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Revisiting: Inept Nursing Leads To Screaming!

Revisiting: Inept Nursing Leads To Screaming!

Blood test. Nurse can’t find vein. Jabbing over and over again. Ouch! Did you guess the remedy? Scroll down.

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Ledum (2)


Hypericum (4)



Hello everybody, who wants to be first to come up and give the answer to last month’s quiz?  Oh look, it’s Neil from the UK!

Well i can think of a few remedies that could be suitable here.  Maybe Ledum for puncture wounds caused by stabbing with syringe or Staphasagria because it must feel like he’s being assaulted because of repeat stabbing or even Stramonium for the feeling of assault he’s experiencing.  Maybe he’s terrified of the needle and Aconite is needed?  Maybe he had bad veins and it wasn’t the nurse’s fault at all; some people have.  I have been at the hand of doctors like this, they are the worst at taking blood and my feeling is usually anger toward them.

In the light of the child’s sycotic nature, I’m going for Stramonium, as i think he probably felt assaulted.


Thanks Neil for the overview.  I looked at the case as “ailments from puncture wounds”, which leads us to Ledum and Hypericum; so, how to choose?  Well, Hypericum has much more pain than Ledum.  Remember, Hypericum is the remedy for getting your fingers caught in the car door–OUCH!!!!!  So, in that context, I picked Hypericum.  Here is the repertorization I did:

Revisiting: Inept Nursing Leads To Screaming! 1

The rubrics are:

Puncture wounds

Puncture wounds from painful injection

Puncture wounds from needles

Puncture wounds, pain severe


Notice first of all that Ledum and Hypericum are the only likely remedies, but also notice that under “Puncture wounds, pain severe” there is only 1 remedy listed and that remedy is — Hypericum!

I have another Hypericum puncture wound quiz that you might want to see–in fact, I think it would be a very good idea for everyone to see it:


It’s about a child who’s been injured with sharp objects, and the child is very scared and screaming and crying, and the mother gives Aconite, but it doesn’t hold.  Why?  Because it’s an emotion, and what’s higher on the Hierarchy of Symptoms than emotions?  Etiology!  And we know what the etiology is, it’s “ailments from puncture wounds”!  So this is why Hypericum works when it looks like it should be a fright or an anger case.


Is anybody else here today?

Irene is with us!

For Blood test poking, give Ledum.

Thanks, Irene.  Ledum is a good answer, especially for those black and blue marks that often surround an IV.  But when a puncture wound is especially painful, the remedy is Hypericum.


Hi Elaine…

Hey everybody, Vamsi’s in the house!!!!!

How are you doing ??

Good, thanks!

Quite a generic quiz, but very apt nowadays.  We see a lot of nurses jabbing all the time when we go for blood tests and its an irony that they’re considered “trained”.

In fact, I too had to undergo the same situation once, but unfortunately, I did not know Elaine at that point to guide me through.

Right, I’d have told you to skip the doctor’s appointment and stay home, as it’s usually a waste of time!

So, coming over to the quiz,

  1. The boy was in a state of fear, anxiety; anguish
  2. Fright the most characteristic symptom and also sensitive to touch.


I feel you must have suggested “ACONITE”.

Please let me know your invaluable inputs.


Well, Vamsi, it’s understandable that you picked Aconite, but we happen to know the etiology, and in this case it’s “Ailments From puncture wounds”, which means we’re down to two remedies: Ledum and Hypericum.  Of the two, Hypericum is more painful.  So, I picked Hypericum.


Oh Elaine….I was in two minds when I read the quiz.

  1. Should I go for the mental symptoms
  2. Or the Physical symptoms


Etiology rules the case, yes I know it from many of your earlier quizzes.  But here I was under the impression thathis fear factor was quite high.


BUT!  But, but, but, but, but!  What is at the top of the Hierarchy of Symptoms?????  Etiology!  What does that mean?  It means everything underneath it disappears!  UNLESS, there are so many remedies in the etiology rubric (“ailments from _______”) that we have to pick one or more symptoms from below to eliminate the remedies that don’t apply.  So like I said, if you’re between Ledum and Hypericum, and you don’t know how to choose, you have to look at the rest of the case and say, “What are the characteristic symptoms here?”  And what do we mean by “characteristic symptoms”?  As per paragraph 153 of the Organon : the most striking, strange, rare and peculiar symptoms.  So, I would have to say that “screaming” is the most striking symptom in the case; so, we phrase it like this: “Which ‘ailments from puncture wounds’ remedy is most likely to be screaming in pain?”  The answer is Hypericum.

Here’s what Allen’s Keynotes says about Hypericum:

“Injury to PARTS RICH IN SENTIENT NERVES–fingers, toes, matrices of nails, palms or soles–where the intolerable pain shows nerves are severely involved.”

See?  He says “intolerable pain”.  And that’s what we have here.

Moreover his mother Rosetta Stone, kept freaking out and crying and aggravating the scenario…

Yes Ledum and Hypericum ( ailments from puncture wounds) both work on injuries on nerves while Arnica works on muscles, bones and blood vessels.  Here the case is an injury to the blood vessels.

Well, hold on, we’re not given that information.  We don’t know what’s involved with causing the pain–exactly.  We’re only told he’s stabbed repeatedly because the nurse couldn’t find a vein.

Please let me know why Hypericum is suitable and Arnica’s not in this case…??

Arnica is famous for Blunt Trauma.  This is trauma from a needle or something similar.

Thanks a ton, for your wonderful answer as always.  You are so clear in your explanation.

Thanks for educating me.   Yes, as said, Hypericum rules this case.




Oh look, it’s the gang from Slovakia!

Hello Elaine and Shana,

Hi Miroslav and Jitka!

Here are our answers to the March quiz, I hope we didn’t really make it wrong this time…:)



Poor boy, I think he was relieved by Hypericum:

A rubric: “First aid, prick, sharp-wound, injections, from painful: HYPERICUM.“




I came to the same result:

Rubrics: “First aid, prick, sharp-wound, injections, from painful: HYPERICUM.“

“First aid; prick; pain, cruel    HYPERICUM”


You’re both right!  Though you seem to have a different repertory than I have.  For example, “first aid, prick, pain, cruel” I don’t have that rubric.  I think the operative word here was PAIN — from injections, “puncture wounds”.  But yes, you are right!


HI Elaine,

Hi Krista from Nebraska!

How are you doing ?

Well, I just sneezed.  And that’s about it.

When I read this quiz about Rosetta Stone’s son, I see…

– puncture wound from the needle

– fear and or pain to cause screaming

– pain in arm after shot

– upset from experience

I vote for Hypericum

Hypericum covers

– Puncture Wounds  and they are more tender than appearance would indicate

– Effects of shock and fright

– Excessive painfulness


Let me know if I missed anything or could look at it differently. Thanks again for the learning opportunity of your quizzes.


What can I say, you’re RIGHT!


Yay!  Thank you!



Hi Elaine and Shana!

Hi, Maria!

For this month’s quiz I will vote for Hypericum.

You’re right, Maria, it is Hypericum!

It could be Ledum too, though.

I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear that.


OK, I think it’s time we congratulated our winners:

Miroslav, Jitka, Krista and Maria.  Congratulations!  And thanks to all who voted!  See you again in May…


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