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A Case of Cancerous Skin Lesion

Dr. Pankaj N. Darji successfully treats a cancerous skin lesion with a constitutional and a nosode.

Name : A. D, Birth Date: 10.3.78, Marriage: 28.7.2004, Muslim Shahmder (Faqir), Education : 10 standard fail in 1995, Father: Mother: Wife: Brother: Add: Gandhinagar

Chief Complaint:

Skin – Face, Chest, Extremities

Since 3 to 4 years of age

Gradually increased in 1999, 2001& 2005

Now since 3 to 4 Years on Nose

Gradually increased in size Discoloration of skin Black – Brown Spot

Ulcer Develops

Ulcer Develop – Sticky , watery discharge

Burning Pain

Sensation ” Pull it out”


Healing Delayed


> Skin grafting

> Air++



Plastic surgeon denied for surgery because difficulty in healing, location of ulcer

Eyes – Since 6th std. Gradually increased – Now Lt eye – Both Eyes

Since Few Months         Vision decreased – Impaired Vision

H/O Bleeding – Watery discharge – Burning – Burning Pain

Bleeding – Sensation ” someone pressing”

Blurred vision

<++Cold Air


H/O Fair but now black & brown spot over Face, Chest & Extremities. Lean & thin, but gained weight after marriage.

H/o Nail: White Spot, now black, Occ. apthous in mouth

Perspiration:- PROFUSE, BACK, CHEST no odor, no stain

Appetite :- good, Thirst :- Large quantity -frequently

Desire:- SPICY, CHICKEN – BHEJA FRY, CURD, CHOCOLATE, Salty things, Milk – cold, Sweet, H/o Highly season food

Stool :- Occ. constipation Urine:- NAD

Motion Sickness, Swing : Uneasiness in abdomen

Thermal :- C2H2 — C3H2

Sleep: Sensitive, Position: H/o on abdomen now on lt.side


His pet Animals – Dove, Cat, Parrot, Dog. He is playing with him.

I win in chess against Mr. Visvanath Anand.

Drowning in water.

Falling from height.

Flying in air

Snake bites


27 years old male, average in height (height calculator for boys), stocky, silky hair referred by one of my pts. He came with parents & brother. Horrible face with ulcer over nose, black spot on face, red, bleeding eyes.

He comes from Faquir Muslim community. Family consists of parents, younger brother and grandparents who are living in a village. Father is married with her foi’s daughter. He is good by nature. Mother is short tempered. She irritates over patient in matters of work. But no any effect on pt. Happy goes lucky type of childhood.

He was good in study, sharp memory but he failed in 10th standard. He wept a lot which caused bleeding from eyes, difficulty in vision. He was identifying person by his/her noise. He left study after this failure. He is good in drawing.He likes to play cricket, volleyball and chess. He wants to play with Mr. Viswanath Anand. He always wins in chess against the computer. He likes drawing, watches movies, listen to music.

He worked in a garage after he left his studies. He became a master to find out faults in vehicles. He can identify fault of vehicle from its firing. He never uses air pressure machine to check pressure in tire. He judges the pressure by touch only. His assessment is accurate if any customer checks with air pressure guage. He left garage because of vision problem. He has more interest in mechanical works. He used to drive all the vehicles but now can not because of his eye problem.

His parents were searching for a girl for him during this period. Parents introduced him to many girls but he refused because of his problem. He selected one girl after pressure of parents. He felt better after engagement which remains for 3 years. His complaints increased after break up of his engagement. He hlad constant thoughts “Why did she leave me”. His temperament changed after this incidence. He became irritated by small matters. Once he threw his watch in anger.

Finally he married in 2005 with Mrs.X who is 17 years old. Her parents died and left money for her but her relatives distribute it all. She denied going to her relatives’ home. She never tells them. This thing irritates the patient. He slaps her if she can not follow according to his wishes.

He has anxiety about health, future. Fear of water. He can not see the suffering of others. He weeps alone. Once he brought his relative in his rickshaw to hospital even though his eye sight was not proper. He is mixing with others very easily. He wept when his neighbor shifted to another place.

He likes animals. He had one cat which is very active. He wept lot after death of cat. He had one pet dove and a dog. One eye of dove was lost which gave him suffering. He believes that his eye was lost because of the dove lost its eye.


