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Looking for alternative therapies for blood cancer

Looking for alternative therapies for blood cancer

Posted by: Naresh Agarwal

Dear Dr.,

I’m looking for alternative treatments (non-allopathic treatment like Ayurvedic/Yoga /Homepathy etc.) for blood cancer (AML – Acute Myeloid Leukemia ) for my brother.

My brother has already undergone allopathic treatment in Rajiv Ghandhi Cancer Hospital in delhi for around 6 months. He has undergone 4 cycles of chemotherapy.

Can homeopathy cure this at this stage?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

thanks & regards,
Naresh Agarwal
ph. +91-9886130049


Dear Naresh,

You have not provided many details that are essential to give any prognosis; for instance, the age of your brother. In children, AML has a high remission rate with chemotherapy. You have not told what is the age of your brother and what has been the response to chemotherapy. If Chemotherapy has brought a full remission, then you can use homeopathic medicine as an adjunct to improve the vitality of your brother. A homeopathic medicine can help to improve the long-term prognosis in this case. If chemotherapy has failed to give results, homeopathic medicines can be given a try. I can not tell you any specific medicines for AML as homeopathy treats on the basis of symptom-similarity and we usually do not have disease-specific drugs. To administer homeopathic treatment, we will need to find a homeopathic medicine that best covers the symptoms of your brother along with other individualizing traits. Since there is not much data available for homeopathic treatment of AML, I can not give you a sure prognosis. But a similar medicine will definitely improve the prognosis. Homeopathic medicines are also known to reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. You can make a pick.

Wishing health to your brother,

Dr. B

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  • My father (aged 72) having good physique and no other complications like BP, Sugar etc. Clean habbits. He has been recently (last week) diagnosed to have AML. So far we have not started Chemotherphy. We are plannig to avoid intense chemotheraphy and planning to proceed to palliative therepahy. Whether there are any alterntive treatment possible
    9345104665., Trichy – 620006.

  • My brother 37Y/M year over past one month detected AML M2 cancer and I decided to admit hospital but there isn’t improve for chemotherapy.
    Hb 4, TLC 1500, BLAST 5% , PLATELET 17000, CREATININE 2.7, UREA 176.8, USG_ Difuse hepatitiscellular disease. I have memories over past 2 year symptoms correlate FA
    But I can’t say. I applied one dose siphilinum 1M I got a result mouth ulcer then stopped. One does CARCINOSIM 1CM and stopped.
    Appetite, and bleeding with stool, indigestion and vomiting.
    Please tell me about remedies in homeopathy or other.

  • please tell me kya homeopathic medicine se aml cure ho jata h. mere brother ko aml h uski 6 month treatment complete ho gyi thi pgi se but again after 3months usko fir whi problem ho gyi please muje btao jisse wo thik ho jaye uski age 12 yr h

  • my brother’s wife have blood cancer AML from two months .first chemo she is steble .but doctor says she need four sycle of chemo we want homeopathy proper treatment so please guide me

  • Dear Sir,

    My father Mr, Ashok Soni (Age: 50yrs) had diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia last November 2015 and started his treatment with medicine by taking Imatinib medicine daily 600mg dose.

    Everything was going good till now and as per CBC report and PCR report from June 2016, medicine worked well and had good recovery.
    Now in September when dad had monthly CBC checkup, report was not good- WBC, RBC, platelets everything went down.
    As per dad’ s health there were no symptoms of any health issue.

    Now doctor had done bone marrow check up and PCR, and after considering reports they are suggesting us for Bone marrow transplant (BMT)procedure. All of sudden now docs are saying that cancer now reached at blastic phase.

    According to doctors, BMT procedure is very tough and success ratios are very low. And same will only can happen when we will find matching donor.

    My dad is 50 yes old and can not bare this kind of treatments. And as per doctors, bone marrow spread negative blood all over his body and now dad will live only 2-3 months.

    please advice if we can cure this with homeopathic medicine.

    Semal Soni

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