, 10 MAY 07; Continued Remedy Emission Energy equation “sanity checks”.  More thoughts on the redefinition of the Joule.  Propagation distance = Time at t=0 or very small.)
phys11.JPG (P.11, 10 MAY 07;  Equation #19 crunching with clinical observation data for homeopathic remedies.  Mass-Energy substitution step.  Prediction of VLF/ audio frequencies, UV to X-ray frequencies, and very energetic gamma rays.  Possible meson, hyperon, neutron, boson, and other particle relations to succussion expected.  Neutron binding energies exceeded.  >10GeV prediction.  Exothermic reaction among very energetic light emissions as the basis for long-term structuring theorized.

From my letter to Dr. Kumar:


Now, if my pages are not too far off, what all the scribbles are telling me is that the creation of a homeopathic remedy via additional succussion is probably mostly an exothermic reaction releasing vastly more energy  than we usually consider!!

You have the original remedy as a little dry pellet dissolved in water.  No big deal.  It has a frequency value.  My first numbers to plug in were 1000 Hz. Okay, so here we’re detecting partial remedy spectra in the VLF radio and audible wave bands.  Then, you succuss that vial.

With additional succussion of normal type by hand, if my math is not garbage, we’re possibly developing frequencies around 10E17 Hz.   That puts the succussed remedy perhaps briefly into the UV and Soft X-ray bands; Nanometer scale in wavelength emissions. If we had eyes to see it as you pound a remedy, that’s what we should be seeing.

Now, beyond that, when trying to tie in some form of spectral radiance, temperature at a distance (such as you measure say within 1 mm of the emitter), my goofy math here is telling me that such frequencies of emission would be at the scale of over 10 GeV (or >10E26 Hz; over 10000 MeV).  That’s very disturbing to me. I’m either way off or we’re onto something interesting here!

See, at >10 GeV, we’re more energetic in radiation emission than anti-proton annihilation at 938 MeV.  We’re more energetic than pi mesons at 68 MeV. More energetic than the 77 MeV hypheron.  We’ve exceeded neutron binding energies.   We’re at the high frequency, narrow wavelength end of gamma rays — the realm of subatomic particles like the bosons.

Oh, my quack math implies that the energies developed by succussion are so great as to be maybe splitting sub-atomic particles and unleashing tremendous amounts of energy — maybe even in small chain reactions. I’d have to check the resolution specs, but I’m not sure if the typical Geiger Counter will even detect such radiation. That could be one reason why the issue of homeopathy has remained elusive.   This is the realm of astrophysics, high energy physics, and massive linear accelerators, not cheesy lab gear.  Further, the far right hand side of my formulas is vastly more significant than the left side — meaning the starting frequency of remedies and their radiation under succussion is pretty much dwarfed in comparison to the energy of emission [emission under succussion].

If I am not nuts and the mathematical physics proves sane, then the situation for us is being like blind bats out here.  Here we are mixing and mashing remedy vials while wondering how it all works and where the light is?  The spectroscopy seen to date hasn’t apparently been all that impressive and seems pretty subtle because the energy level to things within our view isn’t terribly disturbed. You’re out there in India measuring remedies with temps around 90 to 98 F.  I’m out here with my cheesy SPRO spectroscope seeing maybe slight IR to Visible differences in CalcareaCarb — around 660 nanometers. [Addendum: Dr. Rustum Roy has also carried out Raman spectroscopy of remedies.] All that leftover energy pumping out as light in the remedies after repeated succussion.  And it baffles us because we see all this medicinal energy in homeopathy.   We wonder how it all works.   People credit it to structuring or voodoo.   But, a point we may be missing is that everything we work with and try to see is the leftover and cooled down cookie pulled from the succussion oven.    We’re looking at the cold, crystalline structural cookie, not the glowing hot — burns you just to touch it — cookie dough in the oven.

Where did all that succussion energy go?  It’s lost to cooling, crystallization, photon emission over the whole Planck’s Curve, and then highly energetic emissions possibly so far beyond our ability to measure because we’ve maybe been splitting or ejecting subatomic particles.

When we succuss a remedy, we’re very possibly creating internal pressures upon the fluid and its mysterious, wobbly crystalline structure — pressures in excess of any gun and spherical implosions to nuclear weapons; particles liberated in emission with more energy than neutrons and their ability to make chain reactions.   I don’t know if we can call it Cold Fusion, but it’s very possibly a deep, sub-atomic level of Cold Fission.

