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Can you cure diabetes with homeopathic drugs ?

Can you cure diabetes with homeopathic drugs ?

Posted by: vivek kamat

Can you cure diabetes with homeopathic drugs ?

Dear Vivek,

Diabetes is just a name given to a set of symptoms. What we call diabetes is not same for every patient. Clinically speaking Diabetes is of two types – Insulin Dependent (Type I) and Non-Insulin Dependent (Type II). But even the patients of these two types show a variety of diferent and individualizing symptoms. In the majority of cases, homeopaths should approach diabetes just as any other disease. But there is some limitation. In cases of Type I diabetes where there are no Insulin producing cells left in the pancreas, you can not cure the case. You can only manage such cases and Insulin becomes a necessity there. But with the right similimum and with the help of certain tissue specific remedies, the blood sugar can be controlled very effectively, thus reducing the insulin intake.

Type II diabetes, in my experience, can be cured in large majority of cases with the right similimum and with life-style changes. As a disease, Type II diabetes poses no limitations for homeopathy to make it incurable. Type II diabetes can be cured in large number of cases and can be managed without hypoglycemic drugs in most of the cases that do not show curative response.

Best wishes,
Dr. B

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  • Dear Dr.Manisha Bhatia

    Thank you for your hopeful information. I also believe that patients with diabetes mellitus can be cured completely. Homeopathics can reverse their conditions along with proper diet and enough physical activity.

    A book has been authored recently in Tehran by me. It is in Farsi language. It contains very interesting practical points.

  • nature way of living can definitely cure your diabetes within 3—-4 months .ONE can seek dr gupta’sadvice at rohini delhi. thanks

  • Dr.Mabhatia,
    Your reply is terse and to the informative and satisfactory point.Thanks madam.

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