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A Very Obstinate  Skin Case

Chronic Eczema in a Woman of 66
Written by Maurizio Paolella

Dr. Maurizio  Paolella shares a case of obstinate eczema and herpes in a woman of 48. This case was treated with both homeopathic and allopathic medicines from 1990 to 2016. Tuberculinum Bovinum was found to be the simillimum.

It is a supervision I did, and I received only the summary of previous consultations made by a homeopathic collegue with whom I do regular supervision work.

NS = New Symptom

OS = Old  Symptom

Case taken during October 2016:

(This is a synthesis of 27 years of homeopathic consultations, and lots of allopathic medications and seemingly well selected homeopathic remedies)

A woman of 48

Former teacher now a textile artist, has 2 kids

She is very lean +++

She came the first time for consultation in 1990

Eczema since she was 3 years old. Used lots of medications, mostly cortisone and petroleum ointments, quite often too.

It started in bend of knees and elbows

Then has gone to her face

It has been yellow discharging a serum like liquid +++

Red spots on her face

Old looking expression, many wrinkles and her skin looks folded and

somewhat old

Lots of herpes simplex around her mouth and nose

Red patches urticaria –like, all over her face

Eczema > at seaside

>damp wet

<cats – there is an allergy to cats +++ not to dogs

<wool, spring, autumn

Allergies also to carrots, kiwi, celery, hazelnuts, fenugreek (very strong)

<sulphur used for fruit preserving

Hangnails as a kid

Had warts around fingernails also as a kid

Very chilly person

Raynaud syndrome when young

Tendency to constipation

Lots of headaches

Vaginitis, sore pain during intercourse plus leucorrea

As a child many head concussions

At age 11pneumonia – treated in Hospital

Likes salty foods

Now the taste of salt feels too strong on her tongue

Does not like fats and bananas

Family is something very important for her.In fact, she lives with her parents in the same building. Was a sort of perfect child, always correct, never giving problem to her parents. Good at everything, always doing as her parents wanted

Married to an alternative guy, smoking pot etc. She likes travelling and changes

Loves art stuff She would like to have been a rebel, in fact both of her two kids are so inclined. Fear of wind

1994: abortion at 23 weeks of pregnancy (spontaneous)

Lots of eczema during pregnancy plus cystitis, many antibiotics

Since 2001 took Psorinum in different LM potencies. Has taken 1 dose every 3-6 months or so; this remedy helped for 7 years

From this remedy a new symptom appeared: herpes simplex on her lids (NS)

As soon as kids went into puberty, eczema was very bad again

She has taken Sepia, Staph and Psorinum from Dr. S. (her homeopathic family doctor)

Since 2013 eczema got very bad, especially her face and she had to use large  amounts of cortisone. She also tried many homeopathic remedies again but without effect.

Finally this was the prescription given on Oct 2016 after supervision:

Tuberculinum Bovinum  LM1,  2 doses every 4-5 days (to begin with)

My choice for Tub bov is related also to the fact that Sulph, Graph, Nat m and Sepia were already prescribed without effect.

Everything better, including stools -no longer constipated.

Lots of herpes on lips and headaches andprevious vaginitis came back

She said : “My skin problem is over!”

Energy much better

Even better in comparison with when she took Psorinum

Stopped cortisone

Headaches better, no medication

Repeated LM1 of the remedy for a new herpes labialis

Follow up six months later (March 18th ) no more herpes, skin is fine, some migraines (OS) before menses. They start at 6am, much worse at 10am. She feels very weak also, and someone has to carry her home.

Rx Tub Bov LM3 – To be taken when necessary in some water, infrequently

All is fine, but it is not clear what happened with these last migraines, as patient did not report.

She experienced one migraine with aura, similar to what she had once inher youth. Now, since Tub Bov, headaches are much less frequent – still present though.

Since 2015 hard stools and constipation especially when travelling

Much >>> after Tub Bov.