Basically, the tremendous energy emitted as radiation in succussion may be the mechanism of exothermic reactions which create such long-lasting structural changes in remedies while leaving us with such a useful medicinal glow.

If I can make an analogy, the 1C remedy is like a glowing hot piece of iron over a furnace.  When we take it up to 12C, that’s like blowing oxygen on the rock, and so it glows all the more red hot.    It emits.   We succuss and blow more oxygen onto that rock, and it glows near white hot maybe around 200C.   That light then is continually transmitted.  Energy is being lost from the system [Exothermia]. It’s stuff you can measure as temperature data at the rock or at a radiative distance from it.   This energy loss creates cooling and fosters crystalline restructure so that the rock glows with less light again and is now no longer the same rock. The rock or homeopathic remedy has been essentially heat treated and quenched. If a metal, it would have seen grain structures melt away into liquid form.   With cooling, and depending upon what’s in the fluid as solute, the material (or medicinal) traits due to that crystalline restructuring are different from rock to rock or remedy to remedy. [Or, as Dr. Rustum Roy has pointed out, it’s all about merely phase changes in water!]

…That’s pretty much what my physics and math perspective to it all says. My numbers, formula setups, and calculations may be be off, but perhaps not that far. I’ll post the updated pages later.   From here, additional number crunching should be done.  Maybe more errors will come up and need further tweaking. Certainly, the basic equation I made there in #19 is not the complete picture, but maybe a partial one.   It all needs more work.

From the Brian Connelly article:

(Anderson, 1997 and 1999) has created individual clusters, using sudden evaporative cooling [EXOTHERMIA], which average up to 4,000 water molecules in the molecular size spectrum. The cluster size distribution curve goes up to 14,000 molecules/cluster. These clusters were directed at a graphite surface at a velocity of 1,380 meters/second. Large cluster fragments of “several thousand” water molecules were found to survive these high collision velocities, which underscores how extremely stable these water clusters can be.

About here, Ducky formed his Lensed Theory of Succussion…

·         Lensed Theory on Succussion (video)

I knew that succussion pressures reach very high ATM levels in the cavitation bubble.  The issue of lensing and hydraulic multipliers impacting inter-atomic pressures was something I considered among fluid mechanics observations in the past, and so formed a hypothesis for later testing in relation to remedy fluid in vial dynamics.

Dr. Quack’s Theoretical Suslick Cavitation Bubbles in a remedy vial.

At this point, I knew really nothing of the Ether, Zero Point Physics, Casimir Effect, and relatively little about cavitation bubbles. Cavitation was something I had studied in regard to boat propellers, aircraft, aerodynamics, laminar flow disruption over flight structures, laminar flow disruption in pipes, etc.  Thanks to Hpathy’s journal, I had read an article by Brian R. Connelly at where he noted Suslick’s cavitation bubble. That’s about it.  Not much more familiar on it than the average reader here.

But, I was familiar with microcrystalline structures in solids and the slip planes between atomic bonds in fluids, and considered that some form of lensing and multiplication of hydraulic forces might be going on – just as occurs in the formation of conical pressure in fluid flow through a pipe (analogous to fluid flow in a homeopathic water vial under hammering).

This theory of mine was additionally supported by observation of “conical” vortex formation in the Suslick cavitation bubble.  But, Sucklick’s bubble slams a water drop on a hard surface and photographs it at that instant.  The volume of the fluid is not contained in the vial, and so I considered that we are not allowed to see the mirroring shock waves of recoil action upon the water in the vial which I suspected might look more like that of my mirrored succussion bubbles in the image above.  It is a theory without observation yet, but a testable theory all the same.  I see it as possible, but have not put it to fluid mechanical modeling.  In any case, my later theory on the g-loading of succussion’s relation to cavitation bubble implosion completely dwarfs this one, though the lensing issue may still be there.

As happens a lot, I believe the computers will turn up what my head already sees.  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every acoustic wave impacting a hard surface, there is a reflected wave. For every ball dropped to the floor, there is a tendency to bounce back to where it came. And so, there is the Suslick Vortex Formation of a water bubble on impact, and there also must be the Inverse Suslick Vortex Formation at some point in the recoil of a vial-contained fluid. Though the inverse vortex forms slightly after – as in solenoid coils pulsed and inversed in pulse – there surely must be a transformation from one directional vortex to the other where the net result becomes a zero.  Or a zero point.  Or a cavitation point.  An ultra-low pressure region among extremely high pressures.

