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Remember, a tip is not the whole iceberg! Use these tips as part of a totality of symptoms. Let them inspire further research. Using specifics (“take this for that”) in isolation may prove disappointing and can lead to suppression.

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Is it Calc or Aurum?

Calcarea Carbonicum has a very acute depression which is difficult to distinguish from Aurum. The great contrast with Aurum, is that you can actually rouse the Calc carb. Another difference is that Aurum has plenty of courage. I do not think that Calcarea carbonica patients ever commit suicide.
Dr. Margery Blackie – Classical Homeopathy – Thanks to Eileen Dalton – U.S.


Suffers mental torture before and during an electrical storm. Weeping, timid , fearful. Involuntary laughter, loss of speech, sleepless for two months. Asthma all one’s life with palpitation and disposition to faint. Dr. H.C. Allen -Keynotes of Leading Remedies.
Ammonium Fluoratum – The Fast Lane

They idealize the world of glamour and glitter. They need a large house and a fast car to steal the show. Possessions are the main ideal in life to work toward. Inclined to resort to gambling. Craves alcohol, spices, sweets, coffee, tobacco. Dr. Jan Scholten – Homeopathy and the Elements.
Thanks to Peter Korngold – Germany

Bug Out!

A five year multi-million dollar study on the causes of asthma in the inner city, found that exposure to roaches was an important cause of asthma related illnesses and hospitalizations among children in the U.S. (National Cooperative Inner-City Asthma Study -reported in 1997.)

Homeopaths have understood the connection between asthma symptoms and the roach since 1890. A remedy made from the critter, blatta orientalis, has been effective for over a hundred years.

Blatta Orientalis – (Indian Cockroach) . Lower potencies during an (asthma) attack. After the spasm, for the remaining cough, use the higher. Stop with improvement, to prevent aggravation.
Dr. William Boericke

Vespa Crabro (wasp) – Affections of left ovary, with tenderness, frequent burning micturation, pain in sacrum extending up back. Anxiety, low spirited.
Dr. J. H. Clarke

Ants to the Rescue

Formica Rufa (ant) – Rheumatic pain with stiff and contracted joints. Rheumatism comes on with suddenness and restlessness. Pains worse from motion, cold, dampness, but better from pressure, warmth, rubbing. Chronic gout.
Dr. William Boericke

Emergency Kit

For acute cardiac failure, most cases require one of four remedies: Arsenicum album, Antimonium tartaricum, Carbo vegetabilis and Oxalic Acid.
Dr. Douglas Borland – Thanks to Anne Daudet – France

Hold the Scalpel!

Baryta Carbonica – Alone it is sufficient to abort an attack of quinsy (tonsillitis) and with an occasional dose at long intervals with high potency, to overcome the tendency thereto. Tonsils suppurate from every cold, smarting pain on swallowing, worse empty swallowing, can only swallow liquids.
Dr. E.B. Nash – Thanks to Jeff Baldwin – U.S.


This disease at an early stage may be kept in check, or reduced with the use of Calcarea Fluorica, in alteration with Ferrum phosphoricum, provided that the iodide of potassium has not been taken.
Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schussler – Boericke & Dewey – Thanks to T. Davidson – U.K.
Once Burnt

Where a patient tells you he has never been well since a severe burn, it may have been years ago, give him Causticum. Mind: despondent, over-sympathetic, conscience stricken as if he had committed a crime. Worse: Dry cold air, wind, draft, coffee, fat, exertion, darkness, 3-4 a.m. Better cold drinks, damp weather, warmth of bed.
E.G.Jones, Dr. S.R.Phatak – Thanks to Nancy Blackwell – U.K.


Generally Diptherinum is used as a prophylactic in epidemics of diphtheria, but it pays to remember that Mercurius Cyanatus is equally efficient to control the spread this dreadful disease.
Dr. P Rajagopalarao.
Acute Heart Failure

If one finds a patient who has responded up to a point on Carbo veg., it does not follow that a higher potency of Carbo veg. will carry on the good work. As a rule it does not, and it is better to hunt around for a fresh drug to keep up the reaction.
Dr. DM Borland – Thanks to P. Henrik – Denmark

Scorpion Sting

Ledum 200 is a specific for scorpion sting. Repeat every five minutes till stinging comes down. Also, for all insect bites, take ledum in a routine way. Apis 30 if there is rapid swelling after bites.
Dr. VK Krishnamoorty.

Ulcers needing Fluoric acid are relieved by cold dressing .
Dr.N.M. Chouduri

This Remedy Gets Stale

Bromium – If used below the 6th, should be prepared freshly.


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