Veterinary Homeopathy

Cures of Animals with High Potencies

Dr. Boenninghausen demonstrates the effectiveness of homeopathy by curing animals with high potencies.

In science dependent on experience, only experience can solve doubts and establish what is true and correct. Where experience speaks with decision, and everywhere brings before our eyes facts in the same way, so as to be clearly seen, there human reason must humbly bow before it and would only become ridiculous in its egotism by obstinately denying or upholding the opposite.

Such experiences, however, in order to avail, must be founded on pure observations, without the influence of artificial systems, and without hunting for hidden causes. the resulting lack of scientific precision is only evident, and can well exist by the side of rational empiricism; wherfore already 250 B. C. the then existing coryphei of the emperical school ( Herophilus, Serapion, Philimes) accepted epilogism; as we have been endeavouring since the time of Bacon, to enlarge pure experience through Induction.

Homeopathy binds itself in all strictures to pure experience and excludes everything lying on the one side or the other of its border line. Its therapy is therfore exclusively based on the actual effects on patients. With the latter it therfore equally rejects epilogism and induction, and everything in its teachings that has been recieved in this respect, within the rubrics of small doses, attenuations, dynamizations and potencies is nothing more and nothing less than the bare results of pure experience and of carefully conducted experiments.

Great as is the unanimity of all true homeopaths in by far the most essential of its principles, there is neverthless a considerable dispute as to doseology, as well with the respect to the potentizing and the smallness of the dose, as with the respect to the repetition of the same. in this point, therfore, we especially need yet the pure experience of many and reliable investigators, to bring to an agreement the dissenting views and opinions; so as to produce also on the plane of this more technical application of the remedies the desirable harmony.

In order that such experience and such experiments may utter nothing more and nothing less than the truth and may give the perfectly pure and indubitable, excluding every kind of skeptical interpretation, and may nowhere offer an excuse for ascribing the results to the other, perhaps foreign influences, the cures on animals seem of all to be the most appropriate and reliable. The possible influences of imagination and of diet, which are so often objected to, are in such cases especially lacking, and in this respect they much surpass the cures of little children, though these probably stand next to them, since much that is told about the influence of mothers and of nurses on children belongs to the realm of fables and fairy tales.

When I first began twenty years ago (in 1843) my experiments with the 200 potency, I limited these experiments both for these reasons (and also for others) exclusively to animals, but by the most surprising success I soon gained the courage to transfer them also to men. The success were of such kind, and they still remain of such a kind, that I at this day never decend as low as the 30th potency, while I only rise to Jenichen’s highest potencies when compelled by necessity. The material carefully collected in this long series of years in my carefully kept records shows much that is curious and convincing, but I shall leave it to my successors later on to make a use of them which will benefit science, if it should be deemed best.

At this time I merely desire to communicate some of the entries from my veterinary records, which are much briefer, and which I communicate without special selection, but which will serve to confirm what I have stated above. In order to be better understood, I will only add the following:

  1. The cases communicated are all from the first half of this year (1863) as the dates prefixed indicate.
  2. Only such cases are cited from which I later on have recieved a report, but these are given without exception, so that such as were not improved were by no means excluded.
  3. The disease is everywhere given in a few words and copied verbatim so that nothing is added anywhere from memory. The facts are therfore stated baldly but are perfectly suffiecient for this purpose.
  4. In all animals, great or small, the dose used was always 200th potency.
  5. The dose was dissolved in pure cold spring water or river water by shaking it up for the horse in half a bottle of water, for the others in a quantity proportional to their size; this shaking was continued for one minute and the solution was given in one dose.
  6. In all cases the persons were strictly enjoined not to use anything external in connection with the medicine.
  7. So also the diet and mode of living remained in all cases entirely unchanged, but ofcourse every medical application was strictly forbidden and only the homeopathic medicine was used.

Cures of Animals

1. Jan 9 – Laumann’s cow had a calf a week ago and the afterbirth had remained behind : Sabina, Secale cor. every 24 hrs. Cured.

2. Jan 12 – Sieveneck’s mare, restless from desire for the horse: Platina. cured.

3. Jan 15 – Mennemann’s horse (it had recieved on Dec11 last on account of glanders, with sore throat, which had lasted 8 months, and was worse in evening, Belladona), was now considerably improved, only in the evening there was still some cough : Hepar sulph. Cured.

4. Jan 22 – Kemper’s horse has been broken-winded for nine months, worse from getting cold: Arsenicum Cured.

5. Jan 25 – Reer’s colt had inflammation of the throat from which its mother had also sufferd.1. Aconite 2. Bell 3.Hepar every 12 hours. On the 31st of Jan, much better, but it now has glanders with a sharp secretion from the nose: Arsenicum Cured.

6. Jan 28 – The cow of the pastor of Altenberge is bloated and has no appetite at all; she has on that account recieved Chamomilla. I gave 1. Nux vom 2. Ars, every 2 days, with slight improvement. Jan 30-There is loud cracking of the joints and continual rubbing, owing to itching of the body; Sulphur. Cured.

7. Jan 31 – Bruening’s mare has been lame for the 2 weeks, from a swelling of the coronet: Lachasis. Cured.

8. Feb 10 – Eilker’s calf has been quite lame for several days and now it is not able to stand up; wose in the evening: 1. Nux vom 2. Bry every 2 days. Cured.

About the author

C. V Boenninghausen

Dr. Boenninghausen was born to one of the oldest noble families of Westphalia, Germany. His full name was Clemens Maria Franz Baron Von Boenninghausen. He was Baron by inheritance, a lawyer by profession, and an agriculturist by natural inclination. After his successful treatment with homeopathy, Boenninghausen took deep interest in studying homoeopathy and devoted his remaining years to the cause of homeopathy. Most of his systematic works concerning homoeopathy were published between 1828 and 1846. Boenninghausen died at the ripe age of 79 in 1864.

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