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How homeopathy works for breast cancer?

How homeopathy works for breast cancer?

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my mother-in-law was dignosed with invasive ductal carcinoma or stage 2 breast cancer. She already undergo radical mastectomy, and she’s now scheduled for 6 cycles of FEC chemotherapy. I would like to know how homeopathy works for breast cancer. we are considering this option, since my mother in law is already 70yrs old and is apprehensive of chemotherapy. please enlighten us.

Dr. A.U. Ramakrishnan has done extensive research in breast cancer cases. His work indicates that the result of homeopathic treatment with surgery are comparable to or better than conventional medicine. I myself use Dr. Ramakrishnan’s protocol for treating cancer patients at my medical center and have found that his protocols are very effective.

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  • Dear Sir,

    Hello,I am from Ludhiana, punjab,I just had a mammography test of my wife and taking homeopathic medicine from a local doctor but getting no results , so I would like to know ,If your clinic or any other can help us get rid of this problem

    Mammography report as on 24th april2013 ,
    Clinical history – Nodule left breast,
    Comparison – None,Family history-None,
    Result of Breast Exam-Small Palpable nodule.The study reveals fatty fibroglandular breast parenchymal pattern.A well defined radio dense nodule seen in left breast in lower outer quadrent. No e/o mass lesion or intratumoral calcification is noted. Subcentimeter lymphnodes seen in left axilla.
    ULTRASOUND – A Subcutaneous hypoechoic area measuring 10 x 8mm seen in lower outer quadrent. Subcentimeter lymphnode seen in left axilla.

    Final Assesment- Subcutaneous Hypoechoic area? Inflammatory Birad 2.

    ADV -FNAC.

    Recommendation – Routine Follow up

    Your valuable feedback will be highly appreciated.



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