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Organotherapy, Drainage and Detoxification

Written by Rochelle Marsden

Organotherapy, Drainage and Detoxification

Author: Dr. J. Rozencwajg, NMD
Publisher: Natura Medica Ltd
Softcover, 347 pages
Reviewed By: Rochelle Marsden

This is a book I have been eagerly waiting for and I wasn’t disappointed. It has taken Dr. Rozencwaig 3 years to write it.

Dr. Joe, as he is affectionately known, begins by describing his book as “A starting point to safe practice for Homeopaths, Herbalists, Naturopaths, Traditional Healers and enlightened Medical Doctors.

In it he has reviewed the major approaches to detox, the proper, logical way to do it, all based on personal experience and sustained by literature, especially from ancient practitioners.

This substantial book of nearly 350 pages covers Herbal Organotherapy, Gemmotherapy, Nutritional organotherapy, Oligotherapy, Nutritional, Phytotherapic (herbal ) , Gemmotherapic, homeobotanical, Homeopathic, Osteopathic Drainage, and Detoxification complete with a description of all the lesser known techniques he describes. The history of these different therapies has been well researched.

At the beginning is a Claimer instead of a Disclaimer, because as he says everything in the book has been tested by different types of therapists. The rest of the introduction chapters are also written with humour which is what makes this book such a pleasure to read.

Dr Joe writes ……if an organ is weak and barely functional, to stimulate it (with remedies) without repair might just achieve the opposite effect and push it into failure. The book is an attempt to show us how this “failure” can be prevented. We are not only told which substances to use for an organ but their indications and in some cases the posology.

An important notion is that there is a direction to use those techniques, starting with the repair through organotherapy, then inducing drainage and only when both are well on their way, start the detox formally.

Included is a comprehensive treatment strategy for Candida and the Nutritional Drainage section really made me feel like making sure that I eat all the fruit and veg that are indicated for my personal symptoms, preferably juiced!!

This book is obviously meant to be used as a reference book for dipping into as the same specific uses of various fruits and vegetables are repeated under each body organ in which they would be useful.

When discussing Homeopathic Drainage Dr Joe is adamant that low potencies in water, repeated for a time, until amelioration, is the way to go and that they do not interfere with a more general homeopathic treatment when chosen according to the symptoms. There are many Kidney remedies given with their essential differentiating MM as this is the most important drainage organ but overall this is an excellent reference for homeopaths.

The importance of osteopathic drainage by using mechanical adjustments to optimize the functions of organs is discussed in details and gives food for thought.

There are plenty of controversial ideas such as drainage is the use of a localized, specific, targeted Simillimum; we use the totality of the symptoms of the organ, tissue or function with its modalities to choose a remedy, or a few remedies if need be. But put together with this is the fact that this has been tried ad tested successfully by Dr Joe.

There are 2 useful relationships of remedies lists given.

The mechanism by which transmission of energetic information in the body and its relevance to homeopathic remedies and to other energetic healing approaches I found particularly fascinating. It is a very comprehensive discussion.

Personally I would have liked to have seen a description of the techniques at the beginning of the book. A glossary of technical herbal words like Cholagogue and choleretic, would have been useful as well as an indication of the meanings of abbreviations such as MI and TRH but as Dr Joe says this book is for professionals and if the reader does not know what those terms are, he/she should certainly not use any of the techniques described, simply because it denotes a lack of knowledge of the problems covered. This is not meant to be a self help book.

Dr Joe is a true holistic practitioner using various techniques as he feels appropriate and in his book this is shown by his detailed knowledge of them and how he perceives their working mechanisms. Far Infra Red sauna is also recommended for detoxification and he goes into great detail about the advantages and how to take Cilantro and Chlorella for a heavy metal detox. After this is a list of nutritionals, minerals, herbs and even chemical chelation with their specific detox action. Isopathy as a means of detoxification and the 49 Gemmotherapy remedies with indications of their use is also included but this is best read in conjunction with his previous book Dynamic Gemmotherapy. Others therapies mentioned are Lithotherapy and Oligotherapy with again a list of remedies and their indications.

Overall this is an extremely comprehensive manual and a useful addition to the practitioner’s bookshelf or even to be kept on the clinic desk!!

I leave you with a quote from the Conclusion of this book. “What you have just read is a system that allows you to create the optimum conditions for your patients to react to an in-depth treatment, no matter which method you use or which school you belong to.

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Rochelle Marsden

Rochelle Marsden MSc, RSHom, MNWCH, AAMET is a member of the Hpathy team, a registered classical homeopath (Society of Homeopaths), and has run Southport Homeopathic Practice in the UK SINCE 1999. Rochelle completed a 2 year post-grad course with Dr. Ramakrishnan and another with Dr. S. Banerjea, and an intense Clinical Training in India with Dr. Ramakrishnan. She is a tutor for The British Institute for Homeopathy (BIH) and is a regional tutor for local homeopathic colleges. She is also a practitioner in meridian therapies, EFT (Cert. Advanced) and Matrix Reimprinting. Visit Rochelle at : http://www.southporthomeopathy.co.uk/

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