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Homeopathy Tips from the Masters and Important News – August 2023

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Homeopathy tips from the masters and important news. Homeopathy for farmers, tips from Dr. Dorothy Shephard (facial neuralgia) and Dr. R.W. Nelson.

Homoeopathy at Wellie Level (HAWL) is a a small not-for-profit organisation teaching farmers and smallholders the responsible use of homeopathy on their animals, empowering them to treat their own animals.

We have been running for over 22 years, and taught over 700 farmers and smallholders.  Those who have taken the course have been able to reduce their vet bills, reduce antibiotic use and their animals are generally healthier and less susceptible to disease in the first instance. Of course, there is always the need for the vet, but our students have found that having the homeopathy knowledge and practical use that we teach them has added to their animal management plans.

We are holding 2 courses towards the end of the year, one in-person course and one online course.

In person course.  Starting 13 September 23 and will be held in Tetbury, England.  Cost is £299.

Online course.  Starting 6 November 23.  Cost is £349 (plus £20 postage for the EU and £30 for postage to the rest of the world – postage within the UK is free).

Website: Homoeopathy at Wellie Level

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Teaching the responsible use of homeopathy on the farm since 2001.

Many Canadians Use Homeopathy

In spite of the Canadian government’s attempts to suppress homeopathy, it is still widely used by Canadians.  A recent survey has brought to light homeopathy’s burgeoning popularity in Canada. The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive1 and presented by the Coalition pour l’homéopathie au Québec (CPHQ) and the Canadian Coalition for Homeopathy (CCFH), uncovered a fascinating statistic: a staggering 10.3 million Canadians used homeopathy in 2022.

Editor’s note:  See the article Right to Homeopathy Being Threatened in Canada by Ananda More in this (Aug 2023)

Tips on Facial Neuralgia from Dr. Dorothy Shepherd

The Thuja neuralgia always has a history of repeated vaccinations. Recurrent chronic neuralgia of long-standing duration, following within a short period of a

vaccination.  Face ache arising from left cheek-bone extending through teeth to nose, and through temples into head. Painful spots burn like fire and are sensitive to the sun’s rays.

 Magnesia phosphorica is almost a specific for facial neuralgia. It has cured more face aches than almost any other medicine. It has neuralgia of the face, worse in the right side, which is ameliorated by heat and pressure, and aggravated by cold.

 Colocynth pains come on after an altercation. If the patient gets angry and indignant his self-love has been wounded, and his pride hurt and he gets mad about it and broods over it. Then violent neuralgia follows.

The Spigelia neuralgia has stitching, burning, tearing pains in temple and forehead, extending to the eyes, worse on motion, worse towards evenings, worse from stooping, from hard pressure, loud noise. Better on lying down, from gentle and prolonged pressure.

The Stannum neuralgia begins when the sun rises, increases gradually until noon, gradually diminishes and ceases at sunset. A pain like to the pulling of a string, gradually increasing and gradually diminishing.

Mag. carb. is often overlooked in neuralgia. In many cases where Mag. phos. is given and fails, Mag. carb. was really the right remedy.   In one patient the pain came on after sitting in a railway carriage with an open window for several hours.

The pain was worse cold air, worse cold applications, worse touch, worse sitting down.

 Aconite comes on after exposure to dry cold wind. It’s an agonizing pain, the patient tossing anxiously from side to side in bed is sure she is very near death. If you get this acute restlessness and fear of death accompanying facial neuralgia, give a dose of Aconite.

The Verbascum neuralgia is usually on the left side of the face, comes on after talking, motion of the jaws, change of temperature—all these aggravate the pains. The neuralgia is worse daytime, worse from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and the pains seem to come on in flashes.

From: Heal Thyself, December, I944

Some Tips from R. W. Nelson, M.D., Circa 1882

Anasarca — All kinds of dropsy, with a sinking feeling at the pit of the stomach. Apocynum can.

When a tendency exists to miscarry in the third month – Sabina

Abscess — Induration and suppuration of the lymphatic or glandular system in any part of the body. To mature abscesses when desired, and reduce excessive suppuration to moderate limits. Silicea 30x.

Acidity— Of the stomach with aphthae – Sulphuric acid 30x.

Heartburn, with unconquerable sleep after dinner, with cutting pain across the hypogastrium from right to left. Lycopodium 30x.

Varicose veins of the leg. Hamamelis, internal and external.

In cases of poisoning by Rhus tox., Teste recommends the internal and external use of Ledum palustre, as a perfect antidote, killing the poison in twelve hours.

Prolapsus Ani – When moderate pressure at stool causes prolapsus, lgnatia amasra.

With constipation -Aesculus hip.

Retention of urine in the new born. Aconite or Hyoscyamus every hour till relieved. Two or three doses will be sufficient.

Rhagades (fissures, cracks, or linear scars in the skin, especially at the angles of the mouth and nose) – Graphites.

Yellow Fever — Prophylactic in: Crotalus hor.

Vertigo: When lying down and turning over in bed. Conium

Vertigo falling forward after stooping – Silicea

Vertigo with singing in the head. Sanguinaria

From: A Clinical Assistant: Being An Index Of Diseases, Their Symptoms, And Homoeopathic Treatment  

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