At this point in my learning, however, I did not consider any of that and was mostly looking for a way to put hydraulic forces down to the level of one atom to atom squashing under succussion. Why? Because I was trying to form a theory of hydraulic leverage between two atoms all from just the impact energy of the human fist on the remedy vial.  It made sense to me because Connelly’s article was reporting very high pressures to the bubbles and those, if somehow hydraulically multiplied, might become on par with the pressures we develop for nuclear weapons with lensed explosives trying to implode a fission core.

“The imploding cavity (about 150 microns in diameter) is captured in a high-speed flash photomicrograph, where the implosion heats the vapor inside the cavity to 5,500 degrees Celsius (plasma conditions). Since this cavity formed near a solid surface, the implosion is asymmetric, expelling a jet of liquid toward the surface of the container at roughly 400 kilometers per hour. Both the heat and the jet’s kinetic energy contribute to a unique chemical environment in the liquid.”

— Connelly

Let’s think about that for a minute.  400 kilometers per hour = 400,000 meters per hour.  That’s 6,666 meters per minute or 111 meters per second (m/s) to a measured water and steam jet from a homeopathic water globule.  In comparison, TNT has a detonation velocity of 6,940 m/s. Most high explosives are generally in the class of greater than 2000 m/s shockwave velocity.  A pentane-air mixture detonates at 1,680 m/s.  The stoichiometric flame speed of gasoline combustion in air is a mere 0.34-m/s.

So, at least as measured by Suslick (and neglecting any hydraulic multiplication), we’re seeing shockwaves in the homeopathic water considerably slower than in the high explosives it takes to implode a great deal of fissile mass in nuclear cores, but also 326 times greater than the explosive wavefront of gasoline-air bombs.  And, we’re not trying to implode a great deal of fissile material here in a nuclear warhead, but just to squeeze one atom against one atom with lensed hydraulic force.  To have one atom collide with another atom with at least 222 meters per second velocity.  Hmmm….“What might that do?” is what I was thinking here.  Maybe it’s not Cold Fission yet and maybe not Cold Fusion, but certainly a hammering upon an atom somewhere in the lattice with energetic shock waves.
The temperature at the surface of the Sun is about 5600 degrees Celsius, which is approximately equal to the temperature of the vapor inside the imploding cavitation bubble, as documented by Connelly.

At the center of the sun, fusion temperatures reach about 27,000,000 Fahrenheit (15,000,000 Celsius). The corona reaches temperatures of millions of degrees. The Snapping Shrimp (or Pistol Shrimp; Alpheus audouini) with its sonic cavitation bubble generated from claw water hammering also does this at a reported 27 m/s and 9,900 Celcius.

Therefore, at a reportedly far higher 10,000 ATM pressure and plasma conditions going on inside the homeopathic water globule, how does that compare with pressure orders of magnitude?

Air pressure in a champagne bottle 4 to 6 ATM
Near cold fusion events, SonoLuminescence, cavitation bubbles 15 ATM
Russian observed muon catalysis of dd nuclear fusion 51.6 to 93 ATM
Russian cold nuclear d-d fusion reports 50-150 ATM
Pressure at the bottom of the Marianas Trench 986 ATM
Homeopathic succession 10,000 ATM
Pressure at which octaoxygen forms 88,823 ATM
Pressure required to synthesize diamond 177,646 ATM
Pressure at which metallic oxygen forms 947,446 ATM
Pressure inside the core of the Earth 3,750,310 ATM

NOTE: Cold fission is defined as involving events for which fission fragments have such low excitation energy that neutrons or gammas are not emitted. High flux nuclear reactors are required just to study it. It is not easily detectable by a Geiger counter in a lab nor, the skeptwit.

It remains my opinion that physicists are just starting to understand the Cold Fusion and Cold Fission nature of the homeopathic remedy.  Though propaganda circulates in the public mind the idea that Cold Fusion does not exist, as homeopaths we know better than to buy into what “mainstream media” and the supposedly respectable academic journals tell us.  Cold Fusion does exist and is the subject of research worldwide by some of the finest physicists on the planet.  (A great experimenter’s page with even high school girls doing it is here). The Russians have been reportedly created it at only 50 to 150 ATM.  Taleyarkhan et. Al. have been reporting it in the pressure range of 15 ATM, though this was not confirmed by other scientists in 2007.

