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March 2020 Tips & Secrets

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Tips from the masters and important news. Tips on the threat to homeopathy in the U.S., remedies in pneumonia, possible remedies in Coronavirus, keynotes on Kreosotum, Aesculus and more.

Tips from the Masters and Important News

U.S. Homeopathy Under Threat

The  U.S. FDA’s threat to ban homeopathic remedies continues.  You can post a message against this action at this link, which includes an option for people outside the U.S.

Even Better:  In the U.S., contact your legislators and tell them to stop the corrupt FDA from banning homeopathic remedies.

Keynotes of Possible Genus Epidemicus Remedies

in Coronavirus

Bryonia: Great aggravation on motion. Desire to lie curled up like a dog. (Baptisia.) Mouth dry with intense thirst for large drinks (at times thirstless. Puls.). Dry, hacking, painful cough. Sharp pains in chest and headache, worse from coughing. Symptoms are relieved by lying on the painful side. Aggr 9pm.

 Lycopodium: saves desperate cases of neglected pneumonia where the abdomen is distended, where there is fanlike motion of the wings of the nose, where the condition is worse from 4 to 8 P. M., and where the trouble is right-sided. Also left-sided cases with sharp, intense pains under ribs. (See Nat.  Sul.)

Phosphorus:  Tightness of chest. Aggravation from lying on the left side. Craving for ice-cold drinks. Evening aggravation. Hoarseness and hard, dry cough, with bloody expectoration. Hectic cheeks. Anxiety when alone.

Arsenicum alb: Prostration, restlessness with fear. (Aconite.) Insatiable thirst for small amounts frequently. Chilliness, craves heat. Burning pain amel by heat. Cough after every drink.  1 A. M., aggravation. Desires company.

Gelsemium :  The keynotes are: Besotted appearance with drooping eyelids.
Fever without thirst. Polyuria -profuse, clear. Face flushed dark red. drowsiness.
Chilliness in back. Aversion to company.

Eupatorium perf – Pains which make the patient feel as if the bones would break, with restlessness, with chilliness commencing in the back. Great thirst for cold drinks especially during chill.  Restlessness.

Antimonium Tart –Rattling in chest, cough not productive, tongue white, aggr warm room, drowsy during cough, nausea and vomiting with cough, craves acids. Cyanosis.

Lachesis: Left-sided complaints., Aggr after sleep, aggr lying on left side, strangling cough waking patient immediately on falling asleep. Bluish color of affected part. Intolerance of touch, aggr anything tight around the throat. Trembling of tongue.  Difficulty swallowing liquids even saliva. Loquacity.

Mercurius -Aggr night, aggr heat and cold, Aggr from perspiring, night sweats, offensive discharges, tongue imprinted with teeth,  excess salivation, metallic taste in mouth, offensive breath.

Pyrogenium: Prostrated but restless. Disparity of pulse and fever- pulse high with low fever or vice versa. Tongue shiny red. Body feels sore, bed feels too hard. High fever, aching, restlessness. Aggr cold. Foul secretions. Septic conditions.

Veratrum Viride  Foul  breath, dry  red streak  down  centre of tongue with bloated, livid face. Patients who become faint on sitting up. Pulse full, slow, soft.  Sudden violent congestion, red, faintness on attempting to sit up, pulse soft, full.

Homeopathy Book for Lay People:

Many lay people will be struggling to find holistic and homeopathic means of protecting themselves in the current coronavirus epidemic. Homeopathy books for lay people generally focus on minor or self-limiting problems.  In 2007 I anticipated that lay people could be faced with epidemics or other serious natural or manmade problems for which conventional medicine would be either unavailable or ineffective. Therefore, I wrote a book for such a situation. It is called Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook.

It explains homeopathy in layman’s terms, gives its history and successes and tells how to use the remedies for everything from self-limiting problems to serious acute ailments, including epidemic diseases. Ordinarily one wouldn’t expect lay people to attempt treating serious ailments, but these are not ordinary times.

