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Freedom From Infectious Disease: The Homeopathic Solution by Manfred Mueller is reviewed by Vatsala Sperling

Freedom From Infectious Disease: The Homeopathic Solution by Manfred Mueller is reviewed by Vatsala Sperling. It includes the nature of an infectious disease and what homeopathic preparation is used for its prevention.

Title: Freedom From Infectious Disease: The Homeopathic Solution
Author: Manfred Mueller
Published by: Emryss Publishers, USA,
Year of publication: 2021, paperback, 192 pages.
Reviewer: Vatsala Sperling

The cover of this book, ‘Freedom From Infectious Disease: The Homeopathic Solution’, shows an image that has now been printed in permanent ink across the sheet of collective human memory since 2019 – Coronavirus wearing a full display of its spikes.

However, coming from Manfred Mueller, you can expect a lot more from this book than just a wee bit information on homeopathic solution for the coronavirus pandemic. The author serves a full course on homeopathic solution for infectious diseases and with almost 40 years of practice to his credit, he has earned the gravitas to do so.

As a homeopath, you are going to love this book because it contains a lot of facts and figures associated with the homeopathic solution for infectious diseases, and you can also quite confidently refer this book to your patients so they can educate themselves and make informed choices on this subject.

In this slender book, Manfred Mueller walks the readers through a history of homeopathic prophylaxis, the most fundamental of homeopathic principles (Law of Similars), the nature, potency and doses of homeopathic remedies and use of preventive strategies for epidemics as well as specific diseases using remedies classified as genus epidemicus, genus moribi, nosodes and isopathics.

The author’s account of the ancient rites of variolation and Edward Jenner as well as Samuel Hahnemann’s views on vaccination are very interesting and so are the tidbits of information on how the US government became obsessed with mass vaccination.

Manfred’s writing is based on research conducted in homeopathic and conventional prevention of diseases. He makes a strong point about how homeopathy offers a general preventive effect  for certain communicable diseases, for example, smallpox, scarlet fever, diphtheria, tetanus, meningococcal infection, malaria, tularemia, dengue, respiratory infections, Japanese encephalitis, Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), leptospirosis and chikungunya.

Besides these, Manfred also presents protocols for prevention of natural acute infectious diseases, chronic sequels from conventional vaccination, and additional preventive regimens, for example, the use of medicinal herbal extracts and vitamin  C.

The bulk of this book, chapter 6, from page 111 till 187, is devoted to infectious diseases and their specific homeopathic prevention. In very few words, Manfred lays out information about the nature of an infectious disease and what homeopathic preparation is used for its prevention and he supports his account with a brief list of literature presented at the bottom of the page.

In all, 44 different infectious diseases and their homeopathic prevention are described. Now, that is a lot of information, all in one place, and I see it as the unique strength of this book.

I found this book quite easy to read and understand. It is quite timely too, as each one of us are having to make decisions about vaccination and booster shots while humanity is grappling with a pandemic that has devoured many lives across the world.

The mainstream acceptance of the homeopathic approach to disease prevention is a dream for the future. Homeopathy itself is waiting for a full-fledged mainstream acceptance as it continues to survive against all odds while it is frequently attacked and falsely discredited.

However, the use of homeopathy as one of the alternative wellness modalities, is gradually increasing and many parents of young children as well as pregnant women question the pressure for the vaccination program.

They do want to find out what homeopathy has to offer and once they get hold of this book by Manfred Mueller, they will find that it sure does a splendid job of describing homeopathic preventive solutions for the infectious diseases of our time.

About the author

Vatsala Sperling

Vatsala Sperling, RSHom (NA), CCH, MS, PhD, PDHom was the Chief of Clinical Microbiology services at a children’s hospital in Chennai, India, when she published extensively and conducted research with WHO, Denmark. On moving to the USA, Vatsala pursued a 4½ year course in Homeopathy at Misha Norland’s school. She has authored twelve books including her latest, Colubrid Snake Remedies and Their Indication in Homeopathy Practice. Journals from US and abroad frequently publish Vatsala’s writings on spirituality, health, and homeopathy. Vatsala continues to study with several teachers and practices classical homeopathy. She has served on the board of directors of NASH and currently she serves as a volunteer with NCH. She can be reached via her website (www.Rochesterhomeopathy.com)

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