In any case, observed Cold Fusion is reported in fluids at about 66 to 666 times less than the reported ATM of water globules under homeopathic succussion pressures, and that diabolical numerical difference may also have some interesting mathematical physics relation pointing to pentagonal / dodeca issues in the hypergeometry of implosion and explosion events of the quantum world. All that extra pressure and g-loading equates to more cavitation bubble implosion pressure and temperature which points to a greater degree of Cold Fusion events in the homeopathic water vial than is being experimentally found by physicists by much more fancy methods.

Some clips from an article…

Upper Bound for Neutron Emission from Sonoluminescing Bubbles in Deuterated Acetone, Suslick et. al. Physical Review Letters, 2007.

1) Experimental search for nuclear fusion inside imploding bubbles of degassed deuterated acetone at 0 Celcius driven by a 15 ATM sound field and seeded with a neutron generator reveals an upper bound that is 10,000 less than the signal reported by Taleyarkhan et al.

2) So for SonoLuminescence, what are the limits of energy focusing?  If the energy density inside a collapsing bubble is concentrated by yet an additional factor of 1000 and if the bubble contained deuterium gas, then the kinetic energy of the individual ions would be sufficient to generate thermonuclear fusion.

3) Observation of thermonuclear fusion generated by cavitation in deuterated acetone has been reported by Taleyarkhan and co-workers in papers that appeared in 2002, 2004, and 2006.  Here we describe our unsuccessful attempts to reproduce the claimed effect. Shapira and Saltmarsh, Tsoukalas et al and Saglime have also reported null results. Taleyarkhan’s apparatus has the meritorious feature that the fluid was excited with sound fields that have a dynamic pressure of 15 ATM, which is about 10 times stronger than standard SL. If a clean fluid is excited to a sound field amplitude of 15 ATM, a small input of localized energy, such as a neutron knockon event or a pulse of light from a laser, is sufficient to generate a tiny [~100 nm] cavitation seed which can be expanded to ~1mm by the rarefaction phase of the sound field.  This bubble then implodes — supersonically — down to a solid density, where it becomes so hot and stressed that a flash of light can be emitted.  According to Taleyarkhan, this flash is sometimes accompanied by fusion when the host fluid is deuterated acetone at 0 Celcius under an ambient pressure determined by its vapor pressure.

4) 14 MeV neutrons noted as a result of striking a tritium target.

5) The range of displayed scintillations corresponds to 300-2000 keV. The 662 keV gamma ray emitted by Cs 137 creates, in a single collision, electrons with a maximum energy of 478 keV which creates as much light as the peak of the spectrum of proton recoil from a 2.45 MeV neutron.

6) For about 7300 cavitation events, about 87 SL events were observed, all occurring during the first collapse of a neutron seeded bubble.  Adding small amounts of air increases the SL yield.m [DR. QUACK NOTE:  HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES UNDER SUCCUSSION DO ADD MUCH MORE AIR = GREATER SL = GREATER COLD FUSION EVENTS & ENERGY LIBERATION!] At about 20 torr of air, the observed SL signal was similar to that reported by Taleyarkhan et al.

7) The null result reported here does not change our opinion that the search for cavitation driven thermonuclear fusion is a worthwhile high risk endeavor. Although high vapor pressure fluids such as acetone are easily cavitated with neutrons, they are historically known to display very weak SL.  The parameter space for SL includes possibilities for energy density concentration that are apriori more promising than acetone to search for fusion: Single bubble SL from low vapor pressure fluids such as sulfuric acid can be driven so as to emit 1000 times more light than bubbles in water.

8) Furthermore, in water driven at 1 MHz, the spectrum matches the thermal brehmsstrahlung emission from a million degree plasma. Also, in phosphoric acid, flashes with a peak power in excess of 100 W have been observed.

9) Small increases in bubble temperature would lead to huge increases in the rate of D-D fusion.[HOMEOPATHIC SUCCUSSION CREATES FAR LARGER INCREASES IN BUBBLE PRESSURE AND TEMPERATURE, THEREFORE SURELY A GREATER RATE OF FUSION!]

* Research supported by DARPA and BBC.

