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Homeopathy for Lumpy Virus Fever Disease in Cows

Written by Dr. Manish Bhatia

Dr Manish Bhatia discusses the homeopathy treatment of Lumpy Virus Disease, which is epidemic in Cows in India at present. Find out the best homeopathic medicine for Lumpy Fever in Cows.


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Today, we will discuss ‘Lumpy Virus Disease‘ which is found in cows and is highly prevalent nowadays.  What should be its homeopathic treatment and how do we find the right medicine for Lumpy Virus Disease?

It has spread like an epidemic in India.  Since it is a veterinary disease, found in animals, we don’t have subjective symptoms. Therefore we have to find medicines based on objective symptoms, on common symptoms.  The symptoms that I am discussing with you are taken from veterinary journals.

The lumpy virus disease usually spreads through ticks. It is found preeminently in cows. It was originally identified in Africa but is now also found in Asia and the Middle East. This disease is especially found in places where there are rains, with hot and humid weather.

Thus the 1st rubric that we can take is – WEATHER, Warm, Sultry, Aggravates . Sultry means humid, and hot and humid weather aggravates. Lumpy disease is found for the most part in such weather.

The cow develops a fever after getting infected with Lumpy Virus Disease. The other symptoms that come with fever are – watering of the eyes and salivation from the mouth, which is very peculiar. There is drooling, so now, we can take another rubric – MOUTH, Salivation, Fever During.  So that becomes our second rubric.

Large nodular eruptions appear on the skin after the fever is established. ‘The nodular eruption’ is the keynote characteristic of this fever and therefore it is called lumpy – because it is in the form of lumps.  The next rubric that we will take is FEVER, Eruptive.  As the fever goes up, lumps/eruptions start developing; the lymph nodes start enlarging.

That takes us to the next rubric ADENITIS, Acute.  You can find this rubric in Robin Murphy’s Repertory.

In the next stage, not just skin but all mucus membranes are involved.  The lesions/lumps develop in the mouth and nose. Even genitalia are affected; all mucus membranes are affected.  So now we know that this viral disease is affecting all mucus membranes too.  To cover this aspect of the disease, in generalities, we take all the medicines which have this affinity for mucus membranes.  We have a rubric in generalities, MUCOUS MEMBRANES which is a very large rubric. We take this large rubric just to filter out the remedies which have this affinity.

Now, let us talk about the medicines that come up on top of the chart.

MERC SOL, BELLADONNA, HEPAR SULPH, RHUS TOX, LACHESIS come up and  MERC SOL is the most prominent medicine for this disease.

But we can also consider some smaller rubrics along with these rubrics.  In BOERICKE, you will find under TYPES OF FEVERS; EXANTHEMATA, ERUPTIVE FEVER, SCARLET FEVER with CONCOMITTANTS, ADENITIS, CERVICAL


If we take the rubric – the combination of FEVER with ADENITIS, then we get the medicine – MERC IOD RUB also known as MERC BIN IOD.   When you study MERC IOD RUB, you will learn that it has all the symptoms of LUMPY VIRUS DISEASE.

It also has similar nodular eruptions. There is a cheesy discharge in these nodular eruptions which is very characteristic of MERC IOD RUB. When we use MERC BIN IOD in tonsillitis in humans, it is indicated where there is cheesy discharge in the tonsillar crypts. Thus, that kind of discharge is also covered by MERC IOD RUB/ MERC BIN IOD.

So, other than the indications mentioned, it’s eruptive fever, inflammation of all mucous membranes, nodular eruptions on the skin, cheesy discharge in the nodular eruptions and excessive salivation.

Although MERC IOD RUB doesn’t cover WEATHER, WARM, SULTRY AGG, we will consider MERC IOD RUB as it is a +3 symptom in MERC SOL and part of the MERC group, thus we can consider that it will most likely cover it.

If you ask me, as per my repertorisation, one of the most important homeopathic remedies for LUMPY VIRUS DISEASE is MERC IOD RUB, also known as MERC BIN IOD.  The other medicines could be MERC SOL and HEPAR SULPH.

These are the three medicines that I will highly recommend for treating LUMPY VIRUS DISEASE in COWS.

So, if you have veterinary patients with LUMPY VIRUS DISEASE, I will request you to please consider the medicine MERC BIN IOD.  The recommended potency would be 200C as it is an aggressive disease so we will start with moderately high potency. The repetition should be frequent, up to 3-4 times a day for a week. That would be the recommendation for homeopathic treatment of LUMPY VIRUS DISEASE.

I hope you find this information useful and it will be helpful for you to treat the cows suffering from this horrendous disease.

Please do post your own experience of treating lumpy fever in cows in the comments below.





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  • Belladonna and Rhus tox have proven to be anti-viral in a Lab Study in the U. S. The virus in particular was Avian Flu and Newcastle Disease in Poultry.

  • I have no experience with cows, but this article is very helpful. It teaches us how to think about whoever is sick and whatever they are sick from. Thank you very much.

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