If you are a homeopath who would like your patients to have information on homeopathy and how to use it, or if you are a lay person who uses homeopathy, this book can serve you well right now.  I have made a special effort to describe each remedy distinctly, so it can be differentiated from other remedies

I don’t mean to imply that this book will make lay people experts in homeopathy, but with the information it provides, they will be able to act, even if imperfectly. In a critical situation, and that makes all the difference.  I wrote this book to empower people, and now is the time for that.

It’s available throughout the internet. If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]

Alan V. Schmukler

Some Tips from James Tyler Kent, M.D

Aconitum nap:  Sciatica when the sensation is felt down the nerve like ice water. Creeping, tingling and crawling in the face, with or without pain. Everything tastes bitter, except water, and the Aconite patient longs for water. It seems almost impossible for him to get enough.

Actea Racemosa (Black Cohosh) : There is a terrible mental state that alternates with physical states. It is an overwhelming sadness or gloominess, she is bowed down with sorrow. Sits and mopes in great sadness, like Psorinum and Pulsatilla.

Aesculus Hippocastanum  – Great suffering with blind hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoidal veins are all distended and ulcerate. This remedy is often supposed to be suitable to hemorrhoids that do not bleed, but it cures bleeding piles also.   It also cures varicose leg ulcers with a purplish areola.

Hyoscyamus – Refuses to take medicine because it is poisoned. Imagines, that he is pursued, that people have all turned against him, that his friends are no longer his friends. He carries on conversations with imaginary people.

Hypericum: A painful cicatrix with pain shooting up toward the centre of the body following up the nerves.  Hypericum is the medicine for that.

Ignatia:  Convulsions in children in the first period of dentition. Spasms in children from fright.

Kreosotum :. Excoriating discharges, pulsations all over the body, and profuse bleeding from small wounds: When these three things are associated in a high degree Kreosote should be examined.

Lectures On Homœopathic Materia Medica – James Tyler Kent, M.D.


Edmund Carleton, M. D. -1913

Death from pneumonia, excepting among old people, seldom occurs in homoeopathic practice. Homoeopathy cures. – Edmund Carleton, MD

Editor’s Note:  Since pneumonia is one of the problems associated with Coronavirus, here is a quick reference from a master homeopath:

Indications for Medicine

Aconitum – First stage, also new invasions after the first. Chill followed by high fever, better lying upon the back.  Short, dry cough.

Antiinonium tart – Loose cough with much coarse rattling, expectoration slight or copious and frothy. Edema of the lungs, dyspnea, cyanosis. Pleuro-pneumonia.

Arsenicum – Great anxiety and restlessness, must change position frequently, must have head high. Drinks a little water frequently. Great burning in chest, great prostration, worse at and after midnight.

Baptisia – Typhoid pneumonia. When the patient is delirious and thinks himself scattered about in pieces.

Belladonna – Dry, tickling cough, worse three p. m. and in the night, nervousness, flushed, sleepy, but cannot sleep.

Bryonia – Respiration quick without motion of the ribs. Must lie upon painful side, worse from motion. Dry cough with sticking pain under the sternum, as if coming from the stomach, with ticklng in pit of stomach. Cough followed by expectoration of mucus. Constriction of chest, stitches in chest on inspiring, stitching pain in region of diaphragm, worse from motion or coughing. Short, violent stitches in right side of chest impeding breathing. Great thirst for cold water, drinks much at long intervals.

Capsicum – With every explosive cough (and at no other time) there escapes a volume of pungent, foetid air. Stitches in the suffering parts, with the cough. Cough in sudden paroxysms, convulses whole body. Sputa dirty brown, not rusty.  Cough worse evening, night, when lying, after sharp winds , dry , cold weather , any draught, warm or cold , after warm drinks.

Carbo veg. – Third stage: collapse, hypocratic face, blue lips, pulse small, quick, difficult to count, extremities blue and cold, flatulence, desire to be fanned.

Chelidonium – Deep-seated pain in whole right side of chest.

Cinchona  – After haemorrhages, incipient gangrene.  Stitches in right chest up to axilla, prevent bending forward and breathing, stitches in left chest, stitches under the sternum, worse during deep breathing and sudden movements.

Ferrum met. Dry, tickling cough, with blood-spitting.

Gelsemium – Congestive pneumonia, with suffering under the scapulae, both sides, caused by checked sweat. Short paroxysms of pain superior part of right lung, on taking a deep breath, pulse slow, full.

