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How homeopath will start the treatment?

How homeopath will start the treatment?

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Hello Dr B, thanks once again for your quick reply, but to be honest, i wasnnt completely happy with the reply or shall i say i re phrased the question badly. As im going to see a Homeopath inn around 10 days, can you breifly explain to me hoow tthe homeopath willl start the treatment, will it be anythinng to do with what i suffer from i.e. essential tremor and spastic paraplesis. How actually willl the whole treatment occur. how will a homeopath take the case.

Dear Murti,

I can only answer what you ask. I can not answer what is in your mind but what you do not ask. How exactly a homeopath takes your case, depends upon the homeopath. Practicing Homeopathy is an art and every homeopath has his/her own style to take the case. But here are the basic guidelines that usually everyone follows –

The homeopath will begin by asking about your present complaints (essential tremor and spastic paraplesis in ur case) – the way you feel them. He will ask for detail medical history. He may also ask for your family history. He/she will try to find out more about you as a person through your likes, dislikes, desires, aversions, modalities, thermal sensitivity, nature, behavior, sleep, dreams, etc. How much detail a homeopath asks depends upon a homeopaths approach towards a case. There are homeopaths with very keen sense of observation who ask very little questions and work on the information that is provided by the patient more or less spontaneously. There are others who need to ask direct questions to elicit the needed information. To sum up, there are many paths towards the goal. The homeopath may take any route, destination remains the same.

After finding as much as is possible about your current complaint, past history, and about u as a person, the homeopath analyses the case to find out what is characteristic or peculiar regarding your case. The signs and symptoms are then processed using a special book called repertory or a software to find the most matching group of medicines. from this group of medicines, the homeopath finds the most similar one based on his/her understanding of your case. This remedy is then prescribed in the potency (strength) which is found suitable by the homeopath.

I hope this is enough,

Dr. B

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