Thus, regardless of the disposition to my earlier mathematics, we are certainly in the range of Gamma ray emission from cavitation bubbles of homeopathic remedies under succussion.  My math predicts over 10,000 MeV, and I’m not a nuclear physicist nor is my math and physics all that wonderful.  Their experiments are finding emission in the range of 14 MeV.

Therefore, generally, we’re together in the MeV range and it would not at all be impossible that my math and predictions need to be toned down as off by a few zeroes, or that their experimental findings still have a long way to go – especially considering that homeopathic globule ATM is 66 to 666 times greater than their experimental ATM and these nuclear physicists know that increases in bubble temperature (directly related to increased pressure) would “lead to huge increases in.the rate of D-D fusion”. Therefore, if we guessed at a roughly linear relationship between observed homeopathic succussion pressures and observed cold fusion pressures, 66 to 666 times 14 MeV puts us in the range of 924 to 9,324 MeV, which is roughly within reach of my 10,000 MeV emission predictions for the average homeopathic remedy under succussion.   Gamma, gamma, gamma all the same!  Might even be exactly or very nearly on target to Dr. Quack’s math?


Homeopath Simon King (of, also brought this article to my attention.  We really don’t have to reach Fusion or Fission for homeopathic fun to be happening!

·         Atoms Found to Interact Unexpectedly

“The re­ac­tion un­der study is the sim­plest chem­i­cal re­ac­tion pos­si­ble and yet it still con­tin­ues to sur­prise us, even af­ter 80 years” of anal­y­sis, said chem­ist Stu­art Greaves at the Uni­ver­s­ity of Bris­tol, U.K., a co-author of the re­port. “Our work pro­vides an­oth­er vi­tal piece of the jig­saw for un­der­stand­ing the me­chan­ics of chem­i­cal re­ac­tions, such as those go­ing on in the at­mos­phere.”

The find­ings have “changed a very sim­ple idea that we cher­ished”—that to make a mol­e­cule vi­brate strongly, “you bas­ic­ally had to crush it, squeeze it, hit it over the head. Com­press some bond and the mol­e­cule would snap back,” said Rich­ard Zare, a chem­ist at Stan­ford Uni­ver­s­ity in Cal­i­for­nia who led the re­search. “We found quite the op­posite.”


Sometime in 2008, my pal, Valerian Mendoca, brought my attention to some concepts in Ether / Exotic Vacuum physics with which I was unfamiliar, and so I began more research there – ultimately extracting more fun perspectives on homeopathy!

On 10 NOV 08, I opened up this thread at

·         More Discoveries on Water & Remedies!!!


1) HYDROSONIC PUMPS, CAVITATION, & THE WATER HAMMER: The first thing I would like to unveil to the homeopathic world — and all the arrogant, deceitful skeptics out there — is the genius work of James L. Griggs and his Hydrosonic Pump design.   This is U.S. Patent # 5,188,090, Apparatus for Heating Fluids. The Hydrosonic Pump is no voodoo.  It’s reality and was designed by Griggs in 1987.   It is manufactured by Hydro Dynamics, Inc.  People can view it at   As with homeopaths, he was called a fraud, but he eventually sold his device to a city’s chief engineer and their fire departments were among the first to install them for energy savings.   Hucksters and frauds usually don’t sell straight to the cops!

Relevance to homeopathy’s proof: The Griggs device is nothing more than an ultrasonic water hammer or water succussion machine! Just as seemingly defiant of scientific law as are ultra-dilutes — the Griggs water hammer produces more energy output from these succussions than it requires for running the hammer.  Energy out is greater than energy in [“Over-Unity”] — just as in nuclear reactions.  But there is no violation of Conservation of Energy Law, as I see it.  We’re just hammering away at water.  The hydrogen and oxygen bonds don’t like this. The water gets heated up about it!  And so, energy locked up within matter is released. Water’s hydrogen is effectively “burnt”.  Exothermia occurs with the heating shock waves. The fluid cools down on the inverse shockwaves. Cavitation to pressures around 100,000 ATM are suspected, with expansion and compression of cavitation bubbles, temperature cycles between superhot and supercold.  The Lo ice physics comes into play here as depicted in my video where it’s “just like making ice cream with rock salt”.   Combustion byproducts combined with earlier remedy solute leave us with a new solution and essentially new “alloy” traits — otherwise known as the homeopathic remedy. Reportedly, Griggs devices output 30% to 70% more energy than is input thanks to the strange nature of water!