Hyoscyamus – Cerebral symptoms, delirium, sopor, dry, fatiguing night cough, or rattling in chest.

Kali bich – Sharp pains from back to sternum, or from mid-sternum darting between the shoulders, stringy expectoration.  Worse two to four a. m.

Kali carb – Pneumonia, with stitches through right chest, hepatic inflammation , right lung hepatized, worse when lying on right side. Infantile pneumonia, much rattling both sides, during resolution. Worse three to four a. m.

Kali hyd. In the beginning when the disease localizes itself, also with so extensive hepatization as to cause cerebral congestion and serous exudation, face red, pupils large, urine suppressed.

Lachesis. Hepatization, with stitches and dyspnoea, left side, worse after sleep.

Lycopodiun – “The patient raises a whole mouthful of mucus at a time, of a light rusty color, stringy and easily separated.” (Pearson.) Neglected pneumonia: especially with continuing hepatization and purulent sputum. Typhoid pneumonia. Circumscribed redness of the cheeks, lips and tongue ulcerated, red and dry, fan-like motion of alse nasi.

Mercurius vivus – Stitches in chest, through, from the right scapula, pneumonia, with bilious symptoms.

Nitric acid – Pain suddenly abates, yet pulse becomes smaller, quicker.

Phosphorus – Difficult inspiration, chest feels full and heavy, with tension. Cough with stitches over one eye, worse in cold air, eating or drinking, lying on left side or back.  Sputa frothy, bloody, rust-colored. Dryness of air passages, excoriated feeling in the upper chest, great weight on the chest or tightness, chest sore, bruised, hepatization, especially of lower half of right lung.

Pulsatilla – “Lies on the back, can’t lie on the sides, semi-lateral perspiration (left side of chest) , can scarcely speak above a whisper, respiration 50 per minute.” (Raue.) Lippe’s tripod — “chilliness, thirstlessness and oppression of the chest” — has always served me well.

Rhus tox – Pneumonia: with typhoid symptoms, often from resorption of pus, also with tearing cough and restlessness, because quiet makes pain and dyspnoea worse.

Sanguinaria – Burning and stitching in chest, lies on back, sputa tough, rust-colored and difficult, pulse quick and small, circumscribed red and burning spots on cheeks, worse in the afternoon, extreme dyspnoea.

Sulphur – May be needed in any stage of the disease, provided no other medicine is indicated, and that the grand, general, characteristic symptoms of Sulphur, such as early morning diarrhoea, eleven o’clock hunger are present.

Veratrum viride – Pulse hard, strong, quick, engorgement of lungs, with faint feeling in the stomach, nausea, slow, intermittent pulse, expectoration of pus and florid blood, red streak through centre of tongue.

From: Homoeopathy In Medicine and Surgery – Edmund Carleton, M. D. -1913

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense Submitted Historic Case Against U.S. Government for Wireless Harms

Dafna Tachover

WASHINGTON, Feb. 3, 2020 — Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is leading a historic legal action against the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for its refusal to review their 25 year old guidelines, and to promulgate scientific, human evidence-based radio frequency emissions (“RF”) rules that adequately protect public health from wireless technology radiation. The Petition contends the agency’s actions are capricious and not evidence-based. The Petition was filed on 2/2/2020 in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

The Petitioners include parents of children injured by wireless devices, a mother whose son died from a brain tumor from cell tower exposure, physicians who see the epidemic of sickness in their clinics and Professor David Carpenter, a renowned scientist.

“This action represents the first time in 25 years that we finally can expose the FCC fecklessness in court, and give those who have been injured by the FCC’s disregard for human health a voice,” says Dafna Tachover, CHD’s Director of Stop 5G & Wireless Harms.

The FCC’s obsolete guidelines and the false sense of safety they provide enabled the uncontrolled proliferation of wireless technology and the ongoing deployment of 5G, which will exponentially increase exposure to this harmful radiation.

CHD is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the epidemic of children’s chronic health conditions. The organization recognizes that wireless technology radiation is a contributing factor to the exponential increase in sickness among children.

Dafna Tachover, Esq. MBA
Children’s Health Defense

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