1.8.02 Histopathology report

Specimen: – Non healing Ulcer Gross: – The specimen consists of grey – white soft to firm & friable pieces of tissue

Microscopy: Section shows necrotic areas with acute inflammation exudates & fragments of malignant spindle cells with hyper chromatic nuclei & eosinophilic cytoplasm. Pleomorphism & atypical mitoses are also noted. some of the cells show brown pigment ( ? Melanin)

Diagnosis: Malignant epithelial Tumor

? Epidermoid Carcinoma

? Malignant Melanoma

Diagnosis :     Poorly processed tissue shows malignant epithelial tumor of skin.

Basal Cell Carcinoma is favored.

BLOOD SEROLOGY: HBsAG :- -VE , HIV 1 – 2 :- Non Reactive

22.4.05 Diagnosis : BCC

Note : The pt has ‘‘XERODERMA PIGMENTOSA’’ inherited disorder involving defective DNA. Increased risk for the development of skin cancer.

11.5.05 Malignant lesion on face after positive for Basal Cell Carcinoma


  • Skin Freckling / Telangiectasis
  • Ichthyosis
  • Keratomas –Callosity
  • Papilloma
  • Degenerative Changes
  • Basal Cell Carcinoma
  • Non healing Ulcer
  • Bleeding from Ulcer < 3TOUCH, 2After bath
  • Bleeding from the eyes
  • Hemorrhagic tendency
  • Impaired vision
  • Lt eye > Rt. Eye
  • Burning pain < cold air +++
  • DESIRES :- CHOCOLATE, SPICY, CHICKEN, Sweet, Curd, Milk, Bheja


  • SLEEP :- Sensitive
  • C3H2

             FOLLOW UP


Prescription: CARCINOCIN 200 1P HS

  1. II


I selected the Boger approach after looking at the pathology of the case. After rapertorisation the prominent remedies were: NIT ACID, LACHESIS, PHOS, SIL, LYCO, SULPH, NAT M . For differentiation I considered his mind symptoms, desires and thermal state. Phosphorus wass very prominent.

7.6.06   No any Remarkable change PHOS 30 QDS   NO. II BD

14.6.06 & 21.6.06   Further development of ulcer stopped. Base of ulcer is starting to change from WHITE TO RED. STYE >++, Burning >+, Bleeding – S       CARCINOCIN 2001P HS, PHOS 30 QDS


Ulcer base is totally red. Healing started. Bleeding & Burning from

ulcer & eyes >+, Sty – 0, Vision improve +.



Healig ++, Burnig & bleeding >++, vision improve++, No further development of ulcer.          CARCINOCIN 1M 1P HS, PHOS 30 QDS



No bleeding from ulcer &eyes, no pain. vision improve

Color of eyes also improves.

Parents & pt are happy with result   carcinocin 1m 1p hs, phos 30 qds





27.9.06 >+++





Better          CARCINOCIN 1M 1P HS, PHOS 30 QDS





21.12.06   Better  CARCINOCIN 1M 1P HS, PHOS 30 QDS

31.1.07 Better     CARCINOCIN 1M 1P HS, PHOS 30 QDS

4.3.07         CARCINOCIN 1M 1P HS, PHOS 30 QDS

7.4.07         CARCINOCIN 1M 1P HS, PHOS 30 QDS

12.5.07       CARCINOCIN 1M 1P HS, PHOS 30 QDS

10.6.07       CARCINOCIN 1M 1P HS, PHOS 30 QDS

10.7.07 vision 50% improved CARCINOCIN 1M 1P HS, PHOS 30 QDS

12.8.07       CARCINOCIN 10M 1P HS, PHOS 30 QDS

10.9.07       CARCINOCIN 10M 1P HS, PHOS 30 QDS

22.11.07 vision 50%     CARCINOCIN 10M 1P HS, PHOS 30 QDS

Pt was irregular in follow up

14.2.08 Normal skin , Vision ok    CARCINOCIN 10M 1P HS, PHOS 30 QDS

(Pt was not available from 5.8.06 to 26.8.06 because he went to his village.)

NOTE: pt is not available in every follow up because he was in his

provisional store so snaps are not available of every follow up.

COMMENTS: Cancer can cured by homeopathy but it depends upon the stage. It was a challenging case for me. The patient looked horrible when I saw him the first time. Homeopathy works nicely in such pathologies where allopathic doctors lose their faith.




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