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Did I Shut off the Stove?

Causticum – Great anxiety that he will forget something. A type of compulsive neurosis can occur. The patient feels absolutely compelled to check and recheck for dangerous mental lapses (ie. He checks to see if he has turned off the stove and then has to recheck a short time later.

Desktop Guide -Roger Morrison – Thanks to Rita Podolsky – UK

Causticum is useful in paralyses which are traceable to exposure to cold, especially dry cold winds. Aconite suits well in the beginning and Causticum more when paralysis has become chronic .

Clinical Materia Medica – E.A. Farrington

The Anarchist

Causticum- Anarchist, ailments from grief, fright, anticipation. Anxiety on waking, full of worries about others, restlessness driving him out of bed, restless at twilight, grief day and night with weeping, easily offended, as if guilty of a crime, mispronounces words.

Materia Medica of the Mind -H.L. Chitkara

Don’t Be a Repeat Offender

Never repeat your remedy so long as it continues to act. Never repeat the dose in a proving, while symptoms are manifest from the dose already taken.

Principles and Art of Cure by Homeopathy – H.A. Roberts -Thanks to J. Pratt, U.S.
Oooo, so sensitive!

Chinchona : Scalp sensitive to touch. Roots of hair hurt when hair is moved.

Regional Leaders – E.B.Nash
A Snake in the Grass

Vipera – Painful swelling of veins, such as varicose veins and phlebitis are treated with this remedy. When the legs hang down, they feel so full there is a sensation they will burst. Better raising the limb. Worse touch, pressure, change of weather.

Homeopathy – The Principles and Practice of Treatment – Lockie & Geddes -Thanks to S. Stampfer – Australia

A gradual wasting of the tissues from insufficient , imperfect food supply, or from poor absorption. Abrotanum is a good remedy for marasmus in children. The emaciation begins in the lower limbs and gradually spreads upwards so that the face is affected last; that is the opposite of Lycopodium, Natrum mur and Psorinum.

Graphic Pictures of Selected Remedies – J.N. Shingal Thanks to R. Srivastava, India
The Dollar

“A considerable observation amongst medical men will lead one to discover that the dollar is the chief end of the practice of medicine when practiced in the old way; there is nothing else in it, nothing to admire or cherish.”

James Tyler Kent, M.D. – Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy –
Got Milk?

Lactation: to increase milk flow: Agnus Castus – The mother is depressed and lacks vital energy.
Asafoetida-The mother is very sensitive and severely preoccupied with her own health. Breasts throb, especially at night. Better from fresh air and moving.
Pulsatilla – A variable flow of milk. Anxious, insecure, fearful with mood swings. Absence of thirst. Aggravation from heat and fatty foods.

Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Nursing Mothers – Trevor Smith Thanks to Julie Speers, U.S.
Yarrow for Bleeding

Millefolium – Ailments from over-lifting, over exertion, or a fall. Bright red, painless hemorrhage without fever (from lungs, bronchi, larynx, mouth, nose, stomach, bladder, uterus or mechanical origin, from wounds.) Preventive in post-partum hemorrhage. Follows well after Aconite and Arnica.

Keynotes of Leading Remedies – H.C.Allen -Thanks to Robin Beyers – Canada
Have a Heart

Mitral or Aortic Regurgitation – Adonis Vernalis – Tincture
Acute left ventricular failure – Aconite Ferox 200c
Collapse states after heart affections – Veratrum alb 200

Bedside Clinical Tips in Homeopathy -Farokh Master

A Big Heart

Hypertrophy of heart from over-exertion: Rhus t (3), Arnica, Calc, Caust, Kali c (2) brom (1)

Homeopathic Medical Repertory – Robin Murphy
Medorrhinum Caution

We must be careful with Medorrhinum in cardiac cases. Give 30 c, and at the very most 200. It goes deep into the system and creates a big aggravation.

Geroge Vithoulkas – from Precautions in Homeopathic Remedies -S.C. Gupta
The Eye’s Have It

Ectropion – Lower eyelid turns outwards -Nitric Acid
Entropion – Eyelids fold inward – Argentum nit, Bor, Merc cor.

Homeopathic Therapeutics in Opthalmology – J.L.Moffat

Rapidity of Homoeopathic Remedies

Observe the rapidity with which remedies affect the human system; there are some that are long, deep acting acting. Natrum mur is one of these. It operates very slowly, bringing about its results after a long time, as it corresponds to complaints that are slow, that are long in action. This does not mean that it will not act rapidly; all remedies act rapidly but not all act slowly; the longest acting may act in acute diseases, but the short acting cannot act long in chronic diseases. Get the pace and periodicity of remedies. In Acon, Bell and Bry we have three different paces, three different motions, three different forms of velocity; so in Sulph, Graph, Natr mur, Carbo veg,- a different form, a different development.

J.T.Kent Lectures on Materia Medica – Thanks to Dr Anwar-Ul-Haq Ch Pakistan.

Cadmium sulph

Many years ago taking a class from Robin Murphy, he told us about Cadmium sulph for stomach problems associated with radiation treatments for cancer. I asked him whether it would work for the hard, almost bone-like scars left which appear after radiation treatment. He said to try it out.

I found that Cadmium sulph 6x would transform the hard tissue into soft usually within 2 weeks .The length of time needed obviously depended on the extent of the scarring. 6C and 30C were not effective. Since it is impossible to get Cad. sulph in the 6x potency any more (in the US), I now use manual means. FYI, there is only one way I know to do it. The scar tissue technique taught by Frank Lowen in a course called Manual Perceptions 2. This technique makes an immediate difference after 1 treatment, but cleaning up all the scatter radiation tightness may take a number of sessions. Homeopathy is more cost-effective!

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