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ASK the HOLISTIC VET – February 2018 – Dr. Deva Khalsa

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Holistic veterinarian Dr. Deva Khalsa answers veterinary questions about Malazzesia yeast in dog ear, eye swelling in sheep.

Each month holistic veterinarian Dr. Deva Khalsa V.M.D. answers questions on veterinary issues. Send your questions to [email protected]  Dr. Khalsa is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, a Fellow and Professor of the British Institute of Homeopathy and has lectured both nationally and internationally. She is the co-author of Healing Your Horse: Alternative Therapies and Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog.

Hello Dr. Khalsa,

I have a yellow Labrador who is suffering from ear issues, predominately her left ear.  It is very red and when cleaned very dirty almost black in colour.  She is fed raw food with Natural Instinct added to her food with coconut oil, hemp oil and Smart Barf. On her back, her coat also shows yeast symptoms.  When I take her to conventional vets they just put her on antibiotics which does not help at all and just makes issues worse. She does not have treats but likes raw veggies like broccoli and carrots. She also has a very crusty nose mainly left hand side same as her ear. I tried to gently clean the black gunk off her ear with olive oil.  In the past I have used Green Clay which takes the redness down but does not clear the issue. I have enclosed photographs just taken today to show the ear now and her nose.

She both shakes her head and scratches the ear. She has always preferred outside, and her predominance is outside winter or summer rain or sun. She is very sensitive to noise and if the TV is on she prefers to go into another quieter room.

She loves to play but my other dogs are younger and can be too boisterous for her she just likes gentle play. She loves water and is a great swimmer.

I have listed the Homeopathic remedies and dates another vet prescribed. Clearly that was a mistake.

Homeopathic prescribed remedies for Sasha

31.5.16…Can Comb 50M one pill in the morning 

31.5.16…Mang Mur     1M one pill in the evening for 21 days

15.6.16…Bell              50M one pill in the evening for   5 days

15.6.16…Kali Carb     50M one pill in the morning for  5 days

26.7.16…Med             50M one pill in the morning for  7 days

26.7.16…Petr              50M one pill in the afternoon for 7 days

26.7.16…Calc Flour    50M one pill in the evening for 21 days

30.6.16…Puls             50M one pill in the morning for 10 days

30.6.16…Alum            50M one pill in the evening for 10 days


Thank you

Kind regards

Jacqui Widnell  

Dr. Deva Khalsa:  Your dog has a yeast called Malazzesia. It is normally present on a dog’s skin but moisture due to swimming or excessive wax or allergies can cause it to overgrow.  The conventional anti fungal drug called Ketaconizole works well in humans because they sweat and the drug gets to their skin. Dogs sweat on their feet but not on the rest of the body so we cannot use that kind of treatment. Homeopathic remedies do not work well at all on this.  In my book, Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog, I have an entire section on ear infections, which explains quite a lot.  Also, if you click the magazine link on the home page of you can scroll down and find an article on Chronic Ear Infections.   I recommend Zymox products which are over the counter and easy to get at Walmart or Amazon on line and there are two for the ear. Zymox enxymatic ear formula can have hydrocortisone or come without the steroid.  If the ear is not inflamed I would recommend the Zymox ear without the steroid.  Also the medicated rinse is good to put on and leave on the other areas of the body. It is all enzymes and natural and it kills the yeast. The ear canal is deep in dogs so it may look like it went all away but simply be in the deeper part. I recommend the Zymox enzymatic ear medication for 10 days of every month for 6 months at least to get it all.


Dear Dr. Khalsa, 

My sheep developed sudden swellings of the right eye with cold and sneezing. Its temperature is normal. The animal was exposed to cold but other animals were kept outside in cold and no such symptoms were found.   Can you suggest a treatment?

Thank you 

Dr Lambdar Mohapatra 

Dr. Deva Khalsa:  I do not really treat sheep.  Perhaps Aconite to start as there was exposure to cold.

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Deva Khalsa

Dr. Deva Khalsa V.M.D. is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, a Fellow and Professor of the British Institute of Homeopathy and has lectured both nationally and internationally. She is the co-author of ‘Healing Your Horse: Alternative Therapies’ and Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog‘. Her practice includes homeopathy acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, nutrition, N.A.E.T, J.M.T. and other modalities. Her philosophy is to use whatever it takes to restore health. Dr. Khalsa’s practice is in New Zealand but she consults by internet and phone with pet owners from the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Europe and the UK.

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