·         Hydrosonic Pump (video)

·         Cavitation in action (video)

Other Sources:,356.0.html

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Sonic Cavitation Cutter

2) WATER COMBUSTION UNDER AGITATION!  The discovery by John Kanzius that the microwave excitation of salt water leads to its burning as a fuel.

The importance of this observation to homeopathy is that we know that in water driven at 1 MHz signal, “the spectrum matches the thermal brehmsstrahlung emission from a million degree plasma” (Suslick et al.)  The Kanzius flame is reported by some to be excited around 14 MHz (Credibility on that frequency is uncertain at this time, however. Dr. Rustum Roy has examined the event and would know better, though.).

3) DR. FLANAGAN’S WETTER WATER REPORT: In Dr. Flanagan’s Wetter Water Report, he notes that his crystal solution addition to water impacts surface tension; That this effect can be observed through the difference in bubbles (cavitation formation) and in the ability to “brew” tea within cold water; the increased diffusion rate in his water would tend to imply not just surface tension reduction, but increased cavitation (he reports) and that resultant increase in local temperature due to pressure variances and internal frictions.  This leads to many questions and possibilities, and I suspect that “cold brewed tea” of his is actually pretty darn hot and even superheated at the very microscopic level.  This verlaps nicely as a different perspective on homeopathic water and cavitation.  Also, we can note from the Griggs Hydrosonic Pump engineering data that “dirty water” — water tainted by dust or his crystals — tends to cavitate more due to the bubbles starting their breaks from laminar flow around such microscopic debris. [Herb solute in homeopathic remedies is debris.]


Energy Conversion from the Exotic Vacuum by Ken Shoulders & Dr. Jack Sarfatti.

“SEM image of palladium subjected to ultrasonic energy in a fluid bath by Roger Stringham of Woodside, CA. This example of cold fusion work shows the widest variety of strike marks on the surface of any process known.  It is suspected that a classic cavitation process causes some of the larger marks while others are legitimate EVOs (Exotic Vacuum Objects).  A micron marker has been added to show the approximate scale of the sample.”

In review, at this point, we are seeing:

a.      A link between the homeopathic remedy and cavitation bubbles.

b.      A link between cavitation bubbles and Cold Fusion.

c.      A link between cavitation bubbles, Cold Fusion, and Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVOs) at Casimir Effect micron and nanospace dimensions, which tends to draw wave energy from the Ether into the system (imparting additional energy far beyond just succussion into the micro-plasma homeopathic remedy).

How to prove a Cold Fusion / Fission relation to homeopathy?

1.      Elemental transmutation is repeatedly observed in Cold Fusion experiments.

2.      Simply subject identical batches of cotton swabs to homeopathic remedy saturation and study the spectrometer differences in dried cotton swabs under a variety of water remedies and potencies.  The experimenter should identify some faint degree of variation in the basic elements – as a direct function of succussion energies developed.

3.      Nominate Ducky for a Nobel Prize in Physics and/or Medicine when you do find that, of course!   Say, can one nominate himself?  Hah!  As if. The world is too racist against we ducks.  We’re always stepped on by The Man.


Going too far into issues of the Exotic Vacuum is probably something that might bore the audience here, so I will sum it up with a few key points prior to presenting a way of looking at things and several factors that come into play for understanding homeopathy and its link to the quantum world and larger universe.

a.      On the reality of the Ether: “There exists an Ether!   According to the General Theory of Relativity, space without Ether is unthinkable!” (See full video of Einstein’s speech) — Dr. Albert Einstein

b.      Error in the Michaelson-Morley Experiments: Most nuclear physics dogma taught in the colleges these days cites the Michaelson experiments in measuring the speed of light as proof the Ether does not exist as a drag factor upon light; That there is no “fluid” in the emptiness of space. This, however, does not take into account multi-dimensional wave planes, phasors, frequency variances, String Theory perspectives, and the fact that one radio transmission in air is not significantly hindered by another radio signal on another band. Polarized light passes freely through other polarized light and polarized detectors improperly tuned will not pick up the wavefunction as even there. The Ether is really just a bunch of radio waves in an infinite assembly of spherical dimensions in conventional geometry and hypergeometry.  To say there is no Ether measured in the Michaelson experiment is like saying AM radio’s free broadcast with no distortion (the quanta’s spherical propagation) proves that there are no FM radio waveforms (Ether) anywhere in the universe.  It’s nonsense clothed in the appearance of science, and yet the basis of our quantum electrodynamics educational system worldwide.

c.      What is Casimir Effect? It is one of the proofs modern physics has in regard to the existence of the Ether.  We find that, at very small distances of nanometers to microns – at quantum mechanics level of space between nuclei and electron shells, and between atoms – there is a very strong force that flows in as a wave function from the Ether.  We call this the Casimir Force, but it relates to Electric, Magnetic, Gravitic, and other fundamental forces all tied up in the wave nature of the quanta.