November 2018:

Last follow up, skin is absolutely fine

Phatak  Materia Medica :

From Boericke Repertory:

Interesting rubric in Boericke Repertory:

Personal note:

If we look at Complete Rep (version 4.5)  under:

We get lost in 70 remedies while a Repertory like Boericke’s, which is mostly clinical, lists only 13 remedies, which can be of great help in selecting the right remedy.This is what I learned from this woman’s case.This is a suggestion to be used only in very complicated or spoiled cases, or very medicated chronic cases, otherwise always consider the totality of case first.

Mycobacterium Tubercularis  (Koch’s  Bacillus)

About the author

Maurizio Paolella

Dr. Maurizio Paolella is an M.D. practicing Classical Homeopathy in Rome since 1986. He trained with A.Geukens, M.Mangialavori and Jeremy Sherr (Dynamis Course 200/2002) among others. He also studied at the Clinic of Dr. Dario Spinedi from 2008 until 2014, mostly for Oncology followed by Classical Homeopathy. Dr. Paolella worked for 9 months in 2014 as Assistant Doctor at Clinica Santa Croce (Orselina, Switzerland) directed by Dr.Dario Spinedi. He is available for medical homeopathic consultation in person in Rome and also via Skype (dr.pao) Visit Dr. Paolella at his website


  • This is a very disappointing fact that Hpathy publish this case without analyzing because when a case published in such a reputed journal with 65000+ followers then it must be excellent with proper details and explanation as it will be read by huge number of learners.

    I want to attract the attention of the publisher of the journal to some points which are the reason of my disappointment.
     Dr. Maurizio Paolella explain that he prescribe Tuberculinum out of the reportorial result and as all the other possible medicines were tried and failed. Do you think that this information should be enough and rational for a doctor to prescribe a medicine?
     Then he give references from materia medica of phatak and boerick and mark the symptoms like Chronic eczema, suppressed eczemaas the base behind the choice of the medicine, I means are these symptoms of real or any worth to select the tuberculinum?

     While he left all the informative explanation untouched, Actually there are so many symptoms from mental, general and local which are very strongly confirm the presence of Tuberculinum.
     those highly useful symptoms were,
    – From Mentals: The rebillious nature and travelling desires.
    – From general: Lean individual, cat allergy and salt desire.
    – From Physical/local: Red colour Herpetiform patches of eczema (the look of the eczematous eruption are like a coin or like a ring like that of ringworm)– which is actually a very important presentation of tuberculinum eczema apart from other common symptoms of eczema like itching, discharge, etc .

    So actually, all the above very useful informations left unnoticed by the doctor while explaining the full case which are very important to understand the real and correct image of Tuberculinum otherwise how one could understand the logic and thinking behind the selection of this medicine which cures so beautifully? The main reason for going through a journal by a novice, a learner homeopath and student homeopath is to understand the logic and thinking behind the prescription which also help one to understand the image of the medicine, patient and disease clearly and not the variety, number and type of diseases improved by homeopathy.

    So hopefully this comment may be consider positively and for the betterment of the homeopathy.

    • Dr Maurizio Paolella has been practicing for 33 years, has trained with some of the top homeopaths in the world and has worked with numerous cancer patients. This case had been treated for 27 years and was complicated by various allopathic suppressions and treated with several homeopathic remedies. Dr. Paolella does mention that suppressed eruptions were one consideration, along with the patient having aggravation from exposure to animals (cats), she likes salty foods, desires traveling. was a lean person, had specific eczemas, was married to an alternative guy, smoking pot etc (meaning a rebellions nature), and that Sulph, Graph, Nat m and Sepia were already prescribed without effect, etc. His choice of Tuberculinum was explained quite well, and it worked, where many other therapeutic attempts had failed. I considerate this a very well worked case with impressive results. There are lessons to be learned from this case.

  • DEAR DR,

  • Interesting rubric
    Mind; fight; wants to; rebellious: androc CALC-P(3) caras CARC(3) CAUST(3) diox ign kali-c lac-as(2) lac-f merc onc-t pras-o sam-co-m tub

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