(Wikipedia images.  See:  Casimir Effect)

d.      Error in Maxwell’s Equations: As Colocynthis Tom Bearden has identified, we live in a world where modern science has taken a wrong fork in the road ever since James Clerk Maxwell’s equations, which were originally far more than the 4 to 5 vector revisions peddled by Heaviside, Hertz, and mixed with Lorentz. The original Maxwell’s Equations in quaternion form, account for the Ether and many other perspectives on Light, Time, Matter, Energy, Electric, Magnetic, Gravitic, and can also be extended to account for other fundamental forces known yet un-named.  The issue of Chi – or the Vital Force – also comes into play here in a revised model of the quanta. In a short summary, the hokey pokey Poynting “Vector” model of the quanta is more properly described not as E X B, but E X B X G X Q X 8.  Not in vectors, but in spherical, gyroscopic, mathematics of quaternions. Light is more properly described as electro-magneto-gravitic-Qic-8ic radiation.  Meaning, the quanta is composed of electric waves, magnetic waves, gravitic waves, Qi waves (The Vital Force), and 8 waves.  The “8” here being a designation for other known and unknown “hypergeometric wave functions to Infinity”.  And quaternion mathematics (just gyroscopic algebra in regard to the atom) can handle most of that unification job.

Therefore, let’s put this into picture form for the reader:

(Wikipedia animation;  See: dodecahedron)

NOTE 1:  Observe how the rotating dodecahedron, if you spin it fast enough in all gyroscopic directions, becomes a sphere.

NOTE 2:  Keep in mind, also, that spheres under implosion and compression of just the right geometry can be mathematically turned inside out!  So you have a matter and anti-matter potential geometry there; Energy and Negative Energy mathematics and geometry.  How to Turn a Sphere Inside Out (video)

NOTE 3:  The issue of the pentagon, its vortex and PHI wave conjugation, circle, square, triangle, Golden Mean Spiral, other concepts of “Sacred Geometry” and the Platonic solids – ancient concepts once kept by the Pythagorean school – these all come into play in the mathematics and hypergeometry of the atom, and particularly spherical structures under implosion and explosion.  Light, especially, as an infinite traveling, spherically propagating wave is not well described in particle or ray fashion.

Dr. Quack’s revised model of the atom.

There are many postulates and predictions which surround this geometric view of the atom into the smallest Infinity of implosion and the largest Infinity of explosion as Light.  Jain, of, best describes pentagonal-dodeca implosion, explosion, and its relation to atomic structures & cosmology in this video:

It may be a little hard for the reader to see at this point due to incomplete articulation on my part, but the sub-atomic, atomic, and our macroscopic worlds are all composed of spheres….and spherically propagating (imploding & expanding), hypergeometric wave functions operating over an infinite range of dimensional planes beyond just X, Y, and Z of our 3D world.  That spheres are central to everything small and large is no big deal or heretical statement to most readers here.

But, fasten your seatbelts!  Here are the key questions:

How do you go from one small sphere to a larger sphere in explosion or vice versa in implosion?

How does that implosion or explosion relate to the atom and its electron shells which explode in the absorption of Light and implode in the emission of Light?  Light which is electric, magnetic, gravitic, Vital Force-ic, and Other-ic…all at once in that spherically propagating wavefront which spans an entire universe?  From the moment an electron shell implodes, the atom emits light, and that spherically propagating wave explodes over the entire distance of the universe.  Isn’t that amazing for one wee, little atom to do? And it does not do so linearly or in “particle” form, now does it? And its subatomic “particles” – really just smaller dodecahedron wave function cores and wave cavities – do the same and at higher frequencies.

How do you understand the atomic world and its relationship to Ether?

It’s really very simple. Imagine that the atom is not a solid particle at all.  That all are just waves and wave cavities.  Imagine that the atom is nothing more than an empty space wave cavity composed of infinitely small and large spherical surface areas – the shells of subatomic structures, the shells of the nucleus, and shells of  electron cloud and its orbital expansions to an upper limit of absorptivity before that cloud breaks down and yields “electron” flow.

See it all as just soap bubbles.  Bubbles within a soap solution that is the Ether.  And those bubbles implode or explode.  To your view, they are spheroid bubbles. To the mathematician’s view of waveguides and geometry, there are infinite dodecahedra spinning in those spheres, which allow vortex driven implosion or explosion in all spherical directions and over every point of the spheres. The very geometry gives rise to our quantum mechanical lumpiness and jumpiness from level to level!  “Music of the Spheres”, indeed.

Whether the atom, cavitation bubbles, or universe…all are based in that geometry. Funny how what the ancients knew is continually rediscovered.


Dr. Quack Postulates:

Space, Time, and Gravity are all inter-related; All act on one another; When one varies, so do the other two.

Reportedly there are possibly two forms of Gravity, one at the atomic/ sub-atomic scale (holding atoms together) and the more familiar force and waves we feel at the cosmologic scale.  These, however, are all cousins of Magnetism and that is a cumbersome subject to tackle here.

In my math shorthand:

+m = +G = Swi = -T                 (Equation 1)

-m = – G = Swo —> 0 = +T      (Equation 2)

Equation 1 translated: Increase in mass = Increase in Gravity = Space warped inward = inversed Time flow (slowed)

  • Planetary & black hole / worm hole and homeopathic conditions.

Equation 2 translated: Decrease mass = decrease Gravity = Space warped outward = forward Time flow (sped up)

Homeopathy relation: These two conditions also relate to the implosion & explosion of succussion bubbles in solution.   Cavitation dynamics.   Casimir space cold fusion, etc.   Succussion or hammering away at the water vial is an act of increasing the G load.  And there are inverse G loads on recoil.  G force is suddenly increased with impact energy.  Shock waves (sonic) translate that inertial energy along the water lattice / inter-atomic structure of the fluid.

(Original image from Brian Connelley’s report)

NOTE 1: It is remarkable that pentagonal / dodeca / icosa based geometry is found in the water lattice, such that cavitation dynamics of implosion and explosion are inherent to water.  Each empty space in the image above is filled with lower frequency Ether.  The atoms themselves in this image are filled with Ether, but of higher frequency, and so there is an apparent hardness of the atomic & molecular soap bubble due to its radiative pressure front and structure.

NOTE 2: Along that first motion toward a spherical / bubble structure, the acoustic waves will tend to also bend and flow into bubble formation.  This runs natural to the very issue of Gravity in Equation 1.  Space is warped inward (or the lattice which occupies space must implode) under increased G’s.   A natural tendency for those succussion bubbles to implode under gravitational loading!!!   The earlier Lensed Theory of Succussion may apply, but his makes much more sense with all that we know in physics. As the shock waves move to an inversed, -G condition (recoil), the bubbles want to expand again as the action / reaction factor.

That violent implosion coupled with internal pressures, temperature, Cold Fusion dynamics, and wave energy shunt from the Exotic Vacuum (Ether) pushes the succussion bubbles into explosion again.   As that energy radiates, the system rapidly loses heat and the fluid undergoes phase change and  “memory” imprinting of the earlier solute due to an almost ice formation; almost crystallization (the nature of liquid phases prior to solidification).

That pretty much covers all issues of the former mystery to homeopathic remedy production.  It’s all about succussion.  As for dilution?  It is simply dilution at each succussion level. And there you go.  Mystery of homeopathy solved.  Makes me kinda sad, though, as now the adventure there is over.   But new ones begin!

MDYNE Copyright 2009: The above is a section from the pending Dr. Quack books, booklet series, and website freely given to and homeopaths for non-commercial and academic use.

Author: Proudly never without “controversy” and scandal, His Royal Duckiness, Sir Quacksalot, is the deranged, often vulgar, and egotistical “voice in the head” that diabolically possesses and afflicts an otherwise humble and nice American weapons scientist and engineer – more like a young Dr. Q — who spends the majority of his professional time outside the area of homeopathy and presently on aerospace R&D issues of the Exotic Vacuum.  He would like to spend more time in homeopathy’s study, practice, research, plague, and cancer treatment in the decades ahead.  His website archives may be found at and this is also interlaced with the Hpathy forum where user “DocQuack” has made casual posts since